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Ideas for a new pokemon game

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Bogard Terry, Oct 9, 2014.

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  1. For some time now, I have had some ideas for a new pokemon game based from the things I have discovered along my Pokemon journeys.

    I started in Kanto just like the hero of the story, but my first games were Fire Red and Leaf green.

    What I liked best about these games was the idea of a Pokemon league, a criminal team to have to defeat and to complete a Pokedex.

    What I didn't like about these games was that it was next to impossible to complete the Pokedex because some pokemon were event pokemon or...there was nothing really special about a post game here.

    It would have been cool that once you completed the Kanto region's champion, Professor Oak would have a message for you saying that he bred the other two starter pokemon just for you. That way, it would be possible to complete the dex.

    So, for this new game, one feature would be you start in Kanto with the goals of 1. Defeat the criminal team. 2. Collect the 8 badges. 3. Defeat the elite 4 and champ. 4. Unlock the Johto league and collect the other two starters for Kanto.

    Next league was Johto region Soul Silver and Heart Gold was the versions I liked best. I really liked the idea of having to use some berries to make poke' balls instead of having to buy them all the time. Of course, buying them still had its perks, but...it was a unique thing to do with the berries.

    So, for the new game, once you reach Johto, all of your Kanto Pokemon go into the PC storage. You need these Pokemon to go in there because you are sent to see the next professor to collect your next starter for Johto. Now your goal is to find as many new pokemon as you can find for that region along with the other 4 goals like you did for Kanto. Now, once you reach the end of Johto, something cool happens.

    Not only do you unlock Hoenn region, but you get the option of going to the Orre region first. If you do choose to go to the Hoenn region, then its basically the same thing as what you did for the first two regions except you have both teams Magma and Aqua to defeat. But, if you choose to go to the Orre region, you are choosing a career path.

    This career path is called Shadow Purification. You basically get to play out Colesseum and Gale of darkness with one break in order to continue to do the main stream part. As for the dex, when you get to Orre region, your National dex, which you get right away will record what Pokemon you've seen. Of course, ones you own are better.

    Once all of the Pokemon are purified for the Colesseum version if you chose to go the Orre region first, you must return the pokemon purified to their owners, but keeping the ones that you catch in the wild. One of the differences with this game and Colesseum is that anywhere you travel, much like the cave experiences in X and Y, you might get a random wild Pokemon encounter, where you can catch em. These Pokemon will either be from Hoenn or Johto. In the earlier stages, the encounters will be Pokemon you have missed for your Johto section of the dex, so as long as there are spaces to fill.

    Before I continue, what do you guys think of my idea so far?
  2. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    I love the idea~
    But,That would be a lot of programming into a single game, not that it will fit into a handheld came card. Not that it would fit into one disc either.If it had to be a console,it has to be on a main console, probably the Wii U, for example, as it's nintendo's go to console.
    This would also take countless hours to finish.
  3. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    It seems to me that you're kind of like "OH LET'S MAKE ONE GAME THAT WILL PUT YOU THROUGH THE ENTIRE SERIES IN ONE GAME DURR OH AND THROW IN SOME ANIME TROPES TOO". Like a lot of other randoms.

    Nevermind the space constraints and the fact that in order to stick TWO regions in a game they've severely castrated one of them back in gen 2, this sort of dumb shit would never happen due to the way the Pokémon series is built.

    Game Freak's policy of design around these games since the very beginning was to force some form of social interaction between players - which is why version exclusives are a thing and why you must trade to complete the Pokédex. Event-only Pokémon are generally not required for 'dex completion - and speaking of which, the Pokédex already records everything you see but only fully records things if you catch them. That's the entire purpose of the Pokédex in the main series monster-collection scope. Randomly changing that mechanic midgame would be nonsensical. Also, the Orre region and Orre games weren't developed by Game Freak but rather by an affiliated studio called Genius Sonority - and as such they aren't quite a part of the main series canon, nor will they ever be.

    The idea of shoving your entire team into storage between regions is clearly anime inspired - and in the anime at least it's a conscious decision of Ash's - he wants a fresh start in every region with nothing but his level infinity Pikafuckface - his first and closest ally. Forcing that on players of a game, especially ones who have put a ton of hours into working on their team, is frankly downright idiotic.

    In any case, it's likely that Pokémon will continue doing what it always does - introduce a new region with a new batch of creatures, stick to the tired old formula, cough up the occasional remake to pander to old fans who demand their batch of nostalgia, and make more money than the vatican. The fact that time DOES indeed pass between the games makes it impossible for all the plots to happen to the same douche - especially when you get to, say, Unova.

    Long story short, I've heard this idea a million time before from a million people and it never stops being any dumber. Next.
  4. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    I'd rather see modifications made to the current system than see a new system be introduced.

    Namely, make the games harder. Better AI and movesets for the NPCs all around.
  5. First of all, I would appreciate it if the administrators did not cuss in their replies. I find insulting Ash's pikachu with the f bomb is not appropriate especially for an admin.

    Now that that is out of the way, I do appreciate the criticism on how the idea seems to be too much for a single game. But, what if you guys made it into a general online MMORPG? This way you can fit all the games into one and, on top of that make money.

    From experience, the World of Warcraft is popular because its an MMORPG despite the recent bashing its been getting due to their lack of new ideas. With Pokemon, it could be popular if not more popular than warcraft.

    Yes, it would take a lot of programming, but then again, maybe not. If downloads are possible with the older generations (Fire Red and Leaf Green being the first with download capabilities), then why not just have a specific Pokemon Game site where...like here, you get to make a trainer and then physically travel into the Pokemon world, much like Ash did and his Pikachu.
  6. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Hi. Welcome to Pokécharms. You may notice that I have a big red banner underneath my avatar, named "admin." This gives me, along with a lot of other responsibilities, the mandate to help write, enforce, and maintain the rules along with the rest of the Pokécharms staff, but it also makes me part of the decision process as to whether they stay and go. Let me tell you right now: every one of the rules on this site has had a lot of thought put into it.

    Conversely, your membership here does not give you the right to tell us how to run our forum. The rules are non-optional - regardless of whether they're permitting something or banning it. You can't turn over our sandpit because you don't like the colour of the toy spades.

    The thing is, the swearing rule has been in place for years and years. We have always tolerated swearing, as long as it isn't directed at another member or used in excess. (We've banned a member for writing works written completely in swear words before. Sadly, true story. :p) Simply put, we believe that members here are old and wise enough to understand the nuances of filthy language. When you can use it, when you can't. Those that don't like swearing - and some here don't! - learn to ignore it, because welcome to the internet. What you'll hear here is far, far tamer than most of the gaming web, and especially online multiplayer. I've played League of Legends, which means I've been called a faggot in at least six different languages. (Admittedly, I'm not very good with Janna's ultimate and deserved the abuse, but still.)

    Let me reiterate: We're not endorsing or permitting swearing
    at people. Flaming is still against the rules, no matter what words you express that in. So where's the harm in letting our members drop a few choice expletives occasionally? Who does it hurt, aside from causing a few wooly-minded people to clutch their pearls in shock? It seems to me that it's a fairly arbitrary limitation on the things we let our members say, and we might as well reduce that as much as we can - we have enough rules already.
  7. I do understand your position, by all means. And yeah, most of the time, I would ignore such language. But Stellarwind saying this, "Pikafuckface " in my thread is where I draw the line. Wouldn't you agree? He could have chosen much better words and appropriate ones too. He might not like how come Pikachu is all powerful, but he certainly did not have to drop the F Bomb in here. I would have ignored it if it didn't come from an administrator because, like you said, you admin are trying to set an example for people who only wish they could have a job like yours. So, Teapot, would you mind asking Stellar to not cuss like using the F Bomb in threads because it sets a bad example for everyone else.

    If someone got banned for swearing, then that Stellar should be. Yes, this site is much tamer than other sites. (I play Warcraft, I should know.) But, this site is geared to be looked at by people ages 10 +, so what if I had a son who was 10 or younger and he saw that? What example is Stellar setting, just asking?

    By the way...before I send this into an off topic, Teapot, do you have an opinion about my idea on having an MMORPG strictly Pokemon or the idea of somehow merging all the games into one?
  8. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator


    Swearing is allowed, that's the bottom line. If someone has a kid who ends up on a website that has swearing on it, then it's the parent's fault for not supervising their child properly.

    In short, either deal with it or


    There will be no further discussion of this.

    As for the MMORPG idea, I've said it before and I'll say it again: NO. With WoW annihilating the market as it does and the level of online functionality the handheld games have, we don't need an MMO with all the regions. The formula they have works, they should be focusing on building upon that instead of making some MMORPG that does barely more than what the games themselves already do.
  9. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Also, in regards to this:
    No, and I'm honestly put a bit out of joint by that insinuation because it's blatantly not true. We make the staff follow the rules they build - StellarWind knows that better than anyone, because he was one of the founding members of the site.

    If staff broke the rules, then we'd enforce them on the staff member in question. Just like with any of the members. The term "Pikafuckface", while crude and perhaps could have been worded more nicely, does not break any rules. We set "an example", if you must hoist that on us, with the rules and the way we conduct ourselves. That's who we are. We're occasionally crass, and we're grown-ups who occasionally use filthy language because we can. But we keep it in line, and we never do anything we'd punish a regular member for. Because I'm not above even the rules I write myself. Nor should I be, that's a recipe for disaster.

    And frankly, anyone who thinks they want our job doesn't know what it entails. I spend nearly as many hours working on this site as I do my full-time job :p

    As for what I think of a Pokémon MMO: It's an awful idea, simply because you'd have to absolutely butcher the levelling to make it work. By current standards, you'd have a full team of level 100 Pokémon half-way through Hoenn, and that's only 'cos Johto is tiny. You'd need to either raise the level cap, or something like that, or cripple experience gain to make it work.

    Plus, the Pokémon games are social enough as it is - the PSS already has all the MMO features you'd want. I don't particularly care for thousands of trainers running around screaming about how fat my mother is, thanks.

    Also, developing a game with all six regions would take a team the size of X and Y's five or six years to make, maybe more, and every single region would be cut down to make that work at all.
    #9 Teapot, Dec 7, 2014
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2014
  10. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    ... And that is to say nothing about how Legendaries would be handled and the inevitable whining about just how unfair it all is, evil-team-related instances, and assorted other things that make MMOs rather cancerous on their own right.

    Also you'd have to take into account that MMO worlds are built differently than mainstream Pokémon game worlds by definition - MMO worlds are built with 3D open-world environments in mind whereas Pokémon game environments - even in the 3D games - are essentially 2D tile-grid maps with rather limited movement. You'd have to basically recreate the entire world to fit an open-world scheme, change the spacing on the routes and basically revamp the whole thing for extra immersiveness while still remaining true to the spirit of the original regions - unless you want to handle more whining. Not going to happen.

    So yeah. Dreadful idea, and that's all there is to say about it.
  11. I never really looked at it that way. I mean, okay, when I was thinking the MMORPG, of course I had thought of limitations and such. You mentioned months of work pretty much, but the idea of an MMORPG like warcraft is more complex than I am basically indicating at the moment. First, we'd have to deal with the level cap or how to store Pokemon. I suppose this is what that Poke' Bank already does. Or...now this would be one way to solve that issue Teapot mentioned with the leveling cap in conjunction with what I mentioned about my original idea of a merging of all games. Once you pass a region, all your Pokemon are stored on your PC instead of "someone's PC". This way you don't wind up with a team of level 100s. These pokemon become "locked" in your PC until all regions have been conquered. And its your professor that takes you to your new destination.

    As far as enemy teams go...they are strictly regional. What I am basically suggesting is take all of the games and merging them into one big online one with the new idea of having that once one region is completed, all your Pokemon are locked into your PC.

    This would encourage trainers to really put in some effort into finding the pokemon, which should be more equal in chances to find.

    Plus, there is the idea of career choices once you reach the end of Hoenn.

    At the end of Hoenn, you can choose these options:

    1. Continue your training to becoming a Pokemon Master
    2. Almia needs your help, become a Pokemon Ranger!
    3. Attention: Pokemon have been attacking humans without warning see the professor in the Orre region for more details.

    If you choose option 1, your Pokemon get stored into your PC and you move on to Sinnoh.
    If you choose option 2, your Pokemon save for one Pokemon (cannot be level 100 and must be below 50) to help you with the Shadows of Almia game.
    If you choose Option 3, you take your umbreon and espeon and you see the Professor. You basically play out Pokemon Gale of Darkness here.

    Choosing options 2 or 3 will end your "badge collecting" and you'd get your career as a Ranger or a Purifier.

    At the end of Sinnoh (if you went with Option 1 at the end of Hoenn), you get these options:

    1. Continue to Unova
    2. Become a Ranger
    3. Become a Purifier
    4. Become an archeologist (that underground mini game will become a career and your "dig master" will assign you quests.)

    At the end of Unova, in addition to the ranger, purifier, and archeologist career choices, you can choose these:

    1. Continue to the final region of Kalos.
    2. I am tired of being a human, I want to be a Pokemon, Jirachi, please grant my wish. (Dungeon Master option)
    3. Become a Conquest Master.

    If you choose to continue to Kalos and you pass that, then this screen pops up at the end,

    "Congratulations, you have now become a Pokemon Master and have earned all of the Pokemon challenge badges that can be earned. Please choose a career from the following:

    1. Ranger
    2. Purifier
    3. Archeologist
    4. Dungeon master
    5. Conquest warrior
    6. Pokemon Professor's assistant and help other trainers with their journey.

    Each career choice stops you from training the pokemon you have already collected, but it gives you the option of playing a side-stream game within a main-stream one.

    And yeah, I know this will be months if not years of work if enough people support the idea.

    If this still is a bomb, then how about a new main stream set of games where its A - Z skipping X and Y?

    In Pokemon A, the criminal team are the first screen passed the trainer creation screen where they are talking about taking over the world by conquering 26 different regions and team flare's extras (the ones who just could not turn good) are in charge of the X and Y regions. Then your character wakes up startled at what you saw, not realizing that this was a vision from your Gardveoir/Gallade.

    You are greeted by your parents and as you are checking to see if your new Poke device works, you get a news bulletain from your best friend that something big and nasty is going on. Unlike most mainstream games, you start with a level 100 Pokemon while you are on your way to seeing your best friend. Any pokemon you find will not be recorded yet nor can they be caught because you don't have any Pokeballs.

    When you arrive safely at your destination, your Gardevoir/Gallade sends you a telepathic message saying that she/he will be waiting for you back home.

    You're thinking, "Uh-oh, I'm in trouble. I have no additional pokemon, nor any pokeballs...high level pokemon come back!"

    This is when you see your vision as a news report of the first of 26 criminal teams at large. Your mission is to save each region one at a time, but here's the catch...its not all one game. One region per game. Meaning...26 new games.
  12. Ok, I feel that I giving an idea within the realm of actual possiblity, so here it goes. You guys can still give me an opinion on the idea.

    So, first off, the game would work as a third person-action RPG. Less in the vain of Kingdom Hearts and more FF15 or Spectrobes(if anyone remembers that game). The game would have you actually control the trainer during battle with your pokemon having commands set to one or two buttons. Why? Cause the trainer becomes parts of the battle.

    The plot/background would be that a new evil organization (not creative enough for a name, so Team Rush or something) and you play as a journalist looking into these people who have been to blame for recent pokemon kidnaps. The game starts showing you the mechanics, with your pokemon having attacks assigned to a single button press, think of it as assist attacks in a fighting game. Your character can't fight just yet, so he is pit against other organization member's pokemon as he infiltrates their headquarters. Type advantages and weaknesses still apply in this game.

    Once you get to the end of this first level, you meet find this lab room with obvious experimentation going on. Pokemon in tubes, weird data on screens etc. You get to the end of the lab and find a tunnel-like machine that you are curious of getting your big scoop on. But once you enter it, you are confrontes by more members, including this admin with very strange features. He has one eye like a cat, sharp teeth on one side of his face, and burnt skin on his right arm. He tells you he's impressed how a stupid reporter has gotten this far, but that he'll never tell tye world what he's seen. He puts his arm up and shoots flames from his hands, suprising the protagonist and having him hit the wall where an activation button stands. The machine roars to life, and zaps the portag, making him dissapear. The members are are confused to where he went and the admin barks at his lackeys to search the whole building for him.

    Once the members leave, the protag forms back into view, scared and surprised at his new powers. This is where the mechanic of the protagonist fighting comes in. You find files scattered around the lab that act as tutorial points, telling you what Team Rush is working on and how to use your powers. It turns out the organization is working on infusing pokemon DNA into certain members to let humans use pokemon attacks. Their goal is to (GASP!!) take over the world with said powers. Pretty straight foward. The machine the protag was in acts as a starting point on how to make the pokemon DNA compatible with human DNA, as just injecting yourself wouldn't do much but cause your bloodcells to kill each other. The power the protag got was of a Gengar's that was already programmed into the machine. You also grab specialized needles that let you grab pokemon DNA so you can inject yourself with it to learn specific attacks.

    Battles mechanics work now in that the protag can use up to 5 move slots for attacks. Throughout the game, you follow the tracks of this organization and use moves to fight not only pokemon, but other trainers who have mutated their bodies. Your pokemon are still used, but can assign one of 4 available moves to a button that will be used as an assist during battle. Up to two pokemon assist can be used at a time, which lets you focus on customizing yourself for combat. Each attack would have it's own attack animation with certain amount of power and range, and have types that are either super, not very, or have no effect on opponents. Pokemon opponents follow the same rules as you, having 5 available attacks, and having typings. However, you change your typing depending on what kind of attacks you have.

    For example, if you have 3 or more of a certain type of attack in your move set, your become that type. However, if no attacks are more prevalent than the others, you are considered ??? type, having no advantage or disadvantage. depending on the situation, you might want to stock up on fire attacks to become fire type if facing alot of grass type enemies.

    The way attacks work in this game is not through normal PP, but an overall PP counter that the more powerful the attack (etc. Hyper Beam vs Low Kick) the more PP is used up. Some attacks have secondary effects just like the main pokemon games. To make the game not so ridiculously difficult, the PP slowly regenerates over time.

    The way you gain attacks is not only by defeating powerful Team Rush members, but capturing pokemon in wild battles. Yes, this game still has pokemon capturing, but to a lesser extent. You can find wild pokemon on certain routes and places in your journey, and you can determine which attacks they have during your battle with them. To capture, you must attack them until red, yhen throw pokeballs until caught, simple as that. Also forgot to mention that items are still in this game such as elixers and potions. When you capture pokemon, you have a choice between one of the 5 attacks they have and can make them your assist pokemon. However, you can't have them assigned an attack you already assigned to yourself.

    Once farther in the game, you find more about Team Rush's insidious plans and take more initiative to stop them. the organization admins would not be just cookie cutter villians though. Some are in regret of their decisions of destroying their bodies for power, others have had their minds warp from so many injections, and others are sad for having to put their pokemon through this, but just hate humans more. The one you met at the beginning of the game, Henry, hates you with a passion for using the team's own technology against them, and is cruel to anyone who tries helping you.

    The final boss includes the Team Rush leader wanting you to join as he sees the effect the injections have on you. You argue that use only use them to survive and take down his organization. However, ince you beat him against his mutated form, Henry steps from behind stabs the boss, both you and the leader stunned at what was unfolded. You see Henry with WAAAAY too many pokemon mutations all over his body, being consumed by the power and wanting nothing but the destruction of anyone not to his standard of power.

    You fight him as the true final boss, with him using very powerful legendary attacks like Aeroblast and even 1HKO attacks like Fissure. His voiced is mutated and he barely seems human, but you fight until he falls back into the tunnel machine from the start, with it overheating and blowing him up. You are considered a hero for saving the region, blah blah blah.

    So what do you guys think? Sorry for the walls of text :p
  13. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
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    I think Pokemon should become an FPS where all the Pokemon just kill each other with guns in a world made of brown.

    I'm locking this topic before it becomes the Wheatley of Pokecharms.
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