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I loved it... but I'd never play it again

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by KoL, Jul 23, 2016.

  1. KoL

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    I'd like to think I'm not the only person who has done this, but there are some games that, for whatever reason, I've loved playing through but known full-well at the same time I would never play through again. I generally play through games I really like multiple times, so for a game to make me react this way to it is a bit of an oddity for me but not unheard of.

    There's also been certain parts of games I've enjoyed greatly but would never want to touch again for varying reasons, which would either put me off playing through the game again entirely if unavoidable (although I doubt I'd like the part in question if it made me react this way) or just make me avoid that part of the game ever again.

    As far as individual games go, most RPGs would come under this due to their length but Earthbound probably fits the bill best. I really enjoyed Earthbound when I played it at uni, but part of the reason why I wouldn't ever play it again is simply because I don't remember much of the game at all now. While this may be a reason to many to play it again, since it'd feel like a fresh experience, to me it effectively leaves me no reason to ever touch it again since I can't vividly remember why I enjoyed it in the first place, but at the same time I've already played and beaten it so there's nothing really new there either.

    As for specific parts of a game, Destiny's King's Fall raid is one of the best areas I've ever played through in any game. I'd go as far as to say that King's Fall is better than any of World of Warcraft's raids, and I played that game for years and enjoyed it greatly too. The bosses were awesome to fight against, especially the final fight against Oryx which to me is the best raid boss ever made, but two things stand out that would make me never want to play through King's Fall again. The first problem is a jumping sequence near the start of the raid that is an absolute nightmare to navigate unless you know the correct route to jump across the Hive Tombships already, otherwise you can have fun getting repeatedly killed as you just miss the wrong ship or spend too long trying to work out where to go next only to have the Tombship you're stood on teleport out from under you and drop you to your death. Another jumping sequence two bosses after this one is significantly less irritating to deal with than this one. The biggest problem however is trying to find a group to do the raid; it can't be done alone and trying to find five other players competent enough to get through the raid's challenges ends up being harder than the raid itself, and unless you're part of a Destiny clan or happen to have five or more readily available friends to do the raid with, trying to do this raid regularly will be far more trouble than it's worth despite how good it is. I will say though that anyone who plays this game should definitely play through the raid at some point even if it is only once, because the good parts of it have to be experienced.

    Any games or levels you liked but would never want to touch again?
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  2. NonAnalogue

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    I loved the Baten Kaitos series. The music was great, the graphics were gorgeous, and the gameplay was sharp. Sure, the voice acting was a little off, but nothing's perfect. However, the second game had a boss in the middle, right after a disc change, that I only beat out of luck and I'm pretty sure I could never actually beat again without throwing my controller through the wall.

    So I haven't gone back and played them again, is what I'm saying.
  3. Phantasy Star Online (Gamecube/Dreamcast vers.). I really like the games despite that they didn't seem to age well. I still pick up my RAcast and run higher level bosses, train my mag, etc., but every time I start a new character I just can't bring myself to play further than the forest zone. I don't mind lather/rinse/repeat games much (I've ran through Pokemon Red 20+ times), but starting new characters in PSO gets boring in a hurry knowing you're just slogging through the same stuff across multiple difficulties.

    I will say the same about Borderlands 2. I still play it but I doubt I will ever start a new character again. Ultimate Vault Hunter mode is a huge timesuck when I have a backlog of games to get through and the grind to get to level cap is pretty lengthy. I have my Siren at level cap and I don't need anyone else.

    EDIT: I've never beaten FF13 (made it to the 3rd disc on previous runs), so I'm doing a complete runthrough right now and I'm pretty sure that once I beat it I will never pick it up again. ATB-style RPGs and I don't usually get along and this is a long game. Not to mention I don't usually get into crafting systems.
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  4. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    Most of the games I played that I love have at least some replay value, even if it's just a story that I love. Dead Space is one that I will likely never play again, it's sequel is a much better game in every way, and now that the twists of the story are known by me, it's lost the mystery, which is what carried the game for me on its weaker segments. Despite that, I love the game dearly, and remember it fondly, but whenever I get the itch to play again, I always pick up Dead Space 2 instead.

    Watch Dogs is another game that I mostly enjoyed, but wouldn't pick up again. The reason for it is both similar and different to Dead Space's. The story was the main thing keeping me going, but where Dead Space had a satisfying story that loses impact on return views, Watch Dogs' poor pacing and disappointing last act left me feeling unsatisfied, though that might bend the topic a bit. I loved it - while I was playing it - but since then my opinion has soured.
  5. Shiny Pyxis

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    Pokemon Emerald. The fact that my first playthrough took me forever to actually finish, thanks to parents, school, and a few broken consoles, has left me feeling like if I restarted everything, I'd be throwing away the Pokemon I worked so hard to get. I still have my original team in the game (if the cartridge hasn't corrupted itself yet), including an adamant Swellow named Nester, who was (and still is) my prized possession. That said, I have played emulated versions of Emerald and fangames based off it, but I never managed to get past Lilycove because I'd just feel a pang of nostalgia and miss my old team members. It's kinda silly, they're literally just pieces of code in a game who can't even interact with me, but I still feel so deeply attached to my team that any other playthrough of the game just feels... incomplete.
  6. I feel as if Persona 4 Golden falls into this category because of how grand it was, adding so much more to Persona 4 and how much time you can spend fusing personas. Perhaps sometime in the future I'll replay, but it's like watching the Godfather trilogy. You will not watch it back to back.

    Shin Megami Tensei IV I would say the same considering that due to life schedules and the game's difficulty and it took me nearly a year to beat.

    Dangan Ronpa 1&2 are extremely fun...the first time playing through.
  7. OnePiecefan11

    I'm like that with Undertale. I love a lot about the game, but I can't bring myself up to playing it again. Especially not going through the genocide run and killing all of those great characters.
  8. Pokemon Sun and Moon definitely. I'm not saying they are bad games; far from that. I love them. They are so jammed packed full of content, and that's the problem. It's full of new ideas, and a new and extremely extended storyline (1 hour tutorial.)
    With all of that, it's best not to immediately jump back and start a new game, considering how much I have done since I bought Moon on day 1. It doesn't mean I won't start over and do a Wonderlocke (currently doing so on Sun), and yeah...the game's been out for a few months so going back to it...yup.
  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    It might be a bit early for me to make this claim but Tales of Zestiria will likely fall into that category. I absolutely loved that game's main cast of characters and the story was enjoyable enough... but some of the locations within Zestiria are so ungodly bland that I'm amazed I played through them the first time.

    I also realized by the end of the game that I was basically button mashing through every battle. Maybe if I'd jumped up to Hard mode things would have felt different, but surely on playing on Moderate would have posed some sort of strategic challenge if such a thing existed? All you had to do was identify an enemy's weaknesses, armatize with the appropriate Seraph character, and button mash to victory. It was fun for the first time 'round but I'm not sure it'd hold up for a second go. I'd virtually need to be playing for the story/characters alone ... and better Tales of games exist if I want to do that. :x

    Time will tell if I ever give it a replay, I guess. As of now I'm fully interested in doing the Tales of Zestiria DLC campaign, and maybe poking around at some of its post-game, but I definitely have no plans to replay it start-to-finish anytime soon. Once was enough.
  10. Crash Bash. I played this game when I was like, 4/5 years old. It was a fun game, but, it was hard. I never managed to get to the 2ND BOSS! A few years later, I played it again in an emulator. I defeated Papu Papu, and then, the same happened: I never got to Bearminator. I don't hate this game, but I don't like it either. But it was fun when I was a little kid.
  11. I'd have to agree with the Undertale mention above. It's a fantastic game, and I really had a blast playing through the Neutral and Pacifist routes for the very first time. But I don't think I could really bring myself to do it all over again - both because a second playthrough just wouldn't have the same "magic" as my first, but also because the game itself and a major theme of its story tries to discourage you from erasing your file after you achieve the golden ending. If a sequel comes out in the future (which wouldn't surprise me, with how insanely popular the first one is), though, I would love to play that instead.

    On another note, there's Conker's Bad Fur Day. I love that game to bits, but it's so long - and at some points, a little frustrating - that I'm not sure if I'd have the patience to play it again from beginning to end.
  12. Super Mario 64. I´m not saying it´s a bad game. I heard a lot of good things about SM64, so I wanted to played. Since I don´t have a Nintendo 64, I downloaded an emulator, and the rom. The reason why I would never play SM64 again it´s because I find it boring. The levels are too big, everytime you get a star or die it sends you out of the level. The soundtrack is ok.
  13. GreninjaTrainer013

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    Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon. Still my favourite game of all time, but I can't afford to go back and delete my save file.. again. The game is too hard, yet I still love everything about it. The difficulty is just... Ahh. Don't even get me started on the Legendary Pokemon dungeons...

    The only good thing is that I have Charmander and Chespin as my human and partner. They're probably the best duo in the game.
  14. Bomberman R for Nintendo Switch. I started to play it for a while, doing random crap, but then I got Skyrim and got attached to that. I got bored so I turned back to the only other game I had, Which was Bomberman R. When I started playing again, I just realized how... lackluster, boring, empty, hard, and overall atrocious this this so-called celebration of 33 years game is. It just made me want to go back to Walmart and exchange it for another game. *drops mic*
  15. A game I like but can't play again.... Believe it or not, for me the game that fits the bill is Pokemon Fire Red. It was the first Pokemon game I remember playing, but in the more recent years I've either been spending my time playing Black/Black 2, or I've been glitch hunting on Gen 1. When I started up Fire Red for the first time in 7 years... I just shut off my SP. What makes it worse is that I don't even know why I feel this way about a game that I hold so dear to my heart.
  16. Super Mario Bros. 3: One of my favourite games of all time, but there´s one problem... I suck at Mario games. I used to play this game a lot when I was a child, so I decided to play it again a while ago. I completed it, but it was hard and a little boring in the last stages.
  17. Pokemon series
    Really, any of em its enought to not making me start all over, more because of a bond than difficulty (Lets be honest, Pokemon isnt really what its called a "Hard Game"), when you have finished an adventure, you usually have a really "Friend bond" with them, and I feel its kinda sad to erase them after all you have done with them.
    In fact, My pokemon Sun game was owned by other person before and didnt erased the game, when I got it the first thing I did was wonder trade ALL the pokes he had and then erase it.
  18. DokiDoki Literature Club
    The game was great, even though I was either terrified or hit way too hard in the feels the entire time. Of course, while I'm sure there's a lot of subtle foreshadowing and such in the game that would only be noticed while replaying, I don't think I could bring myself to play it again, especially knowing what happens to each of the characters. I feel that a lot of the reason I enjoyed DokiDoki so much was that, while I expected bad things to happen, I also went in entirely blind, and so the twists were a lot more surprising.
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