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Incineroar completes the Super Smash Bros Ultimate launch lineup + Pokemon Let's Go News!

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    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct – 01.11.2018 2-15 screenshot.png
    Incineroar is the latest Pokemon addition to the Smash Bros lineup - and is the 74th and last* character to be announced for the game for its launch on the 7th December.

    *We'll get to the caveat for that in a minute.


    Incineroar has a moveset based largely off of its attacks in Sun/Moon, including a final smash based off its signature Z-Move. He's also joined by Street Fighter's Ken - an echo fighter of Ryu.

    But, while there may not be any more new characters to be revealed for the game's launch in December, there will be more to come!

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct – 01.11.2018 33-36 screenshot.png

    Piranha Plant has been announced as an "early purchase" bonus for players that either pre-order or buy the game before the 31st January. The download code for the character will be made available from mid-November, but it's not clear if they'll actually be available to play as when the game launches yet.

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct – 01.11.2018 55-48 screenshot.png

    A Fighters Pass will also be available for pre-purchase for £22.49, which includes 5 new DLC characters (not-echo characters), a new stage and relevant music to be released over the course of the next year. Eventually bringing the total fighters in the game to 80.

    Also announced in today's Direct were two new modes and features in the game.

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct – 01.11.2018 39-36 screenshot.png

    Souls mode replaces the usual collectable trophies from previous Smash games as well as the character customisation from Smash 4. While playing the game, characters from all of the series represented in the games - as well as more besides - can be collected to power up your fighters with. They can give you unique abilities - such as Gravity Man from the Mega Man series powering up your jumps to incredible levels - as well as boosting your attacking/defensive power in general.

    An Event Mode style series of battles unlocks certain Spirit characters by playing Smash fights themed after those characters with special criteria.

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct – 01.11.2018 40-39 screenshot.png

    Spirits also feature heavily in World of Light - the game's single player adventure mode. This mode is an effective sequel to the Subspace Emmissary from Super Smash Bros. Brawl and seems to feature a new series of cut-scene stories along with a top-down map to explore and find items, challenges, fights and boss battles on. Pokemon Trainer can even ride a Lapras around it!

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct – 01.11.2018 40-3 screenshot.png

    Meanwhile, some minor new details have also been announced for Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee in the Treehouse Live segment that followed the Smash Direct.


    It's been revealed that in Celadon City, a Psychic that resides in the Pokemon Centre will change your Pokemon's nature for you for $10,000 a go. You will have to select the stats you want to increase and decrease by selecting the representative colour for that stat (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green or Pink), but once you've done that and forked over your money, your Pokemon will now have the nature you desire.


    You can also use the judge feature in the Pokemon info screen to determine the Pokemon's IVs similar to the appraisal feature in Pokemon Go.


    Finally, when you've transferred enough of a single Pokemon from Pokemon Go into Pokemon Let's Go, you can play a mini-game with those Pokemon in the Pokemon Go Park Play-yard. The mini-game sees you trying to corral all of those Pokemon within a time limit, while other Pokemon pop up out of the ground to stop you. Completing the mini-game gives you candy to boost your Pokemon's EVs with.

    Also, by transferring Pokemon into Let's Go once a week, you will get the Mystery Box lure item to send back to Pokemon Go that will allow you to catch Meltan.

    You can watch the full Smash Direct here:



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