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Open "I Eat Pasta For Breakfast" - Creepypasta RP, AU

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by hollowhead_, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Most PROBABLY didn't get the joke, in the title. So, yeah. This is inspired by a comic called 'I Eat Pasta For Breakfast' Check it out. Also, @Generation Sect
    Name : Marin Smith
    Gender : Male
    Age : 15
    Appearance : Black Hair, Unknown Eye Color, Greyish-Pale Skin. He usually wears a navy blue wool hoodie, ripped jeans, and black boots. He has bandages over his eyes, which he had sewn into his skin.
    Personality : Quiet, Mysterious, Never EVER Talks. Destined To Be One Of The Most Powerful Creepypastas (Everybody's characters which are in this, will be too. But not so early)
    Abilities : Clairvoyance. He has a sense which tells him where to go, and somehow see, spiritually. Telekinesis. Can move things with his mind.
    Backstory : The reason he's sewn bandages into his skin, is because, in his past life, he had seen so many people, suffering, their lives aching, etc. that he didn't want to see no more. Other than that, his backstory is unknown.
    Other : The way he communicates with people is with sign language. He makes gestures with his hands, and they represent words. He still hasn't joined with the original creepypastas (Jeff, Slendy, etc.)
    Marin was walking through the forest casually, knowing some faces were looking at him. He hadn't eaten since, 3 days. But, he wasn't complaining. He had some scars on his arms, because he had pulled the sleeves of his blue wool hoodie, upwards. He also, wasn't putting on his hood, showing his black hair.
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  2. Name: Memento
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Appearance: Scruffy short light brown hair, light brown eyes. Wears a black woolen mask, with night vision goggles strapped to it over the eyes. Wears a black hoodie and gloves, with baggy black trousers and black sneakers.
    Personality: Snarky and defensive, he is heavily affected by something in his past and still can't get over it until he finds answers. He is driven by this singular goal, so tends to lack motivation except for that cause.
    • Perfect Memory - He can recall anything he has seen from a certain age with near perfect detail.
    Backstory: He was raised by a Cult, and never knew his parents, being told that he would be their salvation. However, their hideout was raided and burnt to the ground as the cultists were slaughtered. The mysterious figure who did this then attempted to hand him over to the government, but he escaped and has been roaming the world since, attempting to find answers by doing the only thing he knows.
    Other: He vividly remembers a mansion he was taught about by the cult, a safe place for him, and seeks to find it.

    He peered out of the bush at the peculiar figure. Others would use other words to describe such a sight, but Memento had seen worse in his time on this earth. He remembered this forest. Of course, he remembered a lot of things, but this was important. Maybe this... thing knew where he was supposed to go. Certainly seemed out of the ordinary. He ripped off a chunk of ham sandwich from his pocket, wrapping it in some tissue and sort of rolling it along the floor towards him from the bush. He wasn't sure if whatever it was could actually see him with the state it was in however.
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  3. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Marin kept walking. He looked at a piece of ham sandwich from the ground. He made it float with Telekinesis, and quickly took two bites, and nodded at the bush, it had rolled from, and then kept walking, completely ignoring the fact that a sandwich rolled from a random bush. He read the person's mind. The guy seemed to think Marin knew where to go. Well, he did, but had no interest in telling the stranger.

    "Well...what now?" Asked Jeff the killer, watching from a distance, "I don't know...," Said BEN DROWNED, who was with him, "I just feel a strange feeling from those two guys....They seem...different." Said BEN.
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  4. Name: Lizzy Adams
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Appearance: Short dirty blonde hair, pale skin, hazel eyes. Wears a dark blue hoodie and bootcut leggings. She looks like a normal little girl.
    Personality: Extremely independent, and doesn’t trust adults. She’s energetic, and has a tendency of talking back to older people. She has ADHD, which tends to lead her to get off task.
    Abilities: Very quick reaction time. So far, she hasn’t been hit by anything. Not even a low hanging branch. She’s just too quick.
    Backstory: She was a single child whose family lived in a large city. One day while walking home from school, a large group of school bullies surrounded her. They taunted her, calling her awful names and hitting her mercilessly. This happened for months. Her parents never noticed nor cared. She grew sick of it. The last time the kids approached her, Lizzy snapped. She took whatever books were in her back pack, and crushed one of the kid’s skull. The others fled. Once she arrived home, she killed her parents. She hated them for not caring.
    Other: She has a deep compassion for young children, and would never harm them. The reason is unknown.

    Lizzy was dozing off in a large oak tree when she heard something rustle in a nearby bush. A piece of a sandwich was rolled from it. She saw as a passerby used some weird power to levitate it into their mouth. This person seemed odd, she thought. She quietly made her way down the tree, and hid herself behind it when she heard Jeff and BEN’s voices.
  5. Memento was more than a little confused. It took a lot to surprise him after what he had experienced but this was pushing the limit. The strange being moved with... purpose. It was definitely going somewhere, possibly where he was supposed to be going. These woods seemed familiar, which was strange, as due to his memory he could vividly recall anything he needed to like he was still there, but the memories of the strange mansion and these woods were fuzzy, which indicated it could be some sort of path for him to follow. Maybe he hadn't actually been there, or it was implanted into his head, or maybe none of this was real and he was just crazy. After that guy saved him he had just... survived, to whatever extent he could. He had to take the chance that he could find answers and if it resulted in his death, well, he wouldn't be losing much anyway.
  6. Lizzy tried to lean in to see what was going on, but she slipped. Before she completely fell to the ground, she caught herself and hid behind the tree again, hoping no one saw her. Even though she knew who some of those people were, she’s never met them personally, and would rather it stay that way. Now, she was just praying no one noticed her.
  7. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Marin sighed. He used his telekinesis again. This time on everyone who was watching him. He made Lizzy, Memento, Jeff and BEN float in the air. He threw them on the ground, and made gestures with his hands. Sign Language. The gestures translated "I Can See You." And then he had folded his hands, and seemed to be "looking" at them, in a "threatening way." He made more gestures with his hands, and they translated "Why Were You Following Me?"
  8. Lizzy rubbed her head, she wasn’t used to being thrown around. “ Okay, ow! That was quite rude, thank you very much! And I wasn’t following you, I just happened to be in that tree! “ She pointed to the oak she was laying in not too long ago. “ Who’s to say you weren’t following me? “ Lizzy retorted.
  9. Name : Daniel pierce
    Gender : Male
    Age : 15
    Appearance : Black Hair, unknown skin color, as his body is covered in thick black robes and a balaclava mask. He wears a plague mask that is eternally fused to his face. He has yellow eyes which can be seen through the eye holes of the mask.
    Personality : Cold, dark, sometimes warms up to people.
    Abilities : Mortis touch, ability to kill with the touch of a hand. Physcopathic reanimation, if being is killed with mortis touch then he can reanimate the corpse that will attack anything but him.
    Backstory : loading file for [INFORMATION EXPUNGED]... loaded. [REDACTED] was discovered the [REDACTED] omountains, all other information is UNKNOWN. End file.

    Daniel walked along through the woods, now noticing the telepath. “Well well Well. Look who we have...” He said creepily.
  10. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Marin shook his head. He walked away, uninterested in the new people. He walked, and walked away for hours, until he was out of sight. He was now in front of a large tree. A tall man came out to him. The tall man wore a tuxedo, black pants and a red tie. His skin was white. He didn't seem to have a face, "I've been expecting you..." Said the man, quietly, as he took Marin away. They soon were in front of a large mansion...
  11. Lizzy huffed. All she wanted was to have a peaceful nap. She walked away from everyone else, and found a new tree to doze in. She carefully climbed to a high enough branch, and started to fall asleep.

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