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DPPt/HGSS I need help with my team!

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Typhlosion77, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Can someone help me with my Pokemon Team? I can switch out Pokemon and Moves, and I need EV and Nature suggestions. Thanks!

  2. Carmen Lopez

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    I'll help with Swampert and Lucario!

    Swampert-Adamant, Impish
    Hammer Arm/Curse/Brick Break

    Generally, Swampert's attack is higher so I went with a physical moveset. Waterfall and Earthquake for STAB. Avalanche to cover Grass types. Hammer Arm is more powerful than Brick Break but has lower accuracy and lowers speed. But it's not like Swampert is going to be outrunning anything anyway. Curse also lowers speed but boosts attack and (I think) defense. Or you could always stick with Brick Break.

    Lucario (special)- Mild, Calm
    Aura Sphere
    Dragon Pulse
    Dark Pulse/Water Pulse

    No Lucario needs three fighting moves when it has so much more potential than that. Aura Sphere is for STAB and in Lucario's case is doesn't need a STAB move for its other type; Psychic covers fighting types; Dragon Pulse is there for coverage as Lucario is a decent Dragon counter; Dark Pulse is also for more coverage but you could also go with Water Pulse to cover Ground and Fire types.
  3. I'll help with Dragonite and Tyranitar! ;D Also, I assume its competitive.

    Dragon Claw
    Aerial Ace
    Fire Punch/Brick Break
    Aqua Tail/Waterfall

    Dragon Claw and Aerial Ace for STAB, obviously. Fire Punch or Brick Break for Ice types, since they're Dragonite's biggest threat. Aqua Tail or Waterfall are for Rock, Aqua Tail has higher power, but less accuracy, Waterfall has higher accuracy but lower power.
    Their Attack is naturally high and their Speed isn't. If you want a faster yet less powerful one, go for Jolly. If you want a hard hitter, go for Adamant.

    Rock Slide/Stone Edge
    Thunder Fang
    Aerial Ace

    Their Attack is generally better than their Special Attack so a physical moveset is better but a special could be done. Crunch and a Rock move (another more accurate/less power or viceversa tradeoff there) for STAB, Thunder Fang takes out Water and Aerial Ace for Fightings since they get a x4 hit on Tyranitar.
    The natures are similiar to Dragonite since Tyranitar has the same high Attack, low Speed issue. So the advice for Dragonite's nature also goes for Tyranitar's.

    Typhlosion could be switched out for a better Fire such as Arcanine or Blaziken. Despite Typhlosion's relatively decent physical movepool, it's Attack isn't that great. Also. it's Special movepool is very limited.
  4. Thanks for the help so far. This is the updated team:

  5. Carmen Lopez

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    You may also think about the option of Dragon Dance on Dragonite to replace Aerial Ace. A move that raises attack and speed is worth consideration, right? :D
  6. alright, thanks.

    Another update of my team:

  7. [quote author=Typhlosion77 link=topic=4060.msg54083#msg54083 date=1206385525]

  8. Blaziken

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