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I Think I'm Dying this Week?

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by Cody, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. There's this hurricane, Sandy, making her way up the East Coast of the US...schools and governments are closing, and states are declaring states of emergency.

    Man, that sentence sounds really weird.

    Anyway, I'm on the east coast, but far enough inland that I won't get rained out -- I might lose power, though. Schools are closed for tomorrow.

    Anyway, is anyone else being impacted by this storm? 'Cause apparently it's set to get a lot worse...or...something. I've more or less accepted my fate, that I'm going to die while battling a hurricane.
  2. At least it's a badass way to go?

    I've been following Sandy because I love meteorology(and yet I want to be an actor, of all things). I'm not going to get hit by it, but I've had my fair share of hurricanes(granted, Louisiana and coastal Texas usually take the brunt of it before it gets to me).

    If you're not getting rained out, then I'd say you're relatively safe, then. Power outage isn't fun, but it beats the hell out of flooding.

    Stay safe, Cody, and remember: there's still handhelds! ^^
  3. We haven't lost power yet, but it's turning into quite the extended weekend.

    I'm kind of shocked at how massive this storm is compared to Irene last year.

  4. Yeah, I'm surprised at how big this hurricane is apparently its is going to hit UK and some bits of Western Europe. But you guys over there taking the full force of this hurricane, hope you survive and I feels for you
  5. Wow, I feel your worry here, Cody.

    Since I live in Georgia I wasn't impacted much by the storm. However I spent the weekend in southern Louisiana and I thought a lot about hurricanes. I'll likely be going to LSU for graduate school so I'm likely going to be in your situation at some point too.

    Either way I hope you make it through the storm all right. No taking foolish risks, you hear!?
  6. I mean, I wanted to boogie board down the street, Carmen...but fine. :(

    Regardless, I'm pretty sure we'll be fine. I'm far enough inland and high enough up. I've got a few friends that might deal with downed trees or flooded basements, though.

    Also apparently NYC is getting smashed.
  7. We lost power for about 10 hours. Other than that, my household came out unscratched.

    Anyone else hit? It's pretty nasty in some areas.

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