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I need help with ev training

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Carlos, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. I've tried ev training some of my pokemon but I'm not quite sure hoe it works. I don't know how you know when your pokemons ev's run out, and im confused about when people talk about 252/252 ev's etc.. Can someone please tell me about how it works.
  2. When your pokemon goes up a level, there's that little screen that comes up that says how much each stat increases, right? Well, those are EVs, or Effort Values. (I know I'm stating the obvious...) Now, let's say I think my Torterra is way too slow, and I want to make its Speed go up. Well, to do that, I have to defeat pokemon that will give Speed EVs, like Starly. Starly gives one speed EV when you defeat it. So does Chimchar, however those are not the only ones. There's way too many to list...
    But let's switch now. Say I want my Azelf to be a terror with its Sp. Attack. What do I do besides put Nasty Plot on it? I give it Sp. Atk EVs. I go defeat Budew, Piplup, et cetra.
    It's actually quite easy once you get the hang of it.
    As for when your pokemon's EVs run out, I'm not 100% sure, but I think they never do.
    252/252 EVs means that a pokemon has 252 out of 252 possible EVs in either speed/sp. atk/sp. def/etc.
    Hope that helped.
  3. Urm.. Aren't those IVs? Or am I the one who understands that the wrong way around?
    I thought the invisible stats are EVs... Tell me please.
  4. This is another thing I'm not 100% sure on, but I'll give it a shot anyway.

    I think that the IVs are determined when you first catch the pokemon (or it comes out of its egg), and the EVs are obtained as you level it up.
  5. Mudskipper is pretty much right. EVs are obtained by defeating certain Pokemon. There are EVs for each stat.
    IVs are valuse that determain the natural growth of a stat literaly. They are determain once caught or hatched. IVs can also be bred but that's a bit trickier. IVs also determain the Hidden Power Type and Base Strength.

    There's my rant on Hidden Values.
  6. Thank you for the help on ev's; and do you know how pokerus works, because some of my pokemon have it but I don't know completely how it works.
  7. Wow, you have them?
    I think Pokerus doubles the EVs you get from a pokemon.
    Say you killed a Graveler. It gives 2 EVs in Defense.
    Pokerus doubles it again so you gain 4 EVs in defense by killing one Graveler.
    You can infect Pokerus to any Pokemon and put it in the PC so it won't disappear.
    Am I right?
  8. Yeah, you are, but you forgot to mention some things.
    Pokerus goes away after 48 hours, the pokemon infected can never catch or spread it again, but the EV boost is NOT LIFTED and will always remain on the pokemon.
    However...if you don't want the pokerus to go away, put an infected pokemon in your PC. The pokerus won't leave and won't infect any stored pokemon. It's quite handy for raising low-level pokemon.
  9. On top of that, The Macho Brace has the same effect as the PokeRus. The only downside is that tis Speed is lowered in battles, but you know, it's just a battle.

    Now, the new Power Items bought from the Battle Park Exchange, they add 4 EVs to a stat after a battle if the Pokemon normally gives that kind of EV off. So, if i defeated a Gengar (3 S. Attack EVs) and my Pokemon was holding the Power Lens, it gains an extra 4 S. Attack EVs. so my Pokemon really got 7 S. Attack EVs. If it also had the PokeRus, the 7 EVs would be doubled to 14 EVs gained.

    That's my rant on EVs and the Power Items.
  10. This is where I'm confused - I understand it's basics, but does, say a LV 50 Pidgey give more EVs then a LV 3 one? No, right?
  11. Nope. You would get the same amount of EVs whether you beat a level 1 or a level 100.
  12. I usually get my pokemon to lv 50 before I Ev train so that I get a rough idea of their IVs aswell. I was making a specsmence and it had a large chance of having no SPAtk ev's, I was well chuffed!
    As well as the macho brace, there are these specific belts that focus on one EV, but I cant remember what they're called.
  13. Thanks again for your help. When you ev train your pokemon do you keep ev training them untill they are level 100, becuase my friend said that you run out of ev points at around level 60.
  14. You keep training until you run out all 510 EVs. This could be Level 60 or Level 30. You'll have to keep track of the EVs to make it accurate as possible.
  15. If thats the case, then I think my lapras ran out of ev's a looong time ago... Thanks anyways but how do you know if its ran out at level 60 or 30?
  16. I don't know how true this is but I heard that when your Pokemon can't eat vitamins anymore, its EVs are maxed in that stat. I also heard that if the lady in Slateport or the lady in Sunyshore gives you an effort ribbon, EVs are maxed out. I want to know if that true.
  17. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    I did some testing with Vitamins...

    They won't be used when Total EVs equal 510, which is good
    but if the stat you are trying to use them on is 100 or over, they also don't work... which is bad...

    you can use them to indicate whether you have 510 total by trying each vitamin... but you can't use them to determine when you have maxed them out individually...
    and... I'd entirely forgotten about the effort ribbon...

    Even if your Lapras' EVs are maxed, there are berries you can use to lower them again...
    that way you can transfer some EVs to other stats.
  18. That's an interesting point that I never thought about. So I can "fix" a Pokemon's EVs if I screwed them up, like when I was playing through the game the first time and couldn't EV train.
  19. Yes to both points.

    Berries #21 to #26 will lower the EVs of the Stat they correspond to.

    #21 Pomeg Berry - HP
    #22 Kelpsey Berry - Attack
    #23 Qualot Berry - Defense
    #24 Hondew Berry - S.Attack
    #25 Grepa Berry S.Defense
    #26 Tamato Berry - Speed

    THey all lower EVs by 10 I believe.
  20. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    Yeah, I've heard it was 10 as well...

    Provided that they aren't level 100,
    Yep, this works great ;)
  21. Soon it'll be time for a berry growing binge. Heh I believe my Infernape has a chance now; I'll feed him many Hondew berries and reallocate those EVs to attack or speed. I just might put berries 21-26 in my Hall of Fame thread. :)
  22. Thanks for the help with the berrys. I tried using them on my Lapras ( kelpsy that minuses atk and tomato that minuses spd) but it said that they wouldn't have any effect. Is this beacuse I havent put any evs into those stats, or because he too high a level (73) or for some other reason.
  23. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    If they have no effect, you haven't put any EVs into the stats you tried to lower...

    Level has no bearing on the effects of the berries, they will still lower stats even if the Pokemon is at lvl 100, I just said not to do it because there is now way to get more than 100 EVs per stat back at lvl 100.

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