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I Draw teh Art Stuff

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Trop003, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]

    Pokecharms is back and so am I. Here's the comic I've been holding on to.
  2. Paraflinch. Hehe. Verrrry nice comic Trop! Can't wait to see more 'Art Stuff'!
  3. [​IMG]

    My kid brother got a hold of this and drew on the back of it with pen, so sorry for the transparent scribbles throughout.
  4. The Togekiss' facial expression in the last panel of the first comic made me laugh. XD

    Also, ditto with Red's face in the last panel of the second.
  5. No! I'm not flying all the way to route 30 to fight your rat! No I don't want an Oran Berry! Stop calling me!

    ^ = Win.
  6. Dunsparce>Dialga LOL Togekiss: WT*
    I don't care how strong your Rattata is, NO I'M NOT FLYING ALL THE WAY TO ROUTE 30 TO BATTLE YOUR RAT! ROFLAP
  7. OMG


    Togekiss' expression is priceless!

    Dunsparce also, just with his eyes closed in front of Dialga.

    AAAH too awesome I am blinded.
  8. That was awesome :'D Seriously, I read through your pre-fallout thread and even though I didn't think it was possible, you're just getting better and better XD I don't care how strong your rattata is... Oh gods XD
  9. Your comics are so funny and nicely drawn keep up the good work. :D
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  10. [​IMG]
    My DSLite is officially dead. I found it outside after a storm. What was it doing outside? I haven't the foggiest.

    The title is in pencil because it still is unconfirmed as to whether it will be called that.
  11. Trop... You're making me cry :'(

    The my own DSLite is dying, depending on the charger, and it's making us fall apart. She wants to give up and get it over with, but I still need her! C'mon baby! Just a little longer! We can make it until the 3DS gets out! *sob*

    Anyway, I never really got around to posting comments about any of your stuff, but I find it downright amusing and bringing up some of the many thoughts I've had in the past. Such as what happens if you start an adventure long before your friend does, or are just generally better at it.

    And as for Thing Your Mother Told You No. 137, it also works if you put the lid on the pot, and use background music to entice the bubbles. Don't object to my cooking methods, they work for me.

    Edit: Oh yes, your drawing style is cartoonish and cute.
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  12. [​IMG]
    I hate those things!
  13. I suppose the "My SSB" series doesn't hold a place on the Sprite Forum.
    For those of you who still want to view all five of them, I implore you to visit my DeviantArt account. I have a folder in my Gallery titled "My SSB".

  14. Lol. 'Prime' target. And it's a Tauros. Hamburgers, yay!

    Poor DS. Give it mouth-to-mouth! ...Er, that didn't sound right. XD

    Bronzong are annoying, I agree.
  15. What the heck Trop? Where've you been?! Why'd you leave us?! WHAT'S THE LAST NUMBER IN PI??!?!??!!!
    Well, I've been working on a project. I purchased Pokemon FireRed Version and a brilliant idea came to mind!
    "I know! I'll create a comic journal on my journey through Kanto!"
    Oh Trop! You're so clever and original! I totally forgive you for your hiatus!
    Expect a new thread soon.
  16. You should do a Nuzlocke Challenge, it would just give an opening for more gags :p.
    But do what you like, just make it epic, Okay?
  17. Seconded so hard. But yeah, Pokemon comic run = epic win. I totally support you and forgive you for disappearing (D:<)
  18. Hi im new here and i love your comics,their so funnny ;)hehehe i like the part where that pokemon deafted a
    Dialga!HAHAHAHA!That is what i call funny! from,chilunne :) ;) :D ;D
    #18 Chilunne, Sep 26, 2010
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