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Indie's Field 'o' Sprites

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Indie, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. Hello all~
    I've decided to start my own sprite thread, hopefully improving my sprites. You can request, but bear in mind a few rules.
    ~I only take requests if you comment on my work first~​
    2.No more than one sprite per request
    3. If the request list is full, wait until it has a space free.
    Now onto the sprites

    Dress up




    Request away~


    Request list:
  2. Wow Indie, these are great! You are really good at this! No requests, though I do love your fusions. Keep up the good work!
  3. Eeh, Indie, I love your sprites~ Miju is very cute, the trainers look very nice and your fusions are awesome, although the Dramoth's neck looks a tad odd.

    Requesto numero uno~

    Since you don't seem to have request forms, I'll just describe my request; Can I have a fusion of Gardevoir and Gallade? Preferably with top half of Gallade and lower half of Gardevoir, so that it is a princess with armblades xD
  4. Wow these are really good! If you don't mind me asking, whats with the feather? I love your dress-ups, Miji looks so cute!

    Request number 2:
    Lucario dress-up:

    Can it have a crown, a pink and purple vertically striped top and dark blue skinny jeans. Thanks~!
  5. You're pretty good at this spriting thing! The Mijumaru dress up looks pretty fantastic, it's really well done. The trainers are pretty good as well, but I think that the guy's pants could use a darker outline, and the girl's left leg (our left) looks a bit awkward. These are stuff that can be easily mended though, so it's no big deal. Otherwise both are very good, and I especially like the girl. The left fusion is all right, I guess. I can't find anything wrong with it, it's just that I personally don't like the idea. But the right one... Wow. It just looks so amazing! I have no idea how that combination, which shouldn't even work in reality, looks so great. It's simply astounding and I have nothing but praise for it. Excellent, simply excellent.

    No requests today, but you never know about the future. I shall definately be stalking this thread and see what goodies you have in store for us! :)
  6. Wow! These are really cool! There's only two things I think look wrong. The girl's left leg, you could maybe move that up and put it under the skirt so it looks more real? And she seems a bit tall for the length of her arms. Maybe make her a bit shorter? Other than that though, these are great!
  7. *is late*

    Right~, I've finished the requests.

    @Dark [​IMG] Kay, I got a bit carried away with the lower half, adding unnessacary legs. If you want me to remove them or edit them, do say. (Cause, they kinda look to manly with the dress in my opinion. D: )

    @DJ Luke : [​IMG] The skinny jeans might be hard to see with the Lucario :<
  8. Ooh~

    Thanks for taking the time, Indie. I do think the legs look a little out of place, but the rest is awesome, so if you could change that I'd love you forever<3 (In a non-creepy way >> )

  9. ~Ta-Dah~


    looks plenty better now (hopefully XD)
  10. *first bump*

    Not one Im too pleased with, but anyway. Hope you like :3
  11. ...I read that as fist bump |D

    Sorry for never commenting on the Galldevoir/Garade D: It looks very awesome, in a slightly absurd way<3

    NEW REQUEST TIEM (So this thread won't die >> )

    Could you create a fuzzy, black cloud the size of a normal Trainer sprite, with two mean-looking yellow eyes in it?~

    I hope that's as simple as it sounds :x
  12. Hi there, Indie ♥
    I am absolutely loving your sprites and can't believe I never stumbled across your thread before D;
    *is shot*
    Erhem ... > >;;

    My personal favourite is Mijimaru ;//D He looks so adorable and squee and stuf he makes me smile when I see him ://3
    Dark's request of Garade//Galldevoir is simply excellent! You've combined them really well it certainly works nicely!
    The legs on your first presentation made me laugh, along with your idea that they looked a bit manly!♥

    Is it okay if I request? *Mijimaru eyes*
    */// ~ ///*
    Can I please has a Gengar wearing a little light blue bow tie and dark blue shirt with collar pleasie?

    If it's too difficult or your busy then that's totally fine ://)
    Thanks in advance~

    Kasumi xx
  13. hi i love your sprites, as i am a fan of gengars like kasumi but i would like to request a pokemon dress-up of gengar as a emo or goth sorta thing. Thanks. -Ghosty-
    #13 Ghosty, Jan 11, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  14. Hello all, I was sick the past few days, so that's why I wasn't able to post on Charms :<

    @Kasumi: [​IMG] Do hope you like it c:

    @Dark: Im starting yours as soon as possible, but its taking a bit more planning than expected :x

    @Ghosty: What clothes would actually like me to put on the sprite, since goth and emo have numerous paraphenalia of accesories.
  15. Oh wow that is absolutely adorable!!
    You've rendered me speechless by the effortless cuteness of him! ://D
    His little jacket and bow tie are wonderful- exactly how I pictured them! If not 1000 times better, i swear!

    Thank you so much, Indie <33
    And I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling your best D//:
    I hope you're fully recovered, and I send you my best wishes ♥

    Thanks once again!
    Lots of love, Kasumi xx
  16. You know chains, mohawk, studs, jacket mabee
  17. Hello all~

    @Dark: Sorry your request took so long. [​IMG] I hope its okay. It was a bit hard to resize, but I hope its good enough :x

    @Kasumi: ♥ Thankies so much Kasumi~

    @Ghosty: Starting your request today Ghosty!

    I'm sorry to all customers about the wait, but things are starting to have order restored here.
  18. ...Hee, now there's an awesome version of thundercloud-me~

    I love it, Indie<3 It has everything I wanted, and even a mouth! I didn't ask for that but I love it~

    Muchos gracias, mi amigo~
  19. Hectic few days once again, but ta-da, her's your request Ghosty~


    I'm none too pleased with the mohawk, but ah well, I should get better at things like that soon ^^
  20. Thank you!

    I love it!

  21. I haven't been in here in a while ^^; Excuse me!

    I must say, I love the make-up on this new Gengar. It looks really nice and appropriate for the situation ^^
    I also really like his... Err, pants, if you can actually call them that ^^;
    The mohawk is a bit iffy maybe, but that doesn't mean I don't like the sprite ^^ Nice work!

    The Gengar you made for Kasumi earlier is really sweet as well. Such a nice combination of formality and micheviousness ^^

    I should reply here more often, you are a very good spriter ^^

  22. Thankies for all your lurvely comments~

    Just a quick fusion sprite a did a while ago.


    Hope you all like~
  23. I luffles your art Indie~ You are really great at fusions! Keep on truckin'!
  24. Hosnap that is neat :O

    I coulda sworn there was a trace of Toxicroak in there, but on closer inspection, there was none :O
    I really like that. The idea's original, and the outcome is great! The uppermost part of the legs look a little bit awkward, but it's no big deal.
    Nice one Indie, I really like it! ^^

  25. Tun's fabulous new gift art sprites have got me into the mood to do some of my own.

    So firstly, in all its errored beauty, Weeds is cosplaying as one of his faves Scizor.

    fusion trainer/ cosplay hybrid

  26. OHMIGOSH, Indie!!

    That Weeds/Scizor fusion is SUPER CUTE! ://O
    I love it to pieces!
    His smug little grin and the pimpin' red jacket is all so... Niiiiiii! <33

    The wings peeking out of the back are an especially nice detail ://>

    Great work! Love it, and can't wait to see more, neh!
    Kasumi xx
  27. O.O

    I shoulda suspected something like this when you PM'd me and asked me what my favorite Pokémon was xD

    That is super awesome! I love his feet/boots, they're really cleverly made ^^ And the wings are really neat as well! And his jacket fluff! Agh the whole thing is just so neat! He's so well made I can't even make out what the original sprite is anymore!


    What is the original sprite? :3

    Thank you SO much Indie, he has an instant ticket into my sig! ^^

    ~Weeds ^^
  28. May i ask for another gengar dress up

    Sprite: 2 Gengars
    Clothes: Like hit men (or type in on google images Blues Brothers a bit like that but one all black and one all white and can they two different sprites if you can (as in one has his hands out and ones got a big smile))
  29. Ked



    I can't believe I didn't post in here yet~! Now I will :3
    So, all your sprites are awesome, but I'll just comment on my favorite~

    That Gardevior fusion is really awesome. ^^ However, the left leg (our left) looks a little bit too skinny around the thigh area. Maybe thicken that part a little bit? I dunno, it's your sprite. Also, do I spy some Sceptile in there~?
  30. @Ghosty: I could barely understand a word of that, so please request again so understand it. Thankies :3

    @Ked: Teehee, yes indeed you do spy some sceptile in that sprite :>

    @Weeds: <3333

    @Kasumi: Oh you shall see more for here I have...



    gifty wifty for Tun *derp*
    I find that there is a lack of shading, but I hope you do still like it~
  31. Have I really missed this thread? I'm awful. Gotta say, your sprites are looking very well. Loving the little Mijumaru in your signature. And the Gardile/Scepoir is really well done. And I have a request. Can you make a female Pikachu (using D/P sprite) with a pendant that ressembles the Explorers Badge in PMD: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky. Thanks.
  32. Eeeeeeeeeeee Indieeroijedklomelqkws


    Yui's Cafe is so adorable and nice and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <33 The bricks are sweet and so's the ivy and the cakes have to be, like, the best thing ever :'DD

    And that door.
    I want to take it home and attatch it to my houssseeeeee <33
  33. asdf;fdsfjokl

    Sorry I died there for a while.
    Praure, here's you very late request!
  34. Eeeepp! It's so great! I wuw it completely ♥
    Keep up the great job! Hope to see more of your sprites soon!
  35. A challenger appeared

    I died again, didn't I?
    Ah well, here's a first in a series of sprites I'm going to do. Her name's Anna, and that's really about it. :x
  36. [​IMG]

    Introducing the second in my afformentioned series, Kate. Herself and Anna are best friends, and are a recipe for destruction when combined ♥
  37. New stuff~

    I do really like Anna. She seems like a girl who knows where she stands, and isn't afraid of others in any way. I do kind of think the top part of her right leg- From our perspective- Looks a bit odd; The black pixels seem to cut off the leg, and the leg gets much wider under it.

    About Kate, I got nothing to say, really; She's really good, one of your best sprites so far IMHO~

    (She's also kind of hot, just sayin'. |D)

    Keep it up!
  38. Well, something I belatedly blunder through and lovingly crafted for our lurvely Tunduli ♥

    Do enjoy~
  39. It lacks shading, especially on the face, but other than that I quite like it.
    And looking through all your other sprites, I love 'em all~!

    If you don't mind, could I have a female Absol trainer cosplay thingy, you can choose what is used for the base :3
  40. [​IMG]

    Sorry this took so long, but I thought I had uploaded it the other day. Anyway, hope you like it ^^​

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