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Hunters Inc.

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Blazi, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Alright. So, you've heard the stories. A knight in shining armour saves a damsel in distress from a monstrous fire-breathing dragon. Or perhaps an ancient hero cutting off the heads of a hydra and burning the stumps. Or even a hero using his shield as a mirror to cut off the head of a hideous woman with snakes for hair.

    What if I told you they were real?

    Well, maybe not the damsel in distress part. That bit comes later.

    'Where did they come from? And are they around now?' I hear you ask.

    For where the come from, I'll let you in on a secret.

    There's more than one world. There's our world, called Elsewhere. And then there's my world, called Somewhere. All the monsters, plus my fabulous self, come from Somewhere, passing through Nowhere (The little gap in between), and landing in Elsewhere.

    Confusing, I know. Blame the government.

    Speaking of which...

    Yes, the monsters ARE around now. And the reason you haven't heard about them is because of a lovely little government organisation called 'The Hunters'. These people are a merry band of misfits, that go around killing monsters before they can cause too much havoc. They started in ancient times, and haven't been able to put down the sword since.

    So yeah. This is basically an RP where we go around slaying monsters and protecting the world and whatnot~

    Just say if you're interested or not, and either me or Dark Soul will approve you.

    And yes, this time we actually DO have a plot.
  2. I sign up! I'm getting a lovely Monster Hunter-vibe from this, and it sounds incredibly interesting :)
  3. [​IMG]

    I always thought it was a shame that this RP never really took off the first time, because we got busier and, to be honest, kind of disregarded the idea for a while. However, I think the story has a lot of potential to make a very enjoyable RP.

    I'm glad to see you're in again, Weeds! I remember Brendan and Aura being in as well in the first discussion, but we're currently still open for everyone who wants to participate.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

    In the meanwhile, here's my bio.


    Name: Ian Powell

    Age: 28

    Height: 1.92 M

    Weight: 82 KG

    Hair: Platina blonde, quite long.

    Eyes: Grey emerald.

    Appearance: He is quite tall and has a moderately lean build, showing his athletic complexion. He is not usually seen as very intimidating, because of his frequent smiling and easy-going expressions and body language.

    Identifying Marks: Whenever he is out in the public, he dons a pair of chrome aviators with reflective silver glasses.

    Majiks; Ian specializes in Air and Rock Majiks. He utilizes wind to gain advantage in combat, such as jumping up higher and adding power to his attacks, whilst he uses Rock for more destructive and tactical purposes.

    Weapons; SIG 516 Patrol Rifle, the standard issue Hunter rifle that is known for its practicality in both close combat and far-away firing; Ian is a famously skilled marksman, and carries around an M110 SASS, one of the best sniper rifles in the USA. He also carries a more discreet handgun, a Smiths & Wesson fitted with an Outback II D Silencer, in a holster and a Cold Steel Kukri in a sheath strapped to his left outer thigh.

    Hometown: Fruit Cove, Florida, USA.

    History; Ian grew up in Florida as the son of a reptile veterinarian, and he always had the aspiration to become part of the military. At the age of seventeen he and his father were called in to assist the capture of what residents had described as a 'real f-in big alligator' rampaging through a swamp. The creature in question was, however, not an alligator, but a member of an infamous swamp-dwelling, thick-hided and enormous species of black salamanders from the Otherworld.

    The creature, in all its fear and anger, quickly killed of all of the Floridian officers and slew Ian's father as well. In the hard-fought moments following the massacre, Ian was able to kill the salamander with nothing but his wits, a machete and the luck of ages by slipping the machete in between the scales of its neck, severing an artery.

    The Hunters took over from there to dispose of the evidence, and Ian was offered a place in the Witness Protection Programme, but showing both the skill, tactics and bravery to combat the Otherworld threat he instead decided to become a Hunter, one of the youngest new members in history.

    Love Interests?: No serious ones, but as a very outgoing person, he often has one-night stands.
  4. Yeah, here's my character. I'm not making the same mistake as last time.

    Name: Levi Wright

    Age: 24

    Height: 1.93m

    Weight: 78kg

    Hair: A dark red-orange, medium-long

    Eyes: Blue-green, with red mixed in.

    Appearance: He is quite tall for his age, albeit skinnier than he should be. He wears whatever is appropriate for the current climate, and despite being strong, he is not seen to have many muscles. He smiles quite a bit. The red in his eyes is due to the fact he lived in the Other, where the genetic structure is slightly different, but not completely so. Due to this he is more athletic than he looks, being able to jump higher than normal, and run slightly faster than normal.

    Identifying Marks: No matter what he is wearing, he always has a silver necklace that looks like a fleur-de-lis with a blue centre.

    Specialty (Majiks): Levi specialises in Fire and Water Majiks. He uses the fire magics to either heat up the surrounding area, or actually set fire to anything, including mid-air. He uses water Majiks to give him a boost whilst swimming, or to actually manipulate the water, creating jets or bubbles.

    Specialty (Weapon): Levi is focussed mainly on Majiks, but when in close combat, he prefers to use a Hunters-issue sword. He has a special pass that allows him to carry this in public, but he rarely does so. He also uses a small handgun and a SPAS-12 shotgun when the need arises. Again, he doesn't carry these with him unless he really needs them. He has an army-issue knife strapped to his belt always.

    Hometown: New London, Somewhere (Around about where New York is)

    History: Levi grew up in Somewhere, though at the time he didn't know there were two dimensions, but fell through to our Earth when a Chimera thought it was a good idea to attack his town. After falling through into Toronto, he managed to help defeat the Chimera alongside Hunters agents.

    After that, the agents took him into their Washington D.C. HQ, where he was monitored and studied. After a while, they let him go, but having nowhere else to go, he asked to stay. Recognising his potential, they let him stay as an Agent, being one of the first agents from the Other since King Arthur's reign.

    Love Interests?: None currently, but he has had several boyfriends both before and after he crossed over.

    Yes, this time I'M the one with someone from Somewhere. And no, none of you can have a somewhere character. I get to have a Somewhere character so I can explain all the physics and stuff during the RP.

    If you want to make a bio, here is the form:

    Identifying Marks:
    Specialty (Majiks):
    Specialty (Weapon):
    Love Interests?:
  5. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    From the looks of that opening, I kinda wish I had joined this thing the first time you discussed it. If you're still taking people, I'd most definitely like to take part.
  6. Don't worry RMA, we're accepting people!

    If DS or I don't think you're cut out for it (based on what we've seen from you) One of us will PM you, but I've seen enough of you to say that you'll almost definitely be accepted!
  7. Interesting. I may be interested...
  8. I'm most deffinately interested. Monater hunting just sounds amusing.
  9. Thanks DS ^^ Looking forward to doing this :)

    I'm a bit curious about the majiks, could you please explain those? I remember seeing something in what I assume was the first discussion, could you possibly link that if you can't be bothered to explain? :D
  10. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Well that's good to know. Thanks Blazi!

    Alright, so most of my bio is pretty much done. Just waiting on however you respond to Weeds' question, since I'd like to know a little more myself. I checked that old discussion topic, though it seems you guys changed a few things pretty significantly, so I'm not going to make any assumptions just yet.
  11. Well, Weeds/RMA, Majiks are basically elemental powers all Hunters are given through some yet unknown means (probably a cursed object, seeing as we deal with those too now!). They are pure energy, given form by nature. All the Majiks correlate directly to an 'element': Fire, water, plant, rock, air, lightning, ice, etc. etc.

    In this RP, instead of being restricted to two Majiks, you specialise in some, Like Levi's Fire and Water, and Ian's Rock and Air. Some people specialise in more than two, and some people only specialise in one, but please, for the sake of our sanity, just specialise in two. Again, any element you choose counts. You can use other Majiks, but you can't use them as fluidly, and you might get backlash.

    I hope that answered your question. I don't think I did a good job of describing it, but meh.
  12. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Actually, that's pretty much everything I needed to know. Thanks again for that. Now, here be my bio:

    Name: Bennett Walsh

    Age: 19
    Height: 1.8 m
    Weight: 86.4 kg
    Hair: Auburn, crew cut
    Eyes: Very dark brown, looking almost black from a distance
    Appearance: Perhaps a little on the short side, he makes up for this with a considerable amount of bulk, possessing a fairly impressive musculature for his age. He has light tan skin and always wears dark green EMT pants with a matching long-sleeve button-up, the uniform from his former job. Very somber, and not all too talkative, he can be seen as somewhat unnerving by other people. Apart from this, however, he's rarely with ill-intentions, and underneath his reclusive exterior, he's actually a pretty nice guy with, surprisingly enough, a high morality.
    Identifying Marks: He has a large scar on the back of his left hand, plainly visible upon inspection, as well as a few scratch marks left along his right cheek, both acquired after his first encounter with these monsters.
    Specialty (Majiks): Being a rookie, Bennett hasn’t quite garnered any real experience in majiks. He is under the process though, of learning how to specialize in ice majiks, currently using it as a means of diversion or distraction by materializing a cluster of shards and launching them at the enemy, mostly aiming towards either their eyes, or other vulnerable spots. At the same time, he is working on specializing lightning majiks, though he has much to learn before he can truly call this a specialty of his

    Specialty (Weapon): Nickel plated S&W Model 586 with .357 Magnum cartridges. This is kept on a holster strapped to his belt at all times, unless protocol disallows it. Also carries both a combat knife and a boot knife as secondary weapons.
    Hometown: Cheyenne, Wyoming
    History: Raised by his well-meaning, yet constantly occupied, working-class parents, Bennett would often spend many hours of the day alone, when he himself wasn’t looking for a job. He desired to go to college upon his high school graduation, but his shorthanded income proved a major setback to accomplishing this dream. In order to boost his financial gain, he went searching for a decent-paying career that his high school diploma would get him, eventually getting the job of an exterminator for the local pest control. He expected nothing more out of it than spraying a few bugs and catching a raccoon or two, and such expectations would’ve probably been accurate, had it not been for one particular pest… On his first day of on-the-job training, Bennett and his overseer were called over to an auto repair shop to get rid of whatever was causing such a ruckus in the garage. Little did the two know that they were severely ill-prepared for the task. They went in to nab a small mammal, but what they got was a massive canine…and one with two extra heads to boot. The Cerberus wasted no time in offing the overseer, tearing out the man’s throat before he could even react, though this gave Bennett enough time to regain his bearings and prepare to fight back. Grabbing a crowbar off the floor, he was able to somehow hold off the creature for some time, but inevitably, the monster started to get the upper hand, clawing the side of his face and biting into his free hand. His injuries building, Bennett didn’t expect to make it out of there alive, preparing for one final charge at his overwhelming foe before suddenly getting shoved aside. The Hunters had arrived. Upon defeating the creature, they took Bennett to get his wounds treated, in the process explaining who they were, and what he had just witnessed, something that by all accounts he was lucky to have walked away from at all. Rather impressed with the young man's ability to hold his own for as long as he did, and with so few resources at his disposal, they offered him the chance to become a Hunter himself. Still disoriented from the day's events, Bennett found himself accepting the offer. Now he's still an exterminator, but he's got a whole new line of pests to deal with.
    Love Interests?: That's a negative...for now

    So, there you go. Had to do a good portion of this on my phone, so there may be a few things off kilter. Just tell me if I need to fix anything, and I'll get right to it.
  13. Accepted RMA~

    Also, just letting everyone know: There really won't be a limit to the amount of people, DS and I will decide when we think it's full enough. Also, Dinova (or Dinova2, as his username suggests) will be joining, he just can't post at the moment due to internet issues.
  14. I'm not accepted? Upsetting :p.
  15. Don't worry, Reynald, there was never any doubt. Of course you're in xD
  16. I'll have a bio up tomorrow, sorry it took me a while, I was gone Thursday-today (completely missed the BW2 release xD)
  17. Don't worry Weeds, there's no real time limit to have your bio in~

    ... Just try to get in before we decide there's enough people~
  18. Name: Jackson (jack) Perry

    Age: 25

    Height: 5' 10."

    Weight: 160 lb

    Hair: Black, his hair is short and spiked back

    Eyes: Green

    Appearance: Jack isn’t particularly tall, just average height. He has a lean, muscular build from gymnastics and parkour. He wears a long blue jacket with a high collar over a green T-shirt. Despite his sarcasm, he is actually very approachable. He smile’s often and like to make joke’s and wise cracks. But sometimes he can seem a little full of himself.

    Identifying Marks: He wears a circular pendant that was given to him by his parents. It use to have something engraved on it but Jack has long since scratched it off. He also wears fingerless gloves if he thinks he’ll need his knives, since using his knives with his Ice Majiks would burn his bare hands.

    Specialty (Majiks): Jack specializes in wind and ice Majiks. He uses wind in combat to make higher jumps and help with mid-air maneuvers. He uses ice more for direct combat, using ice to immobilize enemies, or freeze wounds caused by his knives. He also likes to experiment with using his Majiks in tandem, with varying levels of success.

    Specialty (Weapon): Jack prefers to get in close and use melee weapons. He has two, custom made knives that he always keeps in a pair of sheaths at his back, hidden by his jacket. The knives are about 11”long from handle to blade. The blades are curved, similar to a fang. Although he prefers close range combat, he carries a pair of 2 .45 GAP Glock 37’s in holsters below his knives.

    Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

    History: Jack was the son of a wealthy man and his wife. From when he was a young, Jack’s parents controlled most of his life. They forced him to learn and eventually compete in sports like fencing and gymnastics, and decided what classes he would take in school. Around when he turned 16, a friend from his school told him he and a few others were going to sneak out that night to see something cool. Fed up with his parents’ constant death-grip on his life, he agreed. That night they snuck out to the park where several teens were having a party. A few of them were bounding around, participating in parkour, which Jack became determined to learn. Jack became addicted to the sense of freedom he had felt. He began to sneak out every few nights, going to parties or going to dangerous places to practice his parkour. This also began his rebellious phase. He began to wear clothes that he wanted, became sarcastic and making wisw-cracks towards his parents, and began to disregard his classes. He did however continue with his gymnastics as having the skill made sneaking out and parkour easier. One night, when he was 18, his parents caught him sneaking out. After the heated argument that followed, Jack ran away, driving off with a friend. They drove to a rock quarry filled with various machines and equipment that they normally went to for practice, Jack wanting to let off some steam. Normally, the quarry was normally abandoned at night, but that night they were not as alone as they thought. They were soon face to face with a massive bull with the body of body-builder. The Minotaur charged at Jack and his friend. Paralyzed with fear, Jack’s friend wasn’t able to avoid the creature’s charge. While Jack rolled to the side, the creature smashed it’s horns into Jack’s friend, killing him. The Minotaur turned his attention to Jack. He ran in the opposite direction, vaulting and climbing over machinery to try and put as much between him and the beast as possible, but the Minotaur simply tossed them aside. Jack became cornered by a large cliff face over a lower level of the quarry. The Minotaur lowered it’s head and made one final charge, but Jack reacted faster. He jumped forward, springing off the Minotaur’s head. He kicked off hard making the Minotaur lose it’s balance, careening over the cliff. The Hunters arrived to remove the evidence of the Minotaur. Taking notice of Jack’s skill in that he not only survived the encounter, but also killed the creature, The Hunter’s offered him a chance to join them. As he had nowhere to go, he accepted.

    Love Interests: None really, for now at least

    My bio, may not get to use it though...
  19. Accepted!

    Glad to have you on board~
  20. I'm sorry I don't have anything yet :/ I simply haven't found time to write the bio recently. I will get around to doing it, however, if it takes too long for me, then feel free to start without me.
  21. Again, don't worry about it Weeds.

    We won't be starting until I know we can all post, which might be a while, considering Dinova's predicament.

    But yeah, don't worry.

    DS and I have thought of a nice starting point for the RP, which involves a monster and some townsfolk. We'll also get a glimpse of how the whole Majiks thing happens, but you'll have to wait and see. If you want to guess where the RP's starting, I'll give you a clue: It's hot. Verrrrrrry hot.
  22. [​IMG]

    Name: Nathan (Guts) Davidson

    Age: 25

    Height: 5' 10."

    Weight: 175 lb

    Hair: Blonde Chin Length Hair. Messy

    Eyes: Brown

    Appearance: Fairly average build. Very well-toned and tanned from working in the workshop and forges. He’s a fairly nice guy, friendly and well mannered.

    Identifying Marks: A silver chain necklace with a hammer and anvil on the end from his father.

    Specialty (Majiks): Nate actually can’t use a lot of Majik. The only Majik he knows is how to enchant weapons with properties (aka make bullets on fire and the like). He does know how to use Air Majik a little to enhance his agility and the like.

    Specialty (Weapon): Nate can use pretty much anything he can get his hands on. Working with his father has taught him how to use pretty much anything. He prefers to use handguns and short swords. He keeps two swords on his back and a pair of Beretta Px4 Storm Full Size .45ACP at his sides. Also keeps a bag of tools to repair on the fly. He keeps two daggers in his boots for backups.

    Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

    History: Nate’s life was a very simple one. He lived with his father and worked in his workshop. His dad was a weapon smith. He made everything from guns, swords, and everything in between. He taught Nate what he knew about making weapons; How to use them and how to clean and care for them. Nate never understood why his dad chose the career he did, but it didn’t matter. He was happy. He went to school when he needed to. The rest of his time was learning how to smith, work in his dad’s shop, and learn the weapons he made. Nate’s father told him stories of monsters and fantastic creatures. He even told him what weapons to use against said creatures. They were interesting bed time stories.

    What Nate didn’t know was that his dad worked for The Hunters and that the monsters he was being told about were real. They commissioned him for weapons to battle the creatures that haunted the dark streets. One day, just as Nate was closing the shop down for the night, they were attacked. Two men burst through the door, pinning Nate under some rubble. His dad fought as hard as he could but these were no ordinary men. They were vampires and they very quickly killed the old smith before beginning to feed. In rage and horror, Nate remembered what his father told him and grabbed a silver sword that had fallen nearby. The vampires had forgotten about him under the rubble. He slipped free and managed to run one through, killing it. The other vampire spun and grabbed Nate around the throat. Before he could kill Nate, The Hunters showed up to the rescue. They told Nate what his father was doing for The Hunters and offered him a chance to join them. Of course he said yes.

    Love Interests: None for now.
  23. Accepted~

    Although I would prefer if you had at least one proper majiks, even if it's just air to help along his weapons, or whatnot.

    Alright, so we now have 5 people with bios, and we're waiting on one more.

    I'd say we're almost close to full, seeing as how it would be difficult to manouvre more than eight people. So, if you want in, express your interest quickly!

    And don't worry Weeds, unless you take way too long, you're locked in.
  24. I can adjust it. I was just trying to make the character different from the rest *shrugs*. Fixed
  25. You could make him specialized in using various majiks to increase the efficiency and effect of various pieces of weaponry?
  26. Eheheh! I'd be happy to write up a bio if there's still room here! I've got time on my hands, provided I'm not stealing a spot from anyone.

    Although I'd love to ask if sound is an element or whatever for majiks here, or however you spell it ♥
  27. We still have room! I think you may be the last one we'll let in, or maybe second last, but we'd definitely love to have you in as well.

    As for your question, I don't think Sound is considered an element. But as for the effects, Air majiks can be concentrated into sonic waves and such while Spirit majiks could technically duplicate the effect of musical spells, depending on how you'd envisioned it. However, Spirit is a very unconventional element that is also very hard to master, so you'd have only limited use over it.

    Does that answer it?
  28. Second to last? Count me in then, I'd be happy to take the last place, if you're alright with having me.
  29. Aaaaaaaaaand We're closed!

    Have your bios up soon-ish, and DS and I will decide on a time to start this RP, when it suits everyone.

    ... I'm excited now :D
  30. Toby! ♥

    I was excited a long time ago, but now I'm even more so xD
  31. WOo! Awesome group is awesome
  32. Name: Rick Merritt

    Title: The Rythmic Defender

    Theme: Twister -Kingdom Mix-

    Age: 23

    Height: 5'11

    Weight: 120 stone

    Hair: Dyed Crimson Red, wavy and shoulder length

    Eyes: Hazel

    Appearance: Quite a thin build, but muscular due to occupation. No matter what he's wearing on his top half, they'll be a knight's crest on its back. But he's normally wearing a white vest with a black leather overcoat carrying his trademark crest. He wears jet black combat pants, which look very baggy on him due to his thin build.

    Identifying Marks: Whether in combat or not, his Les Paul Guitar will be carried around with him on a holster.

    Majiks: Wind Majik, Wind Majik, and Wind Majik. Oh, and Wind Majik. Rick only uses Wind Majik for its levitation and flight purposes, and that's all he uses it for. It allows his unique combat style to have more flow. On the subject of that...

    Weapons: Les Paul, pictured above. Custom built by Hunters Inc. to be crafted out of a tough, but light metal. This allows the guitar to be slammed into enemies of all shapes and sizes whilst still being able to produce tuneful sounds (a recreational pastime of Rick's). Rick also carries a chained steel mace and a silenced AK47 if he wants to mix things up a bit.

    Hometown: New Jersey, USA.

    History: Ever tried attacking something with a guitar? Rick tried, and subsequently failed.

    A young musician wannabe at the young age of 19, Rick played several gigs with his cliche rock band, BattleAX, in his hometown of New Jersey. As the lead vocals and guitarist, Rick had started to chase his dreams. He had some money in his pocket, some fans and talent scouts had his eye on him, although one fateful night led his career on a tangent.

    During one of Rick's gigs, a wild beast attacked. Smashing through the wall of the venue and devouring the audience, Rick felt he could only stand and watch as even his fellow band members dropped their instruments and ran. Rick couldn't just join them. He had to make a stand. Unslinging his electric guitar and firmly gripping it upside down by the neck, Rick ran recklessly at the beast, jumping up and slamming his instrument right into the beast's head.

    The solid wood guitar smashed into pieces like it was fragile glass.

    Shaking the wood chips off of itself, the monster casually slapped rick into a wall with its large scaly arm. Rick lay on the floor unconscious.

    Then out of the dark blankets of the evening, the Hunters arrived. After seeing Rick's brave feat and taking care of the monster themselves, they saw potential in the youth, who was up on his feet the next day after the heavy blow. After a good three years of heavy training, Rick joins the main crew of Hunters Incorporated, swearing that he will defend others for the world's safety, to make up for what he couldn't do on that shocking night. The words Rock Star mean nothing to him now.

    Love Interests?: "Love? I've got everything I need right here, man! Now sit down, I've got a share bag of chips and a bottle of coke; we can chill for the day."
  33. Ahoohoo.

    Maybe I should explain about Spirit Majiks for the people who might be thinking of using it.

    While, yes, it is the most fantastical of Majiks, allowing you to fly, curse, shoot sparkly rainbow lazors of destruction, etc. etc. The only problem is where it actually gets the power to do all that from.

    It isn't called Spirit Majiks for nothing, ya know. A person gets the energy needed for the above tasks from the surrounding people's/animal's/monster's life force. So yeah, whilst powerful, it does have a price attached to it.

    If you want to fly, I recommend being REALLY good at wind majiks.
  34. Name: Rufa Williams

    Age: 21

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 145 lbs

    Hair: A light shade of blonde. However, nothing near Platinum variety. It's rather long, reaching a little past her shoulders.

    Eyes: Light green

    Appearance: A relatively slim girl with fair skin. Other than this, she is still rather fit and could chase someone down for miles if she had the mindset.

    Identifying Marks: She often enjoys wearing a broken pair of handcuffs, one cuff per arm. She says she got them from escaping jail, but it's likely she found them lying around.

    Specialty (Majiks): Lightning and Metal Majiks. She uses Lightning for the obvious shocking applications, as well as to move rather quickly when necessary. Metal is more used when she has need for a weapon, as well as for pain. Getting shocked by lightning sucks, getting shocked by lightning while getting your head bashed in by a lead pipe or some other contraption sucks much more.

    Specialty (Weapon): Anything heavy. A baseball bat is Rufa's favorite, but she has found use within axes, cleavers, and throwing knives as well. She keeps a couple of the latter on her most of the time. As for firearms, she favors a simple shotgun, but she prefers beating to shooting.

    Hometown: Paradise Valley, California

    History: Sometimes, when a person can't take it anymore, they break. Rufa grew up in a nice house and was a pleasant girl. It was a relatively fine life, until something, Somewhere, had to mess everything up. Rufa's parents decided to go on a hiking trip when she was around sixteen. They said it would be for around a week, and decided to take her with them last minute. The nature was lovely, until the last night. Something rustled outside the tent, so her father went out to look. Shortly thereafter, a scream sounded, and her mother rushed out. Another scream. Rufa could hear the noise of the thing coming closer, and hid herself under the blanket. Unceremoniously, a creature grabbed her arm and pulled her up. In her terror, Rufa suddenly shocked him, without any warning as to why or how. It ran away in fear, and Rufa was left looking outside.

    They were strewn out all over. An arm here, a torso there. Legs, intestines, chunks of skull had been strewn out all over. Rufa passed out at the sight. When she woke up, there was blood on her hands and she was committed to the local asylum. They told her she was crazy, but Rufa knew what she saw, even though all evidence seemed to lead to her. Left to herself most of the time over the years, Rufa's mind broke, and she began to believe what they told her.

    Until The Hunters came. They took her on a walk and explained what they could. It offered solace to her, despite the creature still being at large. She broke down in tears. The next day, she escaped her confinement, by way of a sudden freak blackout and some ripping open of doors. A grin on her face, she went to a nearby sports shop and stole a heavy metal bat. Up to the mountains Rufa went, and left in a massive, oozing pulp was the monster, a raging orc. The Hunters had heard of it, and apprehended her. After some discussion behind closed doors, it was decided Rufa would be working for them. Rufa didn't mind.

    As long as she gets to break it.

    Love Interests?: Her bat's named Kow-Low. The relationship is awkwardly one-sided, but the closest she would get.

    (No, she won't actually be dense and be like RUFA SMASH that would be silly.)
  35. Very good, guys ^^ Now all we need is Weeds' biography and we're set, I believe.

    If anyone's wondering whether or not it's a bit tacky that everyone went through a traumatizing accident, 'and then the Hunters came.', it's not really.

    Hunters have their own methods of being alerted of anomaly presence. This used to be done through Spirit majiks, but has now been fully automated by an intricate satellite system that detects the physical presence of these anomalies.

    ... After all, you can't just puncture a large hole in the fabric of interdimensional spacetime and expect it to go unnoticed.

    At the same time, these portals don't seem to occur at random, but rather near where more energy, both in the form of electricity and life force, is gathered- So mostly cities. This means there's usually people nearby when the monsters spawn. And even though Hunters are a worldwide organization, it usually still takes a while to get there.
  36. Bad news, folks- Due to work- and time-related reasons, Weeds has decided it'd be better if he dropped out. His decision is understandable and I respect it, but of course it's a shame.

    It does mean that we can now go ahead and start the RP now. I'll be in contact with Blazi over the set-up, and I hope I can get back to you all with a release date soon ^^
  37. That sucks. But at least we can get started
  38. Let's try this again. -_-


    Bad news.

    Due to school and stuffs, it's taking me a while to get the first post up. We will still do this RP, but it will be postponed for a bit.

    Sorry guys :/

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