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I don't get breading pokemon moves

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Perfect-Chao, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. cant someone tell me how you bread pokemon moves because i'm very confused ??? do you have to level up pokemon to get the moves and then hope to get the right pokemon (e.g. pikachu and buneary) and what about the moves they get only get by breading for set pokemon e.g. volt tackle (know how to get that) when some does i'm sure i will have more questions about it.
  2. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    oooo.... this is my field ;D

    for a start, Volt tackle is an exception to egg moves...
    and the only one of it's kind that comes to mind in fact.

    First of all, you should know that the Egg will always hold the the earliest stage of the Mother. (exceptions being azuril and happiny, etc.)

    The Father determines what moves the baby will have

    If the father knows a TM that the baby can learn, it will know it when it hatches.

    Other egg moves (such as Chansey with Counter, and Eevee with wish) you have to look at the egg moves of the baby you want. Get a Female form of the pokemon you want

    After that, you want to look for a Pokemon that can learn the move you want to transfer to the baby by leveling up, get a male with that move, or moves.

    Some egg moves (Present with Pikachu) can only be transfered through a chain of breeding.

    Did that help clarify some things?
    I'll be back on later if you need more...
  3. What about if a pokemon is genderless. Like my metagros; i'm breeding him with a ditto to get a beldum. Will my Beldum (becuase my metagross learned earthquake as a TM) have earthquake, even though metagross isn't a father?
  4. I don't get how to bread Poke'mon either. Would that be like...rolling them in batter and deep-frying them? And I especially don't know how to bread their moves.....fried Iron Tail?

    I'm so confused.

    BREEDing moves can be difficult, because sometimes you'll want two Egg Moves from two different father Poke'mon, and that can be a biznatch.

    All I can say is that it takes patience, a Poke'mon with Magma Armor, and maybe even bribes to someone who is better at breeding than you.​
  5. No, genderless Pokemon will never learn Egg moves, TM moves or Level up moves by breeding with a Ditto.

    And on top of what Ruko said, If both Pokemon (Mother and Father) have a move in thier list of moves they can use (Ones from the menu of attacks) and they're Level Up moves (Moves learned from Leveling up) the Hatched Pokemon will also know this move.


    -Male Swellow With: Aerial Ace, Agility, Wing Attack, Air Slash
    -Female Noctowl With Air Slash, Hypnosis, Drem Eater, Extrsensory

    Agility and Wing Attack are Egg Moves for Noctowl from Swellow, both moves are passed down.
    Aerial Ace is a TM move, so it's passed down as well.
    Since Both Pokemon know Air Slash, the new Baby will know it as well. These are called Level Up moves.
  6. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

    I think that about covers it...
    • Genderless
    • TMs
    • Level Moves
    • Egg moves

    I have a breeding thread opened in the fourth generation wi-fi board if you have anything in particular you want bred... :p

    If you want to do egg moves yourself though, this list of Pokemon's egg moves might be of some use to you... though I think it may not be entirely complete, all of the info in it is good.
  7. Just giving examples and situations in case you're still confused.

    Basically, If you want a certain Egg move on a Pokemon, you should have the Father be able to learn that certain Egg move.

    Let's say I want a Chikorita with Vine whip, since it can't learn it naturally.

    For that, I will need a female Chikorita, Bayleef or Meganium.
    Next, I'll need a Pokemon that's
    -Knows Vine Whip
    -Is in the same Egg Group or Typing as Chikorita/Bayleef/Meganium

    Back in Gen 2, I caught a Bellsprout, since it knew Vine whip at an early stage. Leave it at the Breeder, and wait for the Old man to inform you that your Pokemon had an Egg.
    Now comes the hatching part, as you know, you hatch a Pokemon by walking, and each Pokemon species has a specific number of steps to walk before it hatches. Having a Pokemon with the Flame Body or Magma Armor ability in your Party with the egg will half the hatching rate (because it kept it warm while you were walking.
    Once it hatches, presto, a Chikorita with Vine Whip!

    So now you have that down, how about two or more egg moves? This time, let's go for a Chikorita that knows Vine Whip AND Leech Seed. Well, if you're lucky, there's already a Pokemon that knows both these moves (like Bulbasaur and its evolutions) And its a simple matter of breeding that male Bulbasaur with a female Chikorita. Repeat the whole hatching process and there you have it, a Chikorita with Vine Whip and Leech Seed.

    Volt Tackle is a special case, seeing as how its a move that can only be learned when the mother, a Pikachu or Raichu, holds a Light Ball item. If you're only after Volt Tackle, then by all means, let your Raichu (with a light ball) breed with any male counterpart compatible with it. However, if you'd like to maybe throw in a Grass Knot or Thunderbolt in there, you could probably have the Father learn those too. (A male Pikachu does learn T-bolt by level-up and grass knot by TM. As far as the rules go, any TM the Father learned will be passed to its child) When it hatches, you'll have a Pichu with 3 new moves at its disposal.

    But wait, Pokemon only learn 4 moves at a time, and 2 or 1 move when it hatches from an egg. What happens to the natural moves the Pokemon is born with? Well, if it had 1 move when its born, it will simply hatch with all 4 move options available to it (ready for battle) If it had two moves though, the first move will be forgotten in place of the 3 new moves it learned. A Pichu is born with Thundershock and Charm, under the circumstances listed, it will be born without thundershock because that attack was in the first option. Charm will remain, and be moved up to the first option, making way for Volt Tackle, Grass Knot and Thunderbolt.

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