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Ask to Join I'm Super-Human

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Barefoot_Kittens, Jan 6, 2020.

  1. I'm going to try something... *cough* and hope it works. Okay, lemme give a run down of the story here:
    First off, this take place on Earth in 2020. Think of the world you live in, that's exactly the setting of our story! Everything is completely normal, or at least it was up until the morning that all of our characters wake up. Why was this morning so spectacular? Because all around the world, random people are waking up with super powers. It's a totally unnatural phenomenon with no explanation, with roughly 5% of human population suddenly becoming super-human.
    That's where our RP will start off- with the characters waking up. Everything will be just peachy at first, it's pretty awesome for those who did get the powers- and nobody does something rash. But then again, these are humans we're talking about so of course somebody was bound to ruin it. The first terrorist attack was enough, and governments all around the world acted quickly, instating the SHRC (Super-Human relocation center) one large, gated community in the middle of South America. Little did anyone know that cramming all of those powerful beings together like that was a recipe for disaster.

    'Tis all I got so far. I know that the story-line is simple but the RP will be more driven by character interaction that some big story.

    Oh! And one last thing- you don't get to pick your powers. I'm going to use this random super-power generator (https://www.randomlists.com/superpowers (A List of 100+ Random Superpowers — Superpower Generator)) for each character and give you all random powers. I'll wait till we've got a good amount of characters, like 5 or so, and then spawn the powers all together. So you'll have to test your writing skills and adapt to whatever power is given to your character :D. If there is a real problem with your power, take it up with me in Private Messages and I'll be super lenient about changing them, but I think this sort of surprise will be fun.

    • The normal Pokecharms rules apply.
    • If a battle is to occur another participant's character, please discuss who's going to win in the battle through private messaging.
    • Romance is allowed; don't make it awkward.
    • Swearing is fine as long as it's Pokecharms friendly, and only occasional.
    • Write proper length paragraphs (5-10 sentences at least) with correct grammar punctuation. I can't stress this rule enough. You will not be accepted if you can't comply.
    • You can have up to 3 characters
    Appearance (Detailed please):

    Personality (Detailed please):
    Background (Optional):

    I'm ungodly lazy (sorry about that) so I'm not gonna post my characters yet, I just wanted to get this up. Feel free to post anything before I get my examples up (which will hopefully be sometime tomorrow)

    1. Calista Evelina (Me ) - Pheremone Munipulation
    2. Naki Naru (Me ) - Superhuman Durability
    3. Jason Whiteway (@The Alright Attorney ) - Psychic Weapons
    4. Acacia Song (@Mango137 ) - Telesthisia
    5. Alison Silverstone (@EeviumZ ) - Innate Capability
    6. Talia Silverstone (@EeviumZ ) - Fire and Heat Manipulation
    7. Adrian Snow (@Red Gallade) - Mass Manipulation
    8. Kiarei Risa (@KeenKitsune ) - Omnipresence
    9. Pierce Greenwood (@IDKWhatUserNameToDo ) - Light Manipulation
    10. Miranda "Rabbit" Rabiri (@Sentorus67 ) - Magnetism Manipulation
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  2. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    Name: Jason Whiteway

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20

    Appearance: Jason stands at six feet tall, and he maintains a slim build, his body not being too big, be it muscle or fat. His face is fairly well rounded out, being clean shaven, with his his red hair neatly trimmed to the side on his head. He green eyes, usually covered up by a pair of sunglasses when outdoors, and his nose that sits just underneath is dotted with freckles. His usual outfit consists of a pair of hiking boots, some jeans, usually black or blue, with a t-shirt designed with one of his favorite movies on it, and a flannel shirt sitting a top that, his sleeves rolled up. He has a small scar just above his eyebrow from some years back.

    Personality: Up untill recently, Jason has always been a fairly positive person. No matter what punches life would throw his way, he'd either dodge them, or take them with a wink and a grin. He was always the motivational guy in his group, giving helpful advice, and helping others see the best in themselves, like he saw in them. He'd never come at a situation with stress, and always try to think logically. Despite this cheeriness, there was some underlying cynacisim that would rear it's head every now and then. If he saw someone he didn't like, he's avoid them, and if confronted, he wasn't shy to tell them what he thought about them. However, after some recent events that hit Jason pretty hard, this cynical side started to take over. He still maintained a positive attitude around people he knew and trusted, but any stranger he immediatly starts to judge and evaluate, trying to gauge the kind of person they are and if he can trust them. Once he confirms you're fine, he'll treat you well, but if you don't pass his test, well it's not likely you'll be hearing from him again. He has the ability to be the happy go lucky kid he was from just a few years prior, but just needs the right push to feel like that again.

    Background: Will explore in the RP itself.
  3. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Adapted my favorite OC for this cause it seems super interesting!

    Name: Acacia Song (Uh-Kay-Shuh)

    Age: 19

    Appearance: Acacia is about 5’11 in height, he is a bit on the skinnier side but still has well toned muscle. He has dark messy brown hair and matching bushy eyebrows. His is half asian, giving him tanned skin and slightly squinted, unique, gold eyes. He has a small scar underneath his left eye.

    Outfit: Acacia wears a salmon funnel neck sweater that has light gray sleeves rolled up just below his elbows. On his right wrist he has an assortment of bracelets. He wears black joggers and gray sneakers.

    Personality: Acacia’s trademark trait is his perseverance. Though he is a talented, he is never disheartened from a loss or misfortune and turns it into motivation to improve. Growing up in a family that largely valued intelligence formed him into quite a smart person; however, he never really cared for being smart. While his brains may be viewed by the public as his best attribute that made him destined to become a great, the reality is that he wholeheartedly a kind person who just wants to help. This quality gives him a high level of charisma that makes him a great natural leader. That paired with his proficiency in strategizing, quick thinking, and adaptability has made him an extremely formidable leader. However, Acacia does suffer from depression, though he hides it well. It was brought on from the large scale success of his older siblings and even though he is accomplished, he feels like he has never been able to live up to expectations.

    Name: Alison "Allie" Silverstone
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Appearance (Detailed please): Standing at a height of 5'5, she has long blue hair and brown eyes, with a slim stature and fair complexion. For the purposes of this RP, her casual clothing will consist of a simple white skirt with a blue t-shirt and black hoodie with black combat boots and white leggings. She has no defining markings, with the exception of a large scar (several inches long) up her lower right arm. She is often seen wearing a pair of over-the-ear headphones.
    Personality (Detailed please): Bright, bubbly, and chock-full of charisma, she's a perpetual optimist with a glass-half-full outlook on life. Though she can be a touch socially awkward, she's a sweet kid with a lot to offer. If you want to be cheered up, she's your girl. She can and will be very rash, and gets herself into situations that she often can't handle. She tends to avoid social conflict, and freezes up when things get rough among friends.
    Background (Optional): Nothing really of note.

    Name: Talia Silverstone
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Appearance (Detailed please): Standing at a height of 5'8, Talia has long brown hair and hazel eyes, with a slim stature and fair complexion (similar to Allie's - they're siblings, after all). She typically wears a forest green blouse with black jeggings and combat boots. She often wears a simple black lace choker necklace, and rarely wears any kind of makeup. She usually wears glasses, although she occasionally swaps them out for contacts.
    Personality (Detailed please): The blue oni to Allie's boisterous red, Talia is cool and collected. She's a very rational person, and makes sure she knows what she's doing before jumping in. Everything she does has a purpose, and she's very driven - when she wants something, you can be sure she'll get it. However, her composure goes out the window if you dare hurt her little sister - you'll most likely regret it.
    Background (Optional): Nothing of note
  5. Count me in (Hopefully this'll get me my commitment back)

    Name: Adrian Snow
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Adrian stands at 5'11" with a slim physique that boasts faint signs of muscle his Pale skin and chin long Dark blond hair with a few bangs that almost covers one of his Wine red eyes. His casual clothing is a plain white t shirt above his Blue jeans and Black sneakers, above all this he wears an ankle long Black jacket as well as a thick Red checkered scarf around his neck.
    Personality: Adrian is normally a laid back and carefree individual who tends to be friendly when he wants to be so long as people don't mind his sarcasm. Sometimes he tends to be rather lazy when it comes to certain tasks whereas other times he 'goes with the flow if the flow is good' a saying he's taken to heart. In the face of danger, Adrian shows a more cruel persona, almost enough to make him seem worse than the bad individual in front of him, although he rarely shows that side to his friends.
    Background: Adrian grew up a seemingly normal life like everyone else and looked up to his father who was a champion fighter. However this changed one day when his father accidentally killed his opponent and was sent to prison, his father's pride had become buried under a mountain of guilt and Adrian always did what he could to visit him and cheer him up. One day he briefly vowed his father that he would become a great fighter too, but his father simply smiled and said "Your path is your own to choose, don't let others shape it for you." Those were words Adrian took to heart even to this day...

    Also, does this mean you're choosing our powers from the random power table?
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  6. Count me in, but I'm not going to make a character sheet yet- as I seem to have a writers-block right now, but I hope I can muster up a character sheet soon enough!
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  7. All of the above bios are accepted. I'll get mine up within the next hour or so and spawn in all of the powers :D.
  8. Name: Calista Evelina
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Calista wields a less than feminine body. She's almost flat chested and forget about curves, the female stands at about 5'4 and weighs in around a solid 150. The girl's limbs are defined, though not large, she looks like the type of person who would try to punch her way out of a problem. Calista's skin is well tanned, she's clearly of a mixed race, the pigment is a creamy caramel color which often sports a burst of purple or red- battle scars. Cali's face is almost friendly, large eyes sparkling for a challenge and her lips constantly tugging for a grin. Her eyes are wide, a honey-dew color. Pale green and yet deep, the girl's pupils are expressive and most usually the key to reading her. Calista sports lavender colored hair. Leaning more towards a white than purple hue, the light and soft hair cuts off, rather ruggedly, at her shoulders- she also styles it half-up, with the upper part in a messy bun while the lower part hangs freely.
    Personality: Calista is a simple girl with a simple outlook on life. As Cali would gladly explain, there are two types of people: the survivors and the thrivers. The survivors are mere background characters, scavenging whatever they can find and just barely getting by. Then there are the thrivers, the group that Cali would proudly classify herself as, those who take what they want and live at the top. Cali does not waste time on things like asking or waiting, and no way would she ever put her trust in someone else to do something. Though not particularly intelligent, and honestly possessing the patience of a 10 year old, Cali had always relied on her fist to get stuff done- and oddly enough it's rarely wronged her.

    Naki Naru
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance (Detailed please): Naki's pretty average as far as size, never been too big no matter how much he tried to gain muscle mass. He stands at about 5'9 and tends to be more on the slender side, weighing around 150 pounds. The boy has creamy, olive colored skin that often changes tone depending on how time he spends outside daily. Naki sports rather sharp features, with prominent blue eyes sparking from behind the shadow cast by a pair of thick, dark eyebrows. His hair is a sort of sandy brown mix of dirty blonde and bleached almost white shades, with everything in between; his hair is shaved on the sides, fading into skin while left longer at the top where a Mohawk has formed that is usually kept in a french-braid style that runs to his shoulders. When unbraided, his hair will stick straight up about 4 inches to form a wave of a Mohawk. He also has a pair of thin, circular glasses that he's suppose to wear, but loses often.
    Personality (Detailed please): Naki has always had a sense of rather overwhelming pride, which branches off into two pain personality traits. One of which, is the boys cockiness and confidence in himself; often keeping him calm in seemingly difficult situations. The downside to Naki's pride is his incapability to fail, or at least his horrible reaction to failure. The boy gets easily frustrated with himself upon losing, typically ending in him either doing something stupid or just completely giving up. He can seem a bit lazy at first, giving up when things get hard- but he just lives on a sliding scale of overly tenacious to unmotivated. Naki is a bit of a jokester, preferring to go through life like a game than anything as serious as it is supposed to be; he is extremely lighthearted and it takes quite a bit to truly upset the boy.

    In my first post I made a list of all the characters (just in order of when the bio was created, except my characters being at the top for convenience). I'm going to generate 7 powers, and I'll screenshot and post the results before adding each power next to the name of the character on the first post. If anyone has a problem or needs help defining the power assigned to them, please let me know.

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  9. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

  10. Well... this is gonna be an interesting bunch
  11. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Guess I’m making a sniper

    Edit: Actually nevermind I got an awesome idea
  12. I'm aware that poor Acacia was given the ability with the least combative capabilities. Telesthesia is basically the ability to sense things without seeing, hearing, or smelling them. So basically, spidey-senses. I hope that makes it seem cooler for you, imagine an ability to sense when things are coming- just not exactly what is coming. If you really don't like- I'm totally up for spawning a new one for you ;D.
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  13. I do not understand Innate Capability at all... does she just automatically know how to do whatever the hell she wants? xD

    Fire fits Talia though. Reminds me of Toriel.
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  14. Inmate Capability means she knows everything basically. Want to know where the nearest starbucks is? Alli knows! She knows when the first toaster was tested, she knows the name of your dog's great grandmother. She knows where her enemies are and when they are going to strike, actually, its kind OP except she just doesn't have to physical capability to compete with some of the other powers. Does that make sense?
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  15. Yeah, that makes sense. Oh lord, this is gonna be hilarious... xD

    She practically knows everything there is to know and her first thought is gonna be "NO SCHOOL! HELL YEAH!"
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  16. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    No worries, I actually thought of a way to make him super viable.
  17. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Since part of Acacia is being very smart and coming from a rich tech family, can I have him create cool gear (somewhat necessary to make up for lack of physical capabilities)
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  18. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    First thing I see when I wake up this morning is that I have Psychic weapons. Hell yes, that is so cool.
  19. I just woke up to see this, does this mean people know what my (Adrian's) power is?
  20. Kitsune Kiara

    Kitsune Kiara Previously Keen Kitsune

    (Hope you don't mind me joining a bit late, the idea of a random power interested me)

    Name: Kiarei Risa
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Appearance (Detailed please): Kiarei stands at 5'4 with a frail build and amber eyes. Her long, black, mostly straight, hair curls into soft waves at the tips. It also lightly ombres into brown, though the ombre is more obvious when her hair is up. However, she seldom styles her hair. When it is down, it reaches half-way down her back. Kiarei usually prefers comfort over fashion for her attire, so she usually ends up wearing a monochrome colored legging, with a slightly-baggy top, be it a hoodie or a sweater. But, she will wear other things once in a while.

    Personality (Detailed please): Kiarei has always been relaxed to an extent. While she judges quickly at times, she is open to something that may change her mind. Strangers may think she is quiet, but her friends disagree. Though she may joke around at times, she is usually respectful to those older than her. If she curses, it's usually a mutter under her breath so that she wouldn't accidentally offend anyone. The last she would want to do would be to start drama.
    Background (Optional): Kiarei is the girl who doesn't study but still gets a good score on her tests and quizzes. At one point in her life, she had a major procrastination problem, but after a year or two, she managed to knock it down a couple of notches. It was around that time that she realized how important her future was. Her luck had helped her survive, but she didn't want to depend on it for the rest of her life. Her parents had also supported her, which led to a good relationship between them.

    (If you need me to change anything please tell me, I haven't roleplayed in a bit and am trying to get back into the swing of things)
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  21. Can I have a more detailed explanation behind Mass Manipulation, please? (Adrain's power)
  22. I'm confused as to what you're asking here. Nobody knows anyone else's power unless that person shows them or posts it on media or whatever.

    Mass manipulation is just another term fro gravity manipulation. You can make something lighter or heavier just by touching them.

    @KeenKitsune looks good, accepted. I'll get her power once a few more people sign up, or by the end of today if we don't get any more sign ups.
  23. The Alright Attorney

    The Alright Attorney Previously AlrightAttorney

    So, Jason's weapons do mental damage, what does that exactly mean for who he's fighting? Could he make them feel fear with the weapons, or does it just harm their mental state.
  24. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    I just started back up on school, so I might not be able to join. Let me see how much free time I have before I commit to this.
  25. Name: Pierce Greenwood

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Appearance (Detailed please): Pierce stands on an average height for his age, being about 5.7 feet (or 175 cm) tall. He also has quite an average build with some slight definition on it and light brown skin. His hair is really curly, colored dark brown and worn in an undercut hairstyle. He has an oval face, hooked nose, brilliant blue colored eyes, a birth mark on a lower part of his right cheek, angular and slightly bigger than average eyebrows. He his usual clothing style is a mix of casual and comfortable. He usually wears a hoodie colored with white and dark blue split diagonally, with the blue being on the lower part and white in the upper part. Pierce also wears jeans, black and white sneakers with his hoodie.
    (I might doodle up a simple drawing of him if I have time)

    Personality (Detailed please): Pierce might not seem to be the friendliest looking fella and usually carries a sour attitude. He's quite the hothead, being easily angered when losing or when something doesn't go as he thought. He's quite confident and is usually called cocky and possibly even a jerk, as he's sarcastic, snarky and usually doesn't take things too seriously on top of the rest of his personality. He's not a team player and usually keeps to himself, but isn't afraid to speak his mind if needed. Even if he seems like not the nicest person in the world, he has a nice side to him and clearly knows right from wrong. He cares deeply about things and people he cares about. He's loyal and honest (even if he seems like a jerk about it). He's really determined and failure or losing only fuels him to do better, even if he also get's angry. On the scale of being brilliant to stupid, Pierce isn't the smartest, but he does get around things with his common sense well enough.

    Background (Optional):
    I'm not done with it yet, but I don't think I'll put it here either way.
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  26. Nice, Adrian's got a more diverse version of Ururaka's power, perhaps he'll even make himself fly if he wanted to. (Although with how gravity works, that might take time to master.)
  27. Name: Miranda "Rabbit" Rabiri

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Appearance (Detailed please): Rabbit is by no means large, she stands at around 5'3 and weighs about 100 lbs. Her body type is "ectomorphic" as she describes it, lacking any body muscle to speak of. her skin is a chestnut tone. Though there are parts of her that have pale discoloration splotches she tries to hide with makeup. She has brown eyes and tiny black dots surrounding them. Dark straight hair flows down all the way to half of her back. Her clothing tends to fit with whatever fashion trends are gong on, usually supporting hipster jeans and a jeweled scarf.

    Personality (Detailed please): Rabbit is a highly self-centered girl. She focuses mostly on her own self-image and cares about being important. While not entirely a narcissist, She has a tendency to think of herself as better than others and may put other people down without noticing. She is very open with how she feels, and if not forced to be polite will express herself how she sees fit. Rabbit favors respect and formalities. For someone to speak in a well-educated sense they immediately go on her "adore" list.

    Background (Optional): Ms. Rabiri did not have that tough of a life compared to others. Her family owned there own corporations and had a strong influence on politics. Her parents were unfortunately neglectful given there busy obligations, so she was semi raised by her aunts and uncles. While she never entered the public spotlight, she is someone rumored about in the upper classes of society.
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  28. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Acacia superhero bio
    Name: Ghost
    Costume: Being a chemical engineering major and having a multimillionaire uncle as one of the few people who know his secret, Ghost has been able to craft some of the finest and most advanced armor. Blue mirrored protective googles with a white frame cover his eyes and push up his messy brown hair. A black dyed spider silk mask covers his face from below his googles, going over his nose and all the way down his neck before getting tucked into a white Kevlar vest that is covered with pockets for his various utilities. Out of the vest sprout two long sleeves of black spider silk sleeves that reach down to his white full fingered combat gloves with black armor. His right sleeve is adorned with a thick gunmetal strap that runs midway between his forearm and wrist and has a large circular dial that appears to contain something. He wears white tactical pants tucked into black combat boots. Below his left hip a desert eagle is holstered. Behind his waste their are two Butterfly swords sheathed in an x pattern. Right below each shoulder on each arm there are bands of kunai knives as well as those bands being located right above his knees.
    • Physics googles: His self made googles show the trajectory, recoil angle, velocity, and acceleration of all projectiles.
    • Spider Silk: His first invention. Armor made from chemically engineered spider silk, both stronger and lighter than Kevlar
    • Smoke orbs: Acacia stores many self made smoke orbs in the pockets of his vest. By using these he is able to blind his opponents while using his powers to see them
    • Spark knives: His kunai knives are charged with electricity and can stun enemies
    • Bouncing bullets: Acacia invented a modded bullet that can ricochet multiple times without loosing speed, allowing him to shoot targets he senses before they even know he’s there.
    • Pop up shield: By hitting the dial on his right sleeve, a round circular riot shield is deployed.
    • Spring loaded gloves and boots: In the wrists of his gloves and the ankles of his boots, Acacia designed his own original spring loading technology that allows him to punch or run/jump/kick with 3x the strength of a normal human.
    • Butterfly swords: Typical butterfly swords, his go to weapon in close range combat.
    • Desert Eagle: Typical desert eagle but capable of firing the bouncing bullets. It is Acacia’s main and preferred weapon.
    Skills and capabilities
    • Genius level intellect: Allows him to create cool gear and think quick in situations
    • Wing Chun master: Extremely skilled in this martial arts form (the same fighting style Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan use. Sherlock Holmes also uses it in the books and movies)
    • Telesthesia: Ability to detect occurrences or sense objects far beyond normal human senses. This allows him to react immediately to any event, making him very elusive and hard to hit, even with bullets. Also allows him to snipe from long distances with relative ease.
    • Ambidextrous
    • Rich: not sure how this qualifies as a skill but I find it relevant since it allows him to make cool gear.
    Also, I’d like to dibs the cool Ironman type role of the rich smart guy who builds everyone’s gadgets
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  29. As much research as I've done, I have no clue what physic weaponry is. I can't find anywhere that really explains it. But what I'm gonna guess is that it makes one's brain feel like there is an injury. The victim would see and feel a wound, but in reality nothing happened- once they snap out of the trance they will find that they are uninjured.

    @Sentorus67 accepted
    @IDKWhatUserNameToDo accepted

    I'll spawn the new aceeptee's powers now
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  30. [​IMG]
    So we've got #1 to Kiarei, it's basically teleportation and the ability to make clones. #2 goes to Pierce, it's kinda obvious. #3 goes to Miranda, just imagine magneto XD.
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  31. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Is my superhero bio alright? I kinda need the tech advantage to make Acacia viable
  32. ooh! interesting.. So my character can create, withdraw and/or controll light
  33. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    How many people do you plan on being in this? I’ll probably drop if it gets too crowded. It seems like there’s a lot already.
  34. I'm gonna let it run until it gets too crowded. Based on my previous RP, 10-12 was a perfect number. past 15 it got complicated, but I expect people to drop this thread fairly early so I'm just gonna keep it open for now- at least until we know for sure that everyone is in it for the long run. Perhaps I'll close it after the people I tagged have decided whether or not they want to join.
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  35. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Okay... when will the thread be up?
  36. Allie reminds me of that one Baby Yoda meme. Watching everyone fight while she just sits back like "haha yes, die trash".
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  38. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Should the first post just be them waking up and realizing their powers?

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