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Ask to Join In the Shadows (Reboot): A Gijinka RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by AceyPie, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/in-the-shadows-reboot-a-gijinka-rp-discussion.16658/#post-459781
    ~~~Short History~~~
    Advancements in Human Technology has allowed them to create a Virus, A Beneficial one to be exact that Injected Pokemon with Human DNA thus creating Gijinka, Although this proved to be an Ingredient for Team Phantom's Plan to obtain World Domination people don't know how, But they were able to Control Pokemon Injected with the Virus, what once was a Gaily World, Plunged into Chaos
    ~Ok that was not short at all, At least I think so I'll start of with the first post~

    4:00AM in Corisance Park. Airi was anxiously awaiting her Mentor, Or at least that's what she called Grace. She sat at A Park Bench swinging her legs with the light of the Rising Sun in her eyes, and the Summer Breeze flowing through her hair and her Bamboo Stick by her side

    About a Minute Later, Grace entered the Park with Airi still smiling "Early as usual, eh?" Grace snickered a little her hands in the pockets of her White Hoodie, "I've been waiting for 20 minutes!" Airi, Still was smiling her Optismn showing "So what are we gonna train on today?!?" Airi got up the bench excitedly "Slicing!?! Parrying?!? Blocking!?! S--" Airi was cut off with Grace putting a finger on her mouth and a Teardrop going down her head Anime-Style
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  2. "Why yes, Mr. President. As the one who saved the city, I would very much like to-"


    Sylvester's dream of unsure origin was cut short by the shrill noise that his alarm produced. He jumped out of bed, almost literally, at the sound, which caused him to fall off of the bed. Blasted thing, the broken alarm clock seemed to make more noise than he thought physically possible. Speaking of broken, despite his mother always setting the clock for 7:30 AM, it always seemed to wake him up at 4:00 AM. Vester was entirely aware of this since the first time it happened, and he kept saying that he'd fix it, but he never really did. With a sigh, the boy stood up, dusted himself off, shed his pajamas for his everyday wear, fixed his eye patch, and started out the door. "G'bye mom! The clock woke me up again so I'm gonna go for a quick walk," he called to his mother before exiting the building. She responded with a grunt and a very slurred and sleepy "okay" just as he was about to close the door.

    He started walking at first, then he began jogging towards the park. He timed himself in his mind just for the heck of it, counting the seconds it took to get from where he started jogging to the park. It didn't take long before he got lost in the counting and his focus on his surroundings faded. He was at the park before he knew it and, once he regained focus, he had to skid to an abrupt stop before crashing into a tree. Just centimeters away from the bark that could've flattened his stupid face, Vester let out a sigh of relief, then resumed his walking - sans counting - around the park.

    Vester noticed two other people in the park, one presumably older than the other if height was any indicator, and decided to observe them a bit as he walked. One had some sort of stick with them, and the other - the taller one - was shushing them by placing a finger over their mouth, an action Vester himself was all too familiar with thanks to his mother. He inhaled and prepared to speak, but choked on his words - er, lack thereof - and re-silenced himself. His curiosity screamed at him to watch the two do whatever it was that they were doing, and his sense of privacy demanded that he didn't. Of course, to his partial dismay, his curiosity got the best of him. He stood still and watched them, leaning against a tree - ironically, the same tree that he nearly collided with just moments prior. Again, he tried to speak to let them know that he wanted to watch them, but no words came forth, so he stood quietly and fidgeted with his hair.
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  3. Grace caught a Glimpse of Vester, she smirked as she lifted her finger off of Airi's Mouth "Let's go..." Grace started walking, still Early in the Morning, she put her headphones on Listening to a song which came out as a muffled version to those who could hear it without the headphones The Sun was still rising, Airi and Grace had made their way to the side of Orchid Bridge "Training here I COME!" Airi screamed as she went running into a Jungle of bushes nothing behind them could literally be seen, Grace followed looking behind her towards the Bridge before Disappearing into the thick Foliage
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  4. 3:00 am, Jin wakes up under the bed of another house he broke into. He used his camouflage and went out. The one on the bed was a child maybe age 3 or 4 sleeping peacefully. Jin woke up early as usual and went to the bathroom where he washed his clothes with the detergent he found and took a bath as the clothes dried. "This kind of shower is nothing I've ever seen before. Let's see..." After taking a bath he wore his clothes still partly wet and went out of the house.

    3:30 am, in his favorite cafe, Jin was about to do his daily morning routine. "Another day another life..." Jin was thinking deeply as if planning the best way to murder someone when the waitress interrupted his thoughts. "Hey Jin, it's been a long time since I saw you. Oh when was it... oh yeah it was only yesterday." The waitress said with sarcasm in her voice. Jin looks up and smiles seeing his favorite waitress on duty. "Good morning to you too Sarah. Are you trying to complement me or insult me? Either way you're bad at it." Sarah was in the same age as Jin, she is the one and only daughter of the owner of the cafe. "She's cute. Cute white hair, that cute red scarf around her neck...and that black dress that makes her even cuter but she lacks..." Jin thinks to himself as he stare at Sarah's face going to her chest. "She's flat as a board" Jin says aloud as his hair turns pink. "Y-you P-perv-vert P-prince" Sarah says blushing and hugging herself. "You know pervert's fine but adding prince to it..." Jin winks at her making her blush even more. "A-anyway Ham a-and cheese Omelette and Coffee as a-always?" Jin nods as Sarah writes down his order and leaves his table. "Al... she maybe the complete opposite of you but she reminds me of you..." Jin whispers to himself clenching his fist.

    4:00 am, Jin walks out of the cafe walking to Corisance park. He lies down on a vacant bench, puts his arm on his right and whispers to himself. "I could get use to this". He says to himself. "But things won't always be like this. Eventually, they'll know about this city too and I'd have to move again." He sits up looking grim and sees two girls walking away the taller one with headphones on and the smaller one looking excited. Jin smiles and lies back down with his arm covering his eyes. "Damn it..."
  5. (OOC: Sorry that I was inactive for a whole day, but I'm back and wanna get get this back up, I don't wanna let this die so soon)

    5:00AM Grace walked out of the bushes with Airi following close by with a messed up Bamboo Stick "What?!? Only 1 hour of training?!?" Airi Complained "Just a year ago you were complaining with just 10 Minutes of training" Grace replied continuing to Walk "Besides it's almost breakfast, you might wanna go back home" Grace continued "Yea, I guess... BYE!" Airi ran out of the park as people started to wake up and the City started to fill with people "YO! Grace..." An Absol sneaked up on her "Not funny Anthony..." Grace didn't bother to make Eye Contact "Awww I never surprise you... But I CAN STILL DO THIS!" Anthony tackled Grace, and started to Tickle her Stomach "HAHAHAHHAHA" Grace Burst out laughing "Stop! stop! Stappp! You Win! You Win!" Grace tried to Push Anthony off her for 3 full minutes until he finally stopped "Heheh.." Anthony got up huffing and puffing
  6. (OOC: Hello? Ello? Lo? Anybody there? Body there? Dy there? There? Ere?)

    Jin was awoken from the bech he was sleeping on by the giggling of a girl nearby. As he got up to a sitting position, he watched the couple until the boy finished tickling who Jin assumed was his girlfriend. He then got up and walked towards them. "Good Morning! Beautiful day isn't it? But you know, the park is not the right place for couples like you to molest each other. I mean seriously children pass by here too."
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  7. "Oh we're not together..." Anthony scracthed the back of his head "Yea, this guy just loves to annoy me..." Grace continued "Shes cute when she's mad." Anthony quickly replied before getting slapped by Grace "Not. funny." "Ow..." Anthony put a hand on his right cheek, right after Grace Dissapearing with the means of Teleport "Wanna go get some Pancakes?" Anthony turned to Jin
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  8. "Uuuhhh." Jin looked at his watch thinking of he had enough free time to cram in his schedule before training. Then finally e reached a decision. "If it's your treat why not? I'm not wealthy so if you're paying I have no reason to say no." He shrugged

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