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Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by daxx0r, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. First thing's first; a simple, rather general question: do you believe in hypnosis? I mean, do you think it's possible to hypnotize someone?

    (Don't worry- I'm not spamming. I'm actually going somewhere with this. I'm just starting the topic in a rather cryptic way to raise the level of anticipation. I know it's a cheap trick, but what do I care :p)
  2. You got this idea from Scrubs didn't you?
    ah what a funny episode.... Anyway

    I believe that people can entre a trance, normally through meditation, during which time they are completely oblivious to the world around them consciously but in cases they can be manipulated subconsciously by a conscious person. So in theory hypnosis induces a meditative state and then manipulates a persons subconscious for either the purpose of humour (Stewie "Why do I taste crotch" after he had been hypnotised into making out with brian) or in some cases healing.
  3. Actually, I didn't get it from Scrubs ;D I guess I missed that episode.

    No, the reason I'm bringing it up is because I found a website filled with mp3 files containing different hypnotisms. Initially, I was open to the possibility that it might work, but needless to say, I was quite skeptical. But I thought "what the hell!" and went through with one of their basic trance inducing hypnotisms. Even if I was still conscious on some level, it felt as if I was floating in some deep void, while the guy in the file was "trancing" me.

    This kinda blew my mind. It actually seemed to be working. So, I decided to check out the site a bit more and found quite a few interesting things. Mostly though, my eyes fell to the antrhomorph (or furry in common tongue) transformation hypnotism. Apparently it will make you change into an anthromorph - for real - when you say a certain "trigger phrase"

    At first, I couldn't quite believe it would work. But as I thought about it it seemed more and more reasonable. After all, what we see, feel and hear around us is merely the way our minds convert the electronic impulses coming from our senses. The eye doesn't portray the world; it captures light, which is converted to electric impulses, which are taken to the brain, where they are interpreted. So why couldn't one simply interpret them differently? I mean, when we dream, everything around us is perfectly real: what we see, what we hear, what we taste, what we smell… And yet, we are simply in a dark room with our eyes closed. Not to mention all the lunatics in the world. They don't just say they hear voices and see little weird people on their shoulders; they really do see them and hear them!

    I thus decided to give it a shot! Hey, it would be awesome if it worked, and if not - well, no loss, right? I downloaded the file and waited till nightfall, when my parents wouldn't randomly come into my room and bug me - after all, due to my skepticism (how can a 29 minute long mp3 file change my view of the world completely?!) this thing had to be done flawlessly, or it might not work.

    So anyway, I stretched out on my bed with my arms at my sides. Then I put in my earphones and put on the file (which I had just moved to my Playstation Portable). The voice on the file told me to relax and drift off into a deep relaxation. I felt it didn't quite work as well as on the first trance I tried (though this might have just been my imagination… I'm writing this three days after it happened, so it's hard to tell), but it did work. I felt myself relaxing more and more, and my body grew heavy. I was pinned down and couldn't move and just floated away...

    Of course, it didn't work in the least. However, the following day I found a forum where some guy had retold his experience with the file - apparently, it did take him three weeks to get any results at all, but then he started feeling "phantom limbs" like a tail and wings (he was trying to become a dragon). Eventually, he started feeling scales on his body and could even start seeing the changes!

    Now convinced that it would work - I had to try it again, the following night. To give it an extra boost, I decided to do the trance twice. The first time, I felt myself falling deeper than the previous night, but still quite there, mentally. Of course, again, there were no effects at all afterwards. I took a bit of a break to watch a pokémon episode, and then decided to go for it a second time. Now it did have effects!

    I put the file on at 1am… then it went totally blank. At 3am I woke, just as the guy started waking me up on the file (I had had it looping — the mp3 really isn't two hours long). I don't remember a thing that happened in between. It was as if I was simply asleep. Apparently, after reading on the net, a real trance feels like just like that - being asleep. I can thus happily declare that I went into trance fully for the first time ever!

    Afterwards, I thought I felt a bit of fur on my lower back, but now I think it was just wishful thinking-

    Anyway, I tried it yesterday too, and then I fell into a trance but only for a half an hour, during one playing of the file. I sort of woke up before the file ended (more like rose to the state of awareness I had had initially with the file) around the time when the hypnotist described becoming an anthro to me. I was still quite close to trance though, and what I felt was really weird. As he was describing the changes I'd experience, I felt waves of tingling stretching up and down my body. At the time, I deducted that I was going to get real results this time around. Again, however - I was disappointed, though I still believe I'm getting closer.

    I'm thinking of having this topic as a live journal of the experience. I'll post updates and such and in the meantime, we can discuss the topic in general...

    PS: If you want to check out the site, go to warpmymind.com, but be aware - there's a lot of sick stuff on that site, so if you prefer the PG-version, click on "exit" on the welcome page and it will take you to a less adult version of it.
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  4. Hmm...very good question. I don't really believe in it that much...but I'm sure there are some methods to get people to sleep...relaxing methods whre one has to have the most calm, dramatically sleepy voice while doing a smooth, repetitive action, such as swinging a pendulum. So that theory just opposed my original decision... ;D

    Yes, I believe in hypnotisim!!
  5. Well, I've been doing to that file now once every day for over a month - and still nothing.
    Hypnosis is very relaxing and I do think it works. I'm sure it can help you (like if you want to quit smoking), but making you hallucinate just because it would be cool if it worked is a little too far out, at least for me... My mind seems to be more rational than that.

    So unless anyone can think of a good reason for me to keep going I believe I'll quit... It's becoming somewhat of a bother. :-\
  6. You've had REALLY cool experiences...unless you actually enjoy the trances, and they help you relax through life, you don't really have to continue doing it...Personally, I would like to try it out when I'm like...depressed or something... ??? ...but otherwise, they don't really make extreme life changes to you, do they?
  7. I can't say I dislike it, it's just that the excitement has sorta died down now... it's been 51 days since I started. I will tell you though, it IS relaxing. In a way I think maybe it's good to zone out with it every day.

    IMO I'd suggest you try it whether or not you're depressed. There's all kinds of files on that site, including such simple things as putting you into trance and taking you back out again - stuff like that can be just for fun, y'know? (BTW, the site I mentioned before has split into two - all of the non-adult stuff has moved to hypnofiles.com)

    As for extreme life changes, yes and no... You can't be hypnotized to do anything you don't want to do, but there can be some radical changes... Take the file I'm doing - I don't see how anything can be more extreme than changing into an anthromorphic animal ;) The thing I'm doing will in effect make me hallucinate, but there are other files that will change your personality... And apparently there's a whole bunch of people that say it really does work if you just keep listening to a file.

    Anyway, I actually had some progress last night. I still don't think my mind is particularly inclined to obey that file (for obvious reasons) - but I guess hammering it in 51 times does the job... Last night, while in trance, I felt my hands… change. They became more like paws, like a fox's paws, or perhaps even like wolf paws. This was REALLY awesome, but it was also confusing.
    First of all, my hands usually numb out while in trance, and it felt almost similar so I'm not sure if it's just me or if something really happened. The really weird thing though, is that the anthro you'll become is shaped after the way you picture it in your mind, and I never planned on having paws for hands - there's just something really useful about opposable thumbs in our society...

    Anyway, after waking up, the paws were gone, and I couldn't get them back... but at least it's progress.
    Seeing as I'm finally getting somewhere, I guess I won't be quitting after all.
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  8. WOW...Sounds real exciting...I wish I could hillucinate like that...It would probably be sort of fun! Good luck with the coninuation of the hypnosis!
  9. Wow, that sounds really, really cool. I think I might try that. How can I put it on my MP3 Player? :D

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