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I'm making a story and i need your opinions!

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by Warrior of the stars, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Doc here, my first post heh

    Anyway i am making a story using fantasy themes with ginjika Pokemon and such, so there will be kingdoms for each Pokemon type and areas. For example the ice type king is a aloan ninetails, and they live in a ice like mountains ( similar to the ice capped mountains in alola ) so what would you think the other types kings ( and or queen ) would be what Pokemon and why?

    sign of, doc thank you!

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    Name: lilian
    Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage[/align]
  2. I like the sound of what you have going on; not a lot of Pokéhuman/Gijinka RPs out there and there was a char I really wanted to use, but couldn’t.
  3. Normal, Gumshoos male :v
    Electric, Eelektross male
    Fire, Pyroar male
    Grass, Sawsbuck spring female
    Water, Golisopod male
    Ice, Alolan Ninetales female
    Bug, Ribombee female
    Fighting, Lucario male
    Flying, Braviary male
    Dark, Mandibuzz female
    Ground, Nidoking male
    Rock, Gigalith male
    Psychic, Musharna female
    Ghost, Misdravus female
    Dragon, Hydreigon male
    Fairy, Clefable female
    Steel, Aggron male
    Poison, Nidoqueen female

    Or something
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  4. @Umbreon06 oo! those sound good, i'll have to look over some things for it! thank you for giving me your opinion!
    [align=center] [​IMG]
    Name: lilian
    Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage[/align]
  5. Your welcome. By the way, Gumshoos=Donald Trump
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  6. Perhaps I can try and think of a little story for the dragon kingdom and in doing so introduce several characters. (The only teaser is that there will be two Hydreigon gijinkas who are father and son, the latter I wish having a lil more role than his old man)
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  7. I wish that Gumshoos will put a wall between another kingdom
  8. Another question I have is to the certain types of kingdoms need to have their subordinates of the same type or can they be a different type? Example being an Electric ruler having a Ground subordinate.
  9. I think can be like that just because an electric type adopt one because it was abandoned (?)
  10. But, an important question @Warrior of the stars , if an Alolan Raticate (for example) born in the Dark Kingdom and want to translate to the Normal Kingdom, he can?
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  11. @Umbreon06 He could, since most kingdoms are open to accepting others from different kingdoms
  12. Oh, being of another type?
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  13. @Umbreon06 yep! take for example the ice type kingdom and the fire type kingdom with those kingdoms might not accept other kingdom in theres
  14. I only asked mine because all my gijinkas are dark types and due to the Hydreigon being Dragon/Dark I expected him to have a symbiotic relationship with the kingdom of Dark types

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