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If the pokemon world were real...

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Shōbō-shi, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. If pokemon were real, which one would you want to have most, which one would you be most scared of, what would your team be, and what would be the area you would live in (cities or towns.)

    I would want to have an Umbreon, be afraid of Pinsers (imagine that in person!), and my team would be a Charizard, Dragonite, Feraligator, Lucario, Electrivire, and a Snorlax (only for battling. I would travel with my Umbreon and Smeargle by my side at all times). Oh! I would also live in either Goldenrod City or Sootopolis City!
  2. I would travel with my Umbreon and Furret out of their pokeball.
    Battle Team would be: Gallade,Blissy,Lucario,Salamance,Alakazam,and Espeon.
    I would definately be afraid of MAMOSWINE lol
    Im not really sure were it is but i would live were the psychic gym is because i am the psychic gym leader!!! ;D

    Its just cool that we both like umbreon lol (hes my favorite)
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  3. OOh~ this looks fun~♥

    I would want to have a Gengar the most. He's just like a giant, cuddly purple shadow~ He would be so lovely and loyal and drift listlessly and happily by my side and keep me forever in company!

    Despite my great love for Bug and Ghost type Pokemon, I must admit I'd poop myself if I ever saw an Ariados because they seem so intimidating it's unreal! And maybe a mischievious Dusknoir, but they're quite cute :>

    Oh darn, my team? Derp, I have two so~ dependant on where I am, there could be my first team:
    ♥ Gengar, Kricketune, Psyduck, Pikachu, Gabite and Abomasnow
    Or my second team:
    ♥ Gengar, Quilava, Lumineon, Hoppip, Jumpluff and Chingling

    And I'd like to live in either Hearthome City, Azalea Town but above all, Ecruteak City :>
  4. I gotta say, most bug pokemon in the forest would scare the poo outta me. Imagine walking through tall grass at night! D:
  5. If the Pokemon world were real, then I'd probably be a bit more fit, because I'd be trying to race my Jolteon XD And something tells me that my school wouldn't be standing for long. But I would like it, since I do already have a general knowledge of training pets and playing Pokemon games, as well as general knowledge of attacks, power, and accuracy, I could probably be pretty good. It would be hard for those trying to work with stats, considering they'd be real and not have all of those numbers, so I would actually be on fair ground with even the most competitive players >:D

    Also, I would probably bring Garchomp with me alot, considering how fast it is, the apparent ability to "fly", and the fact that he can surf. I would laugh if my team turned out to be a fricken nightmare for my friends and family XD

    However, since they don't exist (yet anyway <.<), I'll settle for waiting for a virtual world where I can go do this. It'll probably be safer too :>

    As for my team, I'd probably go for Jolteon, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Torterra, Metagross, and Garchomp. However, something tells me that since Isshu is based on New York, then we'd have to deal with just Isshu Pokemon (for Americans anyway).

    That's what the lawnmower's for XD
  6. Honestly being realistic, taking me and putting me into the Pokemon world...

    I'd absolutely love just watching the world go by in Pacifidlog Town with a Clamperl :)
  7. I have to agree with LoN about the Pacifidlog thing. I loved Hoenn almost as much as Johto because of all the water so living on a town that lives on top of water would be quite awesome. However, I love Johto too much to forget about it. I would visit Hoenn quite often though.
  8. I wud want a Typhlosion the most (wats btr than a flaming badger thing?)
    Tho Gyarados wud scare me the most. Imagine fishing, minding ur own business wen BAM! gyarados comes out of nowhere...
    My time wud be Typhlosion (outta its flashy cherish ball of course :D), Denchura, (Itsh sho cuddly!!), shiny Magikarp (4 teh lulz, but itd be scary good with its tackle XD), Archeos (arceoptyx thing, not sure i spelled it right), Emboar (can't hate on a fire pig), and Ursaring all of which in cherish balls :D Id orob also hav a lot more that id rotate between (Notable mentions Blaziken, Infernape, Ninjask, Muk, Raichu, Electivire, Jarooda, Doryuzuu, Metagross...)
    I wud definitely want 2 live in Goldenrod City cuz Johto's the best and Goldenrod's the place 2 be!
  9. I would be terified of going in the sea i mean i could be biten by gyrados,sharpedo feraligator or blasted out the sky by blasttoise or mabee be drilled by an empoleon
  10. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    I would have a handful of Pokemon, namely Wartortle, Leafeon, and Shanderaa and I would own a small home in Sinnoh near Mount Coronet. :3

    Simple life for me really, just how I like it.
  11. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    This one's always tough for me because if I actually did live in the Pokemon world, my actual team would probably not reflect my favourite Pokemon in this reality. The Pokemon I'd end up training would be those that stood out to me or graced my life in ways others hadn't before 'em. Sometimes things happen by chance, y'know?

    But let's just have fun and say I'd be the exact same person I am right now with the exact same likes and dislikes, etc. My main team would consist of Bulbasaur or Ivysaur, Charizard, Snorlax, Steelix, Heracross, Lucario, Raichu, Vaporeon. There's also a high chance that I'd have a Metagross, Futachimaru, and Ulgamoth. My attachment to Metagross has been growing for many years now, Futachimaru has completely stolen my heart, and Ulgamoth just works for me too well. It combines two of my top favourite types, and it's a frelling ancient moth! It's just a perfect fit.

    I would probably base myself out of Fortree City, Snowpoint City, or Blackthorn City - somewhere surrounded by nature - but I would travel a lot. I'm not sure if I'd do badge quests, but at the very least I'd be seeking out mysteries of that world and meeting new Pokemon. ^^
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  12. Hmmm... lets see...

    I wouldn't have a team to be honest, I would just have a partner and that would be a Lucario that would always travel with me outside it's pokeball.
    I wouldn't be scared of anything because i'd have my faithful knight Lucario to protect me from the threats of the pokemon world. I would live on Mewtwo's island (I think it's real name is Master Island or something...) because it would be peaceful all the time and I would have a plane to travel to each region.
  13. Oh dear, this is going to be tough to answer...

    Every region of the PokeMon world has its beautiful places. Fact is, I probably wouldn't live in an in-game city, although it'd be nice to have a vacation in Mossdeep from time to time. But no, I would live in either Alamos City or Alto Mare. Alamos because of the lovely gardens, the two towers of awesomeness and the beautiful houses. Alto Mare because of all the canals and especially because it's so Italic~

    This is, of course, in account that I haven't played Black or White yet. So I might change this later on.

    The PokeMon I'd have? Hmmm... A Blaziken for sure, because it's so bad-ass and powerful, a Gardevoir for the lulz of psyhic powers and beauty, an Absol for fast movement over land. My flyer would probably be a Shinpora, because I love it to death<3 And because it'd be awesome to fly sittin atop of his head- Because that's the only way I can think of flying with it xD There's a chance it'd be an Archeos too, which'd be more practical and probably faster, or a Skarmory; Because they're flying robot birds. Rawr.

    My surfer? Daikenki. Because it's a quadripedal shell otter warrior thing with spikes. And it looks sleek :3 The last place would probably go to a Sazando. Why? Because they are plain dragonical win~ And they have mouths for hands. Srs bsns.

    I don't think I'd be afraid of any PokeMon, really. Maybe a burly rock or ground type in a dark cave.
  14. As a Dark-type fanatic, and a huge fan of Unova that thinks that all Gen. V Pokémon are better than Pokémon from previous generations, I would have a team consisting of any fully evolved Dark-type pokémon from Unova. However, I know that I would always have with me a Barujiina, a Waruviaru, and a Zoroark.

    I think that I would fear no pokémon at all. I mean, how much characters in the anime have fear of pokemon? I agree anyone can say some pokémon are "scary", but real fear is something very rare. But I agree with Shobo-shi: if a pokémon was to scary me, Pinsir would scare the hell out of me. Imagine be walking to the pokémon center and a Pinsir jumps right in front of you!

    And where I would live? I think that Black City. No place better for me than the darkest place ever. I mean, it's pitch-black! What could be darker than that?
  15. I'd live in Pacifiladog Town, in a hut with my Charizard and shiny Musharna.

    Or live in a big city, and compete in battles in the city's Battle Stadium (like a Football (soccer) stadium, but for battling).
  16. I guess I would always have my Pidgeot with me. I bet using fly to fly around places would be breathtaking!

    As for being scared...I guess rhydon. I had a fear of missingno. when I was little and missingno becomes rhydon/had a rhydon cry. Simple as that.

    Team: Pidgeot, Staraptor, Suicune, Giritina, Jolteon, Shaymin.

    There are other combinations for a team I would like, but I will keep that for now.

    As for a city to live in...I don't know. Too hard :p. I would guess Viridian.
  17. wow!! I love this topic!!

    hmm..the pokemon I want the most will be my favorite Grass type Pokemon Bulbasaur, I think I'd be scared of rattata and raticate, and my team will be my Bulbasaur(as my starter as usual), Chinchou, Magcargo, Raichu, Fearow, and Castform, and probably I'd be living in Fortree City, cause I love the way they live on top of trees,and it was mentioned in games(particularly in ruby version) that this town is the best when it comes to interaction with pokemon,and since you said that if pokemon could be real, I want to be a Pokemon Ranger,cause I love to take care and watch the habitats of every pokemon in the wild.That's all!!remember!!your topic was awesome!!!hope you can do more better than this!!!!
  18. Also, quick addition to the question: Would you have any pokemon work for you, or would you let them come to you themselves for it. I doubt Pokemon slavery would be legal, since they would have been around since the beginning of time, but I can't help but ask. I wouldn't let them unless they just really wanted to (Smeargle would always be painting my house new colors because this is his favorite hobby)
  19. If pokemon were real, i would have a Vaporeon, or just an Eevee. I would be afraid of Gyrados because those things are crazy (and maybe every dragon type)! My team would be Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Roserade, Ninjask, and Gallade. And lastly, i'd live in new bark town beacuse it's the suburbs and i love being around nature!
  20. One word, Maggyo. They would scare the crap out of me.
  21. Well, if I would act anything liike my Pokepersona, Diego, I would probably have some brotherly bond with mine, so they would only fight or work if they wanted to.

    However, something tells me I'd have to beat up a few people for mistreating theirs. Like my sister or some of my schools bullies. And my mother would probably have a Zorua for a dog, and my other dog would be, morte than likely, an Eevee. My dad would probably have a Houndoom, and my other poms at his house would be one eevee, one shiny eevee (because of his silvery color), and then one Zorua. But then again, if this is the Pokemon world, deer hunting would be 20 times harder 0_0
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  22. I would want a shiny Jumpluff most, because they are so cuddly! Anyway, I would be scared of Roopushin. I mean, imagine that THING walking up to you. D':
    My team would be the following: Shiny Jumpluff, Doredia, Lopunny, Furret, Shiny Chimecho, Jaroda, Shiny Shubarugo and Shiny Shiftry. (6 in my team at a time.)
    I would live in either Fortree City or Cherrygrove town. Most likely Cherrygrove. I would live in a small hut, with all my Pokemon. :3
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  23. Hmm, I think my team should ciónsist of a Roopushin to scare/beat up bullies. Also I would have a Swalot, Sneasel and an Altaria. Perhaps a Cyndaquill too. And I would live in Mossdeep City
  24. i would probably want an Arcanine because they are just plain awesome and i would probably be scared of a Tyranitar or an Ursaring they are kinda scary.....

    my team would have to be Charizard, Leafeon, Arcanine, Lucario, Pidgeot, and Glaceon these guys are bomb and mostly the same guys that are in my RP team.
    i would deffinately want to live in New Bark town
  25. I'd live in Castelia City with my wonderful Blitzle, Minccino, Darmanitan and ride on the back of my Infernape.

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