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Open Hyrule - BotW Version

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Skyst, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. Skyst

    Skyst Previously Luma_Star

    This RP is taking place twenty years before the hero, Link, awakes.

    There is danger at every corner of the world, and hope seems lost. There are a few, though, who fight the obstacles of the dark and attempt to stand in the light. These few, though small in numbers, find each other and save others from death and loss.

    Character OC -

    (Hylian, Sheikah, Zora, Goron, Rito, or Gerudo):
    Background Story:
    (alive or deceased):

    My OC:

    Age: Nineteen
    Gender: Female
    Species: Hylian
    Appearance: Genesis has long brown hair that flows freely down her back. She was born with a birth defect - her eyes are a piercing golden colour. She wears traveling clothing, and always carries a weapon, usually a traveler's sword and a wooden shield.
    Personality: Skeptical and pessimistic, no one really likes Genesis. She is stubborn, hard to teach, and quite rude. Inside, though, she holds a kind heart, and she loves certain people with every ounce of her existence.
    Background Story: To be revealed throughout the RP.
    Family (alive or deceased): Genesis has no memory of her parents. She was left in the care of the Sheikah leader, Impa, when she was five years, holding a baby infant in a basket. Her sister, Layla, died when Genesis turned sixteen.
    Other: When Genesis was nine, she caught a horse. Her horse, a male with a black coat and a star in its forehead, is named Akmi - Tu. He is Genesis's best friend. She is also unnaturally talented with the art of the bow, and can shoot a moving target sixty yards away from her.


    - All Pokecharm rules apply.
    - This is not like the real game. If you die, you are dead. It's a good way to back out of the RP if you need to leave politely.
    - Refrain from swearing, please, but it is not "banned."
    - Please be respectful to the other participants.
    - Though this sometimes cannot be helped, I ask that you keep violence short and to a minimum.
    - You can join the RP at anytime, but please try to wedge yourself into the story in a natural way.

    It is really up to you. Please. Help us.

    Genesis stared at the trees. Her horse, Akmi - Tu, nudged her shoulder with a worried whinny. She petted the white mark on his forehead softly, then stopped. The Bokoblin lay, dead, at her feet. Meeting the others from the tribes was tough. Usually they decided they no longer wanted to help, and Genesis was always disappointed. This batch had better be different...
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  2. Name: Shoda
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Species: Sheikah
    Appearance: Shoda has short, white hair and red eyes. He wears clothes similar to that of a Hylian, rather than the traditional Sheikah garb. He usually carries a traveler's sword and wooden shield, with a hunter's bow as well.
    Personality: Shoda tries to keep an upbeat attitude in whatever he does. Unlike the farmers in Kakariko, Shoda is a huge fan of horses. It's a family thing. He likes to help people, but deep down really wants to see the world, no matter the danger. Back in Kakariko, his friends called him 'Guts' because he'd sometimes do dangerous things for fun, like jumping off the waterfall. He's mostly grown out of that now.
    Background Story: Shoda is from Kakariko Village. His father and mother were the main "horse people" of the Village, so Shoda learned how to ride from a young age. He also picked up how to use a sword and shield in order to help defend the village, and a bow to hunt. Shoda wanted to see the world, even though it was quite dangerous.
    Family: Shoda's mother and father still live in Kakariko village, along with his older sister Shasia and little sister Shenia.
    Other: N/A


    The Blue Bokoblin made it's way through the forest, feeling quite proud of itself. It had gotten quite lucky, preying on another unsuspecting traveler. It couldn't wait to eat this meat, since it had been a while since the Bokoblins had eaten Sheikah. The Blue Bokoblin continued on it's way, dragging the unconscious body of Shoda behind it. Shoda looked a little worse for the wear, quite beaten up. Blood smeared his face from a cut on his forehead. Letting out a soft groan, Shoda's eyes fluttered open. What... what had happened to him? Shoda tried to look around, but the world seemed to spin. His head pounded, and he felt quite dizzy. It was taking all his self control not to black out again.

    Having reached the edge of the forest, the Blue Bokoblin looked over to where it's partner normally was. To the Bokoblin's surprise, where his amigo normally was there was a Hylian instead! The Blue Bokoblin dropped Shoda and let out a screech, drawing it's Boko Club and Boko Shield. The Blue Bokoblin ran at Genesis, ready to attack. It was going to eat well tonight!
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  3. Skyst

    Skyst Previously Luma_Star

    Genesis glared at the navy - coloured Bokoblin. It wasn't making a kill today. Drawing her soilder's sword, she quickly stabbed at the monster's exposed skin. It howled in rage and swung its club around aimlessly, trying to catch Genesis in the attack, but she was too quick. She dodged the heavy stick and charged, slamming the tip of the sword into the beast's head.

    Swaying slightly, the Bokoblin's eyes slowly faded, and it collapsed. Genesis nodded in satisfaction and turned to the poor man. "Are you all right?" she asked, sheathing her sword and holding out her hand. Akmi - Tu snorted, unimpressed with his master's display.
  4. As the fight between Genesis and the Bokoblin went down, Shoda tried to regain his senses. Slowly, the world stopped spinning. His head was still pounding, but not as badly as a few seconds ago. Shoda slowly rubbed a hand over his head, wiping some of the blood on his face.

    "Are you all right?" A voice said. Shoda looked up to see a girl, a Hylian, offering her a hand up. Where had she come from? And what happened to the Bokoblin? Shoda took the girl's hand, and allowed her to help him up. He still felt woozy, but Shoda found he could stand.
    "Ah... thanks..." Shoda said. "I probably would've been dead if you hadn't stepped in..."
    Another wave of dizzyness struck Shoda, and he staggered a moment before regaining his balance.
    "Whoa... Guess that Bokoblin really did knock me for a loop." Shoda said. He looked at the girl that had rescued him. She had... gold eyes. Why was the familiar to him.
    "Have we... met before?" Shoda asked Genesis.
  5. Skyst

    Skyst Previously Luma_Star

    Genesis studied the boy. "I think we have, actually," she said. "I lived in Kakariko Village for a few years, until I was eight. You look pretty familiar." If she remembered correctly, this boy was named Shoda. He used to try to impress others by doing dangerous stunts, and Genesis had secretly admired how brave he had been. "Were you that one boy who jumped of Impa's house into the pond?" she asked. When the man flushed, she laughed.
    Her horse, Akmi - Tu, snorted. "This is Akmi - Tu," Genesis said. "He doesn't like new people." Akmi - Tu snuffled in agreement.
    "Are you here to meet me about.. the thing?" It was to dangerous to talk about her idea in the open. "I'm waiting for a few more people," she said, running her fingers through Akmi- Tu's mane. "Do you have any questions?"
  6. When the girl said she had lived in Kakariko village, Shoda suddenly remembered. That's right... this girl was the gold-eyed Hylian that had been taken in by Impa!
    "Oh, yeah! I remember... You're... Gin... Ginny? Jenny?" Shoda said. His memory of the girl was hazy as it was, and the pounding in his head was no help. The Sheikah did smile proudly when the girl brought up the jump into the pond. Now that was something that he remembered.
    "Yeah, that was me." Shoda turned his attention to the Hylian's horse. It had snuffled at him, and it seemed that what Genesis had said about it was true. That horse was not a fan of new people. But Shoda was completely in the dark about the next thing that Genesis was talking about.
    "Uh... Thing? What thing?" Shoda asked.
  7. Name: Reize
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Species: Hylian
    Appearance: Similar to the character of the same name from Shovel knight, but with blonde hair. He is also shorter.
    Personality: Decently kind, however, he is very serious about his role, as he wishes to find every remaining Goddess Statue, and make sure they aren't destroyed. He is very rude to people who say he wastes his time, but kind to people who help him. He is obsessed with his goal, and will go to any lengths to complete it.
    Background Story: LATER. Chose his path after his home was attacked in the invasion of Hyrule. He chose it believing a savior could use the help of the Goddess Statues. He has been traveling around Hyrule for 10 years now.
    Family: Deceased via bludgeoning by Bokoblin.
    Other: Travels by himself most of the time.


    Reize was wandering, when he saw a girl and a boy, he could tell the boy was a Sheikah, so he hid in-between the trees. He muttered to himself
    "Hmph. I shouldn't be wasting my time, I should be finding the next statue, and destroying any and all monsters near it." He sighed, and shook his head. He went to continue his journey, and accidently stepped on a twig, making a loud cracking noise.
    "Uh oh." He began to run.
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  8. Skyst

    Skyst Previously Luma_Star

    Genesis huffed a little. This boy had a bad memory. "I'm Genesis. And do you really not know what I'm talking about?" Her yellow eyes grew curious. "Were you just passing by?" Shoda's face clearly read he had no idea what she was talking about.

    "Okay, fine. You'll be useful. You know how there's all these suicide attempts all around Hyrule? And people getting killed by Moblins and what not? I'm trying to gather people to stop this. And so far, no on has been doing it. Do you want to join me?" Once again, her eyes widened with excitement. He really did seem useful, even though he had gotten beat up by a Bokoblin.

    A sudden snap from the trees alerted Genesis. She whipped her head around and spotted a Hylian with blonde hair running away. "Come on!" she shouted to Shoda, grasping Akmi - Tu's saddle and hoisting herself up. "You do know how to ride a horse, right?"
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  9. "What? Uh, yeah. Hold on." Shoda said, picking up the Boko Club and Shield dropped by the Bokoblin. His bow, sword, and shield he must've lost when the Bokoblin attacked him. He turned towards the forest and let out a piercing whistle. A few moments passed, but no whinny responded. Dang it. Pisces, the horse Shoda's family had lent him, must have ran away after that Bokoblin attacked them. Well, there was no time for that. The person that had been watching them was running off, in a pretty suspicious manner.
    "Dang it..." Shoda muttered. He turned to Genesis. "I've been riding since I was a little kid, but my horse ran off!"
  10. Skyst

    Skyst Previously Luma_Star

    "Sorry about that." Genesis watched the distant man as he ran away. "I wanted to see who he was," she sighed, patting Akmi - Tu's mane, and lept down from the black horse's back nimbly. She dusted off her trousers and looked around. They were near the Dueling Peaks Mountains, in Bubinga Forest. The sky was darkening, and Genesis could tell it was going to rain. Turning around, she hoisted herself back on Akmi - Tu's backside.

    "Come on, you can ride behind me. The Dueling Peaks Stable is nearby, and it's almost nightfall," she said. When Shoda hesitated, she sighed impatiently. "Your horse will probably be at the stable - whenever Akmi - Tu used to get frightened, he would run there. Just get up here."
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  11. "Phew. I probably didn't need to run, but ya never know who could be a member of the Yiga-Clan these days. Not since they perfected their disguises." Reize, bored, turned around to look at the two again. He sighed, and muttered "Maybe I should join them. Could use them to help me reach the next statue. Those things are important, people may think I'm crazy to go near them, but I'm not. I swear to Hylia that if those things aren't useful to the savior(Whenever they show up), I will eat my hair." He decided to go back, he snuck into his hiding spot from before, and watched, he wasn't as careful with his hiding, though. However, he heard them talking about going to a stable. He muttered
    "Ah, great. Stables." he sighed "Last time I was at one of those, a horse kicked me in the face." He sighed. And stepped out of his spot, making enough noise to be spotted, he assumed.
  12. "I dunno-" Before Shoda could object, Genesis beat him to the punch. The Sheikah sighed, and climbed onto Akmi-Tu. Right as he got on, another wave of dizziness hit Shoda. He wrapped his arms around Genesis' stomach and leaned against the Hylian in an attempt to stop himself from falling off the horse. The technique worked, but it resulted in Shoda practically hugging Genesis.
    "S...sorry..." Shoda said, fighting the dizziness. A slight shade of red creeped across Shoda's face. Was... Someone approaching?
  13. Skyst

    Skyst Previously Luma_Star

    "Ha," Genesis laughed. "You're fine. I remember..." a shadow of sadness crossed her face, "my sister used to do this when she went riding with me." The shadow was gone almost instantly, and she smiled. "Akmi - Tu, you can go." She dug her heels into the side of the horse gently, and it broke into a trot. She did not hear the person following behind her.

    They neared the stable just as it began to rain. Genesis covered her head with her arms as the rain pounded down, grabbing Shoda's hand and practically dragging him off Akmi - Tu. Inside, they stood dripping, and Genesis stared at the man leaning against the wall. "You!" she said in surprise. The man who had ran away earlier frowned at her.
  14. So, this was the Dueling Peaks... Shoda thought as Genesis practically dragged him off of her horse. Shoda had seen the mountain from a distance before, when he ran errands for his parents by riding to Hatero Village to get supplies, but this was the first time he had seen the mountain up close. It really was incredible. The rain did ruin the view, however, so Shoda allowed Genesis to drag him into the stable. It was nice and warm in there, and there were a few people there to stay the night.

    Genesis suddenly exclaimed in surprise, and Shoda looked over to see the man that had ran away from them earlier. What was he doing now?
  15. Skyst

    Skyst Previously Luma_Star

    Genesis huffed and turned away. I don't like him, she thought. "Come on," she said to Shoda. "We can ignore him." She cast a glare at the strange man, and he snarled back at her.

    "Anyway, is your horse here? Oh!" Genesis rushed back into the rain, where Akmi - Tu was shaking his body of the rain disgustedly. She grabbed his reins and brought him to the stable doors. "Sorry I forgot you," she laughed, and went back to the stable, where Shoda was still standing around awkwardly. "Well, are you going to join me or not?" Genesis asked. "I do need people, you know, to join me."
  16. As the pair went away, Reize rushed himself to catch up with them, when they went into the stable, he stood just next to the entrance, not minding the rain, as he saw it as better to stand in the rain, rather than risk getting kicked by a horse again. He sighed, and said
    "Well, this is boring." He threw one of his boomerangs across a field, creating a decent amount of noise.
  17. Skyst

    Skyst Previously Luma_Star

    "Oi!" Genesis called angrily. "The thunder is loud enough already. Why can't you stop making noise? What do you even want?"
  18. While Genesis had gone to put her horse in the stable, Shoda checked the stables for Pieces. To his surprise, the horse wasn't there. Then again, it really wasn't much of a surprise. Pieces' home had always been Kakariko Village. He probably just went back there. The horse hadn't seemed too please to head out with Shoda to travel anyway. The Sheikah sighed and walked back into the stable, waiting for Genesis to return as well.

    The golden eyed Hylian returned soon, and asked Shoda about joining her. The Sheikah blinked. His first instinct was to say yes. After all, she had just saved his life! Not only that, but Shoda didn't exactly have a plan as of what to do now that he was out on his own. Traveling with a partner would be nice, too. A lot more safe. But still, Shoda was a bit unclear on what Genesis was exactly trying to do.

    "Well..." Before Shoda could respond to Genesis' question, some strange noise interrupted them. The shady Hylian that had ran away from them before was standing outside in the rain, throwing a boomerang. Genesis seemed pretty angry at him.
    "Uh... Hey dude..." Shoda called out to Reize. "Isn't it a little cold and wet out there?"
  19. Reize rolled his eyes at the girl shouting at him, so he did not reply, however, he heard the boy, and since he seemingly showed concern, Reize turned around, and said to him
    "I'm fine, don't you concern yourself about me." He sighed, and decided to reply to the girl as well, since her friend was being nice. "And for your information, I don't care about the thunder, and if you can't stand the noise, then tough luck." He went back to his training, completely forgetting that he was going to join them.
  20. Skyst

    Skyst Previously Luma_Star

    Grumbling, Genesis watched the unknown guy walk away. She didn't even know why she disliked him so much; she didn't even know him. But the man creeped her out, and her first instinct was to yell. She scanned the horizon, watching the sun begin to touch the peak of the Dueling Peaks as it lowered. The rain was still pounding, and through the mist she saw a lone woman, fighting against the storm.

    "Oh! Are you alright?" she called, and began to run towards the lady. Genesis grabbed her arm and helped her into the dry stable. The woman bushed her wet hair out of her eyes.

    "Thank you, child," she sighed. "And now I have my first prisoner for Master Kohga." Genesis watched in transfixed terror as the lady shifted her shape with a burst of smoke and revealed her true form - a member of the Yiga Clan. Genesis's weapons were resting on the wall of the stable, and the Yiga Clan member had her pinned with a scythe against her neck. She had no choice but to scream.
  21. Reize turned around, hearing a scream, he saw the girl from before being pinned by a Yiga clan member
    "Of course, OF COURSE." He muttered, he ran over, saying "I ain't letting the Yiga Clan kidnap someone!" He threw a boomerang at the Yiga Clan member, and ran over, holding his second boomerang like a sword. He sighed.
  22. Shoda gave Reize a strange look as the Hylian returned to his training. What sort of weirdo kept training in the middle of a storm? With a boomerang? Was a boomerang even a weapon? Shoda watched Reize continue training as it started to get darker, and the rain kept coming down. Well, if the strange Hylian wanted to throw his boomerang in the rain, then who was Shoda to judge. The Sheikah shrugged, and turned to Genesis.
    "Hey-" Shoda began, only to realize that the Hylian girl was gone. What the... where had she gone? Shoda looked around the stable. Her sword and pitchfork were leaning against the stable wall. Had she gone out in the storm?

    Suddenly, a girl's scream rang through the air. Shoda looked out to see a figure standing over another, pinning the other to the ground. He couldn't quite make it out through the rain. There was no time to waist. Shoda snatched up Genesis' traveler sword she had left and pulled out the Boko Shield he had taken. Shoda ran into the rain, but it seemed that someone had beaten him there. Another person was attacking the attacker.
  23. Skyst

    Skyst Previously Luma_Star

    Genesis was trapped, powerless, against the deformed person, when the unknown man suddenly slammed his boomerang into the Yiga Clan grunt's head. It staggered away from her, and the man continued to bludgeon the thing with another boomerang. After a fatal amount of violence, the Yiga Clan member gave up and quickly teleported away. Genesis, breathing hard, rested her head against the muddy ground.

    Shoda ran up, Genesis's sword in his hand. He looked around anxiously, and his hand was steady even though he looked terrified. "I'm good," Genesis sighed. She was too shaken to talk.
  24. "Hmph, your welcome." Reize said, he began to walk away, and muttered "So, the Yiga Clan attacked her, so she's probably not a member of the yiga clan." He sighed, and said to the girl "Y'know, be careful who you trust, you never know who could be part of the Yiga clan, so be careful, there won't always be someone to save you." He picked up the boomerang he threw.
  25. Skyst

    Skyst Previously Luma_Star

    Genesis, still angry, muttered, "How do I know we can trust you?" But she knew that she could. A Yiga Clan grunt would never attack another. But she was still skeptical. "Why are you following us?" She was sure he was. It was not a coincidence that they met in three separate places.
  26. Reize rolled his eyes, and said
    "Well, first off, if I were a Yiga Clan member, why would I fight off one of them? And secondly, I have a task, and I fear I need help for it." He sighed, and turned around, he said "I kinda feel like you two could help, but I assume you are 'busy' with something."
  27. By the time Shoda had made it to the scene, the attack was over. The stranger with the boomerang had driven away the attacker, who was evidently a member of the Yiga Clan. The Yiga Clan... The mere mention of that name sent shivers up Shoda's spin. No where was the Yiga Clan more despised than Kakariko Village. The Yiga were a blight on the Sheikah name, and Shoda despised it. Just the fact that they were Sheikah was enough to warrant wary stares from the Hylians of Hatero Village.

    "Well, I don't know about you two, but for me standing around in the rain isn't exactly the best place to discuss these things!" Shoda said, using the Boko Shield to shield himself from the rain. He handed Genesis her Traveler's Sword. "We should head back to the Stable. At least it's warm and dry there."
  28. Skyst

    Skyst Previously Luma_Star

    Genesis took her sword disgruntledly and stood shakily. Though she had been in encounters like that before, she had never been unarmed. It terrified her, that she couldn't do anything without a weapon. She slid the small knife into the sheath and followed Shoda through the heavy mist. Based on the sloshing of mud Genesis heard behind her, she guessed that the man was following them.

    At the stable, Genesis quickly ordered a bed for herself and turned toward the man while Shoda did the same. "What's your name?" she demanded. Shoda looked skeptical and worried as he stared into space. He was obviously thinking about something else, and it made her grumpy. She needed someone to back her up on this.
  29. Name: Lucas
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Species: Rito
    Appearance: Blue, white, and black feathers. He has scars and a tight bag on his back. He has a holster for his Feathered Edge and for his Falcon Bow.
    Personality: He has been very confused on what is right or wrong. He is serious and skilled in combat. Gets distracted by many things but keeps on track of everything.
    Background Story: His life was full of betrayal, but in the middle of a dispute, his parents were betrayed by a Hylian when they were promised a lump sum of money for defeating an Ice Talus, but it was too difficult and the Hylian knew this.
    Family: Known to be dead.


    Lucas was standing on the top of Hebra's peak. He was bearing the cold and looking off into the distance. Nothing was happening but he knew what would. He felt like there was something in this land that was calling him. For what he was not sure, but he was waiting for his time to come.
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  30. Reize sighed, he said
    "My name, well, I've never really got anyone to call me by my name for ages, but my name is Reize." He sighed "I would like to know your names as well."
  31. "Well, I'm Shoda, and this is Genesis." Shoda said, gesturing to the Hylian girl. This Hylian guy was strange. One minute, he's being all shady and upsetty, and next minute he's helping rescue Genesis. Then again, it was the Yiga Clan he was fighting. Maybe this guy wasn't half bad. Shoda looked the Reize up and down. Then again... who fought with boomerangs? Strange weapons.

    "Uh... You said you had a 'task' or something like that you were trying to do." Shoda said, putting his shield and club on his back. He rubbed his bandage head. "What is it?"
  32. Reize sighed, and said
    "Well. Have you two seen any of those odd statues around Hyrule? The ones that kinda look like Hylia?" He looked at the pair, what a strange pair, he thought, one nice, one rude yet naïve, he thought. He said "There's a story that a knight wielding the master sword was put into an 100 year slumber 80 years ago. Apparently, those statues will be able to help him. I am going to find, mark, and protect every one of them. I kinda need help right now though, I reckon."
  33. Skyst

    Skyst Previously Luma_Star

    "Why would we want some sleeping hero to protect us?" Genesis demanded. It seemed like a lot of work to find all the statues, and he didn't even know if they really did anything. Reize didn't seem to know where they all were, and Hyrule was massive. It would take him years to find all of them. She sighed and gave up.

    "I saw one in Kakariko Village, when I was living there," she muttered. "Have you checked there yet?" Genesis had used to sit next to the statue when she had nothing to do.
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  34. "That's right." Shoda said. "Are you talking about the goddess statues? Because as Genesis said, there is one in Kakariko Village. I've also seen one in Hatero Village when I've traveled there."

    Reize talking about the task he was trying to do reminded Shoda of something that he had meant to ask Genesis about her task. He had meant to ask her earlier, but she had ran off. Then the Yiga Clan member attacked her.
    "Hey, uh, by the way... About what you were trying to do... It sounds good, and I do owe you. But I was wondering how exactly you intended on helping those people. Or if you had a plan or something." Shoda said.
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  35. Skyst

    Skyst Previously Luma_Star

    "Oh!" Genesis said, forgetting Reize for a moment. Her strange eyes seemed to glow as she began to explain her mission. "So, suicide attempts, death from over - active monsters... I hate it. I don't like standing on the sidelines, watching helpless people lose control. So, I'm gathering everyone and anyone who feels the same way. I'm planning to, for one thing, fight the monsters, and also just support people. The problem is, I haven't met any Gorons or Zora who wanted to help. There were a pair of Gerudo, and this one Rito, but they all couldn't handle the fighting." She stopped to take a breath and glanced at Reize, who was listening with bored attention.

    "So. Yeah." Genesis began to feel a little embarrassed. "I'm actually heading over to Kakariko now, to visit Impa. I haven't seen her since I ran away. And then I'll be heading to Hateno, and Luerin, and... everywhere, really. Do you - both of you - want to come?" She stopped and waited for the stunned men to respond.
  36. Reize sighed
    "I figured you wouldn't believe me. But sure, I'll come, might as well." He sighed, he had no idea about a Statue being in either of those towns. He chuckled nervously, and said "You don't mind if I tag along, right?" He laughed "I'm pretty sure you owe me one for fighting off that guy from before."
  37. Skyst

    Skyst Previously Luma_Star

    Genesis thought for a moment. Reize actually seemed like an okay guy, and he was humble - kind of. She nodded in response to his question, and he nodded back. Hmm, Genesis thought. I might be able to do this. Like, actually help people.
  38. Shoda glanced at Reize, a little confused at his comment, but turned his attention back to Genesis. The Sheikah sighed and smiled, rubbing the back of his neck. When Genesis was passionate about something, it looked like she really was passionate about it.
    "Well, it sounds like a plan to me. I'm just trying to find my way in life right now, so it's not like I'm doing anything right now. Not to mention, I pretty much owe you my life. I still got to pay you back for that. So I'm in!" Shoda said. It sounded like Genesis had a plan, so he felt like it was the right thing to do to follow her.
  39. Skyst

    Skyst Previously Luma_Star

    "Quite a weird circle," Genesis laughed. "Shoda owes me his life, and I owe Reize my life. Now Reize needs to owe Shoda his life." She shook her head at her comment; no one would be able to understand her.

    "Okay," she said abruptly, turning on her heel and marching to the rented bed. "I'm tired, and we can ride to Kakariko in the morning." she paused and turned to Reize. "Can you ride a horse?"
  40. "Heh, so you owe me, and he owes you, funny how things work out." Reize laughed at this for a moment, he thought it was quite funny, even if no one else did. However, Genesis' question made him frown
    "Well, I admit animals don't like me very much. Last time I tried to feed a horse a carrot, it kicked me in the face, so not really, no." He shook his head "I normally just walk or run."

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