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I need role play help!

Discussion in 'Questions and Site Feedback' started by TheJustinMann, May 9, 2018.

  1. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    So I’ve asked a question like this before, and was kindly answered by @Kibago, but I have more questions before I start a RP. So, first off, the same question I asked before but altered, is it ok if I use SOME canon Characters?(E.G: The gym leaders, professor, evil team, elite four, and champion) ? I need to know this, as I was answered it was frowned upon, but I wasn’t very specific as to which ones I wanted to use. Second, the RP is based off of the original Black and Whites story, would I be able to use the story in the first place, and would I be able to alter it in any way? Third, as you know, if I’m allowed to use the B&W story, the main character gets hold of Reshiram/Zekrom. I would like if other characters got a Legendary or Mythical from Unova to balance it out, as I don’t think It would be fair if I only got a Legendary. And fourth, being the most important, after the main story of B&W finishes, would I be able to continue to B&W2’s story? This is all assuming that I am able to use B&W’s story, and I don’t know if I would let people RP as canon characters. Thanks!
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  2. *Tolpriam slowly floats over to you and speaks in telepathy since his trainer is not here at the moment*

    1) This part is mostly if you want to use canon characters, though the reason why many people state that it is frowned upon is because of this:

    Furthermore, after hearing what the person above said to another person recently, the main answer to why it was frowned upon was that everyone will have different views with said character. (I have seen people using canon professors and team admins however, so consult your heart if you need to think about this carefully.)

    2) I have not heard about this matter since I have only seen others adding on to the epilogue / additional area, plus I have done the second one before slightly in a private RP of mine. (I would suggest talking about this part to the staff if needed.)

    3) Talk to the person I quoted in the first answer if you want to discuss about the matters of legendary Pokémon. (Also, having that many legendaries would be quite a lot especially considering that they are not easy to catch or befriend, and it would be a bit hard for the staff to see a person with a legendary right away, even just encountering one at all; considering that some of them have the ability to destroy the planet several times over.)

    4) This will be dependant on the second answer being allowed or not. (The answer for the last part is in the first answer.)
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  3. TheJustinMann

    TheJustinMann Previously TheJustinMan

    Danke, Comarade!
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  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    I humbly suggest that, before you ask people about things, you read the RP forum rules. They have some pretty specific things to say about the use of Legendary Pokemon.

    I will say, however, that RPs are not the games, and there just as there are things you can get away with in RPs that you can't in the games (all sorts of dodging and clever counter-maneuvers for moves, for one), there are things that you can do in the games that you cannot get away with in RP. As such, you can't really RP the story of the games, particularly when the story is so heavily reliant on legendary Pokemon like in BW. Save that for your own personal fanfics.

    Third: having canon characters appear is not a problem - Gym leaders, professors etc. are generally integral to every person's journey throughout a Pokemon region. What's frowned upon is making them appear as more than NPCs - making characters related to them in some way, controlling them as a player character, etc. This is because different people have different headcanons about characters and the last thing I need is to keep an eye on an RP because of drama caused by people complaining about how "X is making Y out of character", or worse - shipping wars because everybody wants, say, Cynthia to be their mother/girlfriend/dog. It gets even more complicated when people finish one RP then they take a character into another RP and expect some kind of continuity and then something goes sideways because of that. So really, giving canon characters more than cameos in the context of their role is not disallowed, but it can create complications and so we would prefer that was avoided. It's a huge goddamn modular world, use your imaginations. Make your own characters/plotlines, for Zark's sake.
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