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If you were a Gym Leader.....

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Indie, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Teapot Edit: I've merged a new version of this thread with the old one - feel free to use the form in this post, or alternately the newer one on the second page.

    Ta-Da! The second version of the awesome topic that was on Charms before the fallout (rp reference<3)

    Create a gym with your own unique(or not so unique) ways of completing it.

    Here be the form:

    What's in the gym:
    Gym leader and team:

    Now here is my gym:

    Place:An arcade, or game store.
    What's in the gym: You enter into the lobby of the gym and a raised platform with three divided sections marked onto it. There are four doors each containing challenges. After being led into the first one, you must pick two pokemon. You are the driver in a mario-kart styled race to the finish, where your Pokemon friends need to fight against a trainer's team in a kart as well. The first person to finish or defeat the other's team wins. If you win, you recieve one of the peices for the platform you saw earlier.

    The next challenge is tougher. You are kitted out with a protective suit and a Guitar-Hero guitar. You may only pick one Pokemon to accompany you on the challenge. There are four coloured platforms, above a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt acts like the highway in GH. Coloured rocks will pass under the platforms and you have to hop on the corresponding platforms. The two Pokemon will be defending their trainer from falling, by blocking each others attacks. The loser is not the person who's pokemon is defeated first, but the person who is knocked off first. After this, your team is healed and you recieve the second puzzle peice. next is the gym leader...

    Gym leader and team: Its Indie! Yessums you need to battle with me(cake-walk) and my team of Pokemon :
    Ampharos lv.45
    Blastoise lv.50
    Blaziken lv.45
    Tangrowth lv.40
    Prize:You fabulous prize for efforts include the third peice of the puzzle. Placing this in the platform, the platform comes away to reveal the Joystick badge and tm Embargo.
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  2. This sounds like a fun thing to try~

    It's a gym styled into a large Toy box, the entire area drabbed in vivid colors. Blocks can be pushed to make way for new paths, and there are ramps specifically made for bike paths. At the end of the gym, there is a toy boat to ferry people back to the entrance.

    Instead of various trainers, wind up Pokemon toys are scattered about that chace after you when you come near them. Touching one will initiate a battle with that toy, which will behave like a regular Pokemon, but be immune to status effects and always be steel typed.

    When you reach the gym leader, he will ask you to bring him a specific combination of toy Pokemon before he is willing to battle you, and these toys will proceed to run away instead of chase you.

    After said toys are aquired, the leader will finally battle you:

    Buizel level 19
    Pikachu level 20
    Poochyena level 19
    Furret level 23

    Each one of his pokemon know Swagger, and that is the TM he will give to any trainer that defeats him, also rewarding them the Light Hearted badge.
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  3. Place: A cave! Every Pokemon player LOOOOOVES caves!

    What's in the gym: Just about every annoying aspect of a Pokemon game: Strength puzzles, lots o' Surfing, Diving, ice panels, parts using Flash and Defog, invisible walls, teleporters, quiz machines, arrow movers (Giovanni's gym,) and Trainers. Lots and LOTS of Trainers.

    Gym leader and team: Gym Leader: me. My team
    Armaldo LVL 64
    Primeape LVL 59
    Drifblim LVL 62
    Typhlosion LVL 60
    Victreebel LVL 61
    Empoleon LVL 63

    Prize: 4000 PokeDollars, Awesome Badge, and the TM for Focus Punch.
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  4. Oh, interesting!
    Okay, my Gym is in a cave in which you pass through a door to enter (DUH.). There are black fires lit everywhere and in the center is a platform holding the Leader. You have to avigate the maze and battle a trainer and put out the fires. Once all the fires have been extinguished, a larger fire is lit behind the Leader and the final path is illuminated. BUT, before you can battlethe leader, you must find a black sword. (Don't ask, character thing.) He will refuse to battle you until you bring it to him.
    Now you face one of my alter ego's, Zaron! (YAAY!) He's a dark leader.
    Drapion lvl 50
    Mightyena lvl 50
    Spiritomb lvl 50
    Shiftry lvl 50
    Houndoom lvl 50
    Absol lvl 51 (COMBO BREAKER, heh heh...) They all know Dark Pulse.
    Upon winning, you get the Shadow Badge and the TM Dark Pulse.
  5. Okay, I didn't have a gym designed for the first topic of this, so might as well make one for this one. Let's see...

    Type: Electric
    Gym Design: Based on a power plant, it starts off completely darkened, and you have to find switches to turn on the lights and activate the machinary to continue into the gym, and you're allowed to skip some switches if you have night-vision, which on normal cases doesn't apply to a computer screen. It's a fairly small gym, eight trainers, some blocking the switches and forcing you to battle them to get at it. And once the final switch is pulled, a pathway to the gym leader is opened. He's fairly easy, since it's one of the earlier gyms in my made-up game
    Gym Leader: Major Voltaire, a superior to Lt. Surge during whatever war they were in.
    Gym Pokemon:
    Luxio Lvl 43
    Electabuzz Lvl 45
    Shimama (I think it's acceptable now that it's confirmed) Lvl 43
    Jolteon Lvl 44
    Manetric Lvl 46
    Badge: Bolt Badge (original of me)
    TM: Thunder Fang
  6. This looks interesting.

    Place: Night time Park 6 pm - 2 am

    What's in the gym:
    You'll enter the park noticing a new path to enter, making your way through you'll discover a large field, in it you'll confront a young child with pink hair in a vast field of green surrounded with flowers. When speaking to her the following is said, "Oh? ...Hello, Im Kira...this towns gym leader..." "What am i doing here at this hour? I love the dark,, and the creatures that inhabit it..the Dark isnt as scary as everyone thinks..."A match?...at this hour? Interesting choice... alright then, i'll accept your challenge." which it then fades in display trainer faces as the battle then takes place.

    Gym leader and team:
    Kirlia Lvl: 34 [F]
    Froslass Lvl: 36 [F]
    Houndoom Lvl 37 [M]
    Honchkrow Lvl 35 [M]

    2800 In money, Plus the Moonlight Badge, Along with that, the TM Payback is awarded.
    "That was...fun...its been awhile since i enjoyed battling, here.." -Moonlight badge is awarded.
    "Here i want you have this...it contains the move payback, when taking damage. using it you double what you take in by damage from the opponent and give them a little...Payback." -TM Payback is awarded.-

    If lost:
    If defeated the user gets whited out, along with not being able to challenge the gym leader until tomorrow as the path disappears if they return.
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  7. Place: Koreidan Island in Korei (My fictional pokemon region.)

    What's in the gym: Its a large tree that holds a complex tree house within its branches. The tree is incredibly old and covered in creepers and moss. The tree house gym itself is made from natural materials like vines and bamboo, the entrance gates are great big slabs of volcanic rock, polished down to a mirror finish. Carved upon the doors is a mural of pokemon glyphs. Each is made inc a diffrent style and from various ages. Inside the gym the air is heavy with mystery, the great wooden halls lit only by sunlight/moonlight and the few pokemon that produce light (my tribal pokemon line mostly, based on tiki masks and torches.)

    Gym leader and team: Loremaster Jeydis (Specializes in versatility and broad ranges of attacks.)
    - Firatu lvl. 65 (Fire/Grass tribal fanmon)
    - Grumpig lvl. 66
    - Dusknoir lvl.66
    - Persian lvl. 67
    - Drakleon lvl. 68 (Normal/Dragon Kecleon evolution)
    - Drakleon lvl. 68 (Normal/Dragon Kecleon evolution)

    Prize: Astral Shuttle boarding pass and the choice between 2 special Nekleon egg (Kecleon pre evo) that will be breed with either all 3 elemental punches or all 3 elemental beams (Flamethrower, Icebeam and Thunderbolt). The Jeydis character isnt a gym leader per se, she is an extra "boss" thats there to get the shuttle pass to access a big ass space legendary from Korei.
  8. All Floors: F1 BF1 BF2 BF3

    Okay the Gym would look like a place you go to get your Fortune. " Forgot what those are called"

    Inside you would se a platform it takes you down about 1 Floor. There will be Three doors 1 big, 1 small, & 1 Medium
    Then there is a Tablet written in Unknown and it says "The smallest Door will take you further on the Floor The Bigger Door will take you down some more." So then you take on whatever Trainer you face and move on.

    1st Floor only had trainers so if you went further well that would have been pointless to get to the Gym Leader. The Middle Door was locked.

    So when you head down to Second Floor You have to find the Message in the room it is full of Unknown writings most saying if your warm or cold. The real message says.

    "In the very center of the room you find your way further to Victory" So you go to the center you go down a Floor and then you have a battle then he gives you a key for the Medium Door on the entrance floor. So then you go and Fight the Gym Leader Luna.

    Luna~Psychic Gym Leader
    Lunatone lv17
    Solrock lv17
    Clefairy lv14
    Unknown lv22

    When winning your prize is the Fortune Badge Yay! :)
  9. Hn... My gym's location would be a giant, fancy ballroom. The trainers ride on chandeliers, although they're mostly Rich Boys, Ladies, and Young Couples. How you'll run into the trainers depends on what they are. Chandeliers with Young Couples "drop" and rise back up again until they spot you. Ladies will have chandeliers that swing from the right, while Rich Boys come in from the left. There are spinners all over the ballroom. Except for the spinners themselves, whatever tile you step on turns the color red. You have to use the spinners to your advantage so that the red tiles form the shape of a heart in order to get to a throne where you'll find the residing gym leader, a cynical aristocratic young lady named Lilith.

    "Did it take you long enough to get to my throne? Let's hope that your Pokemon are more graceful than you are."

    Drifblim LVL 42
    Gardevoir LVL 40
    Honchkrow LVL 41
    Castform LVL 42
    Garchomp LVL 46

    When you win: "You're not bad at all. You may twirl around like a wimp, but your skills are impressive."
    When you lose: "Clumsy and foolish. I pity your Pokemon. Come back when you've redeemed yourself."

    After winning, she will give you the Fancy Badge, TMs containing Trick Room and Calm Mind, and 10,000 Pokedollars. A chandelier stops next to you, which you use to get out of the ballroom.
  10. Place: On the top of a high peak. On a forest covered mountain.

    What's in the gym: Well, its outside. On the way up, you must first use rock climb which will bring you to a hiker, then surf past a few swimmers. You gotta go up a waterfall, meet up with an other swimmer, use rock climb again, and battle some other trainer. You gotta hit the correct trees to make the leader fall out.

    Gym leader and team: Veronika. She's 12. She has short, red hair and wears black cargo short, a black crop-top hoodie, a green tank top, and black/green sk8er shoes. Carries all flying type
    Shinny Gliscor LV 23
    Mantine LV 21
    Tropius LV 20
    Swellow LV 22
    Charizard LV 23
    Scyther LV 21

    Prize: The Wing Badge. HM Fly
  11. Place: A mansion in the mountains

    What's in the Gym: First you see Stairs Going down, Then wile downstairs you see a team of a rich boy and a lady. Then you see stairs going up. the stairs leaad you to a youngster and a lass. after you beat them then you will see stairs forming. After the stairs are climbed you will find an ice skating rink were you fight a snowborder and a skier (female).after that you will find 6 rows of scaled rocks. choose the right one and face the gym leader, but chose wrong and get warped to the basement were you fight a dragontamer with a salamance and a dragonite each time you go there (every time you get warped to the basement you will fight him). NOTE: everything in the gym is made of gold exept for the ice.

    Gym Leader and team: Max. He's a 15 year old rich boy. He has brown hair, Has a black top hat with a white stripe across it, Wears a black suit with a golden bow on it, and has a black cane with a white stripe on it. He Uses just about any shiny Pokemon He can find. (all his pokemon are shiny so i will just put the names and levels)
    Venasuar Lv. 50
    Salemance Lv. 55
    Magnezone Lv. 52
    Mamoswine Lv. 53
    Prize: The Diamond badge, TM Blizzard
  12. I felt like doing another one
    Place: A large dome on an island.
    What's In the gym: A large swimming pool with pool seperatorsin it. It goes from youngest to oldest so first you go up againts a Tuber (female), then another tuber (male), Then a swimmer (female), then a swimmer (male), Then a double battle of 2 triathletes (male and female) (Note: after you beat each trainer you will see a gap open up in the pool seperators), after that you will see a waterfall form, use waterfall and challange the leader.
    Gym leader and team: Laura. She's a 14 year old swimmer. SHe has brown hair, a red,pokeball, 2 peice bathing suit. She has her beloved water types (and 1 normal type)
    Blastoise Lv. 54
    Wailord Lv. 56
    Skitty Lv. 55
    Lapras Lv. 52
    Lanturn Lv. 57
    Pelliper Lv. 53
    Prize: The marine badge, TM Muddy water, Her phone number for rematches

    Before Battle: I see you made it this far, i'm laura, the gym leader , My water types will soak you, Prepare yourself!
    Mid-way quote: Half way through the battle huh?this time you should brace ourself!
    Final pokemon quote: how is this happening?
    When you win: You won fair and square, Take the Marine Badge
    When you lose: Come back prepared...
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  13. I just wanna do another one.
    Place: A dungeon in the bottom of a meideval castle.
    What's in the Gym: It's a maze of iron bar doors, all locked. You have to battle trainers to get them to unlock the doors so you can find the leader. Once you get to the leader, a iron door is in front of her. You will need to find the last key to unlock the door.
    Leader: Xandra, a ghost leader. She is wearing a black tattered dress and heels and has spiky black hair. She also has black chain jewlery and amethyst eyes. Once you meet her, she'll say "Did you enjoy my maze? It took you long enough to get through! It was modeled after my home. Now, let's see if your battling skills are better than you navigation skills!" And the battle commences.
    Team: Spiritomb lvl 49, Gengar lvl 49, Froslass lvl 49, Rotom lvl 49, Mismagius lvl 49, Dusknoir lvl 50 (COMBO BREAKER again!) Below is some more text.
    Last Pokemon: "This is my last resort! You won't win!"
    When you win: "I definitely underestimated you! I guess my ghostly powers failed me. But I feel elated! I haven't lost in a long time!"
    When you lose: "My win? Not the first time. It's pretty common now. Now go, heal your Pokemon and come back for more of my ghostly acts!" If you win, you get the Dungeon Badge (Looks like a locked iron door.) and the TM Shadow Ball. Also her number for rebattles.
  14. Location: Some small town in the mountains. The building is part of the mountain that the town is attached too.

    What's in side the gym: You enter and see your old friend the Gym guy who tells you about the leader's style and gym. Okay but you will see that there is no floor beyond that point, to get across you have to walk to the edge of the floor, and solve a puzzle. However on the sides you will see a PC (To exchange Pokemon for the type needed in addition only two can be exchanged at a time) and the 17 types represented by flames of different colors,8 on the left and 9 on the right. (Left- Normal, Fire, Dark, Dragon, Ground, Water,Steel, Rock.) (Right- Ghost, Ice, Psychic,Grass, Electric, Fighting,Poison,Flying,Bug) Talk to the first flame left or right, and a trainer will appear, they will use the type on the left and you have to beat them with the type on the right to advance. After 8 times you come to the 9th slot, the trainer you face will be random and you have to beat them using in this case bug. After you complete the floor the PC will go under and your team will be healed, after that you may cross , but your not too the Leader yet, You have to remove the blocks in the correct order. (You do this simply by talking to the blocks, it will say (DO you wish to remove) if you fail you lose, you are correct you face the Leader. (And to get cheaters the gym resets it self each time you exit. But it makes it great for experience!) (After you beat him the gym stops resetting)

    Gym Leader- Ados- He appears to be about 20 years of age give or take a year or two. He as a red shirt, and black pants, with green messy hair. He trains Ground types mostly, but uses the other types. His gym was set up so that his opponent would not have an over wealming type advantage.

    Bofore Match: Thanks, boy/girl! I owe you one, been wondering how am I going to get out of this place. My name is Ados by the way. Oh A gym battle, how about after a meal. Okay fine you win we'll battle.

    Hippowdon Lv 46
    Flygon Lv 49
    Swampert Lv 48
    Claydol Lv 46
    Steelix Lv 47
    Mamoswine: lv 49

    Last PokemonL Oh no my last pokemon. Nah not really worried.

    Reward: Puzzle Badge, Tm for Earth quake.

    Lose: Uh so you, I guess you do, should have bet you winner pays for the meal!
    After the match: This is really annoying since I hate formalities but you have beat me here at my gym and there for get the puzzle badge, in addition I award you with the Team for Earth Quake. Though I lost I am glad I met you it as made me stronger as a trainer, and as a person. Okay get it the speach is pretty lame. Me and you will battle again even more heatedly then we did now. So don't get rusty!

    And if you randomly decide to talk to Ados: Any time now, we can go for a meal. And arrange a rematch. Oh yes soemthing to say as a complement to the victors who randomly come visit us as all Gym Leaders do, sorry for the corneyness.... Uhm for you the sky is the limit so keep up and go battle the Eliet Four and maybe even the champion.

    I could not contain myself

    Gym Location: On the edge of a large city.

    Whats inside the gym: ICE! And no its not another sliding puzzle. Its much more fun its Hockey! Now to get across you have to use your pokemon to get more goals when the 2 minutes expires using a pokeaball puck. You will use three pokemon agents three pokemon. One at time, howeveryou can only keep them out for so long do tiredness and if left out too long all none ice types will freeze becoming useless. After you win you Hockey match you will face a trainer. Repeat process four mor etimes, each game gettign harder. If you lose a game or a match you don't have to battle the trainers again that you had beat just beat them in hockey again. Do this five times and you make it to the leader.

    The Leader: Alexia (Lexia)- She is in a two piece swimsuit, (both peces green and yellow. She as long brown hair, and Japanese style sandles. She uses Ice types although she claims their attacks are hot and often mistakes them for being fire types.

    Before the Match: Hi my name is Alexia Or Lexia which ever you decide, I am the gym leader here ice types are the best because they can cool me down sometimes.... Nothing is better then a nice dip in a pool of ice water. Oh my you seem bundled up quite nicely my pokemon will surely heat you up with their, oh yes that's right I use ice types sorry my bad was thinking I had fire types for a moment. Lets battle kay don't disappoint Alexia.

    Abomasnow Lv 46
    Froslass Lv 48
    Jynx Lv 46
    Lapris Lv 50
    Mamoswine Lv 47
    Weavile Lv 48

    Last Pokemon: Can it get any hotter in here

    Reward: Snow cap badge- TM 13

    Lose: I lose.... That was heated, the ice started to melt I guess tiem for another dip or perhaps turn the tempature down some more.

    After the Match: Now I am not sure how I lost this battle but you were amazing though you could never beat me in hockey but we'll save that for another time. I award you with the Snowcap Badge and TM 13 it contains Ice beam.

    Random talk: Your not cold your not hot, your a perfect mix unlike me. I envy you so keep on sliding towards your goal.
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  15. Place:
    A big base in space (if you're gonna do something, you might aswell do it to the exreme, right? :p)

    What's in the gym:
    You enter by transport in the main hall, wich is shaped like a big half dome, where you'll find a lay-out simillar to the PokéLeague in, for instance, Pearl.
    To the left side you have a "Pokécenter" desk and shop that sells all sorts off stuff, to the center is a typical space-door (the big half-round ones that usually have a giant round valve in the centre) that automatically opens when inserting your ID-Card in the slot to the side.
    These cards are given to you after you register at the desk to the right. You tell the person your name, ammount of badges and the team of pokémon you will be using, and he hands you an ID-Card for usage on all doors inside the gym/base.
    After entering trough the big door, you enter a smaller dome where you can choose to battle a trainer, or go trough one of 3 doors behind him, each leading to another dome with a trainer in it and also having 2 doors (3 for the center one, all domes are connected).
    When you choose to go straight to the door behind the trainer, you enter in a bigger dome where you meet the Gym Leader.

    Gym leader and team:
    The name is Shift, or in other words, me! :D
    The gym leader (me) uses a varied team of pokémon, this means you have to be able to be ready to fight any type of pokémon that's coming at you.
    The team the leader will be using is:
    Staraptor Lv. 39
    Dusknoir Lv. 39
    Flygon Lv. 39
    Dragonite Lv.41
    Blastoise lv.41
    Raichu Lv. 43

    The gym leader uses pokémon that aren't of a very high lvl, but he does use a full team of 6 pokémon that go up in lvl the further the challenging trainer gets.
    This is to test the perceverence(sorry if it's spelled wrong) and stamina of the challenger.

    After beating the gym leader, he will hand you the Space Badge, that looks lke a meteorite in flight, and allows the usage of the HM Teleport (it's a HM in the region this gym is in) and he will give you the TM Thunder.
    An extra feature is that you get to keep the ID-Card and can come back any day to battle the trainers and the leader, once a day, every day.
    The ID-Card keeps track of what pokémon you bring in, and your battle stats (WIN-LOSS)

    That's about it, I might scetch the base in photoshop, I'll edit this post and place the scetch in here.
    THANK YOU in advance for reading this huge lump of text, hope you like the idea :D!
  16. This is worth a shot.

    The place of the gym is in my town Twig City. The gym is like in a forest.
    In the gym there are pictures of Turtwigs, Grotles, and Torterras along with 5 trainers.
    The Gym leader's name is Torry. His team is:
    LV. 69 Turtwig
    LV. 70 Grotle
    LV. 72 Torterra
    LV. 72 Tropius
    LV. 67 Carnivine
    (I put this in for the hell of it) There is a challenge before you battle Torry. You have to go through the maze of vines before reaching the actual gym. You have to find the right path with Teleporters at each dead end that send you back to the beginning and you have to battle pokemon and pokemon trainers. Once you are done with the maze, you are allowed to battle Torry.
    Prize: Vine Badge
    TM Vine whip.
    The ability to teach any pokemon Leaf Storm.

    Torry is to be battled against ADVANCE trainers.
    Hope this is what you're looking for.

    EDIT: Quotes:
    First seen: I was just waiting for someone to get through my over grown lawn, anyway, I'm Torry, an excellent grass-type leader and so far, no-one has defeated me!
    Mid-way quote: HEY! This is gonna hurt my record!
    Defeat Quote: I am gonna mow that lawn somehow!
    Badge Quote: Take it! (Obtains Badge) My streak is a total failure. But I will give you this. (Obtains TM) And I will be happy to teach any of your grass PKMN leaf storm.

  17. Place: Strobe Light Club

    What's in the gym: There is a complex maze in the room, comprising of four levels. In each maze you have to find the elevator to go up a level, only there's a difference. The place is dark, apart from the "strobe" light, i.e. every 2 seconds, the light turns on for a second.
    The place is painted in a cool flashy style, using Black, White and Yellow. The top level there is not "strobe" lighting, as it is the Leader's personal office.

    Gym leader and team: Nikolai - Umbreon, Absol, Mightyena, Manectric, Luxray, Jolteon.

    Prize: Strobe Badge, TM?? - Flashbang : Inflicts damage and has a chance to confuse the opponent.
  18. Heheheh...

    Place: Underground Desert
    Challenge: Below the desert has been converted so that it fits fire-types. The walls have been drilled into, so there is lava 'flowing' out of the walls. You must navigate the puzzle, using Strength and Rock Smash, finally reaching the half of the cave that isn't lit. You see twigs burning on the ground, so you must use strength *weird, I know* to move them to certain holes that will ignite them to brighten the cave. On your way, you must fight three trainers and then you will reach the Gym Leader.
    Leader: Jordin Flare

    TorkoalLv41 irondefense smog overheat attract
    MagmarLv42 firepunch confuseray doubleteam sunnyday
    MagcargoLv41 flamethrower sunnyday stoneedge will-o-wisp
    Arcaninelv44 extremespeed firefang sunnyday aerialace


    First get to Him: Hey, I haven't had a challenger in awhile! Well, I guess now's the time you faced someone tough before the final gym! Get ready to be burned and cooked by my subhuman Fire-Type pokemon!
    On his Second Pokemon: Maybe you could take that one out, but it was a fluke!
    On last pokemon: Well, I didn't expect this to happen, but you're just being lucky!
    After defeat: Hrmf, that was surprising...
    After Battle Sequence over: I don't want to speak to you...Here's the badge and TM 12, Sunny Day. Get out...
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  19. Hey I started this last time ;)


    This isn't if "I" were a gym leader. It's just a gym I've thought of.

    Leader: Tanya
    Type: Steel

    Setup: Fairly straight-forward. Walk in through the doors, down some steps so that you're underground, battle one gym trainer (who has an Aggron) and then fight the gym leader for the Tunnel Badge. You also get the TM for Flash Cannon
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  20. Place:Middle of a Lake
    The Challenge:Getting through a dimly lighted maze, plus their will be random trainer battles every dead end you reach is a trainer battle.
    Gym Leader:Vincent
    Pokemon Team:
    Lv:53 Metagross
    Lv:53 Miltank
    Lv:56 Electivire
    Lv:60 Dragonite
  21. Theme: Mix

    Gym Layout: Basically, the gym looks like a gym built into the side of Dark Cave. When you walk in, you'll get a glimpse of the gym leader: A tall man with a black muscle shirt, black pants, blue shoes and blonde hair. Then the floor drops out from under you. You fall out of a shoot into a jungle, which surprisingly is the gym. At this gym, you don't fight trainers, you fight random high level pokemon while trying to get to the end:


    After you trek through the jungle, you'll arrive at a temple, there waiting at the top is the man from before, who leads you into a room, which is then lit up by a giant crystal hanging from the ceiling. He then challenges you.

    Cory's Team:

    Tyranitar lv. 73
    Ampharos lv. 69
    Gyarados lv. 68
    Magmortar Lv. 72
    Kangaskhan Lv. 70
    Mightyena lv. 67

    Prizes: Epic badge (It allows you to get free banana's -_- (He's a weird guy))
    and depending on how you beat him (How many turns, what type, using ubers or regulars, etc.) you'll get one of the following:
    TM Splash (useless, ya get get it if you went overkill and cheated by using legendaries)
    TM Natural gift (If you found a lot of berries during your little trek.)
    TM Bide (for using alot of turn based moves)
    TM Shock Cannon (Using at least one electric critter)
    TM Overhaul (a personal move I made up, it combines the speed, weight, Atk. and Sp. Atk. for an either an epic tackle or eath shaking beam.
    Accuracy: 90
    Power: 90 (times the afformentioned traits first digits) (You get Overhaul by fighting an honest battle with regular handraised Pokemon.)
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  22. The gym is located on a mountain top.
    At first when you enter it, it's just a plain room with the leader in the center. You run up to the leader and then 2 steps infront of him tall spikes just shoot up from the ground out of nowhere, forming a maze. Once you get through the maze you fight the leader Dustin.
    -Crobat Lv. 84
    -Blastoise Lv. 89
    -Lucario Lv. 90
    -Porygon-Z Lv. 87
    -Seviper Lv. 91
    Once you defeat him he annouces that he isn't the real gym leader. Suddenly all exits are covered by spikes. Then a pathway to the REAL leader is uncovered. You fight leader Zach who has:
    -Charizard Lv. 91
    -Poilwrath Lv. 95
    -Gyrados Lv. 93
    -Tangrowth Lv. 90
    -Gallade Lv. 98
    -Zangoose Lv. 100
    After defeating the leader, he warps away to a far away place to train. Behind him is a warp panel that takes you behind the gym, where the TM?? Z-Strike is along with a pokeball containing a Lv.5 Shiny Zangoose and the Brute Badge.
  23. I honestly don't know if I'd be able to pick a single type to use at my gym as there are so many that I like. Perhaps I'd dual-type Ice and Psychic, or just wing it and use whatever the hell I'd like to. It is, after all, MY gym!

    To get to the me, the leader, you'd probably have to do a lot of mind-numbing sliding (as in ice and/or moving pieces), door, and other puzzles. Because I'm sadistic and I also really, really, love puzzles. I'd probably throw brain teasers in there for good measure. After all, if I'm going to definitely have some psychic Poke'mon on my team, I'm going to have a complex, smart gym!

    Anyways, I'd probably use these Poke'mon on my team:

    Weavile @ Muscle Band
    -Fake Out
    -Ice Shard
    -Brick Break

    Jynx @ Focus Sash
    -Ice Beam
    -Lovely Kiss
    -Energy Ball

    Mr. Mime @ Bright Powder
    -Teeter Dance
    -Light Screen

    Latias @ Choice Specs
    -Draco Meteor

    Registeel @ Leftovers
    -Iron Head
    -Thunder Wave

    Garchomp @ Yache Berry
    Swords Dance
    Fire Fang
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  24. Place: A garden on the moon with spoons hanging everywhere for some odd, un-explainable reason.

    Theme: Normal types.


    Leader: Shiro. [The name I go by to most people.]

    Prize: A pretty shiny badge that never gets dirty, and a nice seafood dinner, with the TM Attract.
  25. Leader: Whonii
    Theme:Volcano (like Blaine's in the anime)
    Maybe a couple of pre-gym trainers; also maybe 5/6/7th gym in the game?

    Torkoal: lvl 45
    Magmar: lvl 45
    Magcargo: lvl 47
    Houndoom: lvl 46
    Arcanine: lvl 50
    Rapidash: lvl 50

    Badge: A fireball?
  26. Place:A maze of diffrent types. Type:Random.Gym leader:Soul(nickname;3).Team:InfernapeLv.70,WeavileLv.65,LuxrayLv.68,RoseradeLv.60,FroslassLv.63,and HoundoomLv.66.Prize:The random bage!XP!!!And lets you use the HM Flip and will give you TM Secret power.;)
  27. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Place: A big and annoying maze of breaking floors and ice. And Trainers everywhere!

    Leader: That Guy. It's his name.

    Team: Sableye Lv45
    Mismagius Lv47
    Dragonite Lv 91
    Turtwig Lv 9
    Meganium Lv 59
    Arceus Lv 1000

    Reward: Nothing except a feeling of accomplishment and a badge that does nothing (the nothing badge)
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  28. My gym would be Team Rocket's old HQ. You'll have to search far for this gym. Its hidden WAY in a mountainous region. The HQ is made of three separate branches. In each building, you would have to battle past gym leaders. Ya know: Johto, Sinno, Kanto, ect...
    In other words, a gauntlet of past victories. At the end of each building, I show up and heal your pokemon back to top shape.
    At the end of building one: ......*Heal*
    At the end of building two: .....hmmm...*Heal*
    At the end of building three: ...well...*Heal*

    At the end of all of that, you walk into the last building. You walk into an elevator that takes you to my room. But before you get there, PKMnTnrRed would like to battle.
    Blastois: Lvl. 78
    Venusaur: Lvl. 80
    Charizard: Lvl. 83
    Espeon: Lvl. 82
    Snorlax: Lvl. 84
    Pikachu: Lvl. 88

    If you beat him, he moves out of your way. If you don't, he won't move, but he won't let you pass.

    At last, you find me looking out my window. You walk up to me.

    PkMnTrainerDiamond: .......Interesting. You made it.

    The battle starts unexpectingly.
    (This is made from my natrualy non-hacked team.)

    Blaze(Infernape)M: Lvl. 100
    Sapphire(Floatzel)F: Lvl. 100
    Starrazor(Starraptor)M: Lvl. 100
    Volt(Luxray)M: Lvl. 100
    Roze(Roserade)F: Lvl. 100
    Bunbun(Lopunny)M: Lvl. 100

    First pokemon's health falls past half: ......
    Down to four pokemon left: ......your not like the others that made it here.
    Down to two pokemon: I underestimated....
    Down to one pokemon: ......!
    If you lose: ..............*sigh*
    When you win: ...you win. I admit defeat.

    You get the Champion Badge, but no TM.(You really don't need one if you got this far.)

    PkMnTrainerDiamond: ....Here. The Champion Badge.
    Sorry....I don't hand out TMs like the rest.

    I walk out and leave. When you leave out of the building, you'll notice clothes near the entrance. A Team Rocket uniform. There a note on it.

  29. place:in a store

    whats in it: u have to go trough 16 trainers if u beat them all u open the workers only door and u will face the gym leader

    gym leader: carlos the las gym leader from the new sinnoh game

    charizard lv.60
    staraptor lv.62
    luxray lv.61
    torterra lv.64

    if u beat him u get the manage badge and the the tm overheat and acess to the sinnoh league
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  30. your avatar just made my life, man!
  31. My gym leader would be a fusion gym leader who uses 2 types and all the gym battles will be double battles.

    I would have FIRE:

    and WATER:

    The Badge would look like a yin and yang, but one is blue and one is red.... lol Idk wht to name it though..lol
  32. Place: Akiha Town in the Kurono Reigion

    What's in the gym:(low level gym). The layout is basically a block maze that looks like it came from a little kids imagination. The gym has 4 gym trainers. You have to beat all the gym trainers just to battle me. Because I'm such a geek, all the gym trainers are forced to cosplay. First trainer Sebastian Michaelis cosplayer (Opening Quote: Yes my Lord! Losing quote: Let me give you a hint about the gym leader. She loves ghost types but she also does battle with one dark type). Second trainer Shizuo Heiwajima cosplayer(Opening Quote: Izaya! Losing quote: The gym leader is so tiny, but she gets extremely scary when we are out of character.) Third and Fourth, Double battle with trainers Kiku Honda (Japan) and Matthew Williams (Canada) cosplayers (Opening Quotes:(Kiku) Greeting, I am Japan. (Matthew) ......but I'm Canada....... Closing Quotes: (Kiku) Looks can be deciving, especially facing the when gym leader. (Matthew)(Why do we have to cosplay again?)

    Gym leader and team: The gym leader:Sam-Chan
    (Opening Quote: Hiya! It seems you gave my trainers a beating. Well, they'll get over it XD! *turns around* Oh no, it's already 2:30. I missing the new episode of Kekaishi.... maybe I should run home and record it..... Oh sorry, got side tracked! A battle you say? Let's go!)
    Umbreon: Level 26 (shiny)
    Dusknoir: Level 29
    Gengar: Level 27
    Drifblim: Level 26
    Froslass: Level 28

    Prize: Oh my goodness! You won! Well here's you gym badge!*You recived the Autum badge* This badge allows all pokemon aquired in trade to obey you till about level 50! Plus it's also useful for blinding people when you hold it up to the sun light 8D. Oh, and take this TM also! It contains my favorite move,Shadow Ball!
  33. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Place: An electric room.
    What's in the gym: It has panels that shock you and have Voltrob inside, a pitfall and when you go to see me the gym leader you have to start over to find the 2 keys hidden in a panel.
    Gym leader and team: Autumn (me)
    Jolteon LV 70
    Electivire LV 76
    Zapdos LV 80
    Prize: NOTHING just kidding. The volt badge it allows all Pokemon to obey you (I wanna be the 8th gym leader). Here take this TM sike! Just kidding it allows you to use Volt tackle not like you need it or anything...
    EDIT: I am making a Pokemon game and you get the gym leader autograph when you beat then so this is what I added. "Here um I dont have any paper but you can have this gum on my shoe. Obtained the gum!
  34. Place: A secluded lake surrounded by forests. Inside the Hoenn region.
    Whats in the gym: A bunch of leaf trampolines (Wheee!) that you have to jump around on 'till you get to me. And some holes you have to fall through. And an ice slide. And a ladder (A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNG ladder). And cloulds/stars to jump on. I am in a tree. Lots of strong trainers.
    Gym leader and pokemon:
    -Dragonite Lvl 88 (Shiny! I am the only gym leader with a shiny.)
    -Flygon Lvl 87
    -Eevee Lvl 70
    -Absol Lvl 80
    -Blaziken Lvl 71
    -Mightyena Lvl 78
    Prize: The Oasis badge lets all Pokemon obey you. TM: Leaf storm.
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  35. Place: A cave with metal poking out in places (Steel type baby! :D)
    Whats in the gym: Metal Springs (yay! :D) You jump on them to get to the next spot. The springs wont open unless you defeat the trainer guarding the spring. (I wanna be 7th gym leader!) 35-40 leveled Pokemon trainers
    Gym Leader + Pokemon
    -Skarmory lv. 41
    -Bastiodon Lv. 39
    -Lucario Lv. 40
    Prizes: The Shine Badge and TM 91 Flash Cannon
  36. Place: A dark, snowy mountain top.
    What's in the gym: Dark stone walls, white tiles, snow covered rocks. The battle area has a smooth, non slippery granite ground with pointed stones surrounding it. In order to get to the gym leader, you must step on the assorted tiles that will form a triangle. Once the triangle is formed, it will move you up to the next area. Once all three triangles are made, you can battle the leader. (Confusing, huh?)
    Gym leader and team: Dark Type Gym Leader Gian
    • Absol (lv54) < Team Leader
    • Mightyena(lv49)
    • Umbreon (lv50)
    • Lepardas (lv52)
    Prize: -Shadow Badge
    -TM 79: Dark Pulse
  37. Place: In a castle
    What's in the gym: Ghost statues, invisible walls, illusions, ghost trainers, chandeliers that make you fight a ghost pokemon that fall on you, and pit traps. If you manage to get to the end, you fight the gym leader, Veran.
    Gym leader and team: Ghost Summoner Veran
    Gengar (level 50)
    Dusknoir (level 45)
    Mismagius (Level 51)
    Rotom (Level 52)
    Gorug (Level 52)
    Shanderaa (Level 53)
    Prize: The Night Badge: allows you to see everythings true form (i.e. Lavender tower ghosts and invisible/illusionary walls), the ability to see even in the darkest of caves (Don't need flash) and TM30 Shadow Ball
  38. Place: Above Mirage Island (Hoenn)
    What's in the gym: It isn't a gym per se - it starts at Pacifidlog town - the player has to have a Pokemon which knows fly. They then fly off from Pacifidlog town, controlling the flying Pokemon like a bike. Also like a bike, you will bump into a lot of other flying trainers who you will have to battle. Eventually you will get to a hovering battlefield above where mirage island usually is. You then fight the gym leader.
    Gym Leader and team: Gym Leader Toby
    Flying Type Gym Leader - Double Battle
    Togekiss (Level 61)
    Altaria (Level 59)
    Wargle (Level 57) (R)
    Archeos (Level 57) (S)
    Swana (Level 57) (E)
    Masquerain (Level 55)
    Xatu (Level 55)
    Delibird (Level 54)
    Prize: Fluster Badge - Allows manual flying all over region.
    Ruby: Free-Fall - Sapphire: Acrobat - Emerald: Windstorm
  39. Place: It would most likely be on the top of a hill with lots of rumors about that hill. It would be in Delphion in my Fictional Pillvynioh Region.
    What's in the gym: A thick, deep fog, and wailing noises. Also lots of darkness so it would be hard to see in it. For where the Gym Leader (A.K.A. me) would be, it would be on a huuuuuge staircase with a platform at the top. On the platform, there would be shredded curtains (somewhat) covering me, and when a challenger comes close, the curtains open and I come out.

    As for the gym itself, it would be a huge maze with a bunch of trainers in it (all with Dark-Type Pokemon, respectively). The maze is divided into sections, and each section shuffles along with the other sections every two minutes, making it even more of a pain in the @$$ to get to me.
    Gym leader and team: I would be a Dark-Type Gym Leader. My name would be Black and here is my team:
    1.Absol (which, just to give some background info, was my Starter Pokemon) (Lv.45) Moves: Bite, Screech, Dark Pulse, Night Slash (Male)
    2.Sharpedo (Lv.46) Moves: Bite, Surf, Aqua Jet, Skull Bash (Male)
    3.Mightyena (Lv.47) Moves: Bite, Screech, Night Slash, Faint Attack (Male)
    4.Honchkrow<Ace Pokemon (Lv.49) Moves: Aerial Ace, Feather Dance, Chomp, Fly (Male)
    5.Cacturne (Lv.45) Moves: Leech Seed, Absorb, Faint Attack, Needle Arm (Female)
    6.Zuruzukin (Lv.48) Moves: Focus Punch, Night Slash, Faint Attack, High Jump Kick (Male)
    Prize: Void Badge, 5,000 PokeBucks, and the TM for Night Slash (I think there's one for it anyway...)
    The Void Badge allows you to use the HM move Rock Climb and raises the Sp. Attack of your Pokemon. It also lets all Pokemon obey you and is the 8th badge needed to face the Elite 4 (because I'm 8th Gym Leader X3)

    Bring some Fighting Types and a Bug Type to fight my Zuruzukin and I'm a cakewalk.

    By the way...
    Hooray for Dark Types! High Five!
  40. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    Place: in an old castle in an quite, almost forgotten town. It would have a large a grand hall that has smashed glass and cloth on the floor. it would have two intertwining staircases that meet at the gym leaders room for the battle (either stair case will take you there)

    the gym has 5 trainers that are mediums with ghost/psychic type pokemon all of which reside in the great hall. My name would be Juliet and I'm a ghost/psychic types.

    My Team

    1. Gochiruzeru (Lvl 51) Moves- Psychic, Psycho Shock, Hyper Bream, Dark Pulse (Juliet's starter/ most powerful) (Female)
    2. Mismagius (Lvl 49) Moves- Shadow Ball, Sucker Punch, Psychic, Ominous Wind. (Female)
    3. Gardevoir (Lvl 50) Moves- Psychic, Psycho Shock, Hypnosis, Dream Eater (Female)
    4. Kokoromori (Lvl 50) Moves- Fly, Psychic, Heart Stamp, Psycho Shock (Female)
    5. Espeon (Lvl 49) Moves- Psycho Shock, Psybeam, Psychic, Zen Headbutt (Female)
    6. Ninetales (Lvl 50) Moves- Psycho Shock, Flare Blitz, Flamethrower, Perish Song (Female)

    Reward- The Pain Badge, TM 03 Psycho Shock and 6000 pokedollars

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