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I want to draw YOU!

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Justicity, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. RIGHT!
    My exams are OVER and as a result so is my time at Bhasvic 6th form college (if you'll pardon the tautology)!
    Why am I telling you this?
    Because it means I'm back in the drawing world.
    I've got a whole summer of sitting around, waiting for results and uni information. What do I want to do with that free time?
    Draw you guys of course!!!
    I am currently CLOSED however, due to the large amount of applicants I missed.
    I'm going to spend a few days catching up before reopening, then anyone can apply.
    I plan to update my style over the catch up period so look out for even more awesomeness!
    Remember, I want to draw you as a Pokemon!​

    Post your personality and a little about yourself, if you want any accessories, items or extra details just let me know. If you have a specific pokemon in mind tell me that too, if not I'd be happy to work out what would suit you. I draw in a slightly chibi-ish form with attention to detail. Examples can be found at the bottom of this post. Quality gets better further down, hopefully. Feel free to ignore this topic and go to someone else for art, but I'm here most of the time now I've finished college with just a few exams left to revise for.
    Of course if you want to add anything else to the application feel free!

    Example form:
    Name:(real name, alias, screen name, character name, whatever, just so I can tell the difference between files)
    Gender:(doesn't have to be your real gender)
    Personality:(a few sentences to a short paragraph please)
    Specific Features: (hair style, glasses, etc)
    Items/Accessories:(if you want)
    Specific pokemon/type: (Not necessary but if you want you can request)

    You don't need to follow that, it's just easier for some people.


    Mertek the Elekid, from PKMN.net

    Seikaryuu the Linoon

    Chibi the Pachirisu
  2. Could you give us a form to fill out? It would be so much easier to do. If not that's fine.

    Name: Matthew
    Gender: Male
    Personality: I am very active. I like to take walks or run. Acting is my life. I am always kind unless someone pisses me off. I am very shy. I am a Geek/prep mix.
    Specific Features: (hair style, glasses, etc) My hair is short and spiky, brown. Glasses are rectangular shape. I have a tattoo of two male symbols on the top of my left shoulder.
    Items/Accessories: knuckle high Gloves
    Specific pokemon/type: Any
  3. Ok Matthew, you're on the list!
    I've got this going on across multiple forums so I've got a couple on the go at the moment, I'll put you to the top of the list for the next batch though.
  4. Name: Chibi (Do I HAVE to use my real name?)
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Very hyper, loves to exercise and bug the living crap outta people
    Specific Features: Long red hair, jade green eyes, and a little pawprint on the back of one of the paws/hand
    Items/Accessories: Not really, but if I have any ears then can I get some gold pawprint earrings?
    Specific pokemon/type: Something cute and if you can, tiny
  5. Name:Gauntlet
    Personality:Confident, Courageous, and real leader. Also very friendly at times, but a little on the rough.
    Specific Features:Blue Flame-like hair, Red eyes.
    Items:Black Slick Shades, Black Knuckle gloves, Black+Red Nike Shoes, Flaming Skull T-Shirt with black background.
    Pokemon:Aggron( If you can't do him or any of his line, then just choose a rock or steel pokemon).
  6. You are gonna get swamped with requests lol this is a great idea.

    Name: Jeydis
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Quirky, Artsy and a bit talkative.
    Specific Features: Short dark hair with red streaks at the front, Light brown eyes
    Items/Accessories: Paintbrush with blue paint on it.
    Specific pokemon/type: Kecleon
  7. Name:psychic
    Personality:Hyper,plays about every sport,funny,smart,horrible dancer(in other people's opinion).
    Specific Features:light brown hair,hazel eyes,glasses
    Specific pokemon/type:Any
  8. I give you:

    Seikaryuu the Linoon - Sporty, likes to run, thought of this 'mon straight away. Second choice would have been Hitmonlee, but it wasn't quite right.

    Chibi the Pachirisu - Small, cute, likes to annoy trainers. Dunno about you but I love what I did with the hair!

    What do you think?

    Gauntlet, Jaydis & Psychic are added to Batch three.
  9. Name:Shado
    Personality: Quiet, bug my sister off, smart
    Items: NO GIRLY STUFF (If you do, I'll make you change it)
    Specific pokemon:buizel
  10. Awwww!!! *tacklehugs!!!* It's so cute! Although the hair kinda O.o's me. I love it. although for some reason I was thinking Eevee.
  11. Name: Mudskipper
    Gender: female
    Personality: Funny, a bit hyper sometimes, and mischievous most of the time
    Specific Features: brown hair with blond streaks (sort of a caramel color), done into braids
    Specific pokemon/type: (Three guesses) Mudkip
  12. I was too, but I thought it was too obvious.
    Glad you like it.

    Shado & Mudskipper are added to the list. I've got a busy few days so the 5 I have waiting now will probably get done over the weekend, posted Monday, anything added between now & then should be done by the end of next week.
  13. Shoot, I also have to add my hair is short, and usually is a wreck. XD It sticks up in places, and is layered
  14. Name: Purp
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Smart, somewhat funny, Tech Savy (I can't put it any more wordy than that! ::))
    Specific Features: Brown Messy Hair, Freckles
    Specific pokemon/type: Elekid
    Items/Accessories: Polo Collared Shirt, Jeans
  15. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I'd like one please ^^

    Name: Ferne (Real) (Calling a pokemon Silver Magpie would just be weird)
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Quiet, considered, can have my moments of insanity
    Specific Features: Long red-ish hair, not the tallest of the bunch
    Items/Accessories: Two green stud earrings and a Dragon ring on my left hand, second finger.
    Specific pokemon/type: I'd kind of like to see what you think I'd be, but I'd also like to be a Manectric. So Manectric please, or if the hair doesn't work on him I'll be a Flygon ^^

    The one's you've done look great! Great idea too and very popular ^^
  16. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    I really like this idea, I want in too!

    Name: Axl (my name in the Pokemon games)
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Calm and quiet one moment, and exploding with energy the next.
    Specific Features: I have short, brown hair with a small dash of blonde in the fringe. This dash is 100% natural.
    Items/Accessories: Sunglasses, perhaps a cape.
    Specific Pokemon/Type: Lucario, although Starmie, Garchomp, Infernape, Umbreon and Regice are cool too. Pick out of any of those, Lucario is the preferred one.
  17. [size=8pt]These are great love, what a cute idea
  18. This sounds pretty darn cool. I'll jump on the bandwagon. :)

    Name: Secad
    Gender: Female
    Personality: (Putting this in third person) A very aggressive, friendly, sporty, non-girly being that enjoys contact sports like football. (American Football) Can be very sweet and kind when she chooses, but usually enjoys mildly beating-up her friends, who take it as normal 'Secad behavior'. i.e, occasional friendly punches to the gut and shoulder, kicks to the shin. (WARNING: Will kick between legs when angry. Sexist remarks REALLY p'o her)Absolutely HATES anthing girly. Is very tomboyish, and a feminist who believes that men have been superior for long enough, and women should have a turn.
    Specific Features: A cafe au lait on cheek, and a blue streak somewhere on body.
    Items/Accessories: Small, dark brown, square reading glasses, and a black wristband.
    Specific pokemon/type: Whatever you think suits me best!
  19. Name: Haku
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Weird, different, has a sense of humor, can be shy, but at the same time can be outgoing. Afraid to express feelings, artistic, thinks and daydreams a lot, has weird fantasies, wants to fly, wonderies if some of the strangest things can be true, obsessive, semi-hyper, fast, likes music, imaginative, and always changing.

    Specific Features: Messy-ish Brown Hair, very short, skinny, brown eyes, small scar under lip.

    Items/Accessories: White Headphones but on the side, instead of around top of head.

    Specific pokemon/type: A Black/Neon Blue Charmander that instead of having scaly or smooth skin, it has fur, and is fluffy?
  20. Uki


    Name: :) ;) :D
    Personality:I also am very smart when it comes to school. I am good at remembering things (facts, etc)
    Specific Features: I am short but strong
    Items/Accessories:None really
    Type: None really.
  21. Thank you it looks great!!!
  22. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    I shall add mine to the large batch of requests.

    Name: Lyn
    Gender: Female
    Personality (in third person): Extremely talkative and somewhat mischievous. Acts really childish at times, and is a bit naive, but she'll jump in to help anyone she feels is in need. Anyone. Can be kinda annoying at times.
    Specific Features: Pink where blue (if Shinx) or just plain shiny (if Eevee), regular if any other Pokemon. If Shinx: Has a five-pointed star at the tail instead of the usual 4 pointed star. Any Pokemon: slightly wavy, black, shoulder-length hair.
    Items/Accessories: blue bow above the left ear or on neck (if there is no ear for that Pokemon), pearl cross necklace.
    Specific Pokemon/type: Shinx, Eevee, or anything else you think fits. Preferably Shinx.

    I editted this
  23. Hmm, you are going to a load of requests....

    They look awesome, hair is nice, on both.
  24. your taking requests right?

    Name: Nitro Fastflame [username is Ember]
    Gender: Male
    Personality:I like to be nice to people, i sometimes get into fights i have no business being in, i like to help people out, people say im the funniest person in the class -oink- and umm..if you be mean to me too much (like my big brother) i pull your hair out and kick you alot
    Specific Features: Dark Brown (almost black) hair with blonde on the top, i like my hair flat down and not brushed up and spikey, no glasses, brown eyes and favourite color is blue incase you need to know
    Items/Accessories: this isnt item/accesory but, id like my tongue poking out and me winking in one eye! and since im being jirachi can i have that cute chibi-looking blush on cheeks, like you see with every adorable picture?
    Specific pokemon/type: Im Not Sure..can it be a Jirachi?
  25. Name:Wolfnoid
    Personality: Is very athletic and smart. Likes to have fun. Is nice to most people but has a rough side.
    Specific Features: short hair
    Items/Accessories: a headband
    Specific pokemon/type: Pikachu
    Please and Thank You
  26. Name: Geist

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Let's see. On the positive side, I am a trustworthy and loyal friend. When you have a problem, I am that kind of friend that you can tell and not have everyone else know. I also try to find clever ways around problems instead of using my testosterone to muscle through them. I am intelligent, but sometimes my inflated ego shines through. Can't help it. On the negative side: Due to things that happened earlier on in my life, however, I don't like to grow close to many people. I tend to stay by myself, eating by myself, playing games with myself, and I look upon everyone else with scorn. There are only a few people in the world that I trust, because they remain true to themselves while everyone else is still trying to find out who they are. I know who I am and I see right through what they are trying to give off and for who they really are. Even though I have an intense amount of loathing inside for other people, I can be nice, especially to women. I have a big heart and no one to give it to. Don't get me wrong, I'm nice to the fellas as well, but sometimes their constant womanizing gets on my nerves. Like I said, just don't piss me off and I won't lose it.

    Specific Features: I have black hair.

    Items/Accessories: Whatever you think is appropriate.

    Specific pokemon/type: Probably a Psychic or a Dark type, but if you have another in mind that's OK too.
  27. Name:Mason
    Personality: I have a punkish attitude, i'm a history geek. I have brown hair brown eyes. I can be very lazy sometimes and enjoy sleeping. I have a decent looking body exepet i dont have the biggest arms. Fire brings me joy.
    Specific Features: I have brown hair that goes to my sholders.
    Items/Accessories: a black headband
    Specific pokemon/type: Probably a fire or normal type, but what comes to your mind is what matters i guse
  28. Name: Adam
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Clever, quick witted. Bulky yet nice, and love a good sleep in :D
    Specific Features: Scar on left eyebrow.
    Items/Accessories: None unless you feel necessary.
    Specific pokemon/type: Solrock would me my first choice, or if he's too awkward, any poison type would be a second choice.

    Thanks in advance, can't wait for all of these requests to be put into picture form :D
  29. I guess I can jump in too!

    Name: Carmen (not using my real name)
    Gender: Female
    Personality: a bit of geeky, smart when it comes to school, always willing to help someone in need. I'm not super girly but I'm nowhere near a tomboy. You can say I'm a couple of steps down from being a girly girl.
    Specific features: I have dark hair that comes about two inches past my shoulders, and I'm a bit on the skinny side
    Items/Accessories: I love my ipod. It goes with me everywhere.
    Specific Pokemon/Type: Since my first choice, Lucario has already been said and Gallade is a boy, I'm going with Weavile.
  30. Oh boy!

    Personality:I'm a very hyper person, but am lazy sometimes. I'm in a good mood most of the time ,but I can get angry easily. I am very random a lot.
    Specific Features: Always wear my hair in a ponytail
    Items/Accessories:Necklace with purple pendant, and I have my ears pierced 3 times
    Specific pokemon/type: Skitty, or Growlithe
  31. o.o I like this.

    Name: Rain
    Gender: Female
    Personality: I'm super friendly and I just love it when I can make people laugh, even if it's at my expense. I'm always doing or saying something random or goofy, but I make a good listener when any of my friends need help with their problems. I love to sing and dance, no matter how silly I look.
    Specific features: I always have my hair over my right eye, and my eyebrow and nose are pierced.
    Items/Accessories: Ring on my left ring finger, I never take it off, but I'm not sure how you would draw that in. I always wear my Triforce necklace and dogtag.
    Specific Pokemon/Type: Raichu
  32. Haven't I already got you on PKMN?

    DELAY >_< I hate exams. Expect updates towards the end of the week.
  33. *Pokes in head* Can I join?

    Name: Rachel
    Gender: Female
    Personality: I'm shy until you get to know me, then I can be pretty hyper and crazy. Nerdy would also be a good word to describe me, I know a lot of random crap and should probably go on a game show sometime in my life. Not a girly-girl, a few small steps below tomboy would seem accurate to describe me. I'm creative at the price that I day-dream a lot. I seem to be funny to some people, and other people just don't get me.
    Specific Features: Brown hair, with bangs and a ponytail.
    Items/Accessories: Glasses (rectangular, thin-rimmed) and black headphones (around my neck or on my head, it doesn't matter)
    Specific Pokemon/Type: Shiny Espeon please, but anything will probably do.
  34. Name: Akane
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Acts tough. Kind to friends, loyal. Very helpful to friends, rebellious. Headstrong, and secretly very caring. Tomboy, animal lover.
    Specific Features: Birthmark on forehead shaped like a skullish thing.
    Specific pokemon/type: Houndoom
  35. I hope you don't die from requests...so please do mine if you can, thanks in advance :)

    Personality: Really shy and quiet around people that she doesn't really know. Otherwise she can be really weird and random. Quite smart, she cares a lot about other people although she doesn't always show it, tomboy, sometimes she can be easily pissed, she daydreams and blushes a lot, and she's really clumsy
    Specific Features: hair: dark blue and styled like the girl in my avatar
    Items/Accessories: dark blue arm/leg warmers and scarf around her neck (but darker than the hair, almost black)
    Specific pokemon/type: glaceon
  36. Yeah, but I figure that if I put it twice, I might get somewhere. That, and you only have to draw one picture. But it's still me.
  37. Fair enough Geist ^^

    My exams are OVER and as a result so is my time at Bhasvic 6th form college (if you'll pardon the tautology)!
    Why am I telling you this?
    Because it means I'm back in the drawing world.
    I've got a whole summer of sitting around, waiting for results and uni information. What do I want to do with that free time?
    Draw you guys of course!!!
    I am currently CLOSED however, due to the large amount of applicants I missed.
    I'm going to spend a few days catching up before reopening, then anyone can apply.
    I plan to update my style over the catch up period so look out for even more awesomeness!
  38. Alright, that's cool, can't wait.

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