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Ask to Join I wanna be (one of) the very best!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Zeff Alveron, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. "The journey to become a Pokemon Master is a long and arduous one, not for the weak of will or faint of heart. Trainers from all over the globe have competed in the sanctioned Pokemon Leagues scattered across the continents, fought tooth and nail with their beloved Pokemon for the honor of being counted among the stars. The methods and morality of these countless hopefuls is as different as their backgrounds, and for the heroes of our tale, nothing could be closer to the truth. However, our heroes have all miraculously reached the same conclusion: 'I should team up with other trainers!' Driven by their passion and goals, though divided by their reasons and aspirations, our journey begins with a fateful meeting, and a mystery yet to be solved!"

    Hello! This is my first time writing on this site, so I'm keeping the prompt generic: I'm aiming for an Adventure RP, paired with some Mystery elements, and a bit of intrigue involving the enigmatic "Team Code", a criminal organization of my own design. I'm hoping for the journey to span the full Sinnoh Pokemon League (I'm completely open to other regions, if the group wants), so I'm looking for committed Roleplayers to fill the three-four player roster. As for the storyline, it's completely open to being expanded beyond just what's been mentioned above; those are just the skeleton of the story, the metaphorical flesh still needs to be created by us!

    Rules of the RP:

    1) Trainer characters must be at least somewhat conducive to teamwork and being sociable! There should be an effort made on all characters' parts to engage in conversation and the like, so if your character is strictly a "Lone Wolf", this may not be the thread for that character.

    2) All Official Pokemon are allowed, as are Battle Bonds and Mega Evolutions (Once approved by Staff), as well as all moves except "Baton Pass". However, for the sake of fun and fair play, the two following strategies will not be allowed: Using the move "Skill Swap" or "Entrainment" to inflict Truant on an opposing Pokemon, and using the move "Swagger" alongside the move "Foul Play".

    3) Fakemons will need to be run by the rest of the group if you wish to use them. As a general rule, refer to the Forum Rules for balancing before you present the Fakemon for consideration: if it's built to dominate, it's probably not going to be allowed!

    4) All trainers involved may start the thread with access to three Pokemon, preferably with plenty of room for growth as the story goes along. The other three don't need to be caught, persay, if your character already has a set 6: they could be in transit from another region, taking a hiatus from battle, whatever you like! Get creative with it!

    5) Pokemon can learn any moves they can officially learn, and may have more than four moves in "memory": however, if the Pokemon has more than four moves in "memory", they are limited to 1 move total that does not share a type with it. Coverage moves are incredibly strong, and most Pokemon are balanced around their limited slots!

    Let's go out and have an awesome adventure!
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  2. Ok a couple of things before I start my character. You need to state that mega evolution needs to be approved by an administrator before they can be used in an RP. Also do you think you can give us a basic bio so we can start working on characters.
  3. Of course! I'm in the middle of writing it up right now; I'll post it as soon as I'm done, I just need to finish up a Rough Draft for college first.
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  4. Also is it ok to have shiny pokemon? Also take your time. I know that collage can be a lot of work.
  5. Absolutely, I love shiny Pokémon!
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  6. Character Bio

    Name: Zeff Alveron.
    Age: 22.
    Height: 6' 1".
    Gender: Male.
    Orientation: Straight (and inexperienced.)

    Appearance: Zeff seems average, at first glance, his short, light brown hair swept up and to the left in a common fashion. He keeps a pair of red-tinted sunglasses hung on the collar of his shirt, to occasionally shield his bright hazel eyes from the sun; his signature look, a plain white tee with a red button-down, which he leaves open to match the glasses. He can usually be found with a lighthearted smile, and his head in the clouds. On closer inspection, he is actually very fit, his body toned from hiking, running, and swimming.

    Personality: On the surface, Zeff appears to be a very lax individual, the kind the go where the wind takes him. He takes pride in his ability to adapt, and go with the flow; however, this attribute doesn't stem from carelessness. Underneath his carefree demeanor, Zeff harbors a drive to succeed and move forward, no matter what the obstacle. His philosophy on life tends to boil down fairly simply: "If I walk, instead of run, I can step over and around my obstacles, and never trip or crash!" Along with his focus on the long-term, he values commitment and loyalty to others, and greatly respects those who work hard at what they do.

    Backstory: Zeff is the son of Aven and Hakon Alveron, a pair of Pokemon Trainers that nestled down in Dewford Town, Hoenn. He was raised to love and respect Pokemon just as much as people, so much so that, when it came time for him to receive a starting Pokemon, he declined. Having grown up with stories of adventure, epic Pokemon Battles for dominance, it became his dream to build a team of companion Pokemon, and become a champion alongside them. As a young boy at the age of 14, he ventured out to the cave north of town his Father had shown him many times, to forge a bond with a Pokemon there. Armed with only two day's rations, some matches, and a single pokeball he'd saved up and bought, Zeff ventured into Granite Cave, seeking a friend to start his journey with. He was so excited to find a companion, he'd thrown caution to the wind. Not everything goes as planned, he'd soon find out, when a fight between two Makuhita collapsed the cave entrance, trapping him inside. A majority of the ensuing rockslide missed him, save a sharp stone which cut a gash into his right calve, but the same couldn't be said for a Mawile nearby, whose rear-mouth had been completely buried in the rubble, trapping it in place. Zeff cut a strip of his shirt off on a rock to tie around his leg and help stem the bleeding, but in the pitch black of Granite Cave, he knew there was little else he could do but await rescue. Forced to cordon off his food supplies and conserve his water, sitting alone in the pitch dark, Zeff's meager supply of matches were too precious to waste just for a glimpse of light. He stayed beside the collapsed entrance, along with the trapped Mawile, waiting for a chance at rescue.

    Even with what little he had, Zeff couldn't bear to eat his food alone in front of the Mawile. Every time he would eat or drink, he would slide half of his portion of the food on a flat stone, and partially fill the cap of his canteen with water, and slide it over to the Pokemon, who would quickly scarf it down without a sound. Many times, in the Dark cave, he would begin to talk with Mawile, to express his fear and trepidation, though the Mawile never responded. Even with conserving as much as he could, Zeff's supplies ran out by the end of the third day, and by the morning of the fourth, he was parched and starving. He'd become convinced that no one was coming, and his journey was at a bleak and bitter end, all because he'd rushed headlong into the world without being prepared. With the last of his strength, he made his way to the Mawile, and tried in vain to move the boulders that were keeping it's tail-mouth locked in place, in the hopes that at least one of them could survive the ordeal. He passed out, finally, mid-push, slumped against the stones that held both of them hostage.

    Next Zeff knew, he was in a Hospital bed, the light drone of conversation waking him from his exhaustion. The voices spoke softly back and forth. "...dug him out from the mouth of Granite Cave two days ago. The miners said it took them an hour just to get the boy away from the Mawile; two of the Machokes clearing debris had to visit the Pokemon Center for the bites they got!" Glancing down, Zeff saw the Mawile's head resting lightly on the sheets, with his hand clutched tightly between it's paws. A smile spread across his face, as he rested his head back onto the pillow: he'd found his first companion.


    1) Mawile (Female)
    Ability: Intimidate
    EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SpD
    Nature: Adamant.
    - Play Rough
    - Sucker Punch
    - Swords Dance
    - Thunder Punch
    - Iron Head
    - Fire Fang

    2) Mareanie (M)
    Ability: Regenerator
    Shiny: Yes
    EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
    Nature: Calm.
    - Haze
    - Scald
    - Toxic
    - Recover
    - Toxic Spikes
    - Baneful Bunker

    3) Reuniclus (Male)
    Ability: Magic Guard
    EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpDef
    Nature: Sassy.
    - Calm Mind
    - Psyshock
    - Trick Room
    - Shadow Ball
    - Recover
    - Acid Armor
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  7. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Name: Acacia Song (Uh-Kay-Shuh)
    Age: 19
    Orientation: Straight

    Appearance: Acacia is about 5’11 in height, he is a bit on the skinnier side but still has well toned muscle. He has dark messy brown hair and matching bushy eyebrows. His is half asian, giving him tanned skin and slightly squinted, unique, gold eyes. He has a small scar underneath his left eye.

    Outfit: Acacia dreamed of being a Pokémon trainer his entire life and looks the part. He wears a salmon funnel neck sweater that has light gray sleeves rolled up just below his elbows. On his right wrist he has an assortment of bracelets. He wears black joggers and gray sneakers. Tucked into the sweater, Acacia wears a keystone necklace.

    Personality: Acacia’s trademark trait is his perseverance. Though he is a talented Pokémon trainer, he is never disheartened from a loss or misfortune and turns it into motivation to improve. Growing up in a family that largely valued intelligence formed him into quite a smart person; however, he never really cared for being smart. While his brains may be viewed by the public as his best attribute that made him destined to become a great trainer, the reality is that he wholeheartedly cares for his Pokémon and just wants to be their friend. This quality has motivated his Pokémon to fight their absolute hardest for him, that paired with his proficiency in strategizing, quick thinking, and adaptability has made him an extremely formidable opponent. However, Acacia does suffer from depression, though he hides it well. It was brought on from the large scale success of his older siblings in battling and even though he is accomplished, he feels like he has never been able to live up to expectations.

    Home town: Slateport City

    Occupation: Competitive Trainer

    Pokemon: Blastoise
    Ability: Torrent/Mega Launcher
    Nature: Quirky
    EVs: 72 Hp / 92 Def / 252 SpA / 92 SpD
    Notes: Given to him from Professor Oak. Holds a Blastoisinite (approved by stellar)
    Water Pulse, Hydro Pump, Skull Bash, Rapid Spin, Ice Punch, Ice Beam

    Pokemon: Arcanine
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Notes: Given to him from Blaine. Has blue eyes, and his fire gives off some blue flames underneath the typical colors of red, orange, and yellow. (This is purely aesthetic).
    Sunny Day, Flamethrower, Extreme Speed, Flare Blitz, Morning Sun, Thunder Fang

    Pokemon: Dragonite
    Ability: Multiscale
    Notes: Won from Celadon Game Corner
    Dragon Pulse, Aerial Ace, Aqua Tail, Thunder Punch, Roost, Fire Blast

    Pokemon: Donphan
    Ability: Sturdy
    Notes: Followed him out of the Hoenn Safari Zone, wanting more pokéblocks
    Earthquake, Rollout, Slam, Thunder Fang, Ice Shard, Stealth Rock

    Pokemon: Luxray
    Ability: Intimidate
    Notes: Gifted as an egg from his sister Willow
    Discharge, Wild Charge, Crunch, Night Slash, Swift, Magnet Rise

    Pokemon: Whimsicott
    Ability: Prankster
    Notes: Liked watching Acacia battle and followed him afterwards.
    Moon Blast, Razor Leaf, Cotton Guard, Tailwind, Hurricane, Toxic

    Acacia was born in Slateport City to two successful engineers. He and his two older siblings all shared a passion for Pokémon training and were competitive with each other from a young age. His sister Willow and brother Cypress easily befriended Pokémon when they were little, but Acacia was young and experienced a lot of difficulty trying to catch one. He feel behind Willow with her Eevee and Cypress with his Cubone in terms of Pokémon training.

    Years later, after both older siblings had begun their journeys, a ship docked in Slateport, containing the renowned scientist Blaine from Kanto who had come to Hoenn in order to study volcanic patterns. Acacia’s parents were friends with the man, knowing each other through work and had him over for dinner. Acacia quickly became infatuated with the man, especially his Arcanine, and followed Blaine closely for the entire duration of his trip.

    When it was time for Blaine to leave Acacia became extremely saddened and begged him not to go. Blaine suggested the young boy simply come with him and study as an apprentice. After hours of pleading combined with some convincing from Blaine, his parents reluctantly agreed. Acacia was only 10 when he left to go live with Blaine.

    After two years of living on Cinnabar Island, Acacia had learned a lot from Blaine, and had established a good relationship with a Growlithe Blaine had specially bred and trained with the Growlithe to practice his battling abilities. For his twelfth birthday Blaine provided Acacia with a boat ticket to Pallet Town, telling him it was the best place to start his journey, along with his own PokéNav Plus so he could keep in touch.

    Acacia arrived in Pallet and instantly bonded with the Squirtle in the Professor’s lab, much to Blaine’s dismay that he opted not to take the fire type. Together they traveled, not facing too much difficulty in their gym challenges. Surge was the first real adversity the duo faced, but luckily they prevailed when Squirtle evolved and was able to barley defeat Raichu.

    Acacia had his first gym battle loss in Celadon and was very upset about it, calling Blaine to tell him about it. After giving the young trainer some motivational advice he sent Acacia the growlithe he had bonded with, providing him with a favorable matchup against the grass type gym that allowed him to emerge victorious. After that he built up a Pokémon team, including a lonely ghastly from lavender town and a dratini he won from the game corner, and battled his way through the kanto gyms, qualifying for the Indigo Plateau Conference. Acacia battled well in the tournament but lost to his older brother, Cypress, finishing in the top 8, when his Dragonair was defeated by Cypress’s Flygon.

    After suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of his older brother, Acacia vowed to become stronger and set out to the Kalos region to train. He had completed the gym challenge and placed in the top 4 in the Lumiouse Conference, losing to a trainer with a mega Ampharos. Acacia then continued to train and had grown fond of the battle chateau and spent much of his time there training, eventually earning the prestigious rank of duke. One day another duke came in who claimed to be a water type master. It was Siebold, the Kalos elite four member and water type master. He had heard stories of the power of mega evolution, but was only now witnessing it to its power first hand. Acacia watched in awe as Siebold and his mega blastoise defeated challengers in an almost effortless fashion.

    After Siebold was finished battling, Acacia ran up to him and begged Siebold to teach him the secrets of mega evolution. Siebold agreed, but said Acacia would only be worthy of mega evolution if he and his blastoise could defeat him without the aid of mega evolution. Acacia accepted the terms and the two sent out their blastoises to engage in battle. It was a long and hard fought battle, but it primarily consisted of Acacia defending Siebold’s attacks, never taking the opportunity to gain the offensive. Eventually Acacia’s blastoise fell and he was greatly saddened. Siebold confronted the young trainer and explained that Blastoise was an extremely well trained Pokémon and the loss was Acacia’s fault rather than a difference in Pokémon strength. The water type master instructed Acacia to strengthen himself as a trainer and return in a year for a rematch.

    Motivated to become stronger, Acacia sought out traveled to the Hoenn region where he completed the gym challenge and rounded out his Pokémon team. He then entered in the Ever Grande conference, this time losing to his sister in the semi finals. After their battle, Willow congratulated her brother on a well fought battle and offered him a Shinx egg as well as an invitation to the battle resort. Acacia gratefully accepted both proceeded to train at the battle resort for the remainder of the year. Upon returning to Kalos to battle Siebold, he lost again but this time in a much closer battle. Siebold again told him that he must become a stronger trainer and told him to return in another year.

    Acacia traveled to Unova, where he finished forming his final team, but did not participate in the Unova league, instead he opted to compete frequently in the Pokémon World Tournaments held in Driftveil City. Acacia did well in those tournaments, winning a large amount of them and earned the nickname “The Innovator” for his ability to constantly improve on his own strategies to adapt in battle. His accomplishments at such a young age gained the attention of many, including the former champion Alder. Alder sent Acacia a letter, telling him to meet him at Pledge Grove where they would battle. Acacia accepted and battled the trainer but was swiftly defeated. Alder liked the trainers persistent spirit and offered that he stay with him a year and train. Acacia quickly accepted and informed Siebold that he would need to wait another year for a rematch. Alder put Acacia and his Pokémon through grueling training everyday and at the end of each week they would have a full battle. Progress was difficult but by the end of the year the battles were evenly matched, with it not being a surprise for Acacia to win.

    Acacia thanked Alder for all he had done and returned to Kalos for his rematch against Siebold. It was an intense battle between the two blastoises that lasted 5 hours, with neither willing to give an inch. Both Pokémon were extremely exhausted and about to pass out when Acacia suddenly returned his blastoise to his pokeball, claiming it had already been through enough and mega evolution was not worth severely damaging his friend. Siebold was impressed that he would forfeit the match and such power out of love for his Pokémon and deemed Acacia worthy of the power of mega evolution, handing him a key stone necklace and giving blastoise a metal bracelet containing a blastoisite. Acacia gratefully accepted and went on his way.

    Acacia competed in the Indigo Plateau Conference once more, defeating both of his siblings on the way, and narrowly winning the finals with the power of mega evolution on his side. Since then Acacia has returned to Unova where he frequently trains with Alder and competes in Pokémon World Tournaments.

    I know I included more than 3 Pokémon. He will start with only Blastoise and retrieve the others along the way. My idea is that his team somehow got stolen by the evil team in Sinnoh so he is there trying to find them all.
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  8. I'll set up a bio for this later!
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  9. Here is my bio. I am still working on her backstory. Let me know if anything needs to change.

    Name: Jessi Cromwell
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Hieght: 5'8
    Orientation: Stright
    Occupation: Pokemon Photographer/Breeder She will dabble in a bit of battling as well.

    Looks: Jessi tends to let her long blond hair fall down straight. It ends at the lower back. She has blunt bangs that end right above her eyebrows. Her skin is pale with hardly any blemishes on it. She tends to wear a bit of makeup. Mostly just a smokey eye, and a red lip. In her nose she wears a rose gold stud. On her neck is a black ribbon choker. Dangling from her choker is a moon pendant it has an inerdecent look to it. Jessi is on the skinnier side, but is toned from her swimming and other activities.

    Clothing: Jessi tends to wear black clothing. Her go to is a dark red flannel button up that she wears over a black band tee. She pairs this with a pair of ripped black skinny jeans. On her feet is a pair chunky heeled boots that are black in color, and come to just above her ankle. Her backpack, is a shoulder bag. It is black in color with graphic pokemon desgins all over. The main pokemon represented is Eevee and it's evolved forms.

    Personality: Jessi tends to be very calm when it comes to approaching things. Most look at her and only see a pretty face, but she is more then that. Reading is a past time of hers, and can be seen with a book in her hand at all times. She loves to take photos of pokemon and the scenes she sees around the region.

    Gender: Male
    Species: Eevee

    Name: Lola
    Gender: Female
    Species: Buneary
    Other: Shiny and a bit smaller then others of her species

    Name: Star
    Gender: Female
    Species: Togepi
    Other: She is still an egg at this point in time she received it from her grandma. ​
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  10. Mango137,

    Your profile is awesome! The backstory is very fleshed out, there seems to be a lot of experience behind this character and his journey, and I'd love to have you join this RP! Retrieving your other Pokemon later is totally fine, by the way, no trouble at all.

    I would like to make one request, however: I'd like to keep the moves that each Pokemon knows within reason for this RP. I know it's odd to think for a Pokemon to "forget" how to use a move, but I tend to think of most moves as a practiced skill that they can lose their edge on. If Pokemon are allowed to have 10+ moves, most Pokemon start to blend together with others and lose their individuality. Everyone gets a priority move, a healing move, a weather condition, a status move, a stat buff, 3 different coverage attacks against their weaknesses, and two really good STAB moves, and suddenly, most Pokemon battles will be pretty much the same. At that point, what makes, say, your Blastoise's training any different from someone else's? It's the limitation that makes it fun and interesting, and separates good trainers from phenomenal trainers.

    In the rules I states for the RP, there's a section about Pokemon moves. I'm not gonna be incredibly strict about enforcing it, but I do ask that, at max, you keep your Pokemon's moves to 4 known, barring simple things that all Pokemon of those types can do (I.e. You don't need to use a slot on an Arcanine for Flamethrower, but Play Rough is a Fairy Type move, and would absolutely take a slot.)
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  11. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Alright no problem! I was using him in a different rp with a 12 move cap so that’s the reason for all that. I’ll edit them accordingly.
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  12. EmoKitty21,

    Everything looks good! You can add a backstory at any time, it's not incredibly pressing, since the characters will need to learn those things in character anyway :D
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  13. Sounds great! I'll be posting my three up soon, as well.
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  14. @Zeff Alveron

    I am going to give you a little advice on how to tag people. I hope you do bot think I am being rude or anything, but when you want to tag someone, you need to put this symbol "@" followed by their name to correctly do it.
  15. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    @Zeff Alveron
    Alright, done! Let me know if I need to change it anymore. Basically I did 4 level up moves and then 4 egg/tutor/tm moves.
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  16. @Mango137
    Would it be alright if we set the max moves at 6, just to be uniform? Six moves gives any Pokémon a ton of room to work with in terms of coverage, without getting into the territory of fully negating weaknesses.
  17. Mind if you save me a spot please? As far as RPs go, I can see this having a lot of potential to be a great one.
  18. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Yep, I’ll get to it

    Edit: All are down to six moves!
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  19. @Red Gallade, @EeviumZ

    There's only one spot left open, as this is planned to be a Four player RP. Spots may open up later if any players leave, or if I decide that the medium can handle another player, but since this is my first Roleplay on the site, I'd like to keep it modest.

    To keep things fair, the spot will go to whoever posts their character Bio and starting Pokémon first.
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  20. Yikes, I’m in school today! I’ll try to put something together at lunch~
  21. This took me a while, but it's finally done!

    Tony Mercer
    Age: 19
    Height: 5' 11"
    Gender: Male
    Orientation: Straight

    Appearance: At first glace, Tony looks like a Gothic type of person with his extremely Pale skin regardless of how often he goes outdoors along with extremely dark Blond short, somewhat messy hair and almost foggy ocean Blue eyes. His body figure looks slim with a decent amount of fitness, although no sign of any muscle of any kind. His attire consists of a White t shirt underneath an ankle long jet black hooded coat, dark Gray baggy pants and Black trainers.

    Personality: Despite his gloomy appearance and stoic expression, Tony is surprisingly kinder than one would expect, never afraid to ask if anyone needs help and is no stranger to smiling despite how rarely he shows his emotions. He loves Pokemon with a strong passion and wouldn't hesitate to help them out if needed, this love is strong enough for him to loathe trainers who mistreat their Pokemon or simply see them as tools... this however isn't as strong as his hatred for losing as he views it as humiliation rather than a 'lesson' an is known to be rather cruel when angry. The most likely time someone will see Tony smile is during a heated Pokemon battle. Some people say Tony used to be a much more cheerful person in the past, but 'something' in his past changed him forever.

    Backstory: Born in Jubilife City between a loving father and a busy mother, started out like your normal everyday boy, due to how busy his mother was with work, this made Tony spend more time with his father who taught him everything about Pokemon and told him of the 'good old days' when he was a Pokemon trainer. This created a spark within Tony who began to dream of becoming a Pokemon trainer as well much to his father's delight, however Tony refused to take a starter with him as he wanted to feel a bit more 'unique' at the time, Tony's father decided to give his son a Pokeball and take him on a little trip into the woods to help Tony find his future partner.

    Upon arrival, Tony was excited to see all the Pokemon that lived there and immediately ran into the woods to see if there were any good ones around, it was then that Tony heard a noise like that of someone calling for help, Tony ran over to the source to find a Teddiursa drowning in a lake. Tony's father went to call for help, but Tony instinctively jumped into the pool and swam over to the Teddiursa, pulling the poor Pokemon to solid ground, Tony's father didn't know how to feel about the seemingly reckless action his son just took, but his determination reminded him of himself when he was younger and let him off the hook. The grateful Teddiursa followed Tony back and Tony's father told him that the Pokemon has chosen to be with him, to Tony's great delight, he immediately caught the Teddiursa and took him home with him.

    Ever since that day, Tony began to embark on a Pokemon journey and train hard with Teddiursa, rarely were they seen separated from one another during their travels. During one battle with another trainer, Tony's Teddiursa miraculously evolved into Ursaring and fought even harder for Tony until the two were as close as brothers.

    ...But during their travel through Eterna City, a truck swayed out of control and was about to directly crash into Tony only for Ursaring to push Tony out of the way and take the hit himself which severely injured him. Ursaring was immediately taken into intensive care while Tony was forced to wait and hope for the best... but Ursaring unfortunately didn't make it and passed away a few days after the accident. Since then, Tony fell into unimaginable depression, returned home and shut himself in his room, rarely coming out or doing anything at all which made his parents extremely worried. Tony's father then decided to try and make Tony do some 'errands' for him which were mainly excuses to get him back outside.

    During one stormy evening, Tony was on his way back from his 'errand' only to hear the sound of a distraught Pokemon nearby, Tony followed the noise into an alleyway to find a freezing and wet Zorua within an old cardboard box. The look of loneliness in her eyes strongly resembled his own as Tony held his hand out to the lonely Pokemon and asked. "Would you like to come with me?"

    Since then, Tony slowly made his way back into his Pokemon journey in the hope that he could regain his 'fires of passion' and return to the life of a Pokemon trainer that he adored so much.

    1) Zoroark (Female)
    Ability: Illusion
    Nature: Serious
    - Night Daze
    - Shadow Claw
    - Swords Dance
    - Aerial Ace
    - Flamethrower

    2) Fraxure (Male)
    Ability: Mold Breaker
    Nature: Brave
    - Dragon Claw
    - Slash
    - Assurance
    - Rock Tomb
    - Dragon Dance

    3) Scolipede (Female)
    Ability: Poison Point
    Nature: Careful
    - Venoshock
    - Rollout
    - Steamroller
    - Attract
    - Poison Jab

    Sorry EeviumZ
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  22. Alright, all four members are set! (I'm sorry, EeviumZ)

    Zeff Alveron
    Acacia Song
    Jessi Cromwell
    Tony Mercer

    I'm going to start us off in a little bit, I'll ping you all in the opener.
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  23. No worries! If you don’t mind, do tag me if anyone drops out. Have fun, you guys! :)
  24. @Zeff Alveron, Do you think I can change eevee to an Espeon. I feel like my character is a little under power compared to the others. She is not an inexperienced trainer, just not a battle focused one.

    You also forgot to tag the people in the RP in the first post. If I did not look in the RP section, I would have never noticed it.
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  25. @EmoKitty21
    That' sounds perfectly fine, and oops! I thought the "Tag" option would ping you guys, my bad.
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  26. Even if you edited it in, it wouldn't have gone through.
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  27. I will tag everyone on my post. I am working on it now.
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  28. Ah, that's unfortunate. Welp, It's up in the Roleplay section! I just didn't want to double post.
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  29. @EmoKitty21 Do you want me to wait for other people to post, or should we shoot a few back and forth?
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  30. I kinda feel like the best way or your chars to meet Tony is to maybe see him in battle as I kinda wanna introduce him that way.
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  31. Either will be fine. We can talk and walk a little first. We can meet Red's character in a little bit. I will probably not be able to post for a bit. I am with a friend while she is car shoping.
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  32. @Red Gallade
    If you want to write Tony as being in a battle in your first post, we can meander over and catch the climactic end of the battle?
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  33. That's fine, but I was mainly gonna write down the interlude to it anyway.
    #33 Red Gallade, Sep 23, 2019
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
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  34. @Zeff Alveron, If you want to keep the RP private for now, you need to change it from Ask to join, to Private/Closed. This way it will keep people from trying to join when you are not accepting people until later on.
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  35. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    I hope this isn’t too much of a problem... I was thinking of modifying Acacia’s reasoning for joining the group. Instead of having his main team, he will just have Blastoise (since they are inseparable) but for the other 5 he will catch new Pokémon just so he can have fun experiencing a full adventure. Along the way he may rotate in some of his old Pokémon but he will mainly focus on trying to become strong again using new Pokémon.
  36. That's a great idea! Should be really fun to play out.
  37. Also @Mango137, where do you plan to have your char start off?
  38. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    I was planning on him meeting the others in oreburg, why?
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  39. I dunno, I planned to introduce my char via a battle against someone; thought it'd be a good way to make an introduction for my char, y'know?
  40. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Did you want to battle Acacia? Though I warn that he has a mega Blastoise

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