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Open Ichoterra (RPG-World Roleplay) *Discussion Board*

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by _Ziruminous, Dec 27, 2018.


What Should The Team Name Be?

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  1. The Atomic Blitz

  2. The Spree

  3. The Karma Anacondas

  4. The Dead Enders

  5. The Hellish Maniacs

  1. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    Again, I think you got confused between game-like RPG world and 'game'. To be honest with you, I'd be too. But that's not what I was try to entail.

    I don't expect anyone to do so, it's perfectly clear in my eyes. And it seems people who've already joined seem to understand that.

    Erm, yes, I'm aware you aren't a psychic..
  2. Does this roleplay have mythical creatures, or just normal animals? Things such as dragons! And can Hazel call them over, being an animal tamer? I won’t say she can control what they do, but they know that they should attack enemies, and she can only point and call them over at this point?
  3. Is she a tamer or summoner? In my mind, tamer is like, having pets, and probably extra damage to animal type monster or something like that. While summoner summon creature out of thin air.
  4. She’s a tamer, but I have no idea what to do with it?? xd
  5. Me too XD

    Just try to make some rules for yourself and be consistent with it. Since this RP isn't based of any specific games.
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  6. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    There actually are mythical creatures in the RP, but I think the class Animal Tamer, would be, like Spoiled Bread said, having pets, and you would also need to FIND animals to tame. There’s also a level of difficulty to what animals you can tame. For example, dragons are harder to tame than bears.
    As for now, your class shows the notion to find animals and tame them. Of course, you’d need an Animal to fight, so for now, Hazel has her bear, but from now on she’d need to find animals to tame them. I let you call upon an animal just this once, since your character kinda needs it for combat.
  7. Will this goblin assault connected to a more continous story?
  8. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    Actually, at first, I hadn’t planned for a goblin assault, it was XBD who made it happen. When we kill off the boss, we can finally make an adventuring party, and go on the first quest.
  9. I see. Then I can use this for later. Ehehehe, ehehehe, gweheheheheee... please ignore this.
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  10. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    I get the feeling you’ll make your character always have an army of undead goblins at her disposal XD
  11. Well, I plan to make Abel a non-creepy necromancer, so no. Although carrying a huge coffin might not be less creepy now that I think about it. XD
  12. I just called upon the bear to start the whole taming thing, it was basically nearby and saw her, and since she's a tamer, it felt like it should help just that once, and maybe she can tame it properly after the fight
  13. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    Sure, that works.
  14. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    Hey, @DeadEdgelord can you make your posts in past tense and a paragraph long?Your most recent post is really short and is in present tense, which violates the site's rules..
  15. I will try my best to add more detail sorry I am really tired.
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  16. Sorry if you want to beat some big-ass goblin but can't because I already finished him. I just think it's better to move on to the next part right now.
  17. @Red Gallade @XBD If you want something to do, you could say you see the boss goblin squeak out in defeat, then come to see what happened and ask Kasai about the summons, or we make friends and work together, then you would give me something to post as well as taming a bear
    #57 Jodie.xox, Jan 4, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2019
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  18. Sorry I haven't posted yet, I've been trying to think of one but everything going on seems a little allover the place or sudden for Adrian to react.
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  19. I understand that.

    @_Ziruminous do you have any plan on how to gather our characters together?
  20. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    The characters that weren’t really ‘active’ during Goblin Assault could’ve been busy helping villagers evacuate, and THEN meet up with the adventurers on the front lines, everyone introduces themselves, form an adventuring party and then go on a quest. I can copy and paste a post explaining quests from the convo and put it here, or has everyone already read it?
  21. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    I want in;
    I'm saying it now since it'll take a minute to type my character prof. and I don't wanna lose my spot.
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  22. Pro Hero Dekiru

    Pro Hero Dekiru Previously Battle Legend G.K.

    Name: Drike Wyvrek'r
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Drike has messy jet black hair, similar in shape to the avatar in my profile picture. He has bold, royal blue eyes several scars across his arms from training and fights. However, people rarely see Drike's arms, as he wears a dark brown long-sleeved shirt with a small leather plate across the left forearm. Over that shirt is a short-sleeved smoky dark blue shirt, and over that he wears several small pads and straps. Drike has a gunmetal plate across his left shoulder, and a small yet durable leather pad that stretches across his chest. A strap across his waist has his secondary weapons on it, as well as a small leather book bag across his lower back; he then has a diagonal strap that goes across his torso, with a larger knapsack on his back. This strap is also where Drike stores his primary weapon. He has simple light tan pants, as well as two boots with detachable iron ankle weights
    Original Class: Brawler; Drike has honed his skills across his short years, finding preference with swords; especially large ones. He takes a "glass cannon" like fighting style, using his primary weapon as a shield. As such, he's very fast, strong, and .
    Specialization/Second Class: Attack Mage; Drike took a couple of years to learn minor offensive lightning magic. He uses it to fire small and medium sized bolts, as well as imbue power into his or his companions' weapons.
    Weapons: Drike's main weapon is a wide-bladed sword. The blade itself is three feet long and one foot wide, and the handle is about ten inches long. Think the Demon-Slayer Sword from Black Clover, but shorter in length, and just a little shorter in width. It appears to be one-bladed and bulky, but part of the other side is sharpened, and it's lighter than it looks; about the weight of a katana. The sword itself is made of polished dragon bone with a solid dark steel guard, and the handle is wrapped in leather in cloth. The hilt of the weapon is carved from the same metal as the guard, in the shape of a dragonhead. Drike also has two one-foot folding knives that extend to two feet when unfolded.
    Level: 180
    Guild: Adventurer's Guild; not at the beginning, but he;ll travel with them and finally join.
    Occupation: Wanderer/Adventurer; Drike kills monsters and sells his spoils to make a living.
    Other: Despite his fighting style, Drike is incredibly strategic and a great multi-tasker. He'll crack jokes and throw banter at his opponent; what appears to be arrogance is actually buying himself time to think.
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  23. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    You’re accepted, mate! :D
  24. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    Okay now. Since we're now on the verge of making an adventuring party, I think it's about time I've addressed this:

    Here’s the thing. For this world, I made two kinds of quests. Gathering quests and battle quests. Gathering quests are generally easier, and involve more payment, that’s because the people who submit the quests aren’t harmed, but instead want our characters to gather supplies for them and stuff like that. Battle quests are kinda self explanatory. They’re more dangerous, and there’s less payment cause the people who submit the quests are either harmed or robbed. Battle quests include, well, battle. They’re for blood, vengeance and retribution. And the currency of payment for this world are ‘Qoins and Gewels’. (Yes, I made them up). Gewels are normally worth more than Qoins. Gewels are like jewels, and Qoins are like coins, it better. They’re made of a crystalline-gold like substance, and they’re coins but with a rhombus hope carved into them. Gathering quests normal offer Gewels, and battle quests offer Qoins. These are some of the 'rules' I set for this world.
  25. Hm? Why do the more dangerous quest give less payment? Elaborate please.
  26. The more dangerous ones come with more of a risk of dying so you don't want to pay someone to die on a quest and not finish it.
  27. You can pay after the quest finished. The guild should also work to ensure both the adventurer and client get their rights. If the dangerous ones give less payment then there will be no one would bother with it.
  28. That is a good point, @_Ziruminous do you have an explanation?
  29. Harder quests should give more coins, and maybe even have a level suggestion for doing them. Easier ones like gathering should only give more if you have to gather rare things that take a lot of effort, and if it’s easy to find what you need, it should be less coins
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  30. Yes, level requirement is a good thing.
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  31. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    You guys make fair points. At first, I had thought that if the quest givers were stolen from or killed, you’d get less money, but I was still unsure.

    Okay then, harder quests will give more Qoins and Gewels.
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  32. I'm... actually just joking about the roaches XD
    Buy hey, if you guys want to hunt some roaches then I'm in. I can edit my previous post for smoother transition.
  33. Can someone reply, please? Or just anyone who can start the job!
  34. I plan to, but want to think things through first.
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  35. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    Guys, I’ve replied. :D
  36. I just noticed that I put that Derik's weight is 'four pounds'. He's not balloon anymore, he's four stone now. Still really light, but not to the point of balloon.
  37. Can you remind me what’s going on? I’ve completely forgotten, it’s been waaaaaay too long!
    Name: Hazel Nash
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Light brown hair with even lighter highlights, sort of wavy down below her shoulders. She wears a white shirt with whiskers, a heart nose and ears on it and black shorts with black sneakers. (In Game) She wears a black poofy hoodie with a hood over her head, the hood has cat ears on it and makes a big shadow over her face in case she needs to hide herself. Her bottom half is black tights with denim shorts, including a black belt of her guns. She wears black trainers with a paw design on.
    Original Class: Stunner/Gunner
    Specialization/Second Class: Animal Taming
    Weapons: Guns able to temporarily stun enemies and shoot at them with bright blue bullets.
    Level: 56
    Guild: N/A
    Occupation: Animal Tamer, Adventurer
    Also, I might make a second character if this takes off again :3
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  38. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    Basically, Kasai summoned you and Airi, we go to the town, fight off some goblins, everyone joins the adventurers guild and forms a party, then we take a quest and some people are unsure about it.

    That’s as much as I remember, cuz I went back and read the whole RP, and let me tell you, it’s actually pretty interesting. :D (Kinda like a book..)

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