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Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Ozzybeans, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. I hijacked that admin person's thread by mistake. The one with the long name. Whoopsie.

    Anyway, here's my first picture, of an idea I had where Palkia fights Deoxys. The other battle would be Dialga and Celebi, but I never drew it.

    Why those matchups? Deoxys is the space-traveler and Palkia is the ruler of space. Celebi is the time-traveler and Dialga's the ruler of time.

    Deoxys may be launching a Psycho Boost at an off-guard Palkia, but Palkia would win. Because Palkia is like, canned awesome.


    The next image is the realistic Drapion I drew. Fortunately, I still had that biography on Drapion ready with copy/paste from the night before! Saves me a lot of retyping.


    Drapion is a highly evolved scorpion that's about thirteen feet long when fully stretched out. Instead of purple, he should be a sandy brown color, with rough, rock-like upper body and tail and a softer underbelly. He lives typically in rocky deserts, making their home in deep (100+ feet deep) sand pits dug underneath a rock formation.

    He is an aggressive carnivore, using a hunting method similar to a trapping spider. He digs underneath the sand, exposing only the top of his head (with his newly added antennae) and the rocklike growths coming off of his head. Totally camouflaged, he waits for his prey (in this case, a Trapinch) to come by and detects its presence with its antennae. He covers his eyes with his third eyelids, which are clear and allow him to see when he rushes up and snatches his prey, quickly gobbling him down.

    His lower body is divided into sections, the top being armored and the underbelly being much softer, and each section houses its own stomach that breaks down specific things (one stomach for protein, one for fatty acids, one for nucleic acids, one for carbohydrates, and a fifth to dissolve anything left over).

    Male Drapion compete for mates by slashing the weak underbellies with their large tails. If one male is caught using his arms to grapple the other Drapion, the female joins in and attacks the cheating male Drapion until the cheater is dead. Females are somewhat larger than males (15 feet long instead of 13) and they use their size to overcome the male. Although females are larger, males have stronger and larger claws on their hands and tails.

    Female Drapion typically have a lifespan of about twenty to twenty five years. Male Drapion live to be about the same age if they attract a mate; males that fail to beat their competitor in a mating ritual die from the injuries. Females typically give birth to a single Skorupi egg; Skorupis that live to see maturity get to evolve into Drapion.

    Drapion has been seen to attack Sandslash, although Sandslashes usually drive off the Drapion by slashing the underbelly. Drapion have no natural predators, although they have a bitter hatred for Sandslashes due to their low success rate at eating them. The only threat to a Drapion is another Drapion.

    Drapion in the Hoenn region have also been reported battling a large rock creature in the southern side of the desert on occasion.

    Those are the two Pokemon related pictures I have on-hand right now. Does the artwork have to be Pokemon related? I have a lot of pictures that deal with Advance Wars Commanding Officers, as I'm part of the Custom Wars project.
  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    "The One With The Long Name." I like that. I should turn that into a custom title or something. Until that happens though, you may feel free to refer to me as either SW or Stel. Whichever you prefer.

    I like the Palkia's expression. "!!" Indeed. Its outstretched arm is somewhat, well, meh, but I somewhat like the battle-dynamic-ness.

    Also, Dialga's sole purpose in a battle of this sort would be to squish Celebi like the bug it is. "TIME IS -MY- BITCH NOW, 'FOO!"

    The Drapion is pretty good. Makes me think of the Zerg - must be the bursting-out-of-burrow thing, or the mandibles. I appreciate the plating. I'm not sure what it's attacking, but I'm assuming that's a Trapinch, from your comment. Interesting description, also. While I don't share your view on these monstrosities, I appreciate the thought that went into this - would love to see more personal interpretations into PokéMon Biology from you. ^^

    Regarding your art - I have to say that as far as I'm concerned you definitely have the awesomeness potential. You DEFINITELY have a way with action poses, but to me, at least, your personal art style could use a bit of development (which is one of the reasons I appreciate your Drapion a whole lot more than your Deoxys/Palkia battle) as do your background effects (the 'bursting' on the Drapion could have been handled a lot nicer, in my opinion. Then again, I don't think I can talk much about that, as I'm learning how to handle 'special effects' myself). On the whole, I would definitely like to see more art from you.

    And no, art posted here doesn't HAVE to be PokéMon related - pretty much anything goes, provided it is within the limits of common sense and the rules. ^_^
    #2 StellarWind Elsydeon, Jun 11, 2007
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  3. I TOTALLY agree with your comments. I get too lazy to draw great action sequences! It's like, "all right, I have a pretty cool Drapion but he's just gonna look weird floatin' there. Scribble time!" I could've done it better, but I didn't particularly want to.

    That's a problem of mine. >_>

    One note I'd like to make regards this scanner. Both pictures look a HELLUVA lot better on paper than scanned. Scanned, it really ruins a lot of it.

    Can I call you Mr. Longname as a pet name? :3

    That IS indeed a Trapinch drawn in an awkward position. Drapion typically eat Trapinch, Diglett (should they dig into a burrowed Drapion), and Sandshrew. They'll attack whatever comes near, however - even Sandslash (which I've stated is Drapion's most difficult-to-catch prey), Drapion (a Drapion's only competitor), and Baltoy (even though they're...floating...rocks.). Yum!

    I'll try drawing a full-body Drapion soon. Drapion's such a cool Pokemon! ^_^

    EDIT: On an aside, can I use your Pokemon to write biologies in the Writing subforum? That'd be fun. :3
  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Only if you wish to die a long, slow, excruciatingly painful death by Torizo.

    [quote author=Ozzybeans link=topic=2151.msg22330#msg22330 date=1181583337]
    On an aside, can I use your Pokemon to write biologies in the Writing subforum? That'd be fun. :3

    I write my own biologies, I'm afraid, and I believe our views on certain PokéMon somewhat clash. I'd like to see your own ideas on things, but leave my critters alone. :p
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  5. Who's Torizo? *pwned by noobness*

    [quote author=StellarWind Elsydeon link=topic=2151.msg22331#msg22331 date=1181584960]
    I write my own biologies, I'm afraid, and I believe our views on certain PokéMon somewhat clash. I'd like to see your own ideas on things, but leave my critters alone. :p[/quote]

    On certain Pokemon, aka Drapion. The only one I've written a bio for >_> All right, I'll leave your guys alone.
    #5 Ozzybeans, Jun 11, 2007
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  6. Wow, read the bio -- sounds great. It seems really realistic and I could truly see an animal like that coming out of nowhere (if scorpions were that intelligent).

    Your art looks creepingly realistic too...the detail on the Trapinch makes me think even more that he should be part bug, and that Drapion just looks dangerous. I like how you showed him sorta "peeking" outta his little dirt hole too, 'cause that looks really nice.

    I'd definetly like to see more of your stuff man, you're really talented.
  7. I always thought Trapinch looked like a big bug. Oh, and careful about how much you compliment me - my ego is prone to inflating >_>

    Thanks, though! ;D
  8. Haha, no you definetly deserve it, I mean those realistic drawings of yours really have a nice, distinct style to 'em. Which reminds me...

    I forgot to say something about your Deoxys vs. Palkia picture. Although I like this one too (because of the angle and the way you made it look like it was moving), I like your more realistic style better. I mean, the cartoony style may be really nice and all, but I've seen tons of people do the cartoonish thing. But that realistic drawing style I just haven't seen too much.

    ...well, besides StellarWind's stuff.
  9. Well, then you'll love my full-body Drapion.


    ...If you meet that in a desert, you better fuckin' PRAY it's a mirage.

    Any requests?
  10. You certainly have a very nice artistic style. As for requests, please could you draw a Swampert in such a style, preferably without claws? Cheers in advance.
  11. [​IMG]

    I dun wanna get into too much detail.

    Swampert is a lungfish with limbs, basically. He lurks around in muddy areas, filter-feeding small animals like a whale. He also is found in coral reefs, using the grips on his hands to crawl around without losing traction due to his slimy skin. In coral reefs, they prey for Lumineon and Huntail.

    Huntails are basically bigass eels about 6-7 feet long (I dunno how long they actually are). They hide in coral reefs and coax small fish near them by flashing the bioluminescent bulbs on the front of their heads. They compete for mates by showing off their large fins. Their natural predator is a Swampert.
  12. Holy crap. O.O That looks awesome...same reasons as before. Seriously though, your stuff looks proffessional. I've definetly got a request...

    You think you could do a Heracross vs. a Pinsir (with the battle favoring the Heracross)? Oh yeah, in the realistic style of course. ;]
  13. Hmmm...Two giant beetles. They might not exactly look like their Pokemon counterparts as much anymore...But I'll gladly do it. I have a good pose for how Heracross will hold off the Pinsir. Though why do you not like Pinsir? They're both really cool! Plus Pinsir was the ORIGINAL raging stag beetle.
  14. Double posts are okay if it's an art update. Okay. Read that rule four times to burn it into my brain. >_>


    The scanner cut the edges off! How rude.

    The one on the right is Pinsir. The one on the left is Heracross.

    Pinsirs are highly evolved stag beetles that got this way due to the necessity to use their large horns. Their arms are not developed well, but their horns have the crushing power to snap a car in half. Despite their size, the bone structure is hollow, and therefore rather light (16 pounds per pincer, which is light for a Pinsir). They live in plainsy savannah areas and their blood enemies are Heracrosses (although they're none too fond of Scythers and Scizors, either). They have no eyes, but instead "see" with their numerous feelers.

    Heracross are highly evolved stag beetles that developed use of their arms moreso than their horn. They aren't as adept at using their horns and instead use them to attract mates. Their arms are capable of holding off a Pinsir's crush *pictured above* which gives them the advantage of using their second pair of arms against their foes. They developed compound eyes that let them attack with greater accuracy (Heracross use fast, accurate punches while Pinsir go for the kill in one...erm, pinch), which usually lets them win in battles against Pinsirs. Heracross aren't as armored as Pinsirs, however, and one pinch from a Pinsir typically bisects a Heracross.

    Both species have their advantages and disadvantages, and both species share the disadvantage of being rather slow.


    How's that?
  15. Thanks Ozzy.

    Why don't I like Pinsir? He has a twisted mouth, nasty pincers, and...he just looks mean.
    Now why do I like Heracross? I like Heracross 'cause of one main reason...he's part fighting, which just shows he's a beast.

    *EDIT: Oh, you made the request. Nice job there, it's definetly an awesome pic. They both look so vicious. >:] *saves to comp* I really like the bios you do as well. Oh yeah, whenever you're bored just tell me, and I'll be glad to request...'cause your pictures are just plain awesome.
  16. The Pinsir/Heracross picture didn't come out greatly. I'll redraw each individually to give people a better idea of what they look like. Pinsir came out pretty awesomely, but Heracross was meh. Maybe it was because Heracross doesn't really look ANYTHING like his Pokeself besides the horn.

    I'll take requests at ANYTIME! I'm free for the summer, so gimme stuff to draw, please! Keep in mind that certain Pokemon may be turned down. For example: How do I draw a realistic Gengar? Gastly, maybe, because it's a wisp, but Gengar's just designed to look cartoony with that big ol' mouth.

    ...Actually, I've got an IDEA for Gengar. I love rambling to myself!

    But yeah. If I can't figure out a good realistic interpretation, I'm gonna have to ask for a new one. But request away! Please!
  17. Are you for real!? That picture was awesome Ozzy! Seriously, great picture there! But you're right Heracross looked a lot different than he normally does (*ahem* extra arms *ahem*), but it was soo tight lookin'.

    Wow, I'm really glad that you're taking requests all the time, 'cause I really like your drawings man (and I hope I'm feeding your ego). Soo...I'll give you an idea real quick. It's another match-up -- Luxray vs. Manectric. I'll definetly be lookin' forward to that one. >:]

    By the way...it's a bit annoying that we both have the same avatar. xP But that should change soon...
  18. Annoying? I think it's awesome. Shows we both kick ass! XD

    Anyways, I'll get on your matchup tomorrow. It doesn't have to BE a matchup, keep in mind. I like drawing just one sometimes >_>

    I may be done for tonight, but I bring you one SCARY picture: Gengar.


    There's no biology. He's a dream monster, existing only in dreams. Should a Gengar kill a person in the dream, he takes over the human's body, which is where wild Gengars come from. They can alter their size and shape, being incorpereal (hence levitate). They have few distinguishing features except large mouths and the top of their head continually flickers like a black flame. The Gengar pictured here is using Dream Eater on a poor child for sustenance.
  19. Haha! xD
    Well, that just looks plain scary. O.O Awesome, but scary. Seriously man, you're the beast of Realistic Pokemon. *signs up for Ozzybeans fanclub*

    Hehe, thanks for all this man. I'll be waitin' for that request tomorrow (and asking for more).
  20. My first day here and I have a member of a fanclub devoted to me.

    I LIKE this place.

    G'night, ya'll, enjoy the pictures! Hopefully people other than Marvelman will comment on them XP
  21. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Whoa. Massive update here. >>

    Interesting takes on Swampert and Pinsir. The Gengar looks horrendously like something out of Cartoon Network, though >>
  22. if you could I'd like to put in a request for a match between Charizard and Salamence and Charizard alone.why those you may ask. Charizard and Salamence are my favorite flying types. and Charizard is hands down my favorite pokemon.
  23. That's a very interesting Swampert, cheers! The thumb on the raise hand looks like it's kinda in the wrong position, but it's a good picture none the less.


    Okay, so my queue is Luxray vs. Manectric, Salamence vs. Charizard, and Charizard alone.

    I LIKE these! Scorne's got the right idea! Charizard's the bomb!

    Although I think the only different between them will be that one's quadripedal and one's bipedal. >_>
  25. nice art, very nice. and, i have one request. so far. typhlosion vs. mamoswine.

    would be much appreciated.
  26. It looks like your full in requests but, i have a request XD. I was thinking about Arcanine Vs. Raikou. Since they're the closest pokemon that look like tigers and tigers are my favorite animal.
  27. Okay. I've let scorne know that I'm not drawing two Charizards because this Charizard standalone picture is just too damn complex to draw again fighting Salamence.

    So, my queue is:


    That's enough for now; no more requests until they're all done! ^_^


  28. got that right
  29. ...Damn. This guy's awesome.


    Charizards are massive dragon-creatures who freely breath fire. They're mountain-living predators at the top of the food chain, and their intelligence is also unusually high for a lizard. They've developed a sense of honour and fight for sport, which is something not seen in wild Pokemon, typically. They typically gorge themselves on wild Raticate while looking for fights to pick. In mountain areas, they typically fight Aggrons, Tyranitars, Salamences, and other Charizards. Being more intelligent than many other Pokemon, they know the right fights to pick and retreat if things get messy. Charizards use the oils produced by their body to power their fire. Mating rituals involve showing off their tail fires to a possible mate. The male typically spends his morning bringing Raticates to his den so the female Charizard and the litter of Charmanders can eat. Males then spend their afternoons fighting. If the Charizard doesn't return by nightfall, the female knows the Charizard has been killed or captured and goes to find a new mate.



  30. did you draw that charizard
  31. That's the point of the thread. I draw Pokemons somewhat realistically. Of course I drew that 'Zard.
  32. xD well, he does seem to be claiming credit for it, and if he weren't the artist that drew it, he would get warned, flamed horribly, and stoned to death repeatedly.

    i don't think he wants that.

    nice charizard, very detailed.
  33. I see what you mean drawing dragons is complicating
  34. Oh, of course. I used a reference. I won't lie; I use references all the time. I used a picture of a stag beetle as a reference for my Pinsir/Heracross pictures, too.

  35. All right, I'm abandoning requests, at least for the time being. It's turning into quantity over quality. I drew Mamoswine versus Typhlosion, and the poses are AWESOME (Typhlosion's like BRING IT OOOOON), but it doesn't have the realism my other have and the art just seems...bland to me.


    There it is. The last one for a while.

    Mamoswines are giant freaking mammoths discovered in mountains in the southmost areas of the world. Their tusks and fur are covered in ice. They're distinguished by the blue markings on their faces. Not too much is known about these guys due to their rarity. They're always seen alone, with no other Swinub or Piloswine or Mamoswine around. Their diet and mating rituals are unknown.

    Typhlosion are flaming weasels. They have three flame sacs on their back. They're covered by a lustrous golden fur that's worth quite a bit and put wild Typhlosion on the endangered species list. Over their golden fur, on their back, is an extremely thick and rough coat of black fur that's totally fire-proof and prevents Typhlosion from hurting themselves. They reside on mountain peaks, and always communicate with nearby Typhlosion families by creating patterns with their fire. They're generally docile and fight only to defend their lil' Cyndaquils. Once in a fight, a Typhlosion will go berserk, using walls of flame to intimidate or incinerate the opponent. They're omnivores, and typically eat Rattata, Spearow, and Berries. They show off their flames to attract mates.
  36. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. very nice. and much appreciated.
  37. Prof. Cinders

    Prof. Cinders Mathemagician
    Staff Member Administrator

    That, scorne, is what we call spam. Just "awesome" doesn't help the artist, and you could've said why you find it awesome. You're warned, mate.

    Also, Ozzy, your art is very cool. I like. ^^ Your interpretations of all the pokemon are very well-grounded, and the descriptions you give are the icing on the cake. ^^
  38. I appreciate the compliment, Mr. Cinders, although I still don't find the most recent update particularly good.

    That Charizard is AWESOME, though. XP

    I'm gonna do individual pictures of the Pokemon I've drawn in battles, barring Swampert, because Swampert's pretty prominent in his picture. Expect individuals of: Huntail, Heracross, Pinsir, Typhlosion, and Mamoswine.
  39. I don't know what it is about that Charizard, but it looks very weird...

    There it is, it looks weird with it's legs all together, maybe if you ever redraw one, make it seem like it's legs are capable of holding up his massive body ^_^.

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