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Ideas About Team Flare

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Shocari, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. So we know Team Flare dresses in red suits and wants money, but is there anything else? I've been doing the Black Tower in B2, and on Area 3, there is a man researching the building. In Area 4, he says "Apparently, a certain financial group funded this place. I still don't know why or what purpose they built this place, though.I've heard rumors that they're watching the Trainers in here battle for their entertainment from some remote location. Others say they built this place so they could find a Trainer that's stronger than the Champion!"

    Was XY teased in B2W2? Does this mean we can expect some cameo of a Gen V Trainer? What exactly does Team Flare plan on using that money for?

    Personally, I think the money will either be funded intp creating/capturing a powerful Legendary, or a hostile takeover...the E4, perhaps? It would definitely add more importance to the challenge.
  2. Yeah, I found the conclusion of Black Tower a bit underwhelming at the time. There seemed to be this big build up towards the resolution to all of the mysteries surrounding it, but that never really happened. If this financial group is Team Flare, I doubt it will be elaborated on much, perhaps just one or two trainers from the tower reappearing or something.
  3. Interesting theory, which I would totally buy; though with that same evidence, Team Rocket could just as easily have funded that project too. Like Toastie I don't think that they'll elaborate on it, really, but I can bet that there will be a certain somebody from Gen V appearing in X and Y, along with another certain somebody, perhaps another, and a woman from Gen IV, but that's a different subject.

    I have a theory that Team Flare will be about the same way as Galactic and Plasma, with the evil leader deceiving them for his own selfish gains. Obviously they'll get their money, as perhaps they're more of a mercenary type of team, but the evil head genius? He's going to be interested in one of the legendary Pokemon, and my guess is that the financial gain from Team Flare's crimes will result in more research coming about for Xerneas/Yveltal. What will he use the legendary for? Perhaps as a source of power to force others to give them what they want, or perhaps, like my other theory, he is simply telling his lackeys that he'll sell it to the highest bidder, when he actually wants to use them for some mystical purpose.

    As the name would suggest though, I might guess they may use more fire type based Pokemon, similar to how Rockets used poison types, Magma/Aqua used poison and dark, Galactic with poison and dark, and Plasma with normal and dark (though transitioning into poison too). Though, I would really love it if the admins would try to mimic the Elite 4, as in, 4 commanders specializing in a type or that are just really strong, and a "champion", their boss, and I would really like for their strength to be on par with that of Ghetsis, N, and Corless of BW2, and not just half baked like the Rocket, Aqua/Magma, or Galactic admins. I also want them to be really gutsy like Galactic and not be afraid to blow up a few things here and there >:0 or be like Plasma and freeze the region... or in their name-sake, set it on fire. I just want them to be really gutsy.
  4. Maybe they could be poachers or something and have the Pokemon caged up so the public throw their money at them and obviously Pokemon of legendary status would bring in the big bucks.

    Another theory is the E4 has a large stash of goodies like Fort Knox because y'know they're seen as the strongest and the best trainers in the land so they can be trusted to keep guard and Team Flare need the power of the legendaries to burst in and steal it all
  5. Interesting theories so far.

    Gen V proved that Game Freak isn't afraid to explore concepts that aren't exactly black and white (pun intended) morally. With Team Plasma, we got a villainous team that actually had an interesting mission. Granted it proved to be a front for Ghetsis's true purpose, but N was still very sincere and you could see that NPC's were very affected by what he had to say to the point where many questioned if they were fit to use Pokemon to battle.

    They've mentioned that Team Flare is all about making money, but I'm not exactly sure how that will involve Pokemon so I'll leave that theory for another day. It would be interesting if Game Freak went with a greed vs ambition bent this time around (with subtle digs at capitalism or something). Goodness knows Black City was already headed in that direction with some of the comments from the NPCs.

    Also this will never happen in a million years, but I would love it if the Elite Four of this region would be part of Team Flare and therefore the villains like in Pokemon Specials. Perhaps they could be the 'villains with good publicity' types and the region at large has no idea what they're up to. It was one thing to have a gym leader be the leader of the villainous team--it'll be a whole different level if the supreme trainers of the land were involved in wrong doing.

    Gladiatorial Pokemon matches? That's actually a cool theory because once again, they would be tapping into the moral grayness of Pokemon battles. It could beg the question 'how far is too far?' a la Mewtwo Strikes Back.
  6. I was think more an evil zoo but gladiatorial matches work too
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  8. I think team flare may be like Pkmn Hunter J
    making money by selling pokemon like rare,shiny,and legendary pokemon on the pokemon blackmarket
    or they slaughter pokemon for things like slowpoke tails, the bones cubones and marowaks carry, and things like farfetch'd leeks

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