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Hydrace Reality Tournament

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by 8th Deadly Sin, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. It was a bright and breezy day on the shore town that is Lilycove city, and a typical day for activities and opportunities. The wingulls were flying overhead, the fish were biting, and children were at play. Hell, it was a pretty slow day. This certain breezy day however, held much more importance to one man in particular, because this day would be the starting point of his career.

    "Not a thing in the world could ruin this perfect day," a tall slender man sighed happily, taking in the sea breeze. He had been in high spirits all day, since everything was going according to plan.

    "Mr. Millenuim!" said the man's secretary as she ran up to him in her buttoned up blue number. "We have a problem, none of the trainers have seemed to arrive yet!" the young woman huffed as she reached to a halt before the man not much older than she.

    Taken aback, he put on a nervous smile, "No matter! They are sure to be here anytime soon Ms. Tyler." he quickly shook off his uneasiness and went back to his sightseeing, as if the conversation never happened. "Not to worry, I have all the confidence in the world the trainers will come; theres nothing more enticing for a trainer than fame and fortune!"

    "How about badges?" Ms. Tyler cocked an eyebrow. "You know the fact that because the tournament doesnt help trainers to become pokemon masters, it will be sure to drive away a good number of trainers, and the good ones at that." she said, as if she doubted any would be willing to take a long side trip from their travels.

    "Are you kidding me? No kid would ever wanna miss this chance of a lifetime! They'll be on MY reality sho-" Mr. Millenium coughed quickly to cover up the last of his sentence. "W-what I mean is, they'll be part of my exclusive tounament!" the man in black slacks and red tux shirt laughed nervously as he pulled his sunglasses out of his spiky dark brown hair and over his eyes.

    "Whatever you say... Your the director, or should I say, the 'tournament sponser'." the woman sighed and tucked a lock of dark blue hair behind an ear, and gazed across the dock. "Oh it looks like some of them might already be gathering" Ms. Tyler commented aloud, in which Mr. Millenium turned to see.


    Charlotte walked briskly through the town of Lilycove, with her black trenchcoat whipping behind her, as well as a miniture bear following at her heels. She took a quick turn past the Pokemon Center building, and reached the shore of the sea port city. She stopped just as the concrete turned to sand, and reached into her beige messenger bag to pull out her invitation. This sudden halt in motion caused the tiny teddiursa to collide with the back of his owner's leg, but she paid no mind.

    "Pay attention next time." was all Charlotte commented to her little companion, who was sitting on the contrete, rubing his nose. She pulled out the bright red slip of paper and read it aloud.

    "You have been selected among a group of your peers through an intense process as an eligible canidate for our grand prize and the title as 'reigning pokemon trainer' in our exclusive tournament, in which you are cordially invited to participate."

    Charlotte looked over the flashy invitation she had recieved only days prior. "'reigning pokemon trainer'? not 'pokemon master'?" she questioned the piece of parchment, as if it would answer back. "If its a tournament, then I guess its worth trying..." the blonde gazed down on her teddiursa, "Lord knows you need training" she muttered unenthusiastically and looked back at the paper. "I wonder what the prize will be..."

    ooc: please feel free to join in, and make sure you have your invitations. =] I am limiting this rp to 4-6 people however, so once we get close to that mark, I will let you know when we'll stop allowing newcomers. (who knows, we might end up with 8 something people =o)

    Another thing, if you're up to it, you are free to have more than one trainer, as long as its not confusing, and you are willing you commit to the rp. =]

    EDIT: The rp is pretty full now, so if you want to rp, are literate, and you are willing to be active in the rp, then message me asking to join, and I'll consider you. =]

    (because the rp is going pretty far, if you did decide to join, we'd have to work you into the plot, since you cant just pop up)
  2. Atsuo and Kita stood next to each other at the seaport waiting for the arrival of a ferry. Not too long ago both had recieved an odd invitation for an exclusive tournament. Kita had stumblied into her big brother on the docks. It had been somewhat of an emotional afternoon seeing as in they hadn't seen eachother for two whole years.

    Atsuo turned to his sister. The wind blew his silver hair all around his face which must have been annoying, but his Jade eyes never stopped smiling:

    "You know, this could be an amazing oppurtunity, Kit. We could go in there and face this thing. You never know, one of us just might win. Imagine how proud mom and dad would be of you."

    "What are you talking about, Atsuo", Kita grumbled, "You have a better chance of winning than me. Look at this!"

    She pointedly poked at his badge pocket which held all eight kanto badges.

    "Badges have nothing to do with it against raw talent. You've got this is the bag, Kit."

    She rolled her eyes: "Whatever you say."

    Atsuo grinned goofily, and leaned onto the guard rail. He stooped so his head would be even to hers.

    Kita looked at the looming island with fear coil in her gut. What were these possibilities that awaited them here?

    Even as they turned to a nearby fastfood restaraunt, she did not want to let her gaze depart. She still was unsure of the isle's prospects for her.
  3. The purple-haired boy muttered a curse under his breath. Figures the stranger would give him the wrong directions to this god-forsaken town he
  4. Kita flopped into a chair inside the fastfood shop. Her brother walked from the counter with a tray. His Luxray, Boss, following close at his heels. He hastened, so it seemed, to the table and followed suit, flopping into a chair. Giving her her food, he fed Boss as well with a small dish of Luxray food.

    "What has happened to you since we left mt moon, kit?" he asked, somewhat muffled as she shoved a burger into his mouth.

    "Well, when we got separated, i decided that it was time to seek my own destiny. Perhaps it was a calling, i don't know."

    He began to laugh: "D-did that dumb p-pidgeotto evolve yet?"

    She looked away embarrassed: "...No."

    "HAHAHAHAHA!" he jeered.

    "It's not funny... well? I suppose it is."

    "Exactly. Have you given him a nickname at least?"

    "Yeah. He thinks his name is 'evolve already'..."

    Another burst of giggles. But with a brother so sweet as this one, she could not help but join in.
  5. occ: careful, Brant is a b****; you have been warned =D

    bic: Stomping his way through the forest path, Brant marched on toward the seaport city, not bothering to push brush out of his way, and just crushed everything in his path with his large black boots.

    "What a pathetic city this must be, all out in the middle of nowhere; this is surely the worst location for a city in existance." Brant muttered to himself as his brushed fallen leaves off his black vest that he wore over his brown long sleeved shirt. "What is the point of even coming on time, its not like anyone important, except for me, will actually consider attending." he complained. He was always in a sour mood since leaving on his journey, and the fact that he is always late, didn't help things either.

    Just as Brant was about to reach the clearance to the city, he accidently collided into a man who had just reached there himself.

    "Dont just stand there, you're in the way!" he growled, and shoved past the purple haired man who gawked at the entrace as he made his way to the city, only a few steps away.

    "What is with people these days? Do they not have a life, and feel the need to waste other's?" Brank grumbled as he pulled his dark green wispy hair out of his eyes. "If I had known how painful it would have been to just reach the town, I wouldnt have thought of joining this stupid tournament."

    This statement was false however and he knew it, because the thought of beating more people, and making himself look even better at another trainer's expense, was worth to him all the trecking to the location.

    He took a long look at the cheerful bright town and let out a sigh, "My god this city is ugly, I knew this town was a piece of ruin before I even arrived" he complained, and turned toward the docks. Having memorized the invitation, he knew where the trainers were supposed to meet.
  6. Reynald rested on the beach of Lilycove City re-reading over the invitation that had been sent to him.
    Always on a quest for a fire stone he came to Hoenn to see if he would have better luck. He wore a simple red t-shirt and brown cargo shorts. A small bag was attached to the back of his belt. Next to the bag on his right side sat five pokeballs. Reynald sighed as a cool breeze blew his long,shaggy,silver hair out of his crimson eyes.

    Hell.. He thought to himself. I know I have a full set of Pokemon but I'm not even a trainer! Why on earth would they want me to join this stupid thing?

    It was true, Reynald wasn't a trainer. He only had 6 Pokemon and he had no desire to catch more. In fact, the only reason he had the ones he did were by accident. Reynald sat up and wiped the small bit of sweat from his tanned skin.

    "Well what do you think girl?" Reynald asked looking over at his Growlithe. She was too busy running around in the water and greeting any person that came close to even notice he had spoken. Reynald whistled and called her over to him. She looked and yapped happily, running over and jumping into his arms. She looked up at him with big red eyes.

    "Yea yea butter me up, Fenrir, you weren't even listening to what I was saying were you?" Reynald laughed. He sat up and looked over the invitation one more time. "Well I guess it couldn't hurt to check it out. Who knows, we might find that stone along the way. Cmon, Fenrir."

    Reynald brushed himself off and walked towards the meeting place.
  7. A slow, idyllic day. Kade's favourite type, really; he never was one for the busy life. Or that's what he told himself, anyway. The roof of Lilycove's department store was a lovely place to relax; a nice, cool breeze, a cold drink, and a dazzling view of the ocean were all very tempting things on a day like this. In spite of that, Kade's lemonade was slowly growing warm on a table, the headphones on his head thumped out an energetic beat, and his hands were anything but idle. A Leafeon sat in his lap, scowling at the far-off ocean as a brush repeatedly dragged through his short, sleek fur. A Quilava milled around Kade's ankles, occasionally rising up onto two legs to lean his paws on Kade's thigh and make a silly face at the Leafeon in an attempt to coax a smile. All it earned him, without fail, was a headbutt. Not that it seemed to deter Andante any; the Quilava was nothing if not persistent.

    "...And that's a hundred. Alright, Forte, you're all brushed up." Kadence finally set the brush down, instead picking up the brown leather collar that had lay on the table. Once this had been fastened around the Leafeon's neck, he simply harrumphed. Kade grinned and returned Forte to his pokeball; he knew that Forte barely tolerated being groomed. No sooner was the Leafeon returned than the Quilava took up his place on Kade's lap, shoving his face in front of Kade's with an eager whine. "Alright... all six of you are nice and presentable, so we're done here. I think it's about time we got going, huh?"

    That was what Andante had been waiting to hear. He'd been hopelessly excited ever since they're received the invite to that tournament. There weren't many tournaments out there for people who lacked even a single badge; ribbons meant very little in the world of Pokemon masters. The Quilava couldn't wait to see just how different a trainer-style fight was to a coordinator appeal. He bounded up onto Kade's shoulder eagerly, quite nearly knocking the boy off his chair with the sudden, squirming weight, then just as abruptly reconsidered and leaped down to the table. No sense letting a can of lemonade go to waste, and if Kade was just gonna let it sit, well... Andante happily chugged down the remainder of the can. Kadence sighed and adjusted his headphones. "Honestly... it's like I'm trying to train a six-year-old that can breathe fire. Make sure you recycle that can on the way out, Andante. You drank it, you can take care of it. Now c'mon... grooming took longer than I thought, so we're a bit behind schedule. We don't wanna miss out on this tourney thing, do we?"

    No, they most certainly didn't! Andante snatched the empty can up in his jaws and hopped down from the table, bounding enthusiastically after Kadence as he made for the elevator.
  8. Atsuo left his sister for a while to go finish looking around. She hadn't wanted to come, so they had set a time and place to meet up again. Feeling the salty air brush against his skin made him smile. He loved the sea. He simply set his gaze toward the pounding waters that ruffled the shoreline and littered it with odd shells. He tapped his fingers
    aginst the metal railing along the beach to a simple tune that ran through his head. His entire life was completely a joke. He hated it when people would make judgements based on differences instead of fact. Hell, he hated being different. His entire existence had been shaped by the millions of people who insisted that he was gay. When in all actuality, he was quite straight. Sure, he had been thought of as beautiful or even god like in appearance, but surely appearances change and features wrinkle and deteriorate. He never was able to find someone who accpeted him for who he was. What he was cursed with. His mouth twitched as he thought of that stupid, jealous, volcano of estrogen producing penquin...

    "What a gorgeous young man..." he heard a woman say beside him in a quiet tone to her friend, "If i was ten years younger..."

    "I tell you what, My husband wouldn't be my husband if i was ten years younger..."

    Their admiration of him actually made him smile. He really never got attention for too long.

    Boss stood silently at his feet, almost depressed by the inevitable doom. He knew that sooner or later, his master would be running from this very spot in pure humiliation. It only ever took one female to make one small remark before...


    Boss rolled his eyes. He knew it was coming.

    A pokeball at Atsuo's waist broke open and a large empoleon stood next to him glaring with her slitted yellow eyes. Atsuo heard snickers from the onlooking crowd and hid his red face iin his hands. She was wearing that stupid pink tutu again...

    Yes, his female empoleon, who loved to work out, was wearing a pink tutu in front of everyone. Now all of these people would laugh. Would he never have comeplete confidence in his own masculinity? He had never even had a girlfriend because he always seemed to be humiliated by this overbearing Penquin. That and all of his poke'mon were female and very girly. On the exception of Boss.

    Walking away as quickly as possible from the area, he kept a reign on his rage even though the moment plagued his mind with each rumbling step the empoleon took.
  9. [size=8pt]ooc| :/ I'm gonna be adding on to this character as I go, since he's an altered version of the character I had created for the Kyak Islands. I don't wanna let him rot.

    For such a bright day, the weather itself really was quite mild.
    Cool enough for a casual shirt andpants, warm enough that a jacket of any sort wasn't necessary in the least.
    Unless you were planning to catch a ferry.
    Lord knows the ocean spray was unpleasantly icy.

    Maybe if he'd evolved his eevee into a flareon.. It'd be like carrying a miniature furnace, only fuzzier and with a better temperment.
    For the first time in a week since his departure for the city, he felt himself grinning. Not really his forte, emotions, but the jolteon at his feet seemed appreciative of the notion regardless.
    In a single, swift motion, he had lowered himself to one knee and scooped the pokemon up with one arm, the other pulled into his side as he clutched the beaming, and ruthlessly pupil-harming invitation.
    Bright red, especially on a day like this one, was merciless on one's eyes.
    Although, it was a prominent color, and made it easier for him to spot the few others already in the city pacing about with the slips of paper in hand.

    Exchanging a glance with the dog on his shoulder, he tugged down on the dark sleeveless shirt that had started to ride higher up his stomach than he was comfortable with, forcing it over the brim of his jeans. A quick adjustment to the pack slung lazily over one shoulder, and a brief finger-combing of unruly blonde hair was sufficient preparation to approach other trainers.
    There was one girl who had probably gotten there earlier than the rest of them, and.. And she was wearing a trenchcoat. With a shudder running down every nerve in his spine, he altered course with his mind more on how she could take the sweltering heat such an article provided, regardless of the cool winds. Lilycove was a very sunny place, and cooler weather was pretty uncommon. Before entering the city, or even nearing the harbor with it's pleasant gales, he had long-since abandoned the blue-jean vest that provided just a bit more warmth, and more padding on his shoulders to protect the skin from a certain yellow pokemon's idle claws.
    The thought of which brought his free hand to his belt, and to the shining surfaces of six gleaming balls, each one a different and more vivid color than the last.
    A full party, and several badges from incomplete league challenges sat under his belt (only half metaphorically) and gave him a slight boost of encouragement.
    After this... Tournament, which he could only assume was bound to be beneficial for his training, he'd have to return to Kanto and Johto to finish the leagues. A bit inconsistent, sure, but there wasn't anything stating he had to finish one before moving to another.
    Not to mention that if he did, well, he wouldn't be here right now.
    And if he kept going off on tangents like this, he'd certainly run into someone.

    Stopping just between the harbor and the lilycove department store, he pulled the jolteon from his shoulder, reluctant as it was to leave his post.
    The result left his grey eyes watering and fresh red scrapes along the skin as he gave the pokemon a look. Though with his eye's tearing up as a natural reaction to the fresh cuts, it looked more humorous than anything.
    And the sparking pup was not about to let Angel be ignorant of that.
    "Ow. Cain... Just. Ow."

    Setting the pokemon back onto the ground, he tucked the invitation back into his bag and with his left hand began to massage the weeping surface. Repressing a wry smile, he made a vain attempt to give his companion a stern look.
    Naturally, failing, but putting up a good fight.

    "Don't give me that look. You just worry about being on your best behavior for Belle. She hasn't seen you since you were an egg, so I expect you to be at your best."
    Cain, being as cinfident as he was, responded without a sound but by walking with a more.. Regal air about him.
    Though the effect it had when combined with the completely reckless look his pointed fur had was more amusing than respectable.
    It had even brought a chuckle from the trainer, his shoulders rising lightly in reflection of his high-spirits.
    This tournament was bound to be eventful.

    P.S. Harr harr.
    Your pokeymans, Snap.
    They are NEKKID >D
  10. Dabil, having the utmost keen sense of balance, was easily knocked aside by the passing trainer and dramatically landed on his bottom.
  11. occ: Wow so many people now! It looks to me like we're getting close to our limit; just one or two more people until no more. =o

    And no problem Belle; its nice to be rping with you again btw. =]

    bic: Brant took a quick turn toward the feeble voice that he assumed was directed toward him, and glared at the boy who spoke those words. "And you are?" he stated while giving the child a good elevator glace. 'How filthy' he thought, seeing him covered in strains and dirt. He obviously did not know how to keep himself clean.

    "The tournament?" he asked, without waiting for an answer to his original question. He was shocked that the purple top knew of it; he did not think that these would be the type of trainers that would participate in such an 'exclusive tournament'.

    "Yes... I am." Brant admitted reluctantly and looked away from the boy, and towards the long dock that was in plain view. "It appears the 'canidates' are already begining to crowd," Brant said aloud to himself. He had already forgotten the child's existence, and turned to walk towards the others, remembering his urgency from the lack of time.

    Charlotte watched idly as more trainers began to swarm toward her general area, and readjusted her sunglasses. She always hated crowds, and felt the familiar nausea tugging at her stomach that accompanied with her nervousness. Luckily, the teddiursa distracted her involuntary reaction by averting her attention towards himself. He tugged at the tail of her trenchcoat, and rose his arms, wanting to be held.

    Charlotte was reluctant to oblidge to the little one's will, but did so anyways. "You're so spoiled" she whined in defeat and lifted the small bear cub from the ground and cupped him in her right arm, as she leaned her back against the dock's wooden beamings.

    She turned her attention to two adults standing directly beside the lighthouse. 'Are they supposed to be the ones who greet us?' she pondered, remembering the extra information given on the invitation, telling the canidates to assemble near the lighthouse of Lilycove city, where two sponsors were to meet them.

    "Hey!" Charlotte barked suddenly, after feeling an intense burning sensation in her right hand. Glaring at the bear in her arm, she could see he was enjoying using her hand nearest to him as a toy for his chompers. "Pudding, let go." she said sternly before giving a heavy sigh. "We will eat soon, I promise," and with that satisfactory answer, Puddling pulled his ravor teeth from her skin and gave his owner a gleaming smile.

    "Ooo lookat all the trainers gathering!" exclaimed Mr. Millenium with glee, as he put his right hand right above his eye to shield his eyes from the sun as he looked as far into the distance of the dock as he possibly could. "Didn't I tell you! No trainer would pass this up!" he cackled evily before patting his shirt and slacks to free it of any possible sand, and fixed his hair with a quick ruffle from his hand; preparing to make his entrance soon.

    "Lord have mercy on them." Ms. Tyler rolled her eyes as Mr. Millenuim picked at his teeth to free it of any reminants from his morning meal of toast and eggs.

    As Mr. Millenium had his fun, Ms. Tyler pulled out a sheet of refeshly pressed paper from her briefcase. "It looks as if everyone who was invited has arrived, and not a moment to waste." the woman muttered to herself, looking over the count sheet of all those who recieved their invitations from.
  12. Dabil rotated on the spot as the trainer passed him, feeling rather like the planet Mercury and its gradual journey around the sun.

    Huh. What an odd metaphor.

    He blinked, lowering his hand from being a temporary visor, as he was no longer directly facing the sun. The trainer seemed to be done with him; the boy would have had to be quite a fool to not notice the condescending look he
  13. Ever seen a Quilava prance?

    No? Well, just be thankful Andante wasn't a Typhlosion. Once the can was disposed of and the two had left the department store, he bounded along like a Jumpluff caught in a breeze; spring ahead, run back to Kade, do a lap or two around his legs because walking is no fun unless you're in danger of faceplanting, and repeat. Kadence was, for the most part, used to it; he was merely thankful it wasn't rainy out today. Nothing vexed him more than taking the time to groom Andante, only to have him caper through a puddle and get mud all over himself. It wasn't too inconvenient to wash off the red scarf tied to his foreleg, nor the collar -- though the eighth-note charm was looking a bit tarnished as of late -- but getting a fire-type to take a bath was never easy, even if they were as agreeable as Andante. As long as the Quilava kept away from the seashore, though, he would be perfectly presentable for the start of this tournament thingy.

    Oh, speaking of... maybe he ought to get that out. Kadence slipped his bag off his shoulder, rummaging through as he walked. Potions, full heals, Pokeblocks and Poffins aplenty, shampoo, spare earrings in case Andante managed to lose one of the silver rings in his ears -- even if Marziale lacked ears, she loved "borrowing" them -- speaking of Marzy, there was that stone of hers... oh, there, right at the bottom. The invitation. It had been creased beneath a bottle of conditioner, but it was still legible. Good thing, too; they were almost at the lighthouse. Andante was probably leaping right out of his fur with excitement. ...Er... wherever he was. Kade had gone a suspiciously long time without anything getting underfoot, which was probably a bad sign as far as Andante was concerned.

    Kadence needn't have worried; Andante only wanted to make friends! He'd spotted a nice lady with a cute little Teddiursa in her arms. She looked nice. And Teddiursas were from Johto -- just like him! See, already they had common ground. The Quilava wasted no time in bounding over, skidding to a halt in front of Charlotte with a cheerful "Quiih!" or two. Kadence had already explained to him that while jumping on Kade was okay (even if he was too big for it now) it was not, in fact, okay to jump at strangers and demand they give him scratchies, so a hello and a subtle hint would do just fine. One hind leg lifted to scratch behind his ear. No sooner had he done so, however, than one of the claws on his hind leg hooked onto one of the silver loops decorating his ear. Andante's head was yanked sharply to one side by his own footpaw, the sudden pain in his ear throwing him into panic mode. The red spots on his head and back immediately burst into flame, followed by the Quilava throwing up an ungodly racket of... well... something between a bleat, a wail, and a Skitty being run over by a lawnmower. It was quite a pathetic image; a Quilava sitting there, tugging his leg in an attempt to unhook himself from his own accessories while he cried bloody murder.
  14. [size=8pt]"You still wondering why you don't have any accessories?"
    His words received a dry look from the pokemon on the ground, looking reproachful at the way he was comparing the quilava.
    "That's right- they're lethal." Another out-of-place grin (he was doing a lot of these today..) and he tucked his hands into his pockets, examining the goosebumps rising into place on his arms.
    Now that they had reached the city, the wind had made it considerable cooler. Donning his vest wouldn't help much, but it would clear some space in his pack.
    As he pulled the bag from his shoulder his feet slowed to a gradual stop, letting his mind focus on one thing as opposed to paying heed to where the jolteon's whereabouts were (in an effort to avoid trampling the thing) and searching for the tough material amongst revives, potions, berries, and other pieces of equipment.
    "You know Cain, you were pretty unorthodox as an eevee. It took ages for you to learn new moves, but you got strong pretty quick. I'm still surprised you didn't learn Trump Card and Last Resort any sooner, I- UMPH"
    From his place beside the man's dark boots, the pokemon grinned and abandoned his place beside his trainer, opting to try approaching the struggling quilava instead.

    "The HELL, Belle."
    A giggle from somewhere behind him, and he felt a finger poking around his ear.
    "Hey, fatty. Looking good. And your hair smells pretty good too."
    "Geroffa meeeeeee..."

    Obligingly, the girl slid down from the perch she had vaulted herself onto, letting her cousin straighten out and ensure his spine was still intact before wrapping her arms around him in greeting.
    "How have you been, Angel? And how's that eevee of yours? Has it evolved? Or hatched, for that matter?"
    He knew she was teasing, but as soon as he released his hold on the girl, he put a palm to her face and dragged it down, contorting her features as he did.
    Fair skin drooped at the man's tugging, giving the girl red bags under her bright green eyes, and exposing the bottom row of three years worth of dental work.
    "Yew. That's a pretty face.
    "Yeh, he's evolved, but where he's gotten to I couldn't tell you."
    Rubbing her cheeks as the color started to return to her face, Belle wrapped her finger around at a strand of curly brown hair that had managed to free itself from the bobby pins atop her head. Brushing herself off as she peered around the area, the sheer yellow top fell back into place over the black tank beneath it.
    "Hmm. Is that him? It's the only eevee evolution I see out and about, so it must be."

    Following where his cousin had pointed to, he saw that the jolteon had reached the quilava, still flailing about in vain.
    "Poor thing."[/size]
  15. Hearing the ear piercing screem eminating from the woods, Brant turned his head to see what in hell was making the racket, only to see a brown blur speeding toward him. He instintively turned to face his adversary and reached to throw his nearest pokeball, but only managed to turn halfway before the speeding demon, and just then grabbed the pokeball.

    He knew there was not enough time, and braced for the blow as he gritted his teeth. Suddenly however, a bright red light beamed from the pokeball in his hand, unintended by Brant, and the white form of a steel beast took form.

    "Damnit!" Brant cursed with a grunt, not having time to react to the impulsive action of his pokeball, as he felt the impact of the unidentified object reaching his arm. Just as quickly as the pain came, so did come a strong wind, a loud crash from crushed metal, and his body free from pain, beside the one in his arm, where the impact only left him staggering for a minute before he could reach his bearings.

    The massive tail of the steel beast was outstretched, and the pokemon gave a low growl to the attacker as it laid amongst the trash cans that were now scrap metal. The monsterous form that is an Aggron glared at the direction of the scrap metal.

    As soon as Brant got his bearings, he gripped his right arm, feeling as if it had shattered from the collision and turned toward his aggron and the still unknown brown creature.

    "How dare you... How dare you try to attack me..." Brant was thuroughly pissed, "But how dare you... Aggron... Get out of your pokeball without my consent!" He barked to his aggron, who did not turn his gaze away from the brown object. "Dont you dare ever do that again! You are utterly disgraceful! Return!" He held Aggron's pokeball in his left hand now, since his right has been shattered, and pointed the ball towards his pokemon. Aggron slowly disappeared under the ray of red light, without any word of thanks from his owner.

    Sure he was saved because his pokemon had come out without orders from his trainer, but that was unnecessary information for Brant. The fact that Aggron essentially went out of bounds and acted on his own was what mattered to Brant, and he would never forgive those who go against his will and his orders, and one of those orders happened to be to never come outside their pokeball unless instructed by him.

    After placing the pokeball back on his belt, he swiftly kneeled on one knee, and ripped a strip of material from his dark brown pants with his spare hand. He then took this material, bit his lip, and painfully wrapped the material around his shoulder and arm, and created for himself a makeshift arm brace. After finishing his little craft project, he turned to face the wipe out with his free hand on his hips, ready to chew out whatever had attacked him, if it was still alive.

    ooc: I literally laughed out loud at poor Andante, so much so my mom yelled from the next room over to shut up. o0

    At first taken aback by the little stranger, her uneasiness quickly faded by the sheer demenor of the quilava. 'How cute...' Charlotte couldnt help but blush behind her dark thin sunglasses at seeing the adorible little fire pokemon, though she would never admit so aloud.

    Unfortunately, soon after the little quilava made his appearence, horror and bad luck struck the pokemon. "Poor thing!" she yelped in surprise, and quickly set Pudding on the wooden beam before she crouched down to help the poor quilava. She couldnt bear hearing the pitiful crying for much longer, it was so unbearable!

    Ignoring the flames that burst close to her face, and only inches from scorching her long blonde hair, she reached for the quilava's back leg, and held it firm as she gently lifted the claw out of the hoop. As soon as the leg was free, she let go and stepped back, hoping that the poor quilava wouldnt cry anymore.

    She sat square on her bottom now, and wiped the droplets of sweat from her forehead with her left hand. She was lucky to stand so close to open flames and not walk away with serious burns or hair made of fire.

    Charlotte wasnt given much time to relax however, since Pudding found it amusing to jump off the beam that from that height would have broken his leg. "Pudding!" she yelled and grabbed the bear in one hand in the middle of his death defying jump. "You are... so heavy!" she complained, straining to carry all his pudgy weight in one hand as the teddiursa chuckled at his owner's expense.
  16. Reynald's red eyes widened at the amount of people that were at the meeting place. The noise was deafening. Wincing, he shielded his eyes as he moved towards the edge of the large crowd. Fenrir yapped and ran around under trainers legs with glee.

    "Fenrir! Get back here!" Reynald called as he wove through the crowd, apologizing to those he bumped into by accident. Fenrir kept moving towards the woods, and Reynald could have sworn he heard a scream. He finally caught up to the Growlithe and scooped her up into his arms "Cut that out, there is too many people here for you to run around." He reprimanded quietly. He looked up and watched what looked like a battle taking place.

    Being just under six foot, the man who seemed to be attacked was taller than him, if not bigger. The other was a lot shorter. Reynald was thin but very fit and was often thought to be weaker than he was. He watched as the battle unfolded and the taller man curse and grab his arm. To Reynald it did not seem as the smaller boy had meant to attack the taller man but did not want to get involved. Still, Reynald stepped up and addressed the taller man.

    "Hey are you ok?" Reynald asked cautiously. The taller man was cursing and yelling at his Pokemon that had came out to protect him. "What exactly happened here?" Fenrir sensed the tension in the air and became very still, wondering what was about to happen.
  17. OOC: That's all I ask of Andante. :]

    Hooray! Andante was saved! The flames on his head and tail petered out with a sizzle, leaving only the warm red spots on his coat. His first thought was to lick the ouchy spot -- that made it feel better, right? It took him a few attempts to finally figure out that licking one's own ear was actually kinda... not so possible. Unless you were a Lickitung. No, wait, not even then -- Lickitungs didn't have ears. Good thing Andante was a Quilava, though this whole thing probably wouldn't have happened if he had been a Lickitung. But it did, and... oh! Who was he supposed to thank first? The nice spark-kitty that had come to help, or the nice lady with the Johto-bear that have untangled him? Uh... Spark-kitty got there first, so he got to be thanked first. With his typically blunt friendliness, Andante leaned over and gently bumped heads with the Jolteon -- he didn't wanna hit too hard with all that spiky fur, but touching the warm red spot on his head had become a nice way for him to say hello without coating his new friends in Quilava slobber. He then let out a rapid string of "quills" that would have sounded like absolute gibberish to poor Charlotte... and maybe even to Cain; Andante had a habit of getting carried away when talking.

    "Hey, thanks for the help. That was pretty embarrassing of me, I gotta say, and it's not like I do stuff like that a lot... well, okay, yeah, I do, but it sure was nice of you to help since Kade wasn't around. Hey, are you an Eevee all grown up? You look a little like Forte. He's yellow and has big ears and goes on four legs, like you, but he's not as spiky. Maybe you guys would get along. I think we'd get along. Wanna be friends? My name's Andante and I'm from Johto. Oh, that reminds me. Hold on, I'm gonna say thank you to the nice girl and her Johto bear."

    Having finished his miniature monologue, he turned his attention to Charlotte, who was busy balancing her Teddiursa in one hand. It looked like she was having trouble; Kade usually had that same look on his face when Andante jumped onto his shoulders unexpectedly. Well, this was Andante's chance to return the favor! He waddled a few steps over and positioned himself under the crouching girl's hand, rising up onto two legs so that his head was beneath both her Teddiursa and her palm. Hopefully his red spots weren't too warm, what with them having been on fire moments ago, but they cooled and combusted pretty quick-like; Andante didn't feel overly warm, but that might have something to do with being a fire-type.

    "Andante! There you are!" And it didn't take Kade too long to locate his Quilava; even with his headphones on, he'd recognize the ruckus Andante had been kicking up moments earlier. Exactly why he'd been crying and what was up with this balancing act now was kind of beyond him, but he had a suspicion he was better off not knowing. And apologizing to the girl for whatever he'd done. Andante was built of nothing but smiles and good intentions, but his utter ignorance tended to get him into trouble unless Kade kept an eye on him. "Get out from there before you burn her, Andante. Sorry, he didn't cause any trouble for your Teddiursa or your Jolteon, did he?" The latter part was addressed to Charlotte; Kadence had simply assumed that both Pudding and Cain belonged to her.
  18. Dabil had shut his eyes in preparation for the noise of the collision and put his hands over his ears, but hadn
  19. [size=8pt]Cain might have blinked one or twice, and maybe gotten a quick twitch in between listening to Andante's chatter and trying to figure out what exactly he was talking about.
    All he had managed to gather from the rapid speech the quilava had given was the creature's name, an offer of friendship, and that he knew someone named Forte that resembled him.
    Must have been another eevee-evolution, and he found he was a bit grateful; he hadn't come across another eevee-born for quite some time.
    Without speaking he sat in the place he had stood, watching admiringly as Andante managed to balance speaking, breathing, and helping the nice lady in the black trenchcoat balance her teddiursa.
    He always had a soft spot for fuzzy creatures, having a recessive fatherly instinct hidden beneath his bold nature.
    ... Eh.

    Watching the approaching boy warily, he tuned in to what he was saying.
    It became clearer now that the quilava belonged to this apologising boy. There was no name mentioned, so Cain decided that Sorry-boy was an appropriate term for him until the required information was given.
    At the last of Sorry-Boy's words, he gave himself a good shake in polite protest.
    The way he wandered off on his own, it wasn't uncommon for him to be mistaken for someone else's pokemon. But it still bothered him a bit, and it showed in the way his green eyes seemed to frown at the boy.[/size]
  20. ooc: Just to let you know to avoid confusion, Brant and Dabil are between the entrance to Lilycove and the dock, they are not on the dock yet, since they can see it in the near distance. Kita and Atsuo are also not on the docks yet (though I believe Atsuo might be close), so our crowd has not formed yet. =]

    bic: Now that things had settled down to some degree, there were a number of things to address for Brant. He first dismissed the shortest issue; the nosy silver haired kid.

    "Where in hell did you come from? This is none of your business." He scoffed at the boy that was a mere 4 or 5 inches shorter than he. He then turned his attention to the purple top, and the pokemon that had belonged to him.

    He snapped his head toward the boy, and glared with his cold coal eyes so intensely he could have burned a hole between the boy's eyes. "This is... your pokemon?" as if daring the boy to take the blame, along with the punishment that would ensue. His anger began to bubble up inside him and the mental attack on the boy, if spoken aloud, would have dramatized the boy for life.

    'What kind of trainer are you? Who lets their pokemon wander out and attack others!? You are a disgrace to real trainers! You should be stripped of your badges, if you HAVE any, and banned from ever interacting with pokemon! You pathetic excuse for a pokemon trainer! I actually sympathize with whatever pokemon is unlucky enough to have a unruly, unprepared trainer as you!'

    As his thoughts raced, he was just about to mouth these accusations aloud, when a sudden beeping sound stopped him in his place.

    Incidently, the alarm set to noon on his wrist watch went off. This was also the third issue he had to deal with, which had now been reminded to him; he was now officially late to the tournament scouting, and could lead to him to not being allowed to participate, as instructed in the invitation.

    "Sh-!" He cursed to himself, not having time to deal with these impudent humans before him. "Just, get out of my sight." he ordered the two, and in doing so spared at least one of their lives, because once he was done with the purple one, he might have been in a bad enough mood to start on the silver one, and then there'd be two deaths on his tab.

    He took a quick turn past a shack and headed toward the docks and the lighthouse, seeing that others were already begining to gather. 'At this pace, I will just about make it.' he hoped, though the pace he was going at created the worst irritation to his fractured arm, but tossed the pain into the back of his mind; growing up in the harsh wilderness as he did has taught him if anything how to deal with pain.

    Seeing the quilava try its best to communicate with her with his sheer cheerfulness, she felt the incredible urge the hug the little firey pokemon and all its cuteness, if it had not been for Pudding and his devious ideas of fun. Thankfully though, the quilava was kind enough to help her out, as she could feel with his warm heat pressing against the top of her hand. She oblidged by slowly taking her hand out from under Pudding, and let Pudding slide along the quilava's back, and safely on the ground.

    "Thanks quilava" she gave a small smile as she tugged on one of Pudding's ears, making sure Pudding didnt wander off too far. He of course folded his hands in front of him and gave a pout, since his good fun was ruined by the newcomer.

    Seeing a man run up toward their little group, Charlotte assumed that it must be quilava's owner. "So, Andante is it? What a cute name." she whispered the last part, and putted Andante on the head. "Thanks for the help." she said lightly as she got to her feet and took Pudding along with her. "He was no problem at all really, you need not worry." she bowed a hello and smiled.

    "Oh the Jolteon?" she turned to the prickly pokemon, realizing that it was now beside her. "This one isn't mine, I honestly have no idea where he had come from," she said, wondering where this one's owner had gone off to, and if the trainer might also be one of the people invited, as she assumed many of the trainers wandering around have.

    It wasnt too bad of a thought though; hearing someone else say that a pokemon that you wished you had was yours can make you feel all warm and toasty inside. Well, she did have a jolteon of her own, but none she could be vary proud of, unlike the one before her. If only she had gotten lucky with her own eevee.
  21. [size=8pt]Fur bristling at the brief recognition, he gave a quick quirk of the head that seemed to be more of a friendly guesture than anything. One the woman had finished speaking, he rose back onto all fours and stretched out in a very cat-like manner, claws digging into the ground and hair lying flat against his body. One of the more unusual things about him was just that- the ability to rid himself of a spikey complexion in favor of a sleeker look.
    With his ears pivoting like satellites, he glanced back to where he had left his trainer and his cousin, only to find the area vacant.

    "Ah, that ah.. That would by my jolteon. Cain. Sorry, he's more trouble than he's worth."
    Giving a slight jump a the suddenness of Angel's arrival, the jolteon jerked his head up to find himself looking into the face of the man, who in turn gave him a wry look.
    "Jumpy little thing. Sorry if he caused you two any trouble."
    Pah. He was turning into a Sorry-Boy just like the first one.
    With that in mind, he gave a gentle nip to his trainer's ankle in reproach. Following that up, he sat at the man's feet and made an attempt at a noble-looking seat, ears falling back toward his shoulders and eyelids lazily hanging half-open.
    Now that his fur wasn't on-end, it had a bit more effect than it did when they had when walking, but it still brought a grin to the girl at Angel's side, and the pikachu that had seemingly appeared from nowhere- probably the black bag slung from her shoulder, but it wasn't like that mattered too much.
    Taking a single leap her perch on Belle's shoulder, Rusty tip-toed towards the jolteon on all fours, a wicked smile plastered on her face.
    "You're more prissy than I remember. Probably because eggs don't really do the whole prissy thing- lacking emotions and all that."
    The sparks jumping from the red spots on her cheeks twinkled merrily in greeting before fizzling out- the typical greeting between electric-types. Seating herself beside the yellow dog, she cocked her head and beamed at him, paying little heed to the silver bell singing happily from it's place around her tail.
    Listening to it's soothing tones was enough for him to instantly lose his posture, shoulders slumping and ears falling foreward lazily as he gave a dazed smile.
    "Ahh.. Man, Rusty. You're making me look bad."
  22. Oops.

    A regrettable faux-pas in the Pokemon world, but surprisingly common; if a Pokemon is near a human and they aren't lobbing pokeballs at it, then assume it belongs to them. It spares people trying to catch that conveniently place "wild" Alakazam or whatever, but many Pokemon can take offense to being paired off with the wrong human. Andante was more than happy to remind Kadence of how rude such a thing was by kicking him in the shin with one hind leg. Kadence nudged him with his foot in return, but he was right. Nothing to do but lower his headphones around his neck and apologize. Like a good little Sorry-Boy. "Jeez, sorry about that. He's a real nice-looking Jolteon, though, isn't he? He'd really stand out in a contest with a smooth coat like that." Kade may not have known much about all-out brawls, but he had an eye for aesthetics -- to do well in contests, it never hurt if one's Pokemon stood out. Hence the multitude of ornaments intended to lend a cool edge to Andante's ever-grinning face. "Kade Virelei, and this here's Andante. Pleasure to meet you -- all of you. Am I right in guessing you're also here for the tournament?"

    Kind of a dumb question; why else would a trainer be hanging around the lighthouse with this crowd, right? So these would be the people he'd potentially be up against. It might have been prudent to study their Pokemon while he had the chance; being so lacking in trainer experience, Kade would definitely benefit from a little help. Still... once a coordinator, always a coordinator. The back of his mind remained fixed on how that Pikachu's Soothe Bell would be perfect for the cute category, and if Andante would have trouble landing his Flame Wheels gracefully enough to impress the audience. ...Hopeless, really, but this tournament may simply end up being a learning experience. What better way to adapt appeal routines into battle strategies than through experience?

    As for Andante, the landings on his Flame Wheels were the farthest thing from his mind at that moment. Lookit, lookit, new friends had shown up! A boy who belonged to the nice spark-kitty who was actually called Cain and a girl other than the nice girl with the Johto bear and a little yellow sparky-mouse with one of those nice janglies on her tail. Kade had given one of those to Marzy when she was a little girl, but now that she was already a Togetic she didn't have it anymore. Andante didn't think he'd be running up against sparky-mouse or Johto bear, because they'd probably be in the cute category, and he did his best fighting in the cool category. The fact that contest categories didn't necessarily apply had never quite struck Andante, naturally; he'd been doing appeals since his Cyndaquil days. Anyway, competition or not, new friends were always a good thing! He couldn't do that sparky thing because he was a Quilava, but he certainly tried. The end result was a few scant little wisps of flame flickering up from his head and tail briefly, which was kinda sparkish if you squinted and looked the other way maybe.

    "Hello, new sparky-mouse and sparky-mouse's human and Cain's human. I really like your bell, sparky-mouse, it sounds very pretty. What's your name? Are you Rusty? I think Cain said you were Rusty. I hope that's your name and he's not just saying that because you haven't done an appeal in a long time or anything. I think you'd be very good at it. You too, Cain -- that's a good pose if you're going for the smart or cool contest. You look a little bit droopy, though, but I guess it's because that pretty bell makes it hard to think cool thoughts, right? Oh... maybe you do tough category instead, though. I mean, you looked pretty tough with those spikes. I'm not as good at tough as Forte. You can ask him for pointers if you want, I'll just kick Kade until he gets the idea. That usually works when Solenne's not out to explain what I'm saying. Kade's a nice guy and all, but he's really kinda dumb when you're trying to tell stuff to him. I guess all humans get like that sometimes, though." The sad truth is that Andante probably could have continued with a few anecdotes about trying to teach Kade Quilava-ese, had he not finally run out of breath and required a pause to fill his lungs. For somebody with a name as relaxed as Andante, he certainly could talk.
  23. [size=8pt]He may never have been one for contests, but Kade's comment on Cain's potential in contests had sparked Belle's interest.
    An all-rounder wasn't so common as a trainer that focused primarily on battling or contests- though she had managed thus far.
    Battling had always come first for her, and when tactics and choreography came into play, so did her concerns regarding contests. It was no use trying to defeat an opponent with clumsy movements and unorthodox stances, but it was hardly better looking good but leaving little more than a scrape on the foe. From her experiences, she had always found a balance of both to be the key- and as a result, had collected a good number of ribbons and badges alike.
    Five years of travelling and training would tend to bring results like that.
    So it was only natural that she express interest in the boy's comments.
    "You know, I've always told Angel that too. Never listens of course, but I'd like to enter him in a contest some day. I'm sure with the proper training and accessories he'd be great."
    Aaaaannndddd.. She was pressuring him. And this time she had an audience, so if he were to shoot down her hinting it would just make him seem stubborn. And that was bad. Though it was becoming harder to decide if that was worse than granting the girl the satisfaction of winning.
    Opting to completely disregard her suggestions, he responded instead to Kade's introduction and starting question.
    "Angel Edinburgh. This is my cousin- Belle Lightner. And those two electricl terrors" he shifted his weight so he could take a back-step towards the gathered pokemon, "are Rusty and Cain, as I mentioned earlier."

    The first thing that drew Rusty's attention to the quilava was his attempt at making the same shower of sparks she had used when meeting with Cain.
    That in itself made her smile.
    What impressed her further was his incredible lung capacity- as he went on, her smile broadened into a grin, and eventually to the point where she was beaming at the fire-type.
    "Cain. I like this guy. What's his name? And who's Forte?"
    "This is-.." He paused, tilting his head as he looked at the pokemon as if reassuring himself that he had successfully attatched a name to his face. "Andante. And I don't know who Forte is, but what's an appeal..?"
    The last of his sentence was in a hushed under-tone as he turned to speak directly into the pikachu's ear.
    She smiled and replied in the same quieted manner, trying to explain quickly before Adante got back on track.
    "And appeal is the first stage of a contest- your trainer dresses you up and you try and make the most grand entrance in order to get more points to start out with. It's really good if you've mastered your special attacks, because as an electric-type it adds a lot more.. Pizazz."
    She turned her attention back to the quilava, and rose onto her hind legs as she looked him over.
    "I agree, humans have a shockingly limited understanding of our language. But kicking them.. I never tried that. I like your style, Andante."[/size]
  24. After being glared at intensely enough to melt a few of the polar ice caps, and watching wordlessly as the trainer turned on his heel at the beeping of his watch and a final, rather stingy farewell, Dabil put his free hand to his chest and sighed inwardly with extreme relief.

    That had gone, really, really well. Well, at least way better than he thought it would have, considering he still had his limbs safely intact and at least five Pokemon for use later. Per se, the trainer most likely didn
  25. Reynald glared at the taller man and he could only imagine what was going through his mind. Fenrir had hopped out of his arms and was tugging on his pants leg intently.

    This guy carries himself like he owns the Pokemon League. Who the hell does he think he is? Reynald thought slightly agitated as he kept a level eye on what was happening. Junk lay everywhere and the younger boy had apologized and seemed sincere about it, so why was the taller one still carrying that evil glare.

    "Hey" Was Reynald's only reply as the younger boy approached him. He seemed slightly embarrassed so not to cause any more problems he smiled in his sly fashion "Don't worry about that guy. He's just being a prick." He watched the boy pull out a red invitation before cursing and took off in a direction.

    So he has been invited too huh....interesting. Reynald thought as he followed behind the boy at a distance to not appear to be stalking.

    "Hey kid!" Reynald called. "Where did you get that invitation? I got one too so sorry if it looks like I'm stalking you or something." He quickly caught up to the boy and Fenrir bounced up next to him, wagging her tail. He stopped and picked her up before resuming walking.

    "Any idea what this tournament is about? Oh, sorry for the lack of introduction, the name is Reynald"
  26. Dabil glanced at Reynald, and then looked forward once more to the crowd that was now massing. His first instinct was to say something smart about not being a mere
  27. Reynald nodded as Dabil introduced himself "That's a mouthful." He laughed. Fenrir jumped out of his arms and ran to greet and be social with the nearest Pokemon and trainer, though staying within sight of Reynald. He sighed and scratched his head as Dabil stopped just outside of the ring of trainers.

    "Uhhh yea....I'm not a trainer....but I got this invitation so I decided why not?" He laughed again, enjoying himself. Not many people talked to Reynald so he enjoyed the company. "I don't understand why they would keep it a secret though. I mean...if they did tell us then not many would join...what's the prize for the winner?"

    Reynald looked around and grinned as Fenrir danced about greeting trainers and Pokemon alike. She sniffed and barked friendly as a way of greeting the other Pokemon and rubber he head against their trainer's legs. Reynald scratched his head and stretched, then went and checked to make sure all his gear was in place. He opened his bag and rummaged around.

    Let's see.....potions, medical kit, cell phone... Reynald went on as he checked his gear. He cast a sidelong glance at Dabil "Hey Dab, why don't you let one of your Pokemon out? Fenrir doesn't have a ball, never got one for her, but I'm pretty sure at least one would like to see all the Pokemon" Reynald said aimlessly "Oh....looks like they are gonna start soon" He straightened back up and put his bag back in place. Fenrir ran back to him and greeted Dabil joyously before sitting next to Reynald's leg.
  28. ooc/ Sorry this is gonna be a bit crappy, since this was dictated over the phone ^^;

    bic/ Atsuo left his pokemon behind him, and stepped back into the fastfood restaurant. He was surprised for a moment, to see his sister still sitting there. He walked over to her and she knew right away something was wrong. She looked over at the door to see a gigantic penguin in a tutu, and fully understood his melancholy.

    "Aww poor thing," she said, "did your penguin scare everyone?"

    "Just... Hush up!" Atsuo complained, with the red face of embarrassment still plastered on his face. "We have to get going, the ferry will be here soon."

    Kita got up and looked at Boss incredulously. "Hey!" she said, "Your Luxray is big enough to ride!"

    "No!" he stammered, "I wouldn't wanna kill my only masculine pokemon!"

    Kita got up, and they walked scross the street to the docks. Turning sharply, Kita glared at her brother, "Are you implying that I'm fat?"

    "No!" Atsuo cried to his overreactive sister. "Good thing" she said, and she gave her brother a side hug as they leaned against the wooden railing, and watched as the small crowd of people begin to grow around the lighthouse, where they themselves were stationed near.
  29. [size=8pt]HRRRRRRRRRRNK.

    Okay. Even though that wasn't their ferry, and it was leaving port from one or two docks away, it still made Angel cringe and put a hand to his ears.
    "O-oww.. My eardrums.."
    "Stop, you wuss- Oh?"
    Turning towards the boy behind her had meant turning in the general direction of their pokemon, and where they were was also where a very enthusiastic growlithe had started sniffing around them.
    Her presence had startled Cain, excited Rusty, and no doubt sent the quilava into a fit of glee- though from where she was standing, the growlithe herself was standing right in her line of view.
    The fire-type had only lingered there for a minute before deserting them to start running circles around their legs, occasionally nudging a knee or two.
    Smiling, the girl reached out a hand to briefly run down the pup's back as she ran by, brows furrowed lightly in thought.
    Strange. I would swear that I saw a growlithe that behaved just the same not too long ago.. But where..?
    When Belle was deep in thought, she usually got a.. A look, about her.
    Her eyes would glaze over and drift in the sockets until they found something to stare at; this time they had landed on the area around Charlotte's left shoe. Of course, because she wasn't really staring, she wouldn't have noticed this.
    Because, no offense meant; shoes were really just.. Not that fascinating.[/size]
  30. Dabil narrowed his gaze, glancing curiously at Reynald.
  31. ooc: I suggest you change the idea that you dont have a pokeball for your growlithe Reynald, because in pokemon you can only fight with one pokemon out, and if your growlithe were to faint, you'd be stuck, since you cant bring out a new pokemon until your growlithe is in his pokeball, which would mean you'd lose. =/ And if you dont have a pokeball for him anyways, that means you dont even own him, and that he's just a really friendly wild pokemon thats following you around, and any of the trainers here could just catch it on a whim, if they were to find out its actually wild. =p

    bic: Ignoring the imbecils who appeared to be following behind him, though they were actually going to the same destination as he, he spotted the crowd of trainers and their pokemon running amuck near them. He stopped just far enough to not be noticed, but could still hear the useless chattering of the trainers and the pokemon. Once he stopped, he flinched at the pain in his arm, though the brace limited the movement and eased the pain to milder degree. Once he wasnt in excruciating pain, that was when he actually listened to their conversation.

    'Useless conversation...' he thought to himself, and looked at the overall quality of appearances, before he gave a double take on one trainer in particular, who was at the time smiling to the man he was standing behind of and to the side, as she tucked a long strand of blonde hair behind her ear with her free hand. 'Charlotte...' He starred at the woman that he felt a number of mixed emotions from, that he hadnt seen since their fatefull departure to become pokemon masters.

    'If she's been invited, then this really isn't a worthy touranment after all.' He concluded as he narrowed his eyes at the trainer he knew to be weak and too emotionally attached.

    "Pleasure to meet you and Andante, and likewise to Angel and Belle; I'm Charlotte, and my little menace is Pudding" She smiled and tucked a stand of hair that Pudding was having fun tugging on, and placed him on the groud to socialize with the other pokemon. "And yes, I am here for the tournament coincidently." She felt relieved that such friendly people would be participating in the tournament with her; her first impression of the canidates for the 'exclusive tournament' were super strong cocky jerks, only looking for more ways to feel better about their supposed superiority.

    "Contests?" This was one subject in which Charlotte was a complete loss to. She was so occupied as a trainer, and spent her days in grueling training, that she never realized such activities existed in the towns were she only frequented for medical attention for her pokemon. The fact that she knew so little besides training, surprisingly caused her to blush at the lack of sophistication shes aquired over the years, and how much she felt an outsider.

    Pudding however, was having better luck making friends with his new aquaintances. He frankly found Andante hilarious with his long speeches, despite not understanding a word of it. He growled softly in recognition of his fancy toward him and the two electrics, and jealous of how the three can do that neat little trick with their elements.

    In a pathetic, and somewhat comical attempt to imitate them, he raised one hand to his forehead and flexed his claws, as if to say, 'Hell, I can do it too, just you watch!' and cooed in his own enjoyment. He didn't really understand the meaning of these 'appeals' or a 'contests', but found the topic intrigueing. And if he could meet more pokemon like these if he had an 'appeals', he thought what the heck, he'd try and catch one.

    As Charlotte listened, her peripheral vision caught the movement of an object standing behind and to the side of Kade, and with a quick glace, she realized it was someone she was actually familiar with, though he had grown much taller since their last encounter. Despite her efforts, she couldnt help but gawk at the man, and let her eyes widen in surprise, though no one would have noticed with her dark specs. "Ahh...!" she mouthed before she could stop herself, and instantly tensed up from where she stood. Luckily for her, Pudding was still young and unable to pick up on his owner's feelings, because if it where any of her others, they surely would have felt the aura of uneasiness hovering over her and would have responded in some obvious manner, and shes always hated the feeling of 'all eyes' on her.

    Luckily however, she was saved when the couple beside the lighthouse greeted their party.

    "Welcome all! Welcome!" cried a fairly attractive man with his polished appearance and getup, who was accompanied by a woman in a blue suit, who rivaled his looks.

    "So happy all of you were able to join us! We are making history here!" he said in an overly grand manner, and took off his sunglasses dramaticaly, revealing his green eyes. "You may call me Mr. Millenium, and this here is my lovely... friend, Ms. Tyler; we are the sponsers who will accompany you on our private ferry! Now, if you could all do a favor for me, I'd like you to call out your full name, and Ms. Tyler here will mark you off, understood?" Mr. Millenium smiled, exposing his perfectly bleached white teeth.

    "If you all wouldn't mind, of course." commented the woman as she adjusted her glasses, and looked over the list in her hand.
  32. ooc: ill think of something ^ ^ also in the pokemon show Ash could never get Pikachu into its ball and when it feinted he only took it off the field so why wouldnt the same rules apply? just wondering ^ ^

    bic: Reynald yawned and looked at the girl Fenrir had just visited. The girl had actually bent down to pet her and something just seemed.....familiar. He shrugged and looked over at Dabil. "Yea my parents raise fire Pokemon in Sinnoh. I got Fenrir here when I was real young. After I finished school I just wondered around. The only reason I have as many Pokemon as I do, which is these six, is by various accidents."

    Reynald shrugged again "Oh and sorry I lied about not having a ball for Fenrir, I just never use it so I forget I even have it. She likes being out anyways. I think she was only in it once so no one would take her but other than that no she stays out." He smiled over Dabil and gave Fenrir a pat, occasionally glancing back at the girl.

    "Well that would probably be a good idea, but don't worry too much about that guy he is just really really full of himself." Reynald laughed. "Why not? You don't let them out ever and just play? Or do you only use them for battle?" His tone became more serious on the last part of his sentence.

    He watched Dabil for a moment as he stared at Fenrir deep in thought "You can pet her she won't bite unless I say so or you attack me with intent to hurt or kill." Fenrir yipped and looked back up at Dabil with big, happy red eyes that were almost identical to Reynald's. He looked up suddenly as an over expressive man called himself Mr. Millennium announced himself and his assistant to the crowd. "Bout time they started." Reynald sighed and shielded his eyes from the sun. Mr. Millennium asked all the crowd to state their name as it came around to them so he waited patiently for it to be his turn and then gave it making sure he said it loud enough to be heard.
  33. OOC/ dang it, i need to join in with you guys so bear with me! XD! This is what i get for working a ten hour shift today.

    BIC/ Kita tapped her foot while the waves crashed against the ocean in the background. Her brother had successfully wrestled his penquin back into her poke'ball and she was sick of standing here with nothing but a coward to talk too. He hated making new friends or even trying to be nice to people. He just wanted attention, the moron.

    "My name is Kita Mai Tsuyu of Kanto."

    "My name is Atsuo Sai Tsuyu of Kanto."

    They answered the man's request, and then Kita paused, continuing her search.
    Using her people person skills, she scanned the crowd for people they could be interested in talking to. She almost laughed when she saw a group perfect for him. One of the boys had purple hair and was covered in grass stains. The other stood next to his growlithe. Both were walking toward the man announcing things.

    "Hey, Atsuo!" she said and then yanked him roughly and then shoved the poor, unsuspecting male into the group. Then she disappeared.

    "Uh... hi?"

    Kita on the other hand looked around until she caught a group with a woman in a black trench. A small teddiursa stood next to her. The other two with her were chatting.

    "Um... hi. My name is Kita. It is a pleasure to meet you!"
  34. Now that the apparent hosts of the tournament began to speak, Dabil chose not to reply to Reynold for the moment and stepped forward with a poor attempt at an apologetic glance back at the trainer. Weaving a little between the crowds until he was close enough so that he didn
  35. (OOC: Wow, you guys move fast. XD)

    If Andante were to get any more excited, he probably would have wiggled right out of his fur. So many friends showing up all at once, he didn't know who to talk to first! He was really, really glad that Belle the spark-mousey liked him; for some reason, a lot people he met acted like Forte when he said hi. Not that they headbutted him, just acted all grumpy and stared like he'd just started speaking human-talk or some absurd thing like that. And Johto bear! So cute! Pudding was a very good name, Andante decided. If he didn't like being Andante so much, he wouldn't have minded being a Pudding too. But that would have made things very confusing if they were to face each other in this tournament thingy, wouldn't it? Though he supposed that if it were Kade telling him to do stuff, he'd know to do that instead of stuff the nice Charlotte lady wanted her Pudding to do. But he didn't want to seem mean and ignore her or anything, so maybe he'd do both just to be nice. Whew... being a Pudding would be very tiring stuff, wouldn't it?

    Andante was tempted to inform the original Pudding as to how admirable it was that he was a Pudding and to keep up the hard work, but then he remembered he'd mentioned letting Cain talk with Forte. He wasn't too sure how they'd get along, but Forte always loved Vaporeons so maybe this would be close enough? It was some kind of -eon, anyways. And if Forte was out, that would just make it easier to divide and conquer and say hello to everyone. Andante held up a foreleg -- hold on a sec -- and darted off, bounding towards his trainer.

    Ugh... Kade had never really liked his full name, admittedly. It was too... Creedence Clearwater for his liking. If that made sense. Which it didn't, but this was Kade we were talking about. Still, rules were rules, so when it came his turn to announce his name, he sighed and called out loud and clear. "Kadence Virelei of Goldenrod City, Joht--whoa! Dante!!" Of course, the overeager Quilava thought nothing of interrupting to leap at his trainer, forelegs clinging desperately to his shoulders as his lower legs scrabbled for purchase down at his waist. Kadence struggled under the squirming weight, trying to pry his Pokemon off of him, which just earned him a smack on the cheek from Andante's flailing limbs. Finally, Kade simply grabbed Andante's back legs and hoisted him into the air, letting the Quilava dangle upside down. Which worked out just fine for him, really; Andante let out a triumphant "laaah" as he snatched a pokeball off Kade's belt, then ignited the red patches on his fur. Of course, having Andante's tail light dangerously close to his hand was persuasion enough for Kadence to drop the Quilava. Undeterred by a rather ungraceful landing, Andante simply shook himself off, squeaked a thanks to Kade, then trotted back over to his new buddies.

    "Whew, Kade's so funny. Okay, here's my buddy Forte! Say hi!" And with that, he dropped the pokeball. It spewed the typical burst of red light, taking the shape of a rather irate-looking Leafeon. Unlike Andante, Forte was hardly decorated; although he also wore a collar with a silver charm, that was the only accessory in sight. Clearly he wasn't one for unnecessary frills. Nor, apparently, was he big on small talk. He simply narrowed his eyes at the gathering of strangers with a mixture of mild irritation and confusion. This was not an appeal stage. Why, exactly, had Andante gone to all the trouble of bringing him out? Maybe the last few headbutts had brain damaged him worse than usual. Well... nothing a few more couldn't fix.
  36. ooc: Exactly, I'm starting to worry what will happen if I missed a day. o.o (and I'm a slow reader Dx)

    But the fact is, Ash still had a pokeball for pikachu, and I'm going according to how you play the game, not the anime, since thats too loose for interpretation (like they could make someone fight with two pokemon at once if they wanted to) and the game is more set in stone.

    bic: Relieved that no one had caught her strange behavior, she let out a sigh and turned toward the host beside her. "I am Charlotte... [size=6pt]Olga[/size] Noel, of Blackthorn City, Johto." She cringed at saying her middle name aloud; why did her mother have to give her such a vile name!? Was she too high off anesthetics to not realize what she was naming her? Thank goodness her father won that game of rock paper scissors, and got name her first name...

    Seeing how many people were crowding and calling out their names, her mild agoraphobia, another reason why she avoided towns, began to grip her, and quickly stepped out of the sufficating circle of people. Being out of the inner circle was enough to slow her accelerated heart beat, and she turned to the girl who had just introduced herself. "Hello, I'm Charlotte, its a pleasure to meet you too." She smiled warmly to the friendly trainer. Her new angle wasnt that bad either; she could hear the host fine from here, still keep an eye on her troublesome teddiursa, and was out of view from a certain man with dark green locks.

    "Brant Lukas Grism. Blackthorn City, Johto." Brant said aloud, though in a particularly quick manner. He did not want to be associated with her.

    'What a wimp, just like always,' Brant sneered as Charlotte backed away and out of view from him. It was obvious that she caught sight of him, her jaw practically dropped to the floor! She knew this day would come, hell it was long overdue, and still she acts as if its some big surprise?

    'Well, maybe I will stick with this...' he snickered to himself, 'I will actually get to see her... and her lack of progress' he added quickly, frowning at the slow response of the last bit on his own behalf.
  37. ooc: oki you didnt really state in the beginning so i just went with what ive always used. I fixed it though ^ ^

    bic: Reynald watched as Dabil went up to introduce himself when an odd pair of trainers pushed forward towards him. The girl shoved the taller boy practically into him before darting off. The boy was probably as tall if not taller than him, and also had silver hair. He sighed as Fenrir practically tackled the man, greeting him happily, before darting off after the girl. Reynald was about to stop her but just kept quiet, she would be back when she was done.

    The boy sounded confused and mumbled a Hi. "Hey uh who just pushed you into us?" Reynald asked confused. he waved slightly before stuffing his hands back into his pockets. Dabil had rejoined the pair looking slightly ashamed, or was it embarrassed. "The name is Reynald " he said holding out his hand to shake.

    "Uh Dabil, you ok? You seem kinda down about something" Reynald stated as he waited for the boy to greet him. Fenrir should have been back by now but had decided to take longer greeting the other girl that had ran off, probably to play with whatever Pokemon were in the area. Rey shook his head to get his hair out of his eyes and smiled slyly at the newcomer.
  38. Atsuo stood with the other two boys and tried not to twitch. Sure he was social, but not this social. He never had been able to bring himself to just up and talk to people like he was their best friend. He had never been one to have too many friends either. It felt kind of odd to him for a moment.

    "My name is Atsuo Tsuyu. The girl who pushed me here was my sister... she thinks I'm antisocial..." he laughed, and then noticed that Boss had found his way over to him. The Luxray lied on the ground and just watched his owner with an odd expression. Atsuo pouted and then continued watching the other boys.

    "This is Boss, my Luxray. He likes to walk around with me than in his poke'ball but i think his out time is almost over. Perhaps he should go back, eh boss? You tired?"

    Boss lifted his head and laid his ears back, clearly signifying he was definately NOT ready to go quite yet. The propping his head back down onto the tops of his paws, he continued to lie there and watch his master make a fool of himself... as usual.

    Kita smiled back at Charlotte. She really was hoping to meet some new people and make some more friends. But being social took a lot of energy. Glancing over to where her brother was standing, she noticed that he was laughing slightly.

    'Thank god, he's fitting in. I thought he'd turn into a statue.'

    "Thats my brother over there," she pointed Atsuo out to Charlotte, "He has never had any real friends, so sometimes you have to give him a push."

    She was about to speak about something more when she saw a shape come at her from the corner of her eye...
  39. Dabil watched silently as the Luxray found its way over and laid on the ground. He was really starting to feel a bit out of the loop now that he had no Pokemon out. Ah, well.
  40. Fenrir seemed kind of down that the new girl was not paying any attention to her. She pawed against the girls leg, trying to appear still cheery, and yipped. She looked over and her ears pricked up, the girl that had pet her earlier was here! Her tail wagged as she pranced between the two, hoping to be pet again.

    Reynald nodded towards Dabil and laughed when Atsuo introduced himself and his sister "Well hopefully we can fix that" He watched as the Luxray walked up and laid down with an amused expression on it's face. As Atsuo introduced his Pokemon, He nodded "I know what that is like Fenrir, my Growlithe, doesn't stay in her ball I think ever. She should be around here somewhere..." Reynald looked around and spotted her bugging Atsuo's sister and the girl from earlier.

    Reynald sighed and stared up at the clouds as they rolled by. He liked to do this whenever he just wanted to think. Somehow...the clouds helped. He thought back to his home and his parents. He was an only child and even then his parents acted like he didn't exist. Not that they did not care for him, they just never had time. They raised fire Pokemon for a living and often got so wrapped up in their work that they often forgot about him. He smiled as he remembered his parents.

    I wonder how they are doing...I havn't talked to them in two years..

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