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i make things. [art/writing/sprites]

Discussion in 'Requests' started by voidaquariums, Aug 22, 2018.


out of everything i offer, whats your favorite option?

  1. art

    1 vote(s)
  2. writing

    1 vote(s)
  3. sprites

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  4. pixel art

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  1. voidaquariums

    voidaquariums Formerly Luxray901

    sometimes i do things.

    old thread died so heres the new one. yeet.


    infrequently asked questions + rules

    ari what will you do
    > art. refer to this.
    > sprites. i can do edits, like fusions/recolors/etc, or sprites of gen6/gen7 pokemon.
    > pixel art. i'm a bit out of practice with these, but they'll generally be icon sized- 100x100 or 500x500. resizing is available if necessary.
    > writing. this varies, generally. i can do ships, oneshots about characters, among other things. i'm not a part of a lot of fandoms, so it's best to ask on my profile what i'll do. i draw the line when it comes to certain ships.
    > in general, just ask before requesting if you're unsure

    whats the deal with that weird spreadsheet thing in the art link
    > thats the pricing list i generally use for commissions on other sites. the idea is that you choose something on the left, then something on the right. example being a shaded headshot, which is shoulders-up and colored+shaded, or a flat-colored full-body, which is, well, a drawing of the whole character, with colors and no shading. mix and match, collect the whole set, etc etc.

    whoa what pricing?
    > everything here is free, but if you really like what i did, you can leave a tip on my dA, or in my dms on FR.

    so, what'll you draw?
    > yes: animals, dragons, humans, gijinkas, anthros/furries, pokemon, light gore/blood.
    > no: mechas, nsfw, or heavy gore.
    > maybe: anything unlisted

    can you emulate a certain artstyle in your drawing of (x)?
    > i can try

    i have a question about something i've never seen you do. where should i put it?
    > on my profile or in the thread.

    i requested something a while ago and it hasn't been done yet. whats up?
    > sometimes i have bad days

    can i erase your signature?
    > no.



    size: (headshot/half-body/full-body)
    colors: (none/flat/shaded)
    dA username: (optional- this is so i can tag you after i crosspost it to dA)

    pokemon: (list two for fusion, one if anything else)
    what to do: (fusion, recolor, substitute, whatever you can think of)

    pixel art
    size: (100x100, 500x500, etc)
    colors: (monochrome/flat/shaded)
    dA username:

    content: (ship, oneshot, etc)
    length: (ranging from about 200 words to a slowburn fic.)
    ao3 username:


    pixel/normal art: 0/5
    writing: 0/3
    sprites: 0/7

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