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Open Hyper Zero Fantasy World: RE:Booted

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Captain Cardboard, Mar 28, 2020.

  1. Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/mmorpg-rp-idea-discussion-sign-up.22183/

    Ben slowly made his way into his room, feeling rather exhausted. With a dull clunk, he dropped his baseball gear and plopped back onto his bed. He was exhausted. His coach had pushed him him hard today. But it was over. The week was over, and now he had a full weekend ahead of him. A smile slowly spread across his face. A full weekend to himself... and Benjamin knew exactly how he was going to spend it.

    Minutes later, Ben was ready. He had showered off and changed into more comfortable clothes. Grabbing a bag of chips, he jumped into his swivel chair and pushed himself over to his computer. Benjamin had become rather hooked on a new game, one called Hyper Zero Fantasy World. It had been around for a year or two and formed a rather devoted fanbase. While Ben wasn't the type to spend more money than he needed to on a game, this one was making him reconsider that position.

    "Alright, let's see what adventures we're gonna go on today?" Ben muttered as he booted up the game.


    The loading screen melted away to reveal Benjamin's avatar, a blue haired human named Falcon Paragon. Falcon stretched, checking his Plasma Skorpion machine pistol for looking around. He had spawned in where he had logged off, inside a small cabin in the Larco Woods. Falcon actually owned the cabin, it being gifted to him from his cousin. It was a small base in an early player area, but Falcon liked it a whole lot better than having to spawn and log off in the middle of a city or town. It gave him some time to think before he actually went out to do things.

    Falcon walked out of his cabin, watching in the distance as two players chased after a wild boar enemy. Finally, the player had made up his mind. He'd head into Larco Town, do some shopping, then check out the mission boards to see if anything interesting had popped up. If not, he'd do some sightseeing. He hadn't checked out the Dwendo Desert, and supposedly the Bazaar there had quite a lot of cool items for cheap prices. Then again, that was a bit of a hike. And Falcon wasn't sure he even had the gear to make it across the desert.

    Falcon considered his options as he walked down the trail to Larco town, keeping an eye out for bands of roving kobold enemies or player characters that might attempt to jump him.

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  2. Max ran into his room. He had just finished showering and had ate dinner, so he was ready to play some video games. He had the whole weekend to play! It was going to be so fun! He yoinked his headphones from the hook he always hanged them on, and spun into his chair.
    He loaded up his computer, which had a desktop full of unorganized files, as well as a background that constantly switched from things like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, to video games like Pokémon. He clicked on a specific file that stuck out from the rest, Hyper Zero Fantasy World. This game was amazing! It combined Sci-Fi and Fantasy in a clean and cool way. It had just recently came out, but many people, Max included, were already hooked. Max praised the genius who came up with this game.
    “Alrighty!” Max dramatically cracked his knuckles. “Let’s see what this game has to offer today!”


    The loading screen pixelated away and revealed Max’s character, Robin Sharp. Robin had dark blue hair, and a slim, yet fit build. The game began right where he last left off, at the small outpost he had set up. Robin constantly moved this outpost around by packing it up, then placing it elsewhere. At the moment, it was set up on a high hill next to to Larco Town. Just as he loaded into the game, he spotted a boar resting by a hill. “Sorry buddy.” Robin said as he shot a laser from his bow. The laser landed right next to the boar, which was on purpose. The boar scattered and started to run, only to get caught by a net trap that Robin had set up nearby. “Ha! Got ya!” Robin slid down the hill and clipped the net from the tree it was tied to. He didn’t want to hurt the boar for no reason. He would most likely just sell it to some bozo for some currency. It would be their problem then. Besides, he had enough food already. He hauled the net over his shoulder. “Oof! You’re heavy.” He grunted as the weight settled on his shoulder. He set off to his outpost, packed it up into a portable bag. (What? It’s video game logic. Also, the outpost is small, having only a tent and some other supplies that are easy to carry around.) He then set off to Larco Town. He was gonna sell the boar, do some shopping, then check then check the mission boards for anything interesting.
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  3. Elizabeth had been sitting at her desk for about an hour now, but she wan't playing any games yet. She wasn't allowed to play any before she had done her daily chores and completed her homework for the day. She sighed of relief as she closed her math book and half threw it next to her computer on her desk. She didn't really have much of a problem with math, but it got a bit tricky from time to time. She leaned back on her desk chair and stretched a bit before rose up from her to go get some water before she started playing. There was no one else in the house beside her, as both of her parents were off traveling for work purposes for the whole weekend. It wasn't really anything new Liz as it happened quite frequently and both her mom and dad left early and came home late in the evening.

    After getting a big glass of water and some snacks Liz returned to her room and left the door open. She sat back down on her desk chair and made some space on her messy desk full of books and other things. She opened her computer that still had the default background even if it had been in use for a couple of years and started her favorite game, Hyper Zero Fantasy. She was still relatively new to the game, but she loved the mix of both sci-fi, fantasy and references to other games and franchises.

    After a few minutes waiting at the loading screen Liz's avatar with the username 'Lizzypad' finally spawned where she last logged out on, which was the town square of Larco town. Lizzypad or just Lizzy was a humanoid race called a water Genasi that had sea foam green skin and navy blue hair with many streaks of lighter blue mixed in and her hair looked like it was flowing in the air, as if it was underwater. She had been using the town square as her 'spawn point' for a while now as she didn't really have any money to buy any portable outposts or other such things as she refused to sell most if any of her loot.

    She made her way towards the towns mission boards to see if it had any eye catching missions suitable for her level. If there were no suitable missions Liz had a backup plan of going to a low level dungeon and grind for a bit.
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  4. Adrian walked in to his house and let out a sigh of relief as he carried two shopping bags and put them on the kitchen table, he quickly moved to a coat rack to hang up his favorite black coat before he returned to the kitchen to take the shopping out of the bag and put it in their appropriate places, most of them found their way into the fridge. When he was done, he looked in the bag once more and smiled as he saw a large pack of cans of his favorite soda which happened to be on sale. Adrian put one of his sodas in the fridge and took the pack with him upstairs and in to his room, he took out another can and hid the pack under his bed.

    He yawned and went to sit down in his fine leather computer chair that his grandfather got him for his birthday. Adrian booted up his computer and put on his headset, already he could see several game icons of the games he played; Team Fortress 2, Skyrim, Star Wars, Pokemon and Temtem, but one game that caught his attention was 'Hyper Zero Fantasy World' or 'HZFW' as he preferred to call it. He immediately booted up the game and opened his can of soda while he waited for it to load.


    Once he loaded in, a pale skinned individual emerged within a cantina with the name 'Dominus Khan' above him. The night before, he was at the bar to roleplay with a few other individuals there alongside a rather beautiful female elf... although Adrain was careful not to go 'too far' and was unsure if the elf was one of those dudes who enjoy making eye catching individuals, not that he minded a bit of creativity. Dominus walked out of the bar and decided to go over to the mission board while he checked the chat for any interesting requests for little raids his level... only to see the usual gibberish between a certain group of players. "Hmm, what to do... fight a necromancer, slay a dragon, the down a group of goblins in an abandoned castle... nah, I tried the last one and the group I was with were nothing but a bunch of idiots..." Adrian muttered unintentionally in to his microphone. "Or... I suppose I could grind the daily missions for more coin."
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  5. After a long day at school, Kiara pushed the door to her room open. She sighed, falling down onto the bed.
    She had a decently sized room, and relatively normal-looking too - except for her high-tech gaming corner in the back. Various consoles were present, as well as an entire shelf of games. Sitting down at her gaming chair, she booted up her best computer, searching through her games library.
    After a minute or two, she settled on a game she'd started recently, titled Hyper Zero Fantasy World. Typing in her login credentials, the loading screen faded away...


    ...to reveal a rather beautiful individual by the name of Mina Silverwood. She emerged in a simple cantina, drawing some gazes from the males in the building. She ignored this.
    Finding a spot to sit, she began healing her wounds from her last session. The moon had risen just enough for her to use Moonlight Blessing, allowing her to slowly but surely heal her wounds while searching the chat for raid requests.
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  6. Jason was sitting on his bed, doing maths. His mother came upstairs to check what he was doing. "You know you're free to use your computer, right? You didn't seem to want to do maths when I told you before." Jay turned to his mother. "Ok, then. I was planning on finishing this but..." He turned on his computer and leapt into his chair. "I guess I could use a break." His mother left the room, and both his parents left the house. "They could have told me they were leaving today... I would have gone on Hyper Zero ages ago." He mumbled, as he opened a game he randomly found quite recently called Hyper Zero Fantasy World.
    The loading screen disappeared, and an elf called Denny Motor appeared. He was in the Larco Woods, when he had logged off. He had been chasing a boar with some other random guy, but gave up. For a second he wondered if he could find that person again, but decided to head into Larco Town to check for some quests. Denny avoided directly looking alleyway people in the eye. After a while he found his way in front of the mission board. "Nothing..." He didn't see anything interesting within his capabilities, being fairly inexperienced.
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  7. In a very well established apartment building, a purple haired girl walked in. Kitty had a laptop case around her shoulder. Taking her time to settle into her home, Kitty was greeted by her dog Faith. Faith was a large golden retriever, who Kitty loved unconditionally. Sitting her laptop down on the table by the door, she grabbed the leash that hung on the wall beside the door. She knew rhat Faith had been locked up in the apartment since she left that morning, and would need to be taken out.

    After their walk, Kitty took her time putting her work laptop on it's desk. With little effort, Kitty made a snack of a pizza, and set down at her large gaming set up. The set up that she had, was for four different monitors, each larger then your average desktop screen. This was the ideal set up for her job, and also for gaming, which she loved. Putting on her headset, she decided to play one of her new favorite games, Hyper Zero Fantasy World. With minimal effort the game loaded.

    What appeared on the screen was a beautiful elf with striking features and stark white hair, in a modern cabin that was a reskin of the basic cabin that beginners could get. Willow glad that she had more assets then most beginners. Though it is not known that she was given it as a gift from the developers for the game.

    Walking out of her cabin, she was met with the forest. She had always loved the forest, and the animals that lived within. Though she did do a lot of grinding to get some of the armor and weapons she had. Which caused her to take out a lot of the forest animals for sale. She was glad that they seemed to have high spawn rates.

    Deciding that she needed to make some quick cash, Willow took to the notice board. She really wanted something that would give her enough to get out of the beginning location. As she walked, a small dino like creature came running up the Moon elf. Willow did not seem phased by them coming up to her. Bending down, Willow began to pet the tyrunt. "Hey Rex, you ready to get in some quests? Come on lets see what they have for us to do." With that Willow made her way to notice board, and just her luck, there was not really any that struck her as worth her time.
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  8. Barry got home from school, and immediately went to his room, laid his bag down and grabbed his headset, which he had sitting on his desk. He booted up his computer and plugged them in before putting them on, and opened one of the games out of many he had on his desktop, Hyper Zero Fantasy World. He'd been playing it for a couple weeks and so far it had been really fun, so Barry had spent almost all of his free time on it.

    After the initial loading screen had come and gone, his avatar appeared. A pretty normal looking skeleton, asides from two horns coming out of either side of his skull, some chainmail armor and the necromancers hood he'd gotten the night prior after a bit of grinding. He spawned in Larco Town, he didn't own a cabin yet, he saw it as a waste of money until he was in endgame, so he never bothered. He wondered for a bit what he should do today, and eventually settled on heading to the mission board. He was a high enough level at this point for there to be at least one mission, so he left where he was standing and headed for the Larco Town Mission Board.
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  9. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    It was that time of day again where Leo had to play this game. He returned to his room where a recently desk and desktop computer was bought for him so he could play this game. Using one hand, he brought his office chair closer to the desk so he could sit in it. The last step was actually playing the game but he couldn't bring himself to do it.

    By the door way his mother and father watched as their son stared at the screen. The mother couldn't help but walk in and support him through these tough times by grabbing his hand, his father followed the mother's lead but put his hand on his son's shoulder.

    A warm hand grasped his hand while another clasped his shoulder as he glanced at the log in screen. Leo looked at his father for confirmation to which he nodded at Leo. The child put in the info then shot a look of confusion towards his mother. She let out a silent plead which he couldn't resist, he hit enter and started the game once more. The reassurance of his parents left his reach while he turned his attention to this world of fantasy and science fiction.
    Leo Gon has now entered the game. With chat muted and weapons in hand he put on his hood which acted as signal for what he was about to become: A mindless wanderer. Only killing everything in his path to get what he wanted or needed. No sign of emotion beneath his hood as he slashed through players or enemies to get to his set destination. As of just getting back into the game, he had no mission so he had to venture back to the Larco town's mission board.
  10. Xyris was staring at the fan again. he could feel his body and soul wasting away in his silent, colder than the usual bedroom. His parents were out of town, again, and since he couldn't drive without having someone else in the car he couldn't. Even his friends were busy with "life-stuff" so there was no one to chat. So there he was , in his room. Nowhere to go. Trapped. except that trapped was only a mindset, there are many ways to escape without moving the body. One of which is death. but given Xyris did not feel like dying today he went with the other means of escape. Sometimes Xyris wishes he could meet the man who invented video games and give a kiss. He booted up the new MMO his friends were talking about.


    It's him. The dark one, The shadow man, Lenium Nightgreen. Still, in his aesthetically pleasing attire, the rouge goblin emerges from his slumber as he stared at a tree. Xyris forget exactly what he was doing last time. Leni was low on health, and he seemed to remember being angry about wasting something. It wasn't until he turned around that he remembered the problem. A large wolf was aggro on him and would certainly kill him. originally he avoided most of the tutorial and jumped right into killing mobs, eventually, he got to a wolf that had a higher level than any of his gear, though he was brave to fight it off, He did no damage and was on the verge of dying. Leni ran for minutes before he made it back to town, the monster no longer chasing. Leni dusted himself off from that embarrassing display. It was clear that if he wanted to tackle the harder things, He would need some type of meat shield. "So this is what the curse of loneliness feels like" Leni spoke with solemn importance. "Only the cure may save the world". Maybe he could go the missions board and leech off a questing party. He spotted a couple of people and began to inspect the profile of each person over there.
  11. After a minute or two of walking, Falcon made his way into Larco Town. It was definitely one of the more fantasy-based locations in the game, resembling more of a Skyrim town or Hateno Village from Zelda. The towns here were made of stone and wood with grass or tile roofs, and a stone street lead into the center of town. There was where most of the hustle and bustle was. Players and NPCs alike had set up shop to sell wares they had brought from other areas of the map. A few guilds were out as well, trying to recruit new players to their groups. Falcon couldn't help but to frown in distaste as a few members of the Draconic Order made their rounds in attempts of recruitment. Wasn't their group big enough? Falcon shook his head before inspecting the vendors that were up. There were your standard things, such as potions, weapons, food, traps, all essentials needed for adventuring. But nothing was really catching his eye.


    As Falcon wandered through the vendors, a pair of players noticed the large group gathering around the message boards. The pair were dressed in Greek-styled armor, with unusual neon patterns at the joints and on the helmets and spears. They were recruiters for a guild named the Mycenaeans, a low-leveled Greek-based group that would employ heavy teamwork strategies. But even so, they were know for being kind of jerks. The type of players that wouldn't be afraid to steal people's kills or use intimidation to get their way. The two shared a look before nodding and grinning to one another. The pair approached the group, focusing on the first player they saw (which just happened to be a skeleton with the username Skeletor_). At the sight of the skeleton player, the two Mycenaeans shared another look. Who in their right mind picked a skeleton as their race? What a loser. Still, fresh meat was fresh meat. The first Mycenaean, a Cyborg with blond hair, approached Skeletor_.
    "You're not going to find anything good on that board." The Cyborg said to Skeletor_, crossing his arms and watching the skeleton. "If you're looking for good gear, you should join our group. We're the Mycenaeans. We'll even start you with some dope armor and weapons."
  12. “Huh? Nah, I’m good. It’s no fun if you give me all the best stuff right from the start. I’d much rather try and get it myself.” The skeleton replied, “now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to check the mission board.” He said as he tried to bypass the pair blocking his path.
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  13. Finally, the astral sprite left the cantina, glaring at the men who watched her as she walked out. She swiftly walked to the mission board, seeing a skeletal player attempting to get past two players from the Mycenaeans. She walked over, staring directly at the two recruiters.
    "It's none of your business whether he checks the board. Shove off. No one wants to join the likes of you." Believing the conflict was over, she attempted to move around them to see the board for herself.

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  14. The second Mycenaean, a larger half-orc male with red skin, glared down at Mina and attempted to grab her arm as she walked past.
    "I'd watch your mouth, little girl." The half-orc growled. "Talking like that could get you hurt."
    "Oh calm down, Yaeger. Anyway lady, nobody asked you. The guy's allowed to make his own decisions." The cyborg said to Mina before turning his attention back to Skeletor_. "Anyway, if you're concerned about 'getting all the best stuff at the start', please."
    The cyborg tapped his armor before rolling his eyes and grinning.
    "This stuff is good, but it's a farrrrr cry from 'the best'. We're still an up and coming guild. Just think of it as... a little something to get you out of the starting area and into the world!" The cyborg said. "So what do you say?"


    Falcon finished his stroll through the market, feeling pretty disappointed. There was nothing that had really caught his eye, and the things that had were wayy out of his price range. Maybe he should just go and focus on upgrading the gear her currently had, maybe try to get a companion...

    It was about then when something else caught his attention. Running towards the mission was an npc dressed in light medieval armor, with a satchel slung across his side. A messenger NPC? It looked like a new mission was going to be announced. The NPC climbed up behind the mission board, pulling a scroll from his stachel and clearing his throat.
    "Um... Attention! Your attention please, all adventurers!" The messenger called out. "An announcement! The Two-Horned Dragon has been sighted deep in the Larco Briar! Travelers are warned to not pass through that area until the threat has been dealt with, or left!"
    Falcon felt a chill run up his spine as the messenger gave out the warning about the Two-Horned Dragon. It was a member of the 'Horned Dragon' boss series, one of the staple boss series of Hyper Zero. The more horns the Dragon had, the more powerful and rare the dragon was. Even a lower one, like the Two Horned Dragon, was known for dropping quite a lot of rarer loot when defeated.

    The two Mycenaeans were also shocked by this revelation, completed distracted from Skeletor_ and Mina. The blond Cyborg was the first to act, quickly pulling up and Instant Messenger and sending out a message. In fact, a lot of the recruiters were doing that as well. It wouldn't be long until guilds, or parts of guilds, would make their way to Larcos Town.
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  15. The sprite's eyes flickered momentarily. How she'd like to summon the wrath of the moon on these people. She pulled her arm away, with alarming strength for someone of her stature. Her hands glowed warningly, as did her forehead marking, before she took a look at the mission board.

    Suddenly, her attention was drawn away by someone shouting about a boss. The Two-Horned Dragon, to be precise. Admittedly, that sounded like a great boss to take down.
  16. Skeletor took his chance and made a break for it, he was ire he’d bump into those Mycenaeans again since they were sure to head in the same direction as he. He began to make his way to Larcos Town to take part in the event, he couldn’t resist the opportunity for the chance for such rare loot.
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  17. Liz noticed how the game was eerily silent. The town's signature song didn't play, she couldn't hear any NPC's or players talk or the various different sound effects that the game had. Turns out that Liz had accidentally muted the games sounds, so the problem was quickly fixed. She also hooked her generic and cheap headphones that had a plastic lump, which was the headphones microphone. Now all the different sounds were audible and all she could fully immerse herself to the game.

    Just as Lizzy exited the options screen and heard multiple voices coming different players that had gathered around the Missions Board. She was lucky to re-enter the game just in time to hear the messenger NPC announce a rare boss event. Her eyes lit up with excitement when she heard that a boss from the Horned Dragon series was not to far from Larco town. She'd read from the official HZFW wiki about the bosses and knew that even the lower tier dragons, such as the Two Horned Dragon, dropped quite a lot of rare loot. Keen on the idea of possibly getting better equipment or items Lizzy wanted to go and take down the Dragon boss, but she knew that she couldn't do it alone and she had to try and recruit other players with her. Recruiting other players wasn't anything new to the Water Genasi, but it didn't usually end as people didn't really want to go and raid a dungeon with a squishy spell caster and most of the time she only managed to get one player to agree on going on and expedition if Lizzy obtained another player to go with them, which rarely happened.

    There was a lot of commotion going on around the Mission Board and if she wanted people to at least notice her, the best way would probably be to go somewhere close by and start trying to get people going with her. She pushed her way out of the mass of players who were gathered around the board and climbed up on a nearby wooden bench to stand out a little bit.

    "Hey! Does anyone wanna go and kill that Two Horned Dragon?!" She shouted. Her choice of words could have been better, but she wasn't going to bail on the recruiting attempt, as it would make her look like some sort of idiot that just shouted randomly and then ran away.
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  18. Jason rubbed his ears. He was feeling nauseous from all the commotion happening about the Two-Horned Dragon. Above all, there was a random Water Fish Human thing shouting about the Dragon. He was interested in joining, but also slightly scared that the Fish lady would scream for the entire thing.

    While Denny walking over to the Fish lady, Jason unmuted his microphone, which was a small stump of metal on his desk. "I'm pretty interested. Unless If you keep shouting like that, 'cuz I'm not gonna stick around for that." Denny was pretty much directly in front of the bench the Fish lady was standing atop.
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  19. As he was on his way out of the town, Barry realised he wouldn’t be able to kill that dragon by himself. He turned around to hopefully find some others to help as those clan members would’ve lost him by now if they hadn’t been following him. As he made his way back to the board, he spotted what appeared to be a Water Genasi making a commotion, something about killing the dragon? He hadn’t heard them fully but he nonetheless made his way over. “Hey! I heard something about killing that dragon in Larcos Town? If you’re looking for a group you can count me in.” He said.
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  20. Dominus simply stared at the mission board and did his best to ignore the so called "Mycenean" people, however his gaze turned to the new NPC who got up behind the mission board and mentioned something about a "Two Horned Dragon." Dominus blinked in surprise, a dragon? And one that was likely to drop some incredible loot, before he could ask if anyone wanted to join to kill the dragon, it appeared a few others had the same plan. Dominus walked up to the Water Genasi followed by another individual. "No way I'm missing the chance to kill a dragon, hit me." Adrian said over his mic.
  21. Leni's inspection was complete. he could see that most of the people were as low level as him. at least the Mycenaean group had some background in dealings, and they also had a good fashion. Leni crept over to the neon group and introduced himself. "I see you are looking for companions, will our paths inter-twine today?"
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  22. Robin had just sold the boar for a decent amount of credits by suckering some Bozo into thinking it was a rare animal. He wouldn't have scammed the guy if that same guy hadn't pulled a gun on him earlier.
    He then saw some Npc shouting about a.. Two Horned Dragon?! Robin was intrigued, but knew he couldn't go alone, which upset him slightly. He then saw a Water Gensai conveniently shouting for people to join her to fight it. Robin walked up to her. "Alright, I'm in."
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  23. JPSomeone

    JPSomeone Previously Kyle From Hoenn

    Leo was nothing but a few steps from Larco Town when a grand commotion started to happen. Players were running up to each other in groups of 3 or more saying stuff that he couldn't hear. That was the most action he could see from the town's entrance at least.

    A small time town like this never gets this much attention. This is a beginner's town, what could of happen that made people show up?

    Before setting foot in town again he turned on chat but then thought he should open a drawer in his desk to retrieve his headphones. With the function of voice chat, why type when you could talk? It would make it easier on him and the people he would talk to when trying to pry them of information. As his hand left the mouse to open a drawer he tried to recall a time he used his headphones. None seemed to come to mind while grabbed the headphones and put them on.

    With his new headphones on, he looked around for a group to speak to. One group with a skeleton, water genasi, and another human caught his eye. He walked towards them and asked, "What's happen in town? Why are people hurriedly grouping together?"
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  24. In response to the NPC's sudden announcement, it seemed like a quick response group of unaffiliated players was already beginning to form. Falcon could see the guild recruiters sending out messages to their guilds. If they were gonna do this, time was gonna be of the essence. And well crap, he had nothing better to do today. Falcon jogged past the group forming a small group. So far, he could spot a Water Genasi, a Forest Elf, a... a Skeleton? Falcon tilted his head. Who in their right mind would pick a Skeleton to play as? Well, that wasn't his concern. With those three, it appeared that a pale-looking human, another human with a bow, and rather confused-looking human and a trenchcoat were all gaining interest.
    "I'm rather interested in slaying this Two-Horned as well! But I think that we're gonna all have to get going if we want to beat the guilds to the Larcos Briar!" Falcon called over to the group. With that, he turned and began to run towards the woods. Hopefully, the others would catch the hint and start to follow.


    The Cyborg Mycenaean's DM pinged, and at first the player grinned. But his grin quickly sowered as he saw another group quickly forming to fight the Two-Horned.
    "What are we supposed to do?" The half-orc Mycenaean said, watching the group of players form.
    "We wait for the others, then we go!" the Cyborg said. Just then, he found that another player was talking to them. Looking down, he found Leni speaking to them. The Cyborg grinned down at the Goblin. "What, you want to join the Mycenaeans? Sorry, little man. Recruiting has been put on hold for now. Maybe check in after our group slays the Two-Horned, then we'll let you join our guild."
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  25. A group of three was forming not far from the astral sprite: a Water Gensai, a Forest Elf, and a Skeleton. Noting the odd choice in species for the latter, Mina approached them, giving a civil and respectful nod when she got close.
    "Greetings. I presume you're gathering to slay the two-horned dragon? Would it be alright if I came with you?" she asked calmly.
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  26. Willow was intrigued as she heard of the two horned dragon. Her first thought was that of her wanting to capture said creature, as she would love to have the thing as a pet. It would have been a great prize her for deploy. The thing was, she would need help if she wanted the chance to actually do it. Turning towards the ragtag group, she strolled up to the defecto leader. With crossed arms, she raised her voice to be heard over the noise of the plaza. "If you plan on defeating this thing then we need to get a move on. I am in, but for us to be successful, we need to move out now. We have to get there before the guilds get there."
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  27. Denny was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of people gathering. It made sense, of course, but he was starting to think that they wouldn't be able to get there in time. He saw many others leaving, including a blue haired human who told them to get a move on. Denny decided to the speak up. "Hold up, Fish La- I mean..." He took a glance at her username. "Lizzypad? Doesn't it make sense to actually make a player group first, instead of just being individual players? Plus, you would be the leader if you did. Then we could be a teensy bit more organised and actually get going." He motioned to the increasing crowd of players, that he luckily was at the front of. It only just occurred to him that one was a Skeleton. He thought it was a bit concerning, but he chose not to mention it.
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  28. Leni dipped his hat, covering his. "To turn down such opportunity that was neatly handed to you, Very well, I will continue to walk the path of solidarity, may the enemy be defeated in the name of the righteous". and with a flourish, he sprinted off into the woods.

    Thinking back on his exit, Xyris wasn't sure how proud he was of his lines. name of righteous is too holy like, he thought to himself, next time add a more swift death type of vibe.

    While Leni was fast he still had trouble with some of the higher level monsters, even the wolf from earlier seemed to return with a vengeance. the goblin narrowly evaded many threats and was hot on the dragon's trail staring at the minimap he was right next to the large red dot. At first, he didn't see anything.

    Then the rumbling started.
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