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I need volt tackle help

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by LordOfBattle, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. I have been trying to chain pikachu with the pokeradar in the trophy garden in hoped of getting a light ball, but every time I try, it comes up as everything but pikachu.

    Is there any way I can boost my chances of running into Pikachu?


    *for diamond version*

    Edit: Thanks Guys *and/or girls*
  2. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    You don't need the PokeRadar to run into Pikachu in the trophy garden. They're supposed to be common so perhaps you're just unlucky. Just keep runnin' through that grass.
  3. After how much time I've spent in the Trophy Garden trying to nab Lucky Eggs, I figured I should share my technique. Works for pretty much all items, mind you.
    How To Farm Items
    You will need:
    • a fainted pokemon with the ability Compound Eyes (increases chance enemy will be holding an item if pokemon is first on team)
    • a pokemon with the ability Frisk
    • a pokemon that knows the move Covet, Thief, or Trick-- Covet is best since it has the most PP, but any works
    How to do it:
    Faint the pokemon with Compound Eyes and make it your leading pokemon. Next, take the pokemon with Frisk and make it the second. Make sure that whatever knows Covet/Thief/Trick (CTT) is NOT holding any item. Start running through the grass; when you enter a battle, PAY ATTENTION! If your opponent is holding an item, when you send out your Frisker you will get a message that reads like " Frisked the WILD and found one !" If the enemy isn't holding anything, there will be no message, and you can faint/run from the enemy. However, if you did get a message, switch to your CTT pokemon and use that. If you weren't holding anything, you will have stolen the item. Go celebrate!
  4. I'm exceptionally lazy, so I just use a Butterfree that knows Thief via TM. If the enemy is holding something, it'll get nabbed, and if not, it's a high enough level that it usually faints anyway. Admittedly, this eats up PP pretty quickly, but I guess I've got pretty good luck with Compoundeyes. It's netted me four Thick Clubs and two Lucky Eggs on the two occasions I've gone item-hunting.

    If you're having trouble just getting encounters, you could also replace the Compoundeyes Pokemon with one that has Static. It increases the chance of encountering a wild electric-type.
  5. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Also, noticed this was in the wrong forum. Warned, check forum descriptions before posting.
  6. i was just wondering, if you can get volt tackle in Fire Red. i've tried to get light balls from Pikachus in the power plant, but i had no prevail...anyone help? and i wasn't really sure whether i should have started a new thread because there was already this thread for volt tackle.
  7. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    A light ball will only be attached to a wild pikachu (or maybe pichu too...) and it is very unlikely to get one... keep trying.
  8. Light Balls can't be found on Pikachu in Fr/Lg at all. I can't remember what those Pikachu are holding but it's not Light Balls. You'll have to trade from R/S/E to get one into Fr/Lg.
  9. Ok. thanks Carmen. i'll get my friend to help me with that one. so basically i've been wasting my thiefs and Tricks, huh?
  10. From what I know Light Balls are exclusive to Pikachu in R/S/E. To make matters more difficult, the only place that has Pikachu is the Safari Zone, meaning you can't simply steal it from it. According to Serebii, the odds of getting it are 5%. good luck.
  11. Instead of having two seperate pok

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