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If you were invisible...

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Carmen Lopez, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. No, it's not the Clay Aiken song, it's a serious question XD

    We've seen movies and TV shows that have used this plot device, but what would you do if you couldn't affect your environment and yet you could go anywhere you wanted? No one could hear you, see you, smell you...that sort of thing. Almost as if you were a spirit.

    One of the things I would do is become a people watcher. Sometimes I pass by people and I wonder what their story is--especially those people who just wander around from place to place. I'd love to follow people just out of curiosity and be able to experience things I wouldn't otherwise. I'd also just go places that probably wouldn't ever go (i.e. a huge nice mansion or some other ultra exclusive area).

    Or maybe the idea of hanging around without anyone knowing you're there bugs you...
  2. Hmm its an intresting question and raises questions about peoples toleration for loneliness.

    I have actually dreamt of similar powers quite a few times. Sometimes its good, like using it to escape harm and being able to turn it off after but often times its bad because I get a version of it where I cant turn it off and I see my loved ones worried about me then eventually forget about me all together.

    On the positive side I could avoid speaking to some certain folks :p
  3. Welp, I'd definitely go to places that were originally restricted and some such. Like factories and junk like that. I always wanted to see stuff like that, like all the inner workings, but I'm a Goodie-Two-Shoes and don't... but with this power, no one would know, right?

    Also, I like the idea of following people around, Reina. There's definitely a ton of people I would never know about... so that's one way I'd use it. And animals, because a lot of them are really flighty and would run away otherwise. I'd take pictures of them if I had a camera as well.

    The sad thing with me is that I kinda feel invisible sometimes, people don't seem to notice me. I'm a shy, quiet kid so I don't really attract attention to myself ostentatiously, cuz personally I hate loud people. So really, if I practiced, I could spy on people for a short amount of time... It does get lonely though.
  4. I would probably get a Robin Hood thing going. Using my invisibility to kind of spread the wealth.

    Naturally, in practice this would end up with a mass panic and I would become a wanted criminal, but in theory it seems there is no way to better use your power than help those who need it.

    If I could fly, or had super strength, I could aid people by fixing things, but invisibility is a bit limited in practical uses.

    I guess I could go to the army and act as some sort of special agent used for saving hostages from under the enemy's nose.
  5. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Yes, but the question was not about invisibility while being capable of manipulating the environment around you. It was about invisibility WITHOUT being capable of manipulating the world around you. intangibility of sorts. >>; It's a good idea to read a topic before replying to it.

    Myself, I'd probably flip the eff out after a while. Yeah, I could go anywhere, but after a while that would get awfully boring, wouldn't it? Not existing as far as the world is concerned but being able to go anywhere... sounds kind of like a depressing existence to me, really.
  6. I have actually been thinking about this a lot recently...

    I think I'd probably do the same as you, Carmen. I'd be a people watcher. I am very curious as to what happens when nobody's looking, and what people are like with nobody around to judge them. I'd love to go to school and choose one person to follow the whole day, come home with them and see what goes on in their life. It sounds kinda creepy, but nobody would know except me.

    And I would do tons of exploring. I love seeing people's houses, so I could spend hours in a neighborhood just checking out all the different interiors. I would go in all sorts of places.

    And I also agree with Rayn, I would watch animals. I always find that to be fun and am usually disappointed when animals run away from me when all I wanna do is just look at them...
  7. Oh I see, I misunderstood the concept. If tangible things were barred, as well as human contact, it's quite a bit like being the last person on earth.

    Maybe even worse, because you would be able to observe people living their lives but not be able to participate. The novelty would wear off quickly, because there is no way of jumping from interesting event to interesting event, and you would almost undoubtedly end up depressed and wish to die.

    What a terrible prospect.
  8. Hmm...it depends if I had the ability to become visible again, and whether or not I could make clothes disappear as well. I would dislike going out naked, as I would be cold. In addition, it would depend on whether or not I could orient myself, because it would be hard to pick up things if I had no idea where my hands were.

    However, if I was invisible, I think I would sneak around and pick up various bits of information, be it who's talking about my friends or me lately or government secrets, hee hee. XD

    I don't think I would steal, however, because I would be so paranoid about getting caught and hauled away to prison.

    About the 'superhero' business...only if I was like the Invisible Woman. She at least had forcefields that could be utilized for many purposes. Invisibility is very defensive.
  9. Assuming you were to be trapped in that state, that actually sounds rather horrifying.

    It would be one thing to be just invisible. Though I imagine that it would not be a pleasant sensation, I could probably put up with it, and maybe even enjoy some aspects of it.

    However, not being able to influence your surroundings at all... that would be horrifying. I am generally quite content to be an observer. However, it is one thing to choose not to interfere, and quite another to be utterly incapable of interfering.
  10. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I had the same thoughts as a few people above. As interesting as the ability to go anywhere, watch anyone or thing you wish, would be - it get incredibly depressing sooner than later, too. I'd probably be pleading to regain corporeal form after a mere few days out of feeling helpless to help or hold anyone/anything. Katie doesn't like watching others in pain, may they be people, animals, or nature itself...

    That said, with the prospect that this was only a temporary phenomenon (or one I could control) - I'd definitely explore. Deep forests, mountains, deserts, the bottom of the ocean... I'd go anywhere in nature I could think of. The things you could see... Being unable to die (or so I assume by how Carmen worded her post) would mean no fear of wandering into an unsafe area, and there are so many animals I've wanted to meet close up... It'd be amazing; the sort of things I can only dream about.
  11. All I'm going to say is: I'm a real perv. Use your imagination to find out what I'd do. >:D

    But even that could become boring if I couldn't become visible again. I'd probably go insane after a while. It's scary to even think about it, the desperation about not being able to do anything. I hate thinking like that and I try to avoid it as much as possible. I'd probably do something really weird like walk to Africa just to kill time or something.

    I'd like to wear a hat and cool clothes that seem to float in the air, maybe sometimes wear a white, expressionless mask and white gloves XD That would be awesome!
  12. Hmm. It would kind of stink if I couldn't interact with anything or any one. If I could, I can think of loads of things to do to people on the street. I would probably end up losing my sanity without being able to interact with anyone, because I'm a rather social guy. However, I might take the opportunity to jump on a plane unnoticed and go to the places I always wanted to go to.
  13. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Quoted so hard.

    It applies to me entirely.
  14. I'm in complete agreement with Demyx and CK.

    Well, that and scare the crud out of people.
  15. If I felt like being bad I'd probably try to become the worlds greatest criminal. I'd steal and do whatever the heck I felt like such as joyrides, pranks, theft, possibly some murder of the people I despise and quite frankly, the world would be better without, the same thing as Demyx, CK, and Bloodless and other evil things.

    If I felt like being good, I'd still pull pranks, maybe a little theft for personal gain as well as for my family, hmmm... well come to think of it I wouldn't do much that's actually good, or at least not good for me.
  16. That's kind of a tough question. Like Demyx and CK, I'm a bit of a pervert...then again, who isn't, at least a little, Hmm? I agree with Linkachu, and the other who said they wanted to observe the more timid animals up close, like birds, or squirrels. On the petty evil side, I'd sneak into movies or concerts without paying...I would like to be able to turn it on and off though. Whether or not clothes can go invisible with you or not makes no difference to me.
  17. I'd probably do the same with movies. I could sneak in and watch what I wanted whenever.

    I would want to have the power to turn it off though or else life would get really lonely. Extremely lonely. I like talking to people and hanging out with people.Without that, I would suffer.

    I kinda agree with Demyx and everyone else. Enjoy what can't normally be enjoyed, eh? Because isn't that the whole point of invisibility? To enjoy what you can't normally enjoy?
  18. I think I'd go on a world trip. I could sneak into any airplane and travel around the world. I'd visit every capital and stay there for a while. I'd sneak into a empty superdeluxe hotel suite and sleep there and i'd 'borrow' food from shops. The ultimate backpacker's life. And when I was done travelling, I'd go to a beautifull lake in the French Alpines, Lac Serre-Poncon, and stay there for a while. Between my travels I'd go home for a while and check if everything's alright over there. Like a really, really long vacation. And no, I have no intentions of running away. I just seriously love vacation.
  19. I'd probably travel the world looking for scholars and learning as much about everything as I possibly could. Being that I'm reduced to an infantile state of never responding, it should be easier to pick up languages. Mostly I would just sit in on lectures and private conversations about whatever it was I wanted to learn about.
  20. ...So can I or can I not interact with tangible things? Can I turn my invisibility on and off? Just invisible, completely unable to interact with mankind? I'll settle with this one.

    Well, I hope my need of food is gone, because if I cannot touch, feel, or interact in any way shape or form with things I'm dead of starvation in a week, tops. Should I not be panicking over that... well the obvious answer is watching people. It's not like you could be punished! "^_^

    I could explore the world as Invisible Bob, sneaking onto and off of planes, boats, and whatnot to go where I never thought possible. Spain, Britain (Huh... just realized that... never mind)... you get the idea.

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