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Open Ichoterra (RPG-World Roleplay) *Discussion Board*

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by _Ziruminous, Dec 27, 2018.


What Should The Team Name Be?

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  5. The Hellish Maniacs

  1. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    Spots for this RP are open for now, once we get more Roleplayers (at least as much as we can handle) this will be closed.

    This RP is about two girls who have been summoned into an RPG-like game world called 'Ichoterra' by a certain bounty hunter and adventurer. After that, they meet other adventurers who want to join them on their journey, and complete quests in the notion to get more money.

    Only Five Special Rules:-
    1. Hate the character, not the RPer.
    2. Don't make yourself the protagonist of the story and leave other people, who came into the RP to have fun, in the shade.
    3. From now on, all new characters will have already been sentient in the RPG Realm, and Not in Real Life.
    4. Classes, races and weapons are to be determined by you.
    5. Have fun.
    Of course, Pokecharms official rules apply.

    Here's the character sheet:-
    Age (You Need To Include The Birthdate, So The Don't Magically Age Up To Have A Relationship With Other Characters):
    Original Class (What Was The Class They Started With As Adventurers?):
    Specialization/Second Class (What Weapons Do They Specialize In Handling and How?):
    Level (Max Level is 800 *Limit For Character Levels, For Now Is Up To 250):

    Here's my character,
    Name: Kasai “Crisis” Oji
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18 (Birthdate: 25th October, 2000)
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Has brown spiky, slicked back hair (kinda like Izumi Shinichi from Parasyte), dark brown eyes, fair skin, a fairly muscular body, with scars all over it. He wears a long black-brownish cloak that divides into six spikes at the end, with red outlines, and a hood, and sleeves. He wears a red fabric shirt with brown leather gauntlets, breastplates and black fingerless gloves. He wears black-dark brownish pants with black boots with dark black laces.
    Original Class: Rogue
    Specialization/Second Class: Magic Gunner (Specializes in handling guns, but is also skilled in using dual daggers and pole-arms, and is adept with magic, specifically Fire magic)
    Weapons: Dual Pistols, Dual Daggers that are red and serrated in an opposite way on the two sides of the dagger, and has a brown handle that has half of it wrapped in dirty bandages, dual pole-arms that have black blades and a small hole in each of the blades, they have brown handles too, and half of the handles are also wrapped in dirty bandages, and an obsidian bow with silver crystals carved into it, and metallic arrows. All his weapons have ‘E.N.D’ carved into them.
    Level: 191 (Max Level is 800)
    Guild: Adventurers’ Guild
    Occupation: Bounty Hunter, and Adventurer
    Other: He’s a bounty hunter, so he hides his identity by calling himself Crisis.

    *Edgelord and Jodie have to put their character sheets here too*

    Link to the RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/ichoterra-rpg-world-roleplay.20380/

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    Last edited: Jan 8, 2019
  2. Always wanted to join a Fantasy type of RP, I do hope this bio is acceptable.

    Adrian Silvergale
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19 (Birth date: February 11th, 1999)
    Race: Elf
    Appearance: Pale skin, Red Irises on his eyes and long pointed ears that point slightly upward and Long smooth elegant Black hair. He wears an Olive grayish tunic and pants underneath a Dark blue vest, Jet black leather boots and a large Black hooded cloak with a White feather mane. On his right hand, he wears a Silver ring with runes a lot like Celtic ones. On his back under his cloak is the scabbard for his sword.
    Original Class: Mage
    Specialization/Second Class: Warrior (Mainly due to his slowly growing skill in swordsmanship.)
    Weapons: A special type of sword that highly resembles an estoc, almost everything on the sword is Silver apart from a round ruby gem on the bottom of the hilt. The blade itself is long and thin yet shows signs that it can also be used for cutting.
    Level: 58
    Guild: Adventurers' Guild
    Occupation: Adventurer and Scholar, although he isn't afraid to take up mercenary work.
    Other: He struggles to find a 'Good Adventuring party' due to the fact he sees most adventurers as more brawn than brains.
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  3. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    Okay, then. Your character bio sheet is accepted.
    But first, do you know what you're going to post first on the RP? I think you do. So, I want you to put your first post here, so I could see your RPing skill. Hope you don't have a problem with that.
  4. Honestly, I've just finished reading your first RP post and it's making me wonder how I can add my character in. Perhaps he was passing by the tower when he noticed the lights from a summon and decided to check it out, obviously he won't be that close to the tower so he might take a bit of time walking to it.
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  5. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    Your approach is nice. You could do that, or you could wait in the Adventurers' Guild's Inn, and we could assume you character was already an acquaintance of Kasai, and seeing him with a party would make him want to join too. That's my suggestion at least. You could use yours or mine, it's your choice. All I want to know is your RP skill.
  6. Yeah; If I don't do the approach to the tower, he could either be enjoying a drink, checking for 'worthy bounties' or being asked by a few adventurers who heard of his expertise. Of course my char's no legend, perhaps the fact he's all by his lonesome makes him a likely candidate for adventurers wishing for a full group.
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  7. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    You can take your time preparing your first post.
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  8. @_Ziruminous made a comment on his own page asking if anyone was interested an RPG fantasy roleplay and I said yes and so did @Jodie.xox. He put us along with him in a conversation and he put his bio in it. We put our bios in it. Disclaimer this is one of the summoned characters.

    Name: Airi Fuse
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18 (Birthdate: 29th February 2000)
    Race: Human(Angel in the game)
    Appearance: (In Real Life) Has black long hair, light blue eyes, fair skin, a fairly thin body, (In game)She wears a long white trench coat that divides into three semi-circles at the end, with gold outlines. She also has Gold wings.
    Original Class: Healer
    Specialization/Second Class: Magic Swordswoman (Specializes in handling swords, but since also she is a healer she also specializes in magical staffs specifically)
    Weapons: Two Katanas with golden hilts and a golden staff with a white star on top
    Level: 110 (Max Level is 800)
    Guild: Adventurers' Guild
    Occupation: Healer, and Adventurer
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  9. @Red Gallade Seriously. AGAIN?! This is too funny, xD

    And hey, I decided to make a new name for once
    Name: Hazel Nash
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Light brown hair with even lighter highlights, sort of wavy down below her shoulders. She wears a white shirt with whiskers, a heart nose and ears on it and black shorts with black sneakers. (In Game) She wears a black poofy hoodie with a hood over her head, the hood has cat ears on it and makes a big shadow over her face in case she needs to hide herself. Her bottom half is black tights with denim shorts, including a black belt of her guns. She wears black trainers with a paw design on.
    Original Class: Stunner/Gunner
    Specialization/Second Class: Animal Taming
    Weapons: Guns able to temporarily stun enemies and shoot at them with bright blue bullets.
    Level: 56
    Guild: N/A
    Occupation: Animal Tamer, Adventurer

    Please catch me up because I am lazy and didn’t even know the roleplay was open yet
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  10. funguy

    funguy Previously j o n a h

    Well, this looks delicious. I'm all ears fam:
    Name: Chanpion (the Japanese word for 'Champion', but for the sake of it call him, Champ).
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15 (they die at thirty or so, so I kept him young)
    Race: Unicorn
    Appearance: Champ is a tall stallion of a unicorn at an about a high of six and a half feet. He has dirty white fur and a dirty rainbow mane with slightly faded colors. He's a fast traveling horse who's been beaten up a bit because of the trips and falls form his races. He has chipped dark black hooves, a rainbow tail faded with color, and a large sharp polished horn. He wears a saddle with his team logo on it and a necklace with a scratched pearl on it.
    Original Class: Racer or Stallion
    Specialization/Second Class: Stallion or Item Barrier or a Get Away Ride (that was a joke, but possible)
    Weapons: Horn, Hind Legs
    Level: LVL 57
    Guild: Travelers' Guild
    Occupation: Racer, Item Barrier, Transport
    Other: He can't talk, but he is very expressive.
    My second character (and my main):
    Name: Water Hazard (Usually people call him Hazard, and his real name is unknown)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12
    Race: Human
    Appearance: Hazard is tall for his age and has short black hair covering his forehead in a choppy bowl cut. He has light brown skin and he wears a lengthy blue outfit with dark blue plates around his body. He has a small belt around his waist with bottles of water hung around, and this water bottle are hung from his back and legs.
    Original Class: Low-Class Stallion Racer
    Specialization/Second Class: Water Chicken Tamer
    Weapons: N/A
    Level: LVL 86
    Guild: Mages' Guild
    Occupation: Scout
    Other: A Water Tamer is a very skilled being who can harness the power of water to create anything they want. So, in theory, they are a water bender. A Water Chicken Tamer is a made up class by Hazard when he first began using water. He prefers creating Chickens that can easily slip through things and shoot pressurized amounts of water.
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  11. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    You’re both accepted. If you want to see what’s happened in the RP, look at the starter post of this discussion, the link to the RP is there.
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  12. @XBD You sure made the inn scenario escalate quickly. Also how does you char know mine and how did a group of goblins manage to make their way so far into the village?
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  13. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    In RPs that include guilds, most guildmates already know, or are acquainted, with each other. The village in which the guild is present in is, like any other village, guarded by two soldiers, at the gate of the village. A group of goblins could’ve easily mowed them down, considering how goblins are witty and there was a much larger number of them.
  14. Fair enough, guess I was still trying to wake up.
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  15. Sorry for the double post, but I should also ask: Should mages have one specific element to wield or can they wield multiple just as long as they're not too powerful?
  16. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    They can have 4 elements mastered (that are of their own choice) and the rest will have to be gained from either leveling up, or learning, which takes a lot of time at other villages or guilds. Most classes have the choice of mastering one element. Kasai chose Fire, it’s mentioned in his character sheet, if you want to revise it.
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  17. Name: Abigail Ross (Abel)
    Gender: female
    Age: 16 (born in 1 January 2002, so she'll be 17 tomorrow XD)
    Race: human
    Appearance: Abel is a girl with short stature, Elrot completely towered over her. She has long black hair with a yellow ribbon tied on the left side of her hair. Her eyes are black. Wears a long white robe with a sun symbol on the back, most of the time Elrot blocked the symbol from view though. Her hands were protected by a pair of black gloves.
    Original Class: Shaman
    Specialization/Second Class: Necromancer
    Weapons: Elrot, a gigantic black metal coffin almost twice her height. It's a mystery how she able to carry and swing that thing. Usually carried on her back horizontally. It has plenty of handles throughout it's body that Abel use as grip. It has a smaller lid that can be used to peek inside. Strong locks are used to lock the main and small lids of the coffin, though it occasionally opened by itself...
    Level: 77
    Guild: Adventurer's Guild, .......
    Occupation: Adventurer, exorcist, chef
    Other: She likes cat and stew.
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  18. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    You’re accepted!
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  19. Allrighty. There's still something that confuse me though. Is this about people that trapped in a video game ala SAO, the game become reality ala Log Horizon, or fantasy world with RPG system like Kumo Desu ga??
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  20. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    Two of the characters here are trapped in a fantasy world with an in depth RPG system. I can list down the entire world’s in depth rules, if anyone has some time to read. It’ll have to be later though. I’m going out right now, to do an errand.
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  21. So, these two characters are from our normal world while the others are native to this fantasy world where everyone have level, experience, etc etc as normal things?
  22. I should also ask about the levels that some chars are: How big is the comparison in their strength? With how high the max level is as said in your first discussion post, I'm assuming that someone 10 levels higher than another person won't have that much stronger, sure it'd be a bit noticeable, but still.
  23. funguy

    funguy Previously j o n a h

    @Ziruminous, the inn situation was just concerning me and @Red Gallade, because I thought the rest of you were somewhere else?
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  24. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    @Spoiled Bread Yes.
    @Red Gallade It depends on the classes. For example, a high level healer. They’re assume my better at healing skills, not strength but technique and skills instead.
    @XBD Yes. I know. Kasai wasn’t in the inn, he SAW a horde of goblins that were closing in on the village so he went to summon Airi and Hazel. He didn’t summon them for no reason.
  25. funguy

    funguy Previously j o n a h

    Oh, ok. Proceed.
  26. For stats and level up, is it determined by the class or do you get stat points which you can freely assign?

    Also, I propose Roasted Cupcake as the name of the team XD
  27. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    You can assign stat points to whatever stat attribute you wish. (Example: Speed, Strength, Stamina, Magic, etc.)

    I’m thinking I should deploy the world’s rules some time.
  28. Name: Derik Heller
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12 (January 1st, 2006)
    Race: Werewolf
    Appearance: He's only werewolf rather than a full wolf-thing, so he usually looks human-like.... a rather small human. His size is 3' 12", and his weight is only 4 stone, which makes him great to throw into small spaces. His actual appearance includes massive, wild light brown hair, extremely pale skin and dark grey eyes. In clothing, he wears a crimson red cotton long-sleeved t-shirt, with black biker gloves, and a stone-chestplate. On his lower half, he wears dark grey trousers, similar to jeans, and massive steel-toed black boots. Whenever he becomes wolf, he hides himself in an area from everyone else so he doesn't rip his clothes and will be a wolf cub, the same colour as his hair. His eyes will be fully dark grey with black dots for the pupil. His mouth will have two noticable large fangs. He'll also come out wearing four grey bands around his legs.
    Original Class: Mechanic
    Specialization/Second Class: Ranger (A lot of his inventions are ways to fight ranged, with the exception of the massive spanner)
    Weapons: He carries a large spanner and all sorts of different things in a massive quiver on his back.
    Level: 48
    Guild: N/A.
    Occupation: Hunter, Merchant.
    Other: Sometimes, he'll use the hole inside of a tree as a place to rest, and sell things he's made. Therefore that makes him a merchant.

    Sorry about the super large appearance, and I hope I'm not too unbalanced or anything.
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  29. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    You're accepted!

    Also, @Jodie.xox, they're not zombies we're fighting. They're goblins.
  30. Forgot to add the birth date, I did read the rules and everything but I think my creativity of a class idea made me forget about that.]

    And a question, what's the rule on gore? Would say, a goblin head being hit off be over the limit, without pointing out blood?
  31. You said zombies
  32. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    Fixed. Now, can you fix it? Just cuz I made a mistake doesn’t really mean that it’s suddenly zombies, even though most people know that it’s already goblins, but thanks for pointing out the mistake nonetheless.
    @GalacticDeg No, not at all.

    EDIT: New Poll Choices have been added. For those who want to change their mind and choose another name for the team, just choose what you like as long as it's from the poll.
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  33. Mind if I not join the guild?
    Not to sound cliche or 'edgey', but working in groups really isn't my style. I'm a 1v1 kinda guy.
    Id rather make a casually reoccurring character that helps the team when he can, but spends most of his time solo playing.

    Not like a lone protagonist style oc or anything, more like Klein from SAO.
    (This is mostly because of my inconsistent posting and want to be in a fantasy rp)

    Point is, I'll try and make my characters level relatively consistent to your power scaling, and will only step in at fitting moments.
  34. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    Sure, why not?
  35. Name: Victor 'Vex' Crowell
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20 (June, 20th, 1998
    Race: Changeling- Half human/Half Sprite (Allows the user to shape shift into humans or small animals he's seen. Cannot take the form of anything more than 10" ft tall)
    Appearance: Changelings lack pigmentation, because of this, all of Vex' external features are pale white. This includes skin, hair, eyes, nails, etc. The only color being the deep black rings surrounding his eyes. Shaggy wild hair thats pushed back and to the left, out of his face. Stands at about 6" feet even with a toned, lean build. Wears stained black leather tunic and pants underneath armor. Said armor is lightweight, plated, and dark purple. It resides over his chest, back, forearms, legs, and feet and can easily deflect all basic prpjectiles. Wears large black utility belt, adorned with three miniature quivers along the back, each containing five inch arrows with various markings along there tails. Attached to the left front side of his belt, resides a book hanging from a chain that's connected to its spine.
    Original Class: Stealth Archer
    Specialization/Second Class: Ocular Mage- Able to utilize various spell book incantations via his eyes.
    Wristbow- Two miniature crossbows are worn on each wrist, must be loaded and cocked as normal, but a pressure mechanism residing in his palms allows him to fire arrows by squeezing his fists closes tightly.
    Effect Arrows- Quivers containing small arrows that all have various affects. Some of these include temporary paralysis, fast acting poison, hallucinogenic toxins, etc.
    Ocular Apex- A spell book containing various spells that can only be activated through the windows of the soul a.k.a, the eyes. All spells are ocular based in some way.
    Level: 70
    Guild: N/A (Currently)
    Occupation: Mercenary/Treasure Hunter
    Other: Ocular Apex is quite the high-tier item. Vex only just recently discovered said item, so he hasn't had much practice with it.
    Average physical strength, above average speed. Skilled in drawn out, ranged fights.
  36. Also, is everyone except the first two girls forced to play NPC's?

    I'd much rather play as a human trapped in-game, as I feel most others would want this as well.

    Pixels and digits just don't mean as much as flesh and blood, ya know?

    Plus a tiny bit of outside knowledge would save a LOT of time with explanations in the rp.
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  37. I think this is not a game. Rather, a fantasy world with RPG system. Like Kumo Desu ga. Probably the deity that made this world just finished playing final fantasy.
  38. I want the team to be the Purring Felines I mean the Dead Enders.
  39. _Ziruminous

    _Ziruminous Previously _Tapu_Ziru_

    @Mystic Zander You’re accepted. Also, we can’t add more human people into the RP. Two is already plenty, although I had planned for one originally, because it would make too many people self conscious that there are several dimensions, and that could badly affect the fabric of time. Remember, we want to play logic-but-magical here.

    As @Spoiled Bread said, this is a sentient world, that we can accidentally refer to as a ‘game’ which is an understandable misunderstanding. So, the characters aren’t essentially pixels and digits. Even if they were, the humans would also be since their trapped inside.

    As I mentioned in the special rules for the RP, nobody is the ‘lead’ or ‘main’ protagonist. We’re all on the same team. Nobody is considered as ‘an NPC’ or ‘side character’.

    In the RP, not many things are essentially needed to be explained since they’ll be explored in depth in the RP’s context.

    Hope this helps.
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  40. .....okay, well your first post makes it seem like being inside a video game is exactly what this rp entails.

    Maybe you should add a little more detail? Like the fact that its not an RPG world and these two girls only believe it is.

    You can't expect people to decipher the real story or scroll through and read all the discussion convo to figure that big detail out.

    My name may say Mystic, but I'm no psychic.
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