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If you were allowed to have one pokemon in real life who would it be?!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Espeon_aura, Mar 26, 2017.

  1. Which pokemon would be the one that you would pick to have in real life - bear in mind that their are not any evolutionary items in the real world so say for example you picked growlithe, you wouldn't be able to get an arcanine but you would be a b;le to evolve a munchlax into a snorlax.

    Mine would be a lillipup because it is a dog and once evolved into a stoutland, it would be powerful and a source of transport! Thank you for leaving your ideas below XD
  2. I would definitely choose Eevee, and then I could evolve it into three different Pokemon, Sylveon, Espeon, or Umbreon,
    and I don't really care which one I get, because they're all so cute and we can be the best of friends because they all evolve from a form of friendship
  3. Arceus, Mew or Ditto, just so I could create more :)
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  4. Cool and btw, logic thinking about the evolutions, lol,! XD
  5. I'd probably choose Pikachu just because he's my favorite.
  6. Gardevoir it will probally save me from everything. Or any transport pokemons.
  7. Gallade, he would be mine bodyguard
  8. >_<Gardevoir , Gallede and all the eeveelosens with eevee!Beacose why not!?:angel:
  9. I would be a lycanroc midnight for dangerous and strong all flying types and eletric types would be afraid of me with my glowing red eyes
  10. Or a red ring unbereon ether on
  11. It would be shiny umbreon or shiny gardevoir with a meha stone on its neck so that they can protect me and help me win battles!
  12. Aipom. He's frickin ADORABLE! I mean, he'd be swinging around in a tree with me, and then we could just chill out later. I wouldn't battle. We'd just be friends. It'd be amazing.
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  13. Even though Jolteon is my favorite, I would get a Cinccino. Like come on, this thing is so cute.
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  14. i want a gothorita bc they are friendly and they can use their psychic abilties to help me roll burritos at freebirds .

    that or a miltank . because theyre VERY friendly and mellow but are great for battle .
  15. PopeyPenguin

    PopeyPenguin Previously Mecha Who

    My personal monster.
  16. Riolu would have to be my pick. I don't care if i evolves or not, but I think it could help me cope when I'm struggling emotionally.
  17. Latias is mah choice since then, I dont need to buy anymore plane tickets to go abroad AND I have a friend
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  18. I'd want a Lugia. I love to travel, so it would save me the transport expenses XD
  19. Sandshrew. It's a sturdy Pokemon that would probably be good with the kids and good for protection. It would probably feel right at home as well, being that I live on sandy soil out in the country.

    It may also be able to help with the yardwork. :D
  20. Me personally, I would get a Mewtwo. Not only is it strong and can protect me from robbers and intruders, I can also fly to places because the psychic energy is so strong!
  21. I would Pick Ditto, it can transform into every Pokemon.
  22. Rotom. A little goofy electric spirit. With all of the technology around us, this guy would be perfect. He could go into my phone instead a Pokeball. He would be friend to laugh with and hang out with. and his pranks would go well with my sense of humor.
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  23. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Bulbasaur, he is my favorite and also he could help me kill weeds once he evolves into Venusaur, but I may just keep him a Bulbasaur so we could just be friends
  24. Far too many, but it's a tie between Miltank and Mismagius. They're both adorable and cuddly and I love them to death.
  25. Such a tough choice, with so many cyoot ones out there
    Likely I'd go with Eevee, keep it as an Eevee forever, just too adorable
    my other choice is with Purrloin, love kitties so much, Espeon and Liepard are my favorite cats in the Pokemon world
  26. Vanilluxe.

    I am hungry.
  27. Plus Curse, Milk Drink, Double Edge Miltank is overpowered.
  28. I would have to say Skrelp. He's just so cool
  29. Ahh, but you assume I would use my precious moo cow for battling, when in reality, she would be my adorable companion that I'd probably spoil the crap out of.
  30. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Then if I were to find that fat, pink, ugly cow abomination that has offended me by calling itself a Pokemon, I would have my Bulbasaur use sludge bomb to poison it and I shall kill it and then shove it down Whitney's throat and watch her suffer. But of course I'm talking about Whitney's Miltank yours would be fine, even if it's pink.
  31. How many times did Whitney's precious baby stomp you into the ground?
  32. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Heh none, I played Gold and I trained forever, or at least in my mind forever until the machop I got evolved into a machoke and then I murdered that stupid cow and fed her insides to Whitney (sorry for the darkness of this reply, just got finished watching Game theroy's final FNAF theory)
  33. Oh, so you're just a cow hater at heart? T_T Geez la wheeeeze, ya heartless butt
  34. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Nope, I don't hate Miltank because it exists, I hate it because of what it has done to others and how it had haunted my nightmares. even Nightmare, my gengar, fears it.
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  35. But how could you hate such an adorable faaaaace~
  36. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Wait you find Miltank cute...huh that's a first. Well I'm not here to tell you what Pokemon to like or dislike if you like Miltank then by all means spoil your cow
  37. my deathly soul (gengar)
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  38. definitely whimsicott!! not only is it my favorite pokemon and is probably one of the cutest things i've ever laid eyes on, but it's also pretty damn powerful! (at least in my opinion <: )
  39. On second thoughts, maybe I'd choose a Lugia. Then I could stop droughts and stuff, refreeze the polar ice caps and never have to walk anywhere again.
    Mostly that last one
  40. I'd most likely like a Chatot in real life, actually. I own two little conures so I'm pretty partial to birds. Especially of the parrot variety! Plus Chatot's music note head is probably the cutest thing ever imho.

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