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DPPt/HGSS >> I need a 3rd-gen Breloom set.

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Orangen, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. ...That doesn't involve spore, because on Emerald I was stupid and wasn't paying attention when Shroomish started to evolve.
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    Blargh. I replied to this, and it got eaten when THAT HACKER decided to wipe the entire forum database. Grrr >:(.

    I think what I suggested was - assuming that you don't have access to Fire Red/ Leaf Green Move Tutors:
    1. Leech Seed / Giga Drain - GRASS
    2. Brick Break / Sky Uppercut - FIGHTING
    3. Headbutt / Facade / Return / Strength - NORMAL
    4. Sludge Bomb - POISON

    You want some kind of Grass move for the STAB, even though Breloom has a lousy Special Attack stat. Giga Drain is the most powerful move which attacks the enemy while restoring HP to you. The main problem with Giga Drain is its lack of PP - it only goes up to 8 even with a PP Max. Alternatively, you could use Leech Seed to slowly leech 1/16 HP each turn if you forsee longer battles occurring.

    You need a powerful Fighting move. Focus Punch is out due to the lack of Spore, unless you have access to the FR/LG Move Tutors for Substitute. I recommend Brick Break because it's the most powerful 100% accurate move. However, if you don't mind dealing with less accurate moves, Sky Uppercut also exists, and is useful because it can hit opponents using Fly. Flying-type attacks are Super Effective for both Grass and Fighting types, meaning they're 4 x effective against Breloom. Some kind of protection against Fly might be useful... although, don't most trainers use Aerial Ace anyway?

    You need two more moves that use the Attack stat. A Normal-type move will be useful against almost all Types of Pokemon. You get Headbutt for "free" (by level up) and it can cause the opponent to flinch. Strength is an HM, so effectively free. Facade and Return are both TMs, so can only be used once. I rather like Facade because its power doubles if Breloom is Burned, Paralyzed, or Poisoned - and 2 of those status ailments are particularly likely for Grass-type Pokemon. However, if your Breloom has a very great Friendship level, Return will be better - as it will have the maximum power of 102.

    Sludge Bomb is a reasonably good fourth move, as almost all Pokemon can be Poisoned, and in the 3rd Gen it uses the Attack stat.

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