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DPPt/HGSS I need help with the moves

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by manuel13, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. I'm planning on having a :
    So please help with move list.
  2. Before moves I must ask: Why three flying types on one team, all of which are vulnerable to ice? And two who are x4 to it? Anyways, I won't rip on Pokemon choices.
    Here is my input, feel free to rip it apart. Is it in-game or competitive? Consider reading Plapti's ever so handy Guide to A Competitive Team.

    Dragon Claw (STAB)
    Aerial Ace (STAB, never misses)
    Flamethrower/Fire Fang/Brick Break (for Ice types)
    Dragon Dance (+ Attack and Speed)

    Blaziken @ Shell Bell
    Blaze Kick/Fire Punch/Flare Blitz (STAB though Flare Bliitz causes recoil damage)
    Sky Uppercut/Brick Break (STAB)
    Night Slash (psychics)
    Rock Slide/Stone Edge (flyings)

    Surf/Water Pulse (STAB, Special)/Waterfall (Physical)
    Ice Beam (Special)/Avalanche(Physical, hence Brave nature)
    Psychic/Thunderbolt/Body Slam/Perish Song
    Psychci/Thunderbolt/Body Slam/Perish Song
    (Sorry, not much help for the two other moves >
  3. Yes. Pidgeot, Salamence, and Tropias are all flying, and yes, Salamence and Topias will recieve X4 damage for ice.
  4. Thank you for your observation but I was pointing out the flaw in three flyers and asking why manuel13 has three of them.
    Anyways, I've looked at Tropius and come up with this:
    Tropius @ Wise Glasses, or something to help with Sp. Attack
    Air Slash
    Energy Ball
    Silver Wind
    Hidden Power [rock/fire/steel/fighting]


    Tropius @ Leftovers
    Sunny Day
    Hidden Power [fire] (added damage because of strong sunlight)
    Air Slash
    For this set, it should have the ability Solar Power which multiplies its Sp. Attack by 1.5 when the sun is shining but causes damage.

    Also, Lapras, for an Attack based moveset:
    Lapras @ Leftovers
    Dragon Dance
    Body Slam/Perish Song/Safeguard
  5. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

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    Unless Tropius is going to be your leadoff pokemon, I will have to suggest against the sunny day moveset...
    if the weather can't help out someone you switch in, [in the even Tropius gets KOed] it will more than likely be turned against you.

    If nothing else, try to keep Blaziken/Salamence alive to make the best use of it...
  6. Yeah, if you're using sunny day with a grass Pokemon, you'll likely end up battling a fire-type. It can be used against you. And remember, sunny day doubles all fire attacks, so you might as well have a team full of grass types.
    Oh, well, I saw the question mark and assumed you were asking.
  7. I'll switch Blaziken with Arcanine and Tropius with Sceptile
    It's for competitive.
  8. Well, for Arcanine, I suggest Solarbeam for those pesky water types. Perhaps a Sunny Day, but I'm not sure how often you'd use it, so think it over.
  9. Carmen Lopez

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    I like a full physical sweeper Arcanine like this:

    Thunder Fang
    Flare Blitz/Flamewheel/Fire Fang
    Crunch/Iron Tail

    Arcanine doesn't have the best physical movepool but it's definitely improved which is great because its attack is a little better than its special attack. Thunder Fang to cover water types; Flare Blitz, Flamewheel, or Fire Fang for STAB; Extremespeed is powerful and an awesome priority move; Crunch for more coverage, Iron Tail to cover rock types.
  10. For Sceptile, its always bugged me, Charizard too, that they made their Special higher but both have great Physical move pools. Anyways...
    I could see it as a sweeper mostly because it has high Speed and not-to-good defenses.
    Leaf Blade
    Rock Slide (flying, ice, bug, and fire)
    Night Slash/X-scissor/Brick Break/Swords Dance/ThunderPunch(move tutor in Emerald)
    Aerial Ace (other grasses)


    Energy Ball/Giga Drain
    Focus Blast
    Dragon Pulse
    Hidden Power [rock]
    Grr, I feel horrible at this...Oh well.
  11. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    This is my personal favourite moveset for Sceptile:

    Sceptile @ Petaya Berry
    - Energy Ball
    - Dragon Pulse
    - Leech Seed
    - Substitute

    Substitute to avoid status and whatnot, and to activate Petaya Berry as well. Leech Seed will help regen the health back lost by Substitute, although unfortunately you may not get much use out of Overgrow this way. I think Leech Seed's beneficial effects offset that completely, but that's me. Energy Ball and Dragon Pulse for attack moves. Only bad thing about using this set is it will require breeding a new Sceptile from scratch, since Leech Seed has to be bred onto Treecko.

    If you can't/don't want to breed a new one (don't blame you if you don't want to - it's very tedious) then MarineMilotic's movesets are by far your best option, especially since the Substitute/Leech Seed set can be a bit awkward to use if you're not used to it.

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