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Imaginary friends

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Doubled, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. If your human, then you've had at least one imaginary friend while growing up. If they're still around, introduce us! If not, then honor their memory here.

    I had an imaginary friend growing up named Ludy, who was a Rator with a hunger for candy, as apposed to meat. He was my best friend when my real friends weren't around, and he was pretty much a combination of Dinosaurs and Pokemon, just a firebreathing dino XD. It was odd though, as I could see him, but no one else could. My friends told the teacher on me for lying, which made me upset! THe teacher just laughed and said he was an imaginary friend, which insulted me and Ludy. Now, I can tell that he was an outer extension of my subconscious, as he told me where noises were coming from, or what foods were what XD THough, things came to an end when I finally started to make more friends, and I eventually began talking to girls. After a while, he just vanished, and I was sad. I still wished he was real though XD

    Okay, your turn.
  2. I've had a few imaginary friends over the years. My absolute favorite was Jake. He related to me really well, and whenever we talked, I would talk aloud, and my sister and I would have these talks about howtalking to myself wasn't 'normal', and then I'd say to Jake "She's just jealous because she doesn't have such a good friend." Oh, and he had a pet kiwi. No, not the fruit. The bird. I'm not THAT crazy.
    Soon enough, I started to make more frinds, and Jake slowly began to fade away, which made me very sad... :(

    Anyway, anyone else have anything to share?~
  3. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Does Raiden count as an imaginary friend? He's a fun Raichu to hang with and he likes pizza. :3 *coughs*

    Considering the way I'd create incredibly detailed worlds in my mind at a young age, it's interesting that I never had imaginary friends. It was fun to pretend that all of these characters existed and weave elaborate lives for 'em, but I never once honestly believed they were real (minus Santa Claus, but that's just parents being evil and lying to their children :p). The very idea of having imaginary friends was rather strange to me as a child because I just couldn't understand how someone could believe in their existence that strongly. I had friends who would bawl their eyes out if a person told them their imaginary friends weren't real...

    Not that I did! I had more tact than that. :X

    Either way, it's an interesting concept. I've always enjoyed discussing 'em with people who did have them. ^^
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    My mudkip was called badass (fun times) my friend hannah had a pet pichu and badass used to knock it out.... until they both got run over by a car. Also I used to believe my poké plushies were real and that was when I was five and retarded.... such good memories.
  5. I used to have an imaginary friend called Pip, who liked ice cream. It was a girl and eventually I forgot about her. Now I have no imaginary friends, but I do have two awesome Pokemon by my side! :D
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  6. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Oh gosh, where to start XD

    I used to have one imaginary friend waaaaaay back when Neopets was big at my school. His name was Cheddar, the plushie Miamouse, and he loved invading the school with his friends and stealing all the cheese, or making a cheese-mall in the corner (which they would've eaten by the end of the day), or something along those lines. Then he brought along a girlfriend of his, Cheesie, and they start rampaging the school and causing havok and whatnot. My best friend and I would usually imagine up all sorts of strange things with these two and her own imaginary friend (a Feepit named Fifi, which rhymes with Beefy). The thing kinda died off by the time we got into middle school, so with the idea died Cheddar, Cheesie, and Fifi. D':

    Around 6th grade, a little before I found 'Charms, I had two new imaginary friends, a Plusle and a Minun. I wasn't that into Johto when it came out, but seeing these two critters next to each other in plushie form at Walmart... made me squeeeeeeee in delight and make me love Pokemon again, and I was able to force my parents to buy them. We donated them a little later, poor things, but they're always in my heart as a sort of imaginary friend. This is sort of why Plusle and Minun have always been special to me, and almost every character I've had has met them or have them.

    Then I come into 'Charms and I get another imaginary friend, and it's none other than Shiny the shiny Eevee. As you might imagine... she's hyper, enjoys running around and getting lost, and is overly optimistic. I usually don't talk about her amidst my classmates, but she's always there to keep me company and make me happy. ^^
  7. when diamond and pearl came out i chose turtwig and even when i was not playing
    i felt like he was there and then i started talking to it.
  8. I remember back when Red and Blue first came out that I kept having dreams about Kogoma from Inuyasha training pokemon and fighting team rocket. (i was about 5 at the time. i had a very strange imagination.) I would always pretend i was some-sort of a super hero, and her as my sidekick. I eventually also imagined one of those trainers who wore the red jumpsuits from silver/gold who's name was Rick. Also imagined a swordsman from a Yugioh card. As I got older, they kinda faded away, but most of my dreams back then have inspired stories I write today.
  9. I have never had an imaginary friend, nor have I known someone who did(though, they may just never have mentioned their IF). Maybe it's because I've never really needed a friend for anything, nor ever wanted one. I barely have real friends, and they can't seem to function at all without having someone to hang out with.

    I remember back in daycare that I tried as hard as I could to obtain an imaginary friend, but it didn't work. At all. I couldn't even begin to conceive one.

    But it's not really like I'm at a loss or anything, I just have yet to experience a piece of childhood(actually, scratch that. I barely had a childhood, as well).
  10. I had a few imaginary friends, one was Sam, some blonde jock like kid who pushed me to do things I normally wouldn't (not getting into trouble but basically my courage).
    I had a few inside stuffed animals like Orangie (don't judge me) my orange dragon I had since I was in Kindergarten or First Grade
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Well I imagined my imaginary friends during Gen 3-V. They are Simon the Salamence ,Theodore the ,Turtwig the...Turtwig ,
    and Desukan (For those of you who know know it ,it's the Gen V ghost coffin).
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  12. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
    Staff Member Moderator

    I have never had any imaginary friends.

    I did (and still have) a large variety of plushies, with rich and varied lives. Some of them are definitely still alive when I'm not about...
  13. Of course I've had imaginary friends, that's one of the greatest parts of childhood.

    I remember my best imaginary friend was my shadow who I named James William after my first and second names. I made it so his powers were greatest during sunrise and sunset explaining why he was so big at those times, and during night time he danced in the darkness with everyone else's shadows (Kind of demonic sounding now that I look back on it).

    I also had a little league of imaginary friends who didn't have names. They were a swimming golden lizard with wings, a tiny alien in his tiny UFO, a sneaky Umbreon and a guy with mad skateboard skills. I have adapted these four into OCs that exist in a land called Belverok (Well that was before they were transported to the planet Rel). There are now 64 OCs in that world and I plan writing a novel on them at some point.

    I also had many stuffed toys with their own personalities if they count. My favourite stuffed toy was Puddles the dog. I remember that I used to repeatedly whack him on the floor and throw him across rooms, justifying it all by saying "Puddles likes this!".
  14. My one and only ever imaginary friend, is right here with me today, and her name is Sunbeam~

    Sunbeam; say hello.

    [​IMG] :Sun-beam!

    As you can probably gather, Sunbeam can only speak her name and only I understand what she says... She has dark purple skin and beady black eyes and a whole explosion of leafy green hair~
    I used to constantly talk with her as a child and would pull out a chair for her at dinnertimes and such~
    She would walk with me to school, and hide in the classroom whilst I had my lessons.
    Sunbeam has been with me for so many years I've lost count!
    She's very playful and hyperactive but can be protective of me as well as others she takes a distinct liking to~

    (I have a feeling she's glad to meet you all~)
    Not many people know about Sunbeam, but I'm glad to talk about her with anyone who is willing to listen (:

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