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Ask to Join Idea: Mechroma

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by JacobRaze, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. The year is 2147, after Mechrons appeared, everything changed.

    It all starts 2033, James Frees, Russian scientist working on a new bomb after war threats. 30-40 miles off the northern coast, they were transporting their prototype bomb, when they noticed a Island, unmarked, making radars go crazy. Upon inspection it was a large rock that seemed to be rising out of the ground. Before anything else could be gathered, it disintegrated. They marked it, but had to finish the delivery of the prototype.

    On the way back however, James felt a strong pinch on his right ring finger. a shiny, metallic, bug-like chip rested there, about the size of a pen cap or an eraser. It grew and covered his whole finger.

    For the next 30 years, cases appeared left and right of this happening, the "Mechrons" would rest there for the rest of the host's life. Until the first "Mechromancer" appeared, Seth Paragus, an american homeless man who became one of the most wanted men in history. The rarity that someone could control their Mechron. He could make iron plating over his chest that was bulletproof.

    Fastforward to the present. Mechromancers are more common, and they are seen as potential heroes in the military, but they have to get their license in the Mechroma High School.

    Not everyone is a Mechromancer, even if they have a Mechron. Mechromancers can control their Mechron to be armor and weapons. At the school you learn about control and changes with your Mechron. It can be a heavily defensive, offensive or balanced type.

    this is all just a big idea i wanna turn into an rp, thoughts?
  2. So... It's like Power Rangers, just with armor and not giant robots? That's kinda what I'm getting? Seems pretty cool!
  3. i never thought of it like that but in a way i can see the comparison. im thinking that the government would like to train the Mechromancers to do good, at least for the government ;)

    thats the school thing

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