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I want to make a story!

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion' started by Blakehydraooo, Sep 30, 2018.

  1. Heya! this is my first thread,and(hopefully) not my last,i want to make a story,and i need characters,down there you will know the roles to be fulfilled.
    Main Character(1/1) Me.
    Traveling Companions(3/3) @EternalDiamondEevee (Cascade), @GiantNidoking (Xell), @soyeah (James)
    Rival(2/2) @Glitchy Gold (Isabell), @Red Gallade (Zeke)
    Gym Leaders(4/8 ) @ManyAchievables (Ren Yamamo, Fighting,6th Gym), @ThatJustin’sASpy! (Justin Hardin, Electric,7th Gym), @Umbreon06 (Tinker, Fairy, 4th Gym), @thiscringyasian (Blake, Fire, 8th Gym
    Minor Characters(characters that appear sometimes) (0/10)
    Team Forest Leader(1/1) @EeviumZ (Viridie)
    Team Forest Admin(1/4) @Cmeriwether (Zachary Jeremiah Zirconis)
    Elite Four(0/4)

    Now the things that need to be in the character profile.
    Main Goal
    Curiosity about the character(Opcional)
    Trainer Card(Opcional)

    Now,the main character is called
    Appearance:he wears an Red-like hat,but blue-colored,wears an gray shirt,white trousers and boots.
    Personality:He is determined, gets angry easily, has a strong personality, but does not think very well in desperate situations.
    Grovyle(M) Blibo
    Beldum(Genderless) No Nickname
    Cyndaquil(M) Nosy
    Main Goal:His main goal is to be the most powerful Gym Leader,and he want to always find new trainers and powerful trainers to always be sharp.
    Role:Main Character.
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  2. Hellooo! :3

    Name: Isabell

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Apearance: White jacket, black trousers, brown hair, dark blue t-shirt and blue shoes

    Personality: she can get very angry, if you provoke her, otherwise she's very nice BUT annoying...

    ~Tyranitar (M)
    ~Crobat (F)
    ~Leafeon (F)
    ~Feraligatr (M)
    ~Typhlosion (Main, M)

    Main goal: she want to be the Champion of the Johto-Region

    Role: Rival
  3. Accepted for sure!
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  4. How's it going?

    Name: Zeke

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Pale skin, Light brown eyes, Short smooth Charcoal hair, Black trench coat, Charcoal pants, Black shoes.

    Personality: Calm, serious, loyal to his friends, likes to make sarcastic comments at times, loves Pokémon, loathes losing.

    Salamence (M)
    Lycanroc (Midnight, M)
    Electivire (M)
    Emboar (M)
    Gengar (F)
    Walrein (M)

    Main Goal: To be the strongest trainer he can be.

    Role: Rival

    Trainer Card: upload_2018-10-10_19-55-23.png

    A few questions as well.
    1: What is the purpose of Team Forest?
    2: Judging by the name, I guess they specialise in Grass Types?
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  5. Can I join?
    Name: Cascade
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Short black hair, blue eyes. She wears a blue t-shirt with a diamond pattern and jeans with sneakers. She also wears a z-ring.
    Primarina(F,Aka Crystal)
    Absol(M,Aka Shadow)
    Role: Traveling Companion
    Goal: To be the top coordinator.
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  6. The p
    the purpose of team forest is using grass type Pokémon,to fullfil the world with only grass Pokémon,and transform the world in the biggest ever forest,and as they command the grass types,they would command the world with the grass Pokémon,
    And yes,they are Grass-Type.
    (Accepted for sure!
  7. Accepted too!
  8. At least they’re trying to help the environment... to some extreme extent lol.
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  9. In the worst way,but they’re trying to do a good thing,but they do this in the bad way.
  10. The kind of villains that think they're helping people.
  11. Completely.
  12. You guys that have created the rivals,maybe can you two show how was the characters’s teams when they started the journey?
  13. You mean how they find/catch their Pokémon?
  14. Yeah,and show they team before the team you two showed(Like,showing pre-evolutions of the Pokémon they have,and other Pokémon that maybe they catched and them started using others,ya know?
  15. You mean as in they can have more than six? (Yes ik I'll still have six in the team)
  16. No,like,send to the professor or to the PC?
  17. GiantNidoking

    GiantNidoking Previously DenzuruTheLegendaryHunter

    Hello everybody.
  18. That's what I meant; the extras just being stored there.
  19. Ohhh,now i get it
    But just show the team that your character had when he started his journey(Blibo(My Grovyle) was an gift from Prof.Ebony-The Pokémon Professor of this story-but Blibo was an Treecko,and Evolved protecting Buck from lot of Marshtomps,Beldum was an gift of his father,and Cyndaquil(Nosy)was a Pokémon Buck was taking care,and Cyndaquil choses to stay with Buck)
  20. GiantNidoking

    GiantNidoking Previously DenzuruTheLegendaryHunter

    Name: Xell
    Age: 10
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 4'3" with a black jacket that has the picture of a poke ball on the back and a backpack that is the exact same colors and a shirt under the jacket that is notably grey and a belt to hold poke balls, potions, etc..
    Personality: Careful and has common sense but is kind of a follower.
    Pokémon: Tyrunt(M) Tye
    Main goal: To train and take down all evil teams
    Role: Travel companion
  21. I won't do it straight away, but when I get the chance (or feel like it because ik I'm sometimes just lazy like that plus don't have solid ideas for the Pokémon stories) I'll put in how he got them and what he started with.
  22. This is what i asked you two that made the Rivals,to show the team he have when he started(And you don’t need to say every single Pokémon’s story,i just sayed to show everyone here)
  23. GiantNidoking

    GiantNidoking Previously DenzuruTheLegendaryHunter

    ;( I am being ignored
  24. Okay,take your time.
  25. Accepted!
  26. GiantNidoking

    GiantNidoking Previously DenzuruTheLegendaryHunter

  27. Sorry for making you wait!
  28. If that's the case, then he starts off with Bagon and Rockruff, he finds Emboar as a Tepig hatched from an egg. He had Bagon and Rockruff for longer than he can remember.
  29. Thanks!
  30. No prob, and on that note, I'm going to bed.
  31. Tyranitar --> she found it, very lonely, in a cave (as Larvitar)
    Crobat --> It was a present from her father
    Leafeon --> An Eevee, that hatched from an Egg
    Metagross --> present from Steven, as Beldum (is that right?)
    Feraligatr --> she catched it when she went swimming
    Typhlosion --> Starter in the Johto-Region
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  32. That is the spirit!
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  33. GiantNidoking

    GiantNidoking Previously DenzuruTheLegendaryHunter

    Tyrunt (Tye) --> A gift from a very kind man fond of the pokemon "Arceus"
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  34. Salamence: Had since it was a Bagon when it was hatched, given by his father.
    Lycanroc (Midnight): Same as Bagon's.
    Emboar: Found as an egg in a forest which hatched shortly after he found it.
    Elevtivire: Gained a rivalry against Emboar for unknown reasons but decided to join after letting bygones be bygones.
    Gengar: Found her being bullied by a Duskull at night and decided to help her, she was grateful and decided to join.
    Walrein: Found as a lonely Spheal and decided to take him in.
  35. Thanks for all of you!
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  36. hey friend!

    Appearence:He wears a red hat,a black shirt,wears a white shorts and dark blue crocs.
    Personality:He's silly,he laughs at nonsense,a little bit coward,annoying sometimes and he's very excited.
    Mime Jr.(M)Morty
    Main Goal:Wants to be famous as a comedian.
    Role:Traveling Companion
    Curiosity about the character:He hate Mr.Mimes.
  37. You're in!
  38. Yeah!
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