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Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Nemesis, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    Something that popped in to my head, so it is a bit of a concept piece. You will probably see more.


    A slight whirring filled the room as the machine was switched on, initialising itself, preparing to load the operating system, unaware of the impatient user sitting at the monitor, waiting for the irritating Windows start up chime.

    Eventually, the desktop appeared. Rows of icons on a background which was currently set as a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. Quickly, a click of the mouse disregarded the invitation to start Windows Live Messenger, and instead the cursor flicked to another brightly coloured icon.

    Impatiently, he checked his internet status client, which said the computer was not connected, although they both knew it was. Perhaps it was just the computers way of playing games with him.

    The white window flashed up on to the screen, followed by a grey panel.


    After a few moments, the program connected, flashing up the usual message on the screen.

    [Welcome to Pokecharms.Com chat! You are currently interacting in text mode. To see your other options, type !Help. Other members in text mode- 0 Members in immersion mode- 3]

    [/mode immersion user Nemesis password volcano charmod Nem4.3d]

    [Username accepted. Activating immersion mode. Please wait a few moments.]

    The user sighed again, even though the program was running fairly quickly. The connection had gone relatively smoothly, but the wait was still too long.

    [Preparations complete. Initialising immersion protocols. Please remember to consult the health and safety guidelines. If you experience any form of nauseas please consult a doctor.]

    He glanced upwards quickly, as the two square pieces of kit attached to the top of his monitor flashed a red light at him. He idly checked the headset which was perched on his head. A microphone extended from it, resting in front of his mouth, and what seemed to be a normal earpiece sat in his ear. Everything was ready. This was the best bit. The Flash, as it had now become known.

    One white flash, and the world disappeared, only to be replaced by a new one. A world within an Internet server, customised by the creator and anyone else who was given permission. A world where you could appear as whatever or whoever you wanted to be.

    Today, the world was a scientific laboratory, the default setting of the Interactive Pokecharms.Com server.

    [Welcome to Pokecharms.Com chat! You are currently interacting in immersion mode. To see your other options, type !Help. Members in text mode- 0 Members in immersion mode- 3]

    He reached up behind his head, to stoke his new hair, much longer than it had been when he was sitting in front of the computer monitor.
    "I must shorten this again." He thought. "Maybe some new clothes too."

    "Hi Nemmy" Came the familiar digital voice of the user known as Doctor Oak. His character model, created by Nemesis, had brown spiked hair, and a white lab coat to match his name.
    "Hey." Nemesis grunted back, taking note that his voice playback didn't seem quite right. Maybe the earpiece was playing up again, or the microphone had slipped. It was impossible to tell without slipping back out to the ‘other' world.

    Back there, David Scott was sitting silently, not moving or making any sound. He was talking, but no noise came out. The microphone made sure of that. All sound was absorbed and played only in to the server world. On the original release, this wasn't feasible so anyone in an immersion server could be heard in the real world too, which was sometimes quite embarrassing.

    A light on the earpiece flashed rapidly as it did both of it's jobs; relaying sound to the user, and taking in the electrical impulses from the brain, translating the desired movements to movements in the server world.

    "Hey, Yoshi." Nemesis said, approaching the stationary figure standing in the corner. It had long blonde hair, and was wearing mostly black.

    "Idle." Doctor Oak shrugged. Nemesis sighed in response, knowing that Elliot, or Yoshimitsu, had a habit of slipping off to do things in the real world, whilst leaving the immersion devices still connected. Still, it meant he could have some fun.

    Nemesis looked around at Doctor Oak and the other ‘user' inside the server, Bayleef. It had the appearance of a small dinosaur covered in leaves. The model itself was based on a Pokemon, and was one of the first Nemesis had created for the new program. Because of this, it had a few rough edges, and a rather high polygon count compared to the other models. Not that it mattered, after all Bayleef was just a bot. An automatic user which could perform tasks without instruction. It was operated from Doctor Oak's computer, but was not connected to an immersion kit.

    "Do you think he will blow his top again?" Nemesis asked, soothing a digital crease from his yellow under shirt.
    "Probably." Oak replied, "But he shouldn't leave himself idle, should he?" He continued with a grin.

    "Right then." Nemesis started, thinking over the commands. "/message Bayleef modserv user Yoshimitsu charmod /Nemfiles models DinoYoshi.3d" He spoke without taking a breath, just like he had inputted the text commands in to the chat client earlier.

    "Model loading" The voice came from Bayleef, which Nemesis had always found strange, since it was a deep male voice, which was hardly fitting.

    In a flash, the humanoid model of Elliot had vanished, and in it's place was a small green and white dinosaur, with long flowing blonde hair.

    The two friends looked at each other and laughed. It was immature, it might have even been considered mean. But it was funny. And it wasn't real. After all, they were in a computer.
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  2. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    Hm- A serious bit. More serious than I had intended. It really is to sort out issues that would arise with the Immersion system, and explain them a bit...


    Elsewhere on the Internet, thousands of other people were also inside a computer. They were where they wanted to be, being who they wanted to be. Who they wanted others to think they were.

    As with all technology, the Immersion technology had started off almost unaffordable, but as the years had passed the prices dropped. More and more people had the kit, and regular text based chatrooms had quickly become a thing of the past.

    Lying is a major fault of humanity. Sometimes the lies are harmless, sometimes not so and the Internet makes lying about who you are that much easier.

    The room was full with people. Mostly teenagers, all of them good looking. Tall, slim, long shiny hair. Most of them looked the same, using the same downloaded template from a website. Some users had tried to make their own models, but most of those results with square cheeks, or jaws that when they opened showed a gaping black hole because the joints didn't line up.

    They walked around the virtual park flirting with each other, some of the well built male models pulling on the ‘clothes' of the females, to see who had the full skin models. They could tell from that who was up for more than just chatting. Immersive Erotica wasn't all that thrilling if at the vital moments your body was appearing as a solid pink cube.

    Of course, these features were never planned by the creators, but was made by some of the seedier users of the software. And of course, once someone leaks a feature that allows more than just chatting in a world where everything is as good as real, people are going to use it. Bans were put in place, of course, but unless a site was reported to be allowing the modifications to be used, it was very difficult to track the illegal software users down.

    "Hey." The generic male model, labelled YourHunk18 said to the equally as generic CutiePie4u. "AL?"

    "17 UK. You?" She replied, wondering why this guy still bothered using abbreviations. They were so back with MSN.

    "18 UK. Want to go some where quieter?" He responded, noting her shirt, or more accurately what was under it. Definitely modified. Nipples were never included on default bases. This one would be easy.

    Before CutiePie4u had the chance to respond, a red flashing light filled the room, along with a loud siren, causing many of the connected users to deactivate their hearing sensors. Suddenly, two men appeared, clad in black suits and SWAT like helmets.

    "Lock users." One said loudly, noticing on of the teenagers about to disconnect. He completed the command, but remained inside the server. "Identify."

    Above all of the digital users, ages and sex flashed above their heads. The two officers took note, as did CutiePie4u, shocked to find out that YourHunk18 was in fact 36.

    However, YourHunk18 was probably just as shocked when it was revealed that CutiePie4u was in fact a 42 year old man.

    "Server shutdown." The other officer shouted, as everything vanished. They both checked their data logs. Everyone's details had been logged. Now they could find the ones using the inappropriate software, and delete it, control and monitor their access to other Immersive sites along with making sure their computer would reject any further upgrades to the Immersion software. Of course, if anyone was found to be breaking any more serious rules, real life punishments would apply.


    Nemesis rolled sideways as Doctor Oak swung at him with a long silver sword, creating a splash of digital water as he landed in a shallow puddle, before climbing to his feet and steadying his own sword.

    The two friends glared at each other, breathing deeply, locked in an all too familiar situation. They knew each other too well. Every move would be countered or dodged, hence why their battles often lasted for hours at a time. However, this time the dramatic silence was broken.

    "I suppose you think this is funny?" Came Elliot's voice, as the small hairy dinosaur waddled from the corner of the field. "Did you have to lock my model too?"

    "Well, yeah." Nemesis replied flatly. Wouldn't have been that funny if you could change it back would it?"

    "I didn't realise it was funny at all." Elliot replied, looking as angry as a blonde haired Yoshi could look. Oak laughed along with Nemesis, before taking a long breath.

    "/msg Bayleef enviroserv oakslab." With that, the field arena vanished, replaced by the lab once again, the corners forming back in the same place around Bayleef, who had remained still. "/msg inventory sword store." Oak added, prompting his weapon to vanish.

    "Unlock it!" Elliot said, getting more and more irritated.
    "You shouldn't leave yourself on idle, should you?" Nemesis mocked. "What was it this time, baking cookies, or finger knitting?"
    "Knitting." The Yoshi replied, rather sheepishly. "Now do it, or I'm gone."
    "Now, that's a tempting offer." Nemesis joked. . "/message Bayleef modserv user Yoshimitsu charmod Elliot3.3d"
    "Thanks." Elliot replied sarcastically. "You know, I really need some colours on these clothes. I hardly wear black and white anymore."
    "I'll recolor them later." Nemesis said, knowing he probably wouldn't. He would probably spend the rest of the night in the Immersion Server.

    "Hey guys, got some news." Oak shouted over from the computer, where he was surfing the internet. Both Oak and Nemesis found this to be a great feature, the ability to browse the web whilst you were in the web. Until this was added, it meant logging off every time you needed to check something. Unfortunately though, the server computers only had access to the Internet, not personal computers from which users were logged in from, due to security.

    "New game news?" Nemesis asked as he crouched to see the monitor. "Oh, rubbish." He commented, as he saw what was on the screen and walked away.
    "What is it?" Elliot asked, glad to be in his new body.
    "Sony just revealed the PS6." Oak responded. "Apparently, it's the size of a small car."
    "I don't know why they don't just give up." Nemesis said, rather annoyed. "No one plays games consoles anymore. It's Immersion all the way. Nintendo can see it, so why can't Sony?"

    Both Oak and Elliot shrugged, not wanting to kick-start another Nemesis rant. One unfortunate day he had been triggered off on a rant about condoms, which took a good two hours to run its course.

    "Speaking of Nintendo," Oak added, changing the subject slightly, "Black and White time?"

    "Not for me." El replied, "Got to get to work. Laters. /Exit."

    "Bye then El." Nemesis replied sarcastically. "Right then, which version, Black or White?"
    "White." Alex confirmed. "We are on the last Gym on that file. I'm just going to set an away message to keep the others out. Load up the game?"

    "Right. /msg Bayleef Gameserv Pokemon White Load File one."
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  3. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    As I said in the chat, very nice. A nice concept, interesting. I don't know what you're planning on doing with the story, but whatever it is I know it'll be a good read. :p
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Comfortably seats a family of four?

    Like I said, I've always enjoyed this sort of idea, and you've done a good job explaining the finer details of how it works in your world. This Pokemon bit will be amusing. It'll be nice to see where this goes, and how long you stick with it ;)

    Had a question on the vital data of people being released in that second part, though (as in, their real world ages and gender). Does that mean everyone using the Immersion system must be registered and verified in some way? I'm wondering how hacked versions of it would work, or if they even could.
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  5. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    Well, information can be gathered from the mind probe type thing, avoiding hacking your own personal details. Stuff like that will probably be explained as it becomes relevant.

    I'm hoping to continue with this. Who knows, it may even develop in to a full plot line.

    EDIT- more

    Rocks flew from the hand of the mighty green beast towards the orange dragon, as the two trainers watched from a trainer box. For many years this pair, and people like them, had dreamt of this, being a real Pokemon trainer, and with the advent of Immersion technology, Nintendo had made it a reality. Games were no longer constrained to you telling the character what to do, now you were the character.

    "Charizard!" Doctor Oak yelled, as his Pokemon crashed to the floor in front of him, the ferocious Tyranitar opposite looking impressed with himself. "Exit." Oak yelled, as the huge Pokemon Gym started to vanish around them.

    The pillars that made up the stadium melted away, and the tiled floor was replaced by that of the lab.

    "Damnit." Nemesis shouted at no one in particular, as the lab finally reformed. "That was tough, even with the two of us."
    "Well," Oak said back, "I did get stuck on my own. If your Pokemon hadn't have fainted."
    "Maybe if you had backed me up," Nemesis started, but was interrupted when the pair noticed another figure in the room.

    "Stop bickering boys." She smiled, pushing her cheeks, with the bright yellow spots upwards. "I wish you wouldn't spend so long on that game, I've been trying to get in to the server for ages."
    "Hey Katie." Doctor Oak smiled, looking at his friend's Linkachu model. Nemesis had certainly done a good job on this one, a bipedal Raichu wearing a Link hat and a shield.

    Nemesis was about to reply, when the world went dark. A few moments later, the real world came back in to view, and David looked at his restarting computer with contempt. He knew this machine. It would refuse to work properly for god knew how long now. To even try and reconnect would be a waste of time, and probably end up with the computer monitor being thrown from the nearby window.

    Besides, it was 3.00am. Probably time to sleep.
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