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Ask to Join Ichoterra (RPG-World Roleplay)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by hollowhead_, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    (* NOTE: ALL WHO WANT TO JOIN MUST GO HERE AND SUBMIT THEIR CHARACTER SHEET: https://pokecharms.com/threads/ichoterra-rpg-world-roleplay-discussion-board.20379/ *)

    Kasai was walking throughout the ruins of a past city, while looking at the run down buildings and eroded soil. He was writing notes in his little dark brown journal. He looked up at a tower. He was in the right place. That old gambler wasn't lying to him after all.

    He looked at the partly ruined stairs of the tower, which were made of white bricks, as was the tower itself. After a good 8 minutes of going up the stairs, he saw a shrine, and a circle that was permanently draw on the tower. He pulled his shirt up and saw his newly received scar on his stomach; it was obvious that he needed healing.

    He took out one of his red blades, and with one of the two oppositely serrated sides of the blade, he started carving into the circle permanently drawn onto the ground. When he finished carving the circle, he started carving markings in all sides and corners of the circle, each marking with a magical meaning.

    He took out two stones out of his pocket. A green one and a white one. The green one represented an ANIMAL PERSUADER/TAMER class and the white one represented a HEALER/PRIEST class. They were summoning stones. He put them right in the middle of the summoning circle he drew, and started chanting Ichoterran words with magical meaning as a white aura glowed around the summoning circle.

    Now, you might be asking, why is Kasai performing a summoning ritual? He had been recently defeated in battle, and wanted to get into the Adventurers' Guild to compensate, but he was told he needed to have a party of three as the quests at the guild were particularly dangerous. So, this s where he went.

    When a summoning ritual is performed, only one 'summon' may be summoned, but two may be plausible if you have a high LUCK stat. Kasai previously bought a potion that was supposed to increase his LUCK stat by 16%, therefore, his chances of getting two summons were also increased by 16%. Summons are usually unintelligent creatures that can't talk, and had classes that people had usually called 'semi-classes' to avoid confusion, examples were HEALER, BERSERK, STEALTHY, ANIMAL PERSUADER/TAMER. But this wasn't the case for this story. Kasai would soon realize that this summoning ritual would change his life.

    The seven foot tall, eighteen year old boy stepped aside, as the white and green auras started illuminating two feminine figures...
  2. Adrian sighed as he walked along the busy streets of what looked like a lively village, stalls sold many different varieties of goods from food to clothes. The hooded elf proceeded through the crowd of chattering people and stall owners that advertised their products, some more promising than others, Adrian proceeded to enter a nearby inn and noticed that most of the patrons there were armed to the teeth with armor and weaponry, clearly adventurers... and a rowdy bunch of them at that. He walked over to the bar and rested his arms on it while a beautiful lady from the other side approached him.

    "Hey there stranger, what'll it be?" She asked. Adrian silently turned his eyes to the lady, undeterred by her beauty unlike a few other adventurers. "I'll just have some tea if you don't mind, I can't stand the taste of an alcoholic drink... and the effects that occur after consumption." he said as he turned his head to an 'example' on what he talked about: A drunken adventurer who appeared to be 'singing' to his teammates as they laughed.

    The lady shrugged. "Fair enough, coming right up." She said as she went to prepare the tea. "Also, if you're an adventurer as well, there are plenty of bounty posters on the wall to your left if you wanna check em out while you wait." She added with a little wink. Adrian nodded at the lady and walked over to the posters. He pondered lightly as he looked for ones that offered a good challenge and an even greater reward, unlike those who adventure for money or glory, Adrian had other reasons for adventuring, whatever they were were anyone's guess. One particular bounty piqued his interest: the bounty was an Ogre who recently took over an old dungeon just a few miles from the village, the reward for eliminating it was 500 gold.

    He took the poster off the wall, neatly folded it up and put it in his pocket as he walked to sit at a nearby table. A few seconds later, the same lady from behind the counter walked up to Adrian with his tea... and even a cookie. "Here you go sir, one tea and a little something on the house." She said with a wink as she set Adrian's order down and walked off to get back to work. Adrian raised an eyebrow briefly at the cookie he was given, but shrugged shortly afterward and began to sip his tea and eat his cookie in a sensible manner.
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  3. Airi looked around confused. She saw a man in front of her and another girl she never saw before. She looked down and saw her clothes were changed. She thought to herself What the hell happened? I was just sitting on a bench waiting for a bus and I just appeared here with these clothes on that show way too much, I'm here at this weird tower and there's this man in front of me staring at me like some pervert would AAAAAAAAAAAH. She said the first thing that came to mind, "W-where a-am I?" she was extremely nervous she looked at the girl next to her, "Do you know where we are?" ((OOC: Sorry if this is a little short I don't have much time to write.))
  4. donald.duck

    donald.duck Previously funguy

    Hazard trudged into an inn with a troubled look, "There's a goblin, outside!" Hazard ran into the inn and shouted the same phrase repeatedly as he said his last phrase shouts from outside could be heard from outside. Hazard took a water bottle from his belt and chucked it outside. Hazard heard the water form and a goblin jump towards it. The goblin slid into the inn, wet, and passed out. Hazard called his water chicken back and he quickly slid back onto his shoulder. He ran to the bar and looked at a figure drinking tea. "Adrian? Adri- oh, nevermind! Just help, bro!" He said as the rest of the people on the inn took cover or ran outside to attack the goblins. "Ok, rephrase, goblins!" Hazard said pushing his hair back.

    Hazard clicked a button on his belt releasing all the water bottles. Water chickens formed from all places and ran with Hazard as he flew out the door. "Wet floor! Don't slip!" Hazard screamed as his chickens let loose. A strong mist came from his left which meant a chicken had been destroyed, "That...quick." He ran to his left and pulled out a bamboo makeshift gun which he started to blast pressurized blast of water from.

    A goblin came from behind Hazard pulling his water gun from his hands. The goblin pulled him to the ground and began to tear his armor apart. Hazard took the goblin and pushed it to the ground. He was bleeding from the shoulder as a water chicken came from above creating a large raindrop trapping the goblin. Hazard slipped back into the inn wet and scared. "I'm a tap out." He said as he backed up onto a chair. He pulled out a loaf of bread ad a banana and scarfed it down. "Back in business!" He said as everyone around him chuckled. He rushed out as a chicken ran from under him, "Slip in' Slide? What's up, man?" Hazard ran with chicken until he was jumped by a multitude of goblins.
  5. Hazel felt weird as she began to fade away and appear in a completely new place. She looked at herself, her clothes had changed, but she loved it. She squealed, “Thanks for these amazing clothes! I love cats!” She did a small jump on the spot, then saw the girl next to her and waved, “I have no idea where we are or why, I have to admit, this place looks great.” She looked at the stranger in front of her, “Who’s he?” She whispered to the girl next to her.
  6. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Kasai stood up and looked at the ‘summons’ discreetly. What really made his eyes widen though, was when they TALKED. They seemed to be chatting. One was caught off guard, and the other overjoyed. They seemed to be wary of him. “You can talk...” He exclaimed. He wasn’t very sure how to act, he tried to not get caught off guard. He sighed. “Listen, I don’t know who you are, but I have summoned you. To join the adventurers’ guild.” He talked about his cause. “Now, I don’t know what you’re talking on about, being in another world, but this is Ichoterra. I’m Crisis.” He ‘introduced’ himself, refraining from sayin his actual name, and telling them his vigilante bounty hunter name instead. “Come if you want to. I saw a horde of goblins approaching the village, come help if you want.” He gestured for them to follow him, and ran quickly down the tower.
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  7. Adrian sighed and sipped the last of his tea just in time to see Hazard walk into the inn and warn everyone about goblins. He let out a light groan in annoyance. "Is it so much to ask for a simple day without being called for by idiots?" He muttered to himself as he ate the last of his cookie and watched most of the adventurers run out of the inn to fight the goblins while a few stayed behind to protect the villagers, in his mind he commended the latter for not being too reckless as he stood up and kept his hood up to let the shade cover the top half of his face.

    He walked out to join everyone as he had a plan to dispose of the goblins quickly and turned his eyes to Hazard to get his attention. "Hazard is it? Listen to me, I have a plan to take out the goblins quickly, but I need you to create as much water as you can on the ground." He said nonchalantly as he held up two of his fingers which created a little bolt of electricity. When a goblin charged toward Adrian, he quickly stepped to the side to avoid the goblin's attack and got out his sword to block the next few attacks and stab the goblin through the chest the second the opportunity struck.
  8. Abel walked slowly toward the village. She wanted to bought her weekly milk from the inn, but what welcomed her at the village's entrance was chaos.

    Why are there goblins here?

    People already picked their weapon and fight back the goblins. Abel sighed and untied her coffin, Elrot, from her back. She had been carrying the coffin like a backpack this whole day so her back was kinda sore. She aimed at a bunch of goblins that carry giant slingshot and threw her coffin.

    Caught by unexpected heavy attack. The panicked goblins scattered as the black coffin landed on the center of their crowd. The coffin's lid opened and a skeleton arm rose from the inside. Abel quickly kicked the arm back inside and locked the coffin.

    "Not now." She grabbed the coffin and ran away while the recovered goblins shoot rocks and threw spears at her. Fortunately, the coffin was big enough to protect her whole body from the barrage.
  9. Hazel shrugged, “I guess I can help, it’s not like I know what’s going on.” She grabbed a gun from the belt on her waist and gasped, “I have GUNS too?! What is this crazy world?!” She ran to catch up with the stranger, then down the tower. When they reached the village, she stood outside the gates, staring at the goblin horde. She took two guns, one in each hand, then started stunning the horde. “GET THEM!” She shouted after stunning a lot of them. She ran in, herself, shooting the glowing blue bullets bouncing through the goblins. She took a moment to smile at Crisis, “Did I do good?”
  10. Airi sighed and mumbled to herself, "So we are just going to pretend we didn't just end up in a world we barely know not asking what is going to happen to the real world," she ran down the stairs as a goblin lunged at her. The goblin's head was chopped off and a katana was in Airi's hands, "What the-" another goblin attacked her and her sword went into the goblin's stomach, "How am I doing this?"

    She looked at the katana in utter amazement and excitement. Large golden wings sprouted from her back and she looked back at them, "Woah! Wings?" she lifted herself off of the ground and began to fly clumsily. She began to fly a little bit more gracefully as she killed the goblins around her, "WOOHOO THIS IS AWESOME!"
  11. donald.duck

    donald.duck Previously funguy

    Hazard nodded aggressively took out a water bottle and dropped it to the ground, "Don't drown everybody!" Hazard's water bottle was being chucked everywhere as he creating a flood of water chickens. Hazard's face looked faint as he did this. "When I use my ability," Hazard said stumbling back, "It drains my water source inside of me." Hazard created more water as the water chickens ran around attacking. "That's good enough," Hazard slowly fell back onto one of the stands selling foods. It was obviously broken from the rampage, but most of the goblins were gone.

    Hazard took a loaf of bread from the stand and scarfed it down, "Anybody has a banana?" Hazard laughed at his own joke and sank into the stand with his closed. A water chicken lifted him up and sprayed him with water. "What the-ok!" Hazard used that water to shoot a spear of water at a goblin. Hazard passed out onto the ground. The chicken walked up to him again but turned into mist as a goblin jumped it.
  12. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Kasai looked at Hazel, who seemed to want to impress him. He grinned “You know for a newbie....” He said as he took out his daggers and leapt at the horde of goblins, “YOU’RE NOT HALF-BAD!” He said as he spun right in the center of the horde, beheading several goblins in the process. A goblin jumped at him from behind. He quickly turned around and shot it with his gun. He looked at Hazard. A goblin had attacked his water chicken and looked like it was about to attack him while he was unconscious. He quickly ran towards the goblin, slid on the ground, and impales it through his head with one of his polearms. He stood up, sweating a bit. His stamina was decreasing.

    Guess that meant time for a little magic. He took out two of his guns. Magic circles were right at the opening of his gun. He started chanting some things in Ichoterra language. Fire spewed our of the two guns, having medium range, but still effective. He began roasting and melting goblins before they got even close to him.

    His magic-usage duration was over. Three goblins charged at him, he stepped back a bit, reloaded his gun and shot one in he head, the bullet went through all three of their heads. He started to get really tired, he went quickly to his guildmates and summons, looking at the large, but still lessened, amount of goblins.

    “We gotta do something to sweep them all and kill them. Anybody have any ideas?” He asked to everyone around him.
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  13. Hazel smirked, “Why, thank you.” She chuckled at Airi in the sky, then shouted up to her, “Just for later, my name’s Hazel, by the way!” She looked back at Kasai, “Shouldn’t there be animals around here? I feel like some big strong animals would help.” At her words, a bear angrily trudged out of some nearby trees, then stood in front of the two summoned and Kasai. Hazel gasped, then took a few steps back. “H-hi there.. bear..” She pointed towards the zombies, “Feel like helping?” At her outstretched arm, it ran towards the zombies and jumped in between them, getting into fights with large amounts of them. “Did I just do that? I mean, it listened to me, didn’t it?”
  14. A goblin came firing past Hazel and Kasai, and a small figure was in the distance, with a large stick with a C on the end, which was actually a spanner, and he was using it to smash at another few goblins, along with the bear that was striking at them too. A vicious smash noise could be heard, and another one came flying past the two. Only then had the boy noticed that there was a few people watching, and he turned around, to be revealed, with his wild brown hair and there was a strange feeling around him. Not to mention, he appeared to be a young child, but not below the age of twelve, even with such a small size.

    He pulled his quiver-thing off his back, and started looking through it.
    'Do you's need any weapons? I can do more but nobody really wants anything other than weapons usually.... oh yeah these aren't free so if you want something you're paying me.'.
  15. After playing chase for a while, the goblins finally lost her trail. She breathed deeply, trying to recover her energy. Scanning her surrounding, she saw lots of victims from both side, this might be a chance to finish this. She just need... mana.

    Fortunately, there seems to be a kid selling his wares in the middle of this chaos. She approached the kid, his wild brown hair somehow reminds her of a dog's hair, funny.

    "Hey, you. Have any max mana potion and mana recovery potion? I need it now to push back these goblins."
  16. A girl, not one of the people who he had offered to, but another girl had came out at a great timing, before anyone else could say anything. She had asked for a max mana potion and recovery potion.
    'I don't think I have a max one, or at least not one I'm willing to sell, but I have some regular ones.'. He put his hand into the quiver, and pulled out 3 of each, and held them in each hand. 'That comes to...'. The boy took a small mental count and then told her the price. It was smaller than she'd probably receive from an actual store-brand, but not by a large amount.

    Afterwards, whether the transaction was made or not, he had noticed he'd forgotten to mention his own name.
    'So, I'm Derik Heller, and I'm a mechanic-merchant. Like I said a minute ago, I sell weaponry and pretty much everything. And, no-'. As a goblin came mindlessly running at him, he pulled the wrench out and slammed hard into it, causing the goblin to be knocked back. '- I'm not a support-type of person, I can hold out on my own.'.

    (I found a better word for spanner so I'll use wrench.)
  17. "Well, thank you Derik. This will be enough." She took all the potions and drank them all immediately. This willl sucks. She really should start to put more stat points to increase her mana pool. In her current condition, she could only cast up to one or two intermediate spell without mana booster like these potions.

    She waited for the effect to kick in. Shortly afterward, blood started flowing from her nose. Her father said humans are like balloon while mana is water, if that's true then right now she's stretching her balloon by filling it with plenty of water to the point of tearing. Well, lucky she didn't just explode from the pressure.

    "Don't worry, just mana overdose. Will pay later." She assured the seller. She turned around and untied Elrot from her back, the coffin hit the ground with a loud thud.

    "Wait here." She said to no one in particular, probably the seller, or might be to her coffin. She walked around the inn. Each time she found a goblin corpse, she casted a spell to reanimate them and made them attack another goblin. She avoided raising dead humans, her experience told her that action would not end up good for her. Her blood kept flowing out of her nose, but the more she cast, the less nosebleed she had.

    "Awaken." She casted another spell. A goblin zombie stood back, she ordered the zombie to attack another goblins. The zombie walked slowly to the nearest goblin and smacked his head from behind.

    She casted another spell to the downed goblin, raising him back. Soon enough, she was leading a dozen of goblin zombies. Let's call them the Goblinz Crew. Anyway, her head felt kinda dizzy...
  18. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Kasai saw the girl cast a spell upon a goblin, rendering them undead. She seemed to have done this with a lot others as well.

    Kasai grinned and then a magic circle opened in front of him, “Smoldering Rage.” He said as Fire rose from his hands. He dived into the horde of living goblins (not the undead ones) and began fisting them with his knuckles, now covered with fire.

    With each punch he gave to each goblin, he could hear ‘snap!’s as a sign of fracturing or breaking their skulls. ‘If we can’t take them all out in one sweep, we just need to do it the hard way.’ He thought.

    He took dozens of goblins down one by one, a goblin jumped at him, but he punched him in the gut, knocking him away.

    Soon, when there was still a lot o goblins left. Strong, large footsteps could be heard. A large dark green goblin, almost as big as a giant, with some golden teeth, yellow eyes, and one ear. It wore golden and silver rings on both if its hands. It roared fearsomely at the adventurers.

    Most of the town had already fled to shelters and their houses, so the town was a bit empty by now. This was a ‘boss’. The Master Goblin. If they took this one out, the smaller goblins would be convinced that these adventures were too strong and flee.

    Kasai chuckled, then took out his polearms. He charged at the boss monster. The master goblin swung at him. Kasai retaliated by stabbing one of his fingers with a polearm, and getting up on his hand. The boss monster glared at him, unfazed. Kasai then punched his nose with his fire fist. That was what Kasai called ‘Scorching Uppercut’.

    Kasai heard the Master Goblin’s nose break. Kasai jumped down, and saw the boss monster hold his nose in agony and pain, as it started bleeding a little, with a scorch mark on it. The boss monster was now vulnerable, he gestured to the others to start hitting him.
  19. Airi saw that the battle was almost won and she went over to an injured adventure sitting on the ground, "Are you okay?" she touched his arm and the adventurer glows and becomes uninjured and Airi gasps. "I can heal people?! COOL!!" She went to other people touching their arms healing them. She went into every house to check on the villagers healing anyone who was injured. She became extremely exhausted and went to the bar sitting down at a table as she fell asleep snoring loudly.
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  20. The giant goblin's roar thundering across the village. Abel looked up at the big goblin.

    "Nice punch." She commented to the boy who just hit the big goblin with a flaming uppercut.

    While the big goblin was busy with the boy, Abel commanded her goblinz crew to attack from behind. They climbed onto each other shoulder and a walking tower made of a dozen dead goblin charged at the big goblin.

    The big goblin didn't realize until it was too late. The first spear pierce his knee, making his fell on the ground. The next spear aimed at his elbow, maimed him and preventing him from retaliating. The next sight was ironic as the big goblin was beaten to death by his own dead soldiers. His roar turned into scream, then squeak, then nothing.

    Abel was sitting on top of her coffin. Her eyes were half-asleep. She dispell her necromancy as soon as the big goblin was dead. She needs to rest, so she fell asleep on her coffin.
  21. The bear that had responded to Hazel trudged back over, then huffed at her feet. She quivered, then reached out a hand and touched its head. It started to walk away, stopping to stand up and glance round one last time, and then dissapeared into the trees again. She saw some others who had been attacking the goblins and tried to wave over to them, it was Hazard and Adrian. She looked at Kasai, “Crisis, who are all these others? And what will happen to us now?”
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  22. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Kasai looked at Hazel, who’d called him by his vigilante name. He looked at Adrian and Hazard, “I don’t really know what they’re doing, but if they didn’t join the fight with us, I’m certain they were busy helping the villagers evacuate. The villagers couldn’t have disappeared this fast.” He said calmly, as he folded his hands, and heard her ask another question. “Well, nothing’s gonna happen to us, really. I mean, the goblins fled and—“ He suddenly got what she’d meant.

    That’s right, she and Airi had no place to stay. He suddenly felt like an absolute jerk for summoning them without any preparations like this, “Well, uh...*Sigh* Look, I’m really sorry for summoning you like that, but you both proved yourself pretty useful in combat.” He then said something that would be part of the fateful words that would make the adventuring party.

    “Even though you have no wear to stay...why not join the Adventurers’ Guild with us?” He said as he held out his hand.
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  23. "Abby! Abby!" Abel woke up from her brief nap as she felt someone pounced the coffin's lid underneath her and called her name with a high-pitched voice.

    "What's the breakfast, mama?" Abel yawned and shook her head, trying to shake off her dizziness. Wait, her mom wasn't here.

    "Phew, I thought you fainted. You should eat some blood pills immediately. I feel like you bleed quite a lot." The high-pitched voice suggested the necromancer. Abel nodded and popped three pills into her mouth. Her head felt much more clear now.

    "That's the last. l have no pills left." Abel said to the high-pitched voice.

    "Then buy another!"

    "No money left."



    "Well, we're screwed."

    Abel dragged her coffin and walked toward the guild entrance. She hummed a song that she used to hear from her mother. Everytime she hum the song, It calmed her down and distracted her mind from her problems.

    "Abby?" The high-pitched voice called her.

    "If you want to throw me. At least tell me before so I can brace myself."

    "Yes, sorry."
  24. Adrian was annoyed at how many started to come over to fight the goblins which he saw as collateral damage if he went through with his plan, so he called off his lightning and went to help any villagers evacuate. Any goblin that tried to attack the villagers where instantly sliced in two by Adrian's sword. "Can't a man such as myself ask for a simple day where nothing goes all over the place?" he asked himself rhetorically as he made sure the villagers were out of the goblins' range.
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  25. Hazel gasped, “Really?!” She jumped, “Of course I would!” She shouted out with joy, then patted the guns on her waist, “I’ll need to get practise in with these, I really hope I’ll be good enough to stay.” She saw another person walking around with the villagers and getting rid of the last goblins, then smiled to Kasai and walked over to him. “Well, what’s a day if everything goes the way you want it? That’d be boring, wouldn’t it?” She chuckled, “Oh, sorry. My name is Hazel.” (@Red Gallade)
  26. Airi ran up to Kasai, "I can heal people! Do you need any healing?" she then remembered something she hadn't told him, "My name is Airi by the way." she smiled at him waiting for an answer from her question she asked before. She thought Still can't believe I am here, although I am starting to like it here.
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  27. Adrian turned his head to Hazel. "Adrian, and no, if everything I want happens, it would be anything but boring." He replied bluntly before he turned back to make sure the villagers were alright, it was hard to tell what his species was because most of his head was covered by the hood of his cloak. "Is everyone alright?" He asked, only to be approached by the barmaid he met earlier. "Yeah, thanks to you." She replied with a smile.
  28. Hazel smiled, "Well, you seem occupied dealing with the after-works, I should probably get back to Crisis about that Guild thing anyway.." She waved as she left the surprisingly held up bar, returning to Crisis' side. She pointed up at Airi, "Are you joining the Guild, too?" She turned back to Kasai, "Also, where is it? I feel like checking it out. Might as well make my time here fun if I can't see reality again." She stroked her new hoodie, "Maybe it'll be better here, the first thing I saw were these awesome clothes, that has to be a sign!"
  29. 'I'M RIGHT HERE YOU KNOW!'. Derik screamed that to everyone else who had appeared to not have mentioned him. If the people had said "no" or "no thanks" or whatever, that would have been fine. But he was flat out ignored. With such a temper, his arm started rapidly growing fur, but as soon as he saw it, he made a small gasp and it changed to his normal, pale arm.
    'I would have been totally fine with a no, but you guys are just flat out ignoring me!'. In anger, he swiftly turned around to Abel, not noticing what she was doing, and mentioned about her payment.

    'Can you give me the money? I'm taking my leave.'. The boy's short-fuse had been lit, and he wasn't giving a thought of being polite. Why should he? That thought raced across his mind.
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  30. Abel looked at the small boy and suddenly felt awkward. She didn't even remember about the potion. Well, here goes nothing.

    "Umm... Derik, I don't have money on me right now." She spoke slowly, not wanting to make the furious boy even angrier.

    "S-soo... Next time, maybe?" She tried to postpone her payment, but she suddenly thought of something more.

    "Or, you can join me in my next job. Then I can pay you as soon as possible and you can also take half of the payment of the job." A soft bang was heard from the inside of her coffin but she ignored it.

    "How does it sound?"
  31. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Kasai looked at Hazel again, who was asking him where the guild was. He pointed to a huge wooden building with a green wyvern emblem on a white shield on the front of it, with huge doors. It had pillars which had green vines growing on them, and a sign was in front of it saying ‘ADMISSIONS OPEN’. “I think you’d be a great help too.” He looked at Airi while grinning, “We could really use a healer, there aren’t much in the guild.” He said calmly, as he looked at Abel and Derik in the corner. Abel looked a bit guilty, while Derik looked irritated.

    He looked at Adrian, Airi and Hazel again, “Hey, uh, just a minute please.” He said as he walked over to them. “Hey, uh, Abel. Who’s this?” He asked Abel. He was impressed by the boy’s ability to think fast, and fight at the same time. They both had unusual weapon choices, but he thought that was still cool nonetheless. He thought he’d Ben a good addition to the guild. He already knew Abel, since a lot of people in the guild talked about her, and she appeared to Ben from the guild as she suggested Derik would be able to do a job with her.

    “He seems like pretty good guild material to me. Maybe we all can make an adventuring party with the three over there.” He grinned, looking at Adrian, Airi and Hazel.
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  32. If Derik was volcano, instead of werewolf, he could've easily erupted, blowing the whole area they were in down, after hearing that his customer had bought something off of him, and not even had the right money. However, after being offered to come with her on an adventure, he brightened up an amount. He had nothing else to do, except smash goblins over and over, so he accepted.

    'Sure, I'll come. But I should say, it's not good to buy something and not pay.'. He also saw one of the people who he had originally tried to talk to, and the person looked at him, and began saying something to the other people he was with. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't hear him, and just left it. Not to mention, as he looked back to the girl, who's coffin appeared to bang, which was a coincidental timing. It was as if an inhabitant to the large tomb was frustrated by her request to him.

    'So, where are we actually going?'.
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  33. "Hello Kasai. Meet my new teammate, this is Derik. Derik, this is Kasai, one of the adventurer here." She introduced them to each other. She wanted to ask about the three people that Kasai brought with him, but she realized that there's someone she needs to introduce as well, herself.

    "Andd.... My name is Abigail. Just call me Abel, everyone call me that. Who are these new faces, Kasei? Never seen them before." Despite how rare she hang out at the guild, she was sure that she would recognize a guild member.

    "As for where we will be going. I planned to accept this job about exterminating cockroaches in the basement, the payment is just too good for such a simple task."
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  34. Hazel wondered over, “Jobs sound good. It can ease me and Airi into this new life.” She pointed at Adrian, “Adrian’s not new, I’m pretty sure. Maybe even in the Guild already!” She smiled and waved at Derik, “Nice to meet you, two!” She entered the Guild Hall to look around, not expecting there to be so many people. She peered out the door to her friends, “This is amazing!”
  35. Airi looked at Hazel, "I guess if it could help us survive here, and plus get more friends, I'm in!" she jumped up and down, "I never really got your name, what was it?" she asked Hazel with a smile on her face. She also still wanted an answer from Crisis about if he needed healing or not.
  36. Derik simply just looked at the other four in a grudging way, and looked over at the girl, now known as Abel, and listened to her job request. 'Good money for simply removing cockroaches? Great! Though, you're gonna have to pick one person out of these four, aren't you?'.

    Whilst listening to whatever Abel said back, he tested fazing between human nose and wolf nose, this would help him smell the cockroaches in their hiding dens. He also looked out at the Guild Hall, and his jaw slightly dropped.
  37. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Kasai put his index and thumb on his chin, meaning he was thinking. "I'm sure merging the party would be a good idea. Also, no I don’t need healing.” He answered Airi.

    “How about we all make an adventure by party? Gathering cockroaches for a good payment sounds a bit off, but sure, why not? An easy first quest is a good start for an adventuring party.” He said calmly. He then looked at everyone around him, and said something that he expected everyone to answer.

    “So what do you think guys?” He asked, assuming they knew he was asking about making an adventuring party.
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  38. Airi looked around at the others noticing how diverse this team would be he thought to herself It's an obvious yes but how do I say it without embarrassing myself. She sighed as she spoke up, "As long as I everyone else agrees I'm in," she said it and had a little bit of a voice crack at the end so she blushed a little and covered her mouth.
  39. “Yup!” Hazel shrieked, “I’m in!” She walked back to the group, “This means we need to get to know eachother better, I think it should be fun.” She shrugged, “I don’t mind cockroaches, I was basically at zoos.. all the time back home.”
  40. Adrian scoffed lightly at the diverse amount of people. "If this team consists of just one idiot..." He thought to himself before he walked over to the others. "I suppose I'll join... for now at least." He said in atone that clearly lacked enthusiasm, anyone who was in the guild for a long time would know why Adrian doesn't stay in groups for too long.
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