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Ideas on Generation V Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by David Da Bomb, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. I know that it's kind of early to be thinking about something like this but I think its fun to discuss ideas that was have of Next Gen Pokemon, right? Anyway this topic is for discussion of Ledgedaries, Stand-alones, new evolution lines or starters you'd like to see for Generation Five. No extensions of the evolutionary lines of existing Pokemon.

    As for me, one idea I have is a two-tiered evolution-line of Rock-Ice type Saber-tooth tigers. The Basic form would look like Rukushio with out it's mane, colored in shades of brown and more prominent fangs. The same principles would apply for the evolved form, except for Rentora. Oh, and the four-point star should be replaced with a snowflake.
  2. I want more fire types, a kangaroo, more fire types, a dolphin, and more fire types.
  3. Could you be more specific? I myself been thinking about a 3-tiered evolution line of fire tigers (real tigers, not dog/liger crosses).
  4. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    I want a Fire/Ice pokemon that learns water moves. 'Cause we all know a Fire/Ice type is just a glorified water type.
  5. I've never actually thought of specifics I just want more fire types and at least one fire/electric.
  6. What the heck what THAT look like, Yoshi?
  7. Melting ice cube Pokemon.
  8. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Tough question really. I had two basic creatures I wanted to see as Pokemon - Squirrells and Lions and I got them both with Gen IV, so.... *goes away to think about it for a while*.
  9. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    PokéMon needs a real Cephalopod. None of that Remora mutant crap. GIMMEH GIANT SQUID.

    I'd want to see some little known fossils. like, say, an Andrewsarchus. Or an Opabinia.

    A Thorny Devil would make an awesome PokéMon too.

    .. Honestly I have a fair share of ideas, but most of my ideas are already implemented into my fanmade region and I REALLY don't want Nintendo to rip ideas from my mind. I already had to rewrite a few of my PokéMon because of Gen IV...
    #9 StellarWind Elsydeon, Dec 2, 2006
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  10. Another good idea for an Ice type would be a polar bear.
  11. This is what I would like to see:

    A non-two-stage, with at least one type that is not normal, with good stats in areas other than speed, not EXTREMELY UGLY IN THE FINAL STAGE, non-legendary, undisputed cat Pokemon. I think I covered everything here...I would have said just non-normal, but I figure if they do some cool normal-flying or normal-whatever (like Girafarig), I'd be happy.

    And I have to add the "not ugly in the final evolution" ever since I saw poor, poor Nyaruma's final evolution.

    Oh, and I want to see a dolphin, a fire-bug-type fire ant, and a pure flying type. If any of these ideas are in fact real in generation four, don't tell me. X3
  12. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    Yeah, Fire Ants would be awesome. We need a fire/electric Pokemon too, but no idea how they could pull that off easily.
  13. How 'bout a Toaster?
  14. F/E Pokemon? I Would Say It Would Be Interesting, A Good Move Move Set Would Be Imo 1. Electric Storm 2. Electric Magma 3. Volcanic Ash (this Would Be The Ultimate Evasive Move) 4. Phoenix Attack (this Would Have A Pp Set Of 1 And This Would Destroy Both, But After The Fight He/she Would Be Fully Alive) Since I Say That, Make A Phoenix Looking Pokemon But Have A Electric Apperance. Ok Now Lets Have A Pokemon Thats Psychic/dark. This Would Need To Be A Legendary. Imagine A Cross Between Mewtwo And Alakazam (without The Spoons!) Moveset 1. Psychic Armor PP: 5 This Move Will Form A Bubble Shield Thats Nearly Impervious To Any Attack) 2 Dark Hole PP: 5 (Sends Pokemon To Another Dimension For 5 Turns) Star Beam PP: 10 (stars from the galaxy attack) attack power: 190 accuracy 85%4. lunar blast ( The Moon Sends Its Rays Down In A Destructive Force)ap : 150 Accuracy In The Daytime 55% In The Nightime 95%. Thats All I Can Think Of 4 Now
  15. Anyone else think that pokémon sounds just a little bit too powerful... I think there aren't many more moves that need making to be honest, we now have low power always first moves for several elements, as well as unmissable and stat boosting moves at middle power for a few. Movelists need a few changes but other than that we dont need much added otherwise it will literally get stupid...

    What I'd like to see in Gen V... Pokémon that continue to learn moves till at least level 70, I hate that most pokémon learn their last moves at around level 45-50... it takes the fun out of training them up.
    Also, more fire, ice and electric types.. we have too many normal, water and grass types... oh and no more dragons im sick of dragon types...
    #15 RLRL, Dec 4, 2006
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  16. I think Gen V needs actual genies, because Jirachi only behaves like a genie in some respects and Yonoir only looks like a genie. Genie Pokemon would make good Fire/Ghost types because genies are supposedly spirits of fire or something.
  17. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Depends on the type of Genie. 'Genie' is an americanized (sorta) term which could refer to almost any sort of spirit. The type of 'genie' that's most familiar is vaguely based on Arabian Nights Jinn, which are not necessarily fire spirits.

    I would actually imagine a wish-granting lamp-dwelling jinn as a Steel/Ghost
  18. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Hmm... One type of Pokemon I've wanted to see created is a pegasus Pokemon (we have multiple cats and canines, so why not a new horse?). As for the type... Like I've described it in the past, it could pretty much be anything ?????/Flying depending on the design, but if you made it look like a cloud creature (like Altaria, only more so) it could potentially be a pure Flying-type. I have to wonder how large a move pool a pure Flying-type would have, tho.

    As for evolutions... It could just be a one stager, but then it'd have to have good stats to support itself, on the level of Heracross, Tauros, Kangaskhan, etc. Nothing worse than a non-evolving Pokemon with crap stats =/
  19. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    I'm sure that a few people I know would have LOVED to see a new horse. Although flying-types are way overdone. Personally, I'd love to see a flying combination that HASN'T been used before: Flying/Fighting! It's the ONLY flying combination that hasn't been done before. It could learn a massive array of kicking moves benefitting from the fact it doesn't need to have its legs on the ground (HAH! could give a new meaning for 'flying kick') and various wind-based flying moves.

    I sorta see it as a two-stage stone-evolving critter (using the light stone, perhaps?) creating a more intricate, gold-winged silvery 'celestial' pegasus with the ability to learn some more crazy moves like energy ball, et cetera. But that's me and my twisted mind.
  20. And one thing I like to see concerning Fighting types is a fighting-type line that's "feminine". I mean, Fighting types are almost always masculine. All but six species of Fighting type Pokemon are either male-exclusive or females are less common in (did that come out right?). Maybe something like the Ralts line dressed up like Hitmonchan ;D!

    I'd like to see Moose Pokemon, because the word "moose" sound funny to me. Perhaps a Normal/Grass type moose with wooden antlers.

    We also should get a swordfish Pokemon. I'm imagining that it be a Water/Steel type, fast, strong defense, average Special Defense, decent attack, and weak special attack. Oh! And it should know Aqua Jet and the Endure/Flail Combo.
  21. I have a great idea what about a CHIHUAHUA, or a rabit, or a Venus fly trap *plant*. Just some ideas.
  22. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    We already have a Venus Fly Trap, MASUKIPPPPPPPPPPPPPAAAAAAAAAAA!

    I remember back in the day when we all thought Lotad was a Venus Fly Trap Pokeyman from the astonishingly poor images we had of it to begin with. Then we found out it was just a duckweed.
  23. And we also have a few rabbits too. Azumarril, Mimiroru, Mimlop. Are those names ringing any bells to you?

    We also need a Pokemon that's a better representation of a hyena. Poochyena and Mightyena are more "wolf" than "hyena".
  24. About seven years ago, I actually drew exactly those. The first stage couldn't actually fly, and looked kind of like a Machop with a beak (it could use Peck and Drill Peck), and the second stage looked alot like a Rito, with Sky Attack added to its move list.

    Even though they were different types, they eventually DID come out with fighting birds three years later: Combusken and Blaziken.

    I'd like to see a three-stage Pokémon line that gets SMALLER with each evolution.
    #25 QuagsireQing, Jan 20, 2007
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  25. Any reason WHY?

    As for me, I still want to see some troll and ogre Pokemon.
    #26 David Da Bomb, Jan 20, 2007
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  26. Because it would be different, I guess. If anybody still believes in evolution these days, they'd tell you that bigger isn't always better. (Not that evolution in Pokémon really has anything to do with the REAL theory of evolution, but it'd still be a cool idea.)
    #27 QuagsireQing, Jan 21, 2007
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  27. Well, we already have four Pokemon that shrink when they evolve anyway:
    *Gloom is 2'7'' while Bellosom is 1'4''
    *Haunter is 5'3'' while Gengar is 4'11''
    *Porygon is 2'7'' and 80.5 lbs. while Porygon2 is 2'00'' and 71.7 lbs
    *Dragonair is 13'1'' while Dragonite is 7'3''
  28. But their second stages are all still bigger than their first stages. None of them shrink the whole way.

    Since we're on this "weird" track, what about a Pokémon that's always invisible? It would have no sprite, and would be identified only by its cry in the anime? Or a Pokémon that's two-dimensional?
    #29 QuagsireQing, Jan 21, 2007
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  29. It wouldn't be logical if they DID shrink the whole way. I mean its bad enough to bear offspring that's half your size (as in Togepi's line before Togekiss came into the picture), but offspring that's bigger than you are?!

    And "invisible" and "two-dimensional" sound like nothing besides glitch'd Pokemon to me.
    #30 David Da Bomb, Jan 21, 2007
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  30. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    You mean like most of the non christie fundie developed world? :p
  31. :o How dare you! Putting down Dragons is just.... wrong. But I do agree with water types. I too want more fire types. That's why I made... *drum roll*
    Fire type.
    Moves: 1) Antagonize Dark Lowers opponents Sp def My own move ;D
    2) Warm Up Fire(duh) Raises users Sp atk My own move again ;D
    3) Flamethrower Fire 95 HP, may brn
    4) Fire Fang Fire 65 HP, may brn
    It is supposed to be a starter, plus it's a fire type. This is stage one of three. Jaguire (sp?) + Fire= Jagire!
    Sorry if it's too long. :-[
    #32 Hoenn Master, Mar 27, 2007
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  32. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    I think you mean Jaguar. XD

    And really, nothing wrong about putting down Dragons. It's just another element. They had somewhat of a special-ness in Generation 1, maybe, where there were only three of them. Now, it's like every generation except Johto has a whole damn herd of them, and most of them still have that bloody ice weakness.

    The sad thing is the fact that a lot of the more interesting dragon-type combinations (like Dialga's Dragon/Steel, Giratina's Dragon/Ghost, et cetera) are 'wasted' on Legendaries, so to speak, so they wouldn't be generally used...

    Ah well. More hopes for Generation 5...
  33. I'd want to see a dark/fighting type. I'm pretty sure we don't have one already. I'm not even sure how that would look but I like that type combination. And as stated elsewhere: MORE FIRE TYPES. Maybe a Fire/Steel pokemon that looks dragon like. It could be an egg type dragon. Does everyone know what that means.
  34. Uh, a rip-off of Digitamamon?
  35. Not even sure what that means...

    Anyway, in addition to their "elemental" type i.e. fire, water, etc. Pokemon belong to one or two of sixteen different egg types. Charizard's and Sceptile's egg type is Monster/Dragon so that can breed with any other monster or dragon egg type Pokemon. My fantasy fire/steel Dragon Pokemon will be the same way. I think they have a page on it somewhere in this site.
  36. I'd actually would want to see more evolutions of single pokemon ( ex. Delibird, Zangoose, Seviper ) also with that I'd want to see more baby pokemon too, though D/P came out with a lot, I hope there would be more in the new generation. But for types, I'd want to see an Ice/Bug, mainly because there's nothing like it, and Poison/Psychic, because I'd think it would look cool too.
  37. Oh, I thought that you were talking about a dragon that looked like an egg and Digitamamon is a Digimon that is basically a giant egg with only yellow eyes and green dinosaur legs visible.
  38. No more Fire-types! We need more Water-types! Which is why I made...Drumroll please...


    Swim Cat Pokemon

    Ability: Swift Swim



    1. Trounce Normal 10 damage points, hits anything but Ghost-types (I made this one up.)
    2. Water Gun Water 12 damage points
    3. Ice Punch Ice 15 damage points, may freeze opponant
    4. Rain Dance Water Causes it to rain

    Evolves from Meowth with Water Stone.
  39. Yeah, Id like to see a pure wolf looking pokemon, as for elements if it was a Normal type then it could be very versatile.

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