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Open Hunter x Hunter: Nen Academy Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by OmnipotentOnion, Nov 18, 2017.

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  1. So, I'm thinking of doing a Hunter x Hunter RP (again), so if any of you are familiar with the series, feel free to hop on in! It's going to be a plot without any of the canon characters, like the Phantom Troupe, or the Zoldyck Family of Assassins, or the group of protagonists. The setting is in a school in Yorknew City that teaches your OC how to harness and hone Nen, or your life energy. It'll be a generic high school RP, aside from the aura stuff. Now, time for the rules!

    - Basic Pokecharms RPing rules apply (Read them here)
    - No Godmodding. This means, you cannot have mastered your Nen ability at the damn age of 9, and other broken stuff like that.
    - Romance is allowed, but please try to keep it at a PG level, limited to things like kissing and such.
    - Violence is allowed as well, but keep a sense of self-restraint.
    - Guys, grammar is important. It helps you. U s e i t .
    - As always, have fun!
    - Put the word "Cabbages" in your character sheet so I know you've read the rules.

    Now for the character sheet! You can start as a freshman who's just learning to harness Nen or has yet to harness it, or you can be a sophomore, junior, or senior who's learning to hone it and make it stronger. If it's the former, you won't have to worry about your Nen power or Restriction and Covenant.

    Age (Between Fifteen-Eighteen):
    Nen Category (Conjurer, Enhancer, Emitter, Transmuter, Specialist, Manipulator; will be discovered later in the RP via Water Divination, but you can decide here):
    Nen Power (Pretty much something like a Quirk (BNHA), i.e. Hisoka's Bungee Gum or Gon's Jajanken, it must have limits; after all, you are a high school kid):
    - Restriction and Covenant (Certain conditions that make your Nen Power stronger, but you must uphold them, or you risk losing your ability to harness Nen, or even your life, i.e. Kurapika's Nen Power, which could only be made stronger if used only on the Phantom Troupe; using it on anyone else would result in his death. Of course, you can use your power freely, but only when you aim to amplify its strength does a Restriction and Covenant become necessary):

    Personality (Should generally match your Nen category:
    Backstory (Optional):

    And, here's my character! By the way, if you're still confused about the Nen stuff, this link should help quite a bit.

    Norou Xavier
    Gender: Male
    Age (Between Fifteen-Eighteen): 17
    Appearance: Norou has dark brown hair roughly brushed to the right, has a medium build, and stands at 6'1. He usually wears a white long sleeved shirt under a black tee, navy jeans, and black sneakers.
    Nen Category: Transmuter
    Nen Power: Raging Phoenix; having fused his aura with fire through rather torturous methods, Norou becomes encased in scarlet and indigo flames that give him the capabilities of, say, a firebender, along with attack, durability, and speed boosts.
    - Restriction and Covenant: Norou is only able to increase the strength of Raging Phoenix if and only if he feels the need to exact justice. His will to do so will depend on the amount of amplification applied to his Nen power. However, if his fails to see to it that justice is done, he will collapse and be placed into a coma for a minimum of a week and a maximum of up to four months.
    Personality: Norou has a bit of a... unique attitude. He can be really outgoing and a great person to be with around his friends, but at the same time, socializing won't come all that naturally to him when around people he doesn't know. He can also be mischievous, but at the same time, quite meek. Despite these mixed emotions, Norou never reveals his true intentions, which overall makes him unpredictable.
    Strengths: Norou has been trained in many forms of martial arts, and has achieved mastery in Brazilian Jujitsu.
    Weaknesses: Norou is mostly introverted, which leads to him not asking for help if he ever gets into a fight.
    Backstory (Optional): N/A
    Other: M Y C A B B A G E S

    Welp, that's all for now, so in the meantime, peace out! ;)
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  2. Do you still want to do this RP? I'm quite interested :3 Even though I've never seen Hunter x Hunter, I still want to try something new :3
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    Name: Poitoxi "Poito" Drikog Darastrix
    Gender: Male
    Age (Between Fifteen-Eighteen): 15
    Appearance: His hair comes down to the middle of the neck and is pulled back in a short ponytail. His hair is a dirty blonde. His eyes are hazel, and his skin is a little pale. He's got a few scars on his body from dealing with bugs and chemicals. His musculature is quite toned and he looks slim if it weren't for them abs he loves so much. XD He is 6'4" (1.93 m) and weighs 200 lbs (90.72 kg).

    His clothing choice looks Japanese, and follows the ninja trend when out and about, eavesdropping and sneaking around. When hanging about super casually, he'll have a male's kimono on. It's dark purple with green sashes on the waist and on the seams for the V-neck collar, which extends down to the waist, and looks a lot like a robe. It also extends up to the wrist with large sleeves. The bottom extends to the very ankles, concealing his legs. He also wears white socks with sandals that have little wooden raises that give him an extra inch in height. When not relaxing, he has on all black. His ninja clothes cover his entire body except for his eyes and hands, and he could pull back the head piece and let it dangle on the back if he wanted people to see his face. His boots have a zipper for easy wear, and he has on black socks with a gap in between the big toe and the small toe, making climbing easier. His shirt is actually a one piece where the gloves can go over the sleeves, and the boots can go over the.... Leg sleeves. He also has a dark purple, thick sash tied on the front with a neat bow on the front. His head gear also has a cover for his mouth and nose. On his back, he has two katanas, long and short. Even though they aren't very practical nowadays, he's too quiet to be heard for distance to matter. Otherwise, he'd use one of the various poisonous gas bombs or just a simple smoke bomb to conceal his presence when seen.
    Nen Category: Doesn't know his Nen category yet, but it will be Conjurer.
    Nen Power: Doesn't know his Nen Power yet, but it will be Acid Conjuration. He can only create and control 5000 mL (5 L) of acid at a time. Anymore and he'll faint.
    - Restriction and Covenant: If he powers his Nen up in the future (once he figures it out), he'll be able to create and control a huge wave of acid and cloak himself in acid to protect himself. This acid can highly corrode matter and metals. Of course, he has to absorb (as in, drink or let soak in skin) at least 10 L of strong acid in a matter of 5 minutes for this to happen, like Sulfuric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Battery Acid, or Hydrochloric Acid. If he tries to control more than 5 L of acid, he will lose his ability to control it for a time being and become extremely susceptible to chemical burns by acid, which could mean if he is in contact with weak acids it could hurt him as bad as strong acids, and even more so when in contact with strong acids. Also, he gets stomach pains from his own stomach acid.
    Personality: He is very secretive and hides his emotions and his thoughts constantly, always on edge on who could betray him. Despite his paranoia, he's quite nice and extremely polite. He's also very loyal to his friends and family. He's a very justified person, so if something bad happens on his watch, he'll make sure it doesn't happen again... Or at least less often.
    Strengths: Stealth, Dexterity, Speed
    Weaknesses: Power, Paranoia (which could potentially cause him to act alone in a team effort and potentially screw something up), Doesn't trust people, Curiosity, Bases (the opposite of acids; water is okay though).
    Backstory (Optional): Due to the Darastrix family living near such an academy, the parents always wondered what abilities their children would have. Although, after losing one of their daughters when Catrina entered the academy at the age of 15, they've been at a loss, and didn't know which one of their children will be next. Regardless, this didn't stop the rest of the children, and it definitely didn't stop Poito. Poito was determined to find his oldest sister and bring about justice, as well as bring her back home safe. He didn't know what kind of Nen he'll have, but his sister, who is still enrolled in the academy, senses that his Nen is getting stronger and stronger as the days pass. Hopefully, he'll figure it out before it was too late. In the meantime, he'll just have to practice his ninja skills.
    Other: N O M Y C A B B A G E S
    Name: Catrina "Cat" Darastrix
    Gender: Female
    Age (Between Fifteen-Eighteen): 16
    Appearance: Her hair is brown and it's really long (goes down to her mid-back). Also, her eyes are an emerald green. She has freckles that dot her face and her body is quite dark in comparison to Poito's. She has a good muscle build, and yet she's a bit on the chubby side. This chubbiness isn't unhealthy, and it disguises her muscles, but people still feel the need to comment on her muffin top. She usually wears a short skirt that is green with a light brownish-red rose on the sides. She also has a darker green blouse that has droopy sleeves and shows a bit of her cleavage. She also likes to wear some kind of open-toed sandals, especially Greek or Roman-like sandals for some reason. Maybe for comfortable reasons? She is 5'05" (1.65 m) and weighs 140 lbs (63.5 kg).
    Nen Category: Manipulator
    Nen Power: Nature Manipulation, as in controlling animals and trees and grass (can only either control animals or the plants, not both at the same time). Because of this, she has an innate understanding on how animals and plants work, and can communicate with them, but nothing too complicated.
    - Restriction and Covenant: If an animal has died under her control, she will feel the pain of the animal. When this happens, her Nen goes on a rampage and to avenge the animal, she will cause the plants around her to bloom, and then become sickly, as they immediately use their roots and branches and vines to entangle a large group of people. Animals around her act strangely and will attack anything that moves near them. This could also include Catrina if she weren't stuck in one spot, and her friends. After this, she will faint from exhaustion, the animals regain their behavior and run off, while the plants used to attack will die if they're small enough or petrify. She can't do this if a plant she controls dies.
    Personality: She is very serene and calm, in love with nature and the beauties it gives to the world. She is a little like a hippie, but she doesn't worship it. She can be stern at times, and her stubbornness can sometimes butt heads with her siblings or any individuals who are like-minded. She is very leader-like and won't stand to follow anyone's orders, unless they earn her respect. She can be a little dense at times, but most of the time, she has a good head on her shoulders. Just don't get her angry. If she's goofy, she can get a little flirtatious, especially with other females. She's also very artistic and creative.
    Strengths: Kind, Loving, Social, Great with pets and animals alike.
    Weaknesses: Stubborn, Argumentative, Can be slightly snobby, Fire and Cold.
    Backstory (Optional): Due to the Darastrix family living near such an academy, the parents always wondered what abilities their children would have. Although, after losing one of their daughters when Catrina entered the academy at the age of 15, they've been at a loss, and didn't know which one of their children will be next. Regardless, this didn't stop the rest of the children, and it definitely didn't stop Catrina. Catrina was determined to find her oldest sister. While she was enrolled and gained the ability to sense the power of other Nen around her, she sensed that her youngest sibling was starting to grow in power. Hopefully, he'll figure it out before it was too late. In the meantime, she'll just have to practice her powers and even maybe tend to her garden and many assortment of strange pets.
    Other: C A B B A G E S

    There, made something XD

    Here's the family tree:
    Lyria - Mother
    Daskar - Father
    Pyros - Oldest sibling (Quadruplet #1)
    Miel - 2nd oldest sibling (Quadruplet #2)
    Stror - 3rd oldest sibling (Quadruplet #3)
    Shadara "Shade" - 4th oldest sibling (Quadruplet #4)
    Catrina - 5th oldest sibling (Twin #1)
    Lorenza - 6th oldest sibling (Twin #2)
    Poito - Youngest sibling

    Shade will be the one missing, but I kind of want her to be tied to a villain of yours or something.
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  4. Alright, I'm now done :3
  5. Uh, Nen can't cause objects to materialize by will, like acid for example. Plants could work, because you could imbue them with Nen to either strengthen them, manipulate them, etc., so animals wouldnt work as they are animate objects. Being able to communicate with them could be a special talent though
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  6. Oh.... I saw on the wiki for the thing that it could control both animate and inanimate objects. And conjuration is when you turn your aura into the thing you are wanting to make, like acid.
  7. Oh pfft it's been so long since I watched the anime lol

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  8. Yay :D thank you XD

    Also, I'm wanting to add a character, but I'm not sure what kind of plan you had for your end goal or villain.
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  9. Probably like a legion of death or something like that, maybe an enhanced version of the Phantom troupe
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  10. Alright. I was thinking of making a character, where her Nen goes out of control. Her Nen category is Specialty, and her Nen power is causing insanity in others. Although, it backfired one day when she was trying to use it for self-defense, causing everyone else around her including herself to become insane. She does have schizophrenia and mild insanity. She also has a difficult time sleeping, making her mentality worse, which causes her Nen to go out of wack and cause her to get violent.

    Not sure if that's okay. XD
  11. Also, changed their appearance. Poito's hair is a dirty blonde while his eyes are hazel. Catrina's hair is brown, while her eyes are an emerald green.
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  12. Cool; btw, could you try tagging anyone you know has watched the anime or would be interested? Would be very much appreciated
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  13. Well XD I don't ask people what anime's they've watched XD but I'll ask.
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  14. Thanks! Also, planning on posting on the Coordinator RP soon?
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  15. Yea. XD Give me a mo, I have homework.
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  16. Oh yeah, that's a pain xD
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  17. Let's see how fast I can crank a decent essay before midnight strikes XD
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  18. OH NO ESSAYS ARE THE WORST XD good luck!
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  19. Name: Shadara "Shade" Arcafiwhed Darastrix
    Gender: Female
    Age (Between Fifteen-Eighteen): 17
    Appearance: She is 5'08" (1.73 m) and weighs 125 lbs (56.7 kg). She is pale and skinny, but with a fair bit of toned muscle. Her hair is short, only reaching down to her chin. It is blonde, while her eyes are a sky blue color. Her casual wear would be black sneakers, blue jeans, and black tank top with a dark grey or a black hoodie. Although, that was before the incident. After the incident, her jeans are completely torn apart, looking like raggedy-ass shorts than anything else. Her tank top and hoodie have scratches and gouges in it, and her sneakers are dingy and broken in a few places. Normally, she's upright and pretty. After the incident, she slouches constantly and walks like she's possessed or scared of everything.
    Nen Category: Specialist
    Nen Power: Insanity - Able to cause insanity in others, however it creates a lot of mental stress on the user. She tried to use too much when she was defending herself and ended up causing herself to go insane. She can only send people who are in a 8 foot (2.44 m) radius around her to feel like they are being watched. Once they see her, her insanity tries to infect them as they have to willfully protect themselves and snap themselves out of it, or else they'll start to see shadows appear out of nowhere, their fears coming back to haunt them, voices in their minds never ceasing for a moment as they relentlessly bombard them with horrible phrases that should never be uttered.
    - Restriction and Covenant: Like it couldn't get any worse... Whenever she feels like she has completely lost herself, where she actually feels threatened by someone who could actually cure or kill her, she ends up releasing the full brunt of her insanity, her insanity completely consuming her physically and becoming a physical manifestation. This beast is 9 feet (2.74 m) tall and completely black. It's body has sharp points where there should be joints, its eyes are a menacing reddish-yellow and they glow. The teeth are pointy and white, and there's a lot of them. It is bipedal, and Shade sits in the core of this creature. The creature will send a massive wavelength of pure insanity, infecting all those around it and causing them to go into a coma if they aren't lucky in fending off the bombardment of insanity. This form doesn't last, luckily. It only lasts for a good 30 seconds. In that time, it can scratch, kick, bite, and do all sorts of nasty things. At around 25 seconds in, the creature will hop away an immense distance to get away from the danger, where Shade will collapse on the ground and be sent into another 10-hour coma, until she reawakens to rejoin her waking nightmare all over again.
    Personality: She used to be cheery and kind, always willing to sacrifice herself for her loved ones, but after the discovery of her Nen, everything took a turn for the worse. She began to exhibit sadistic tendencies, and even began stalking her family members. This wouldn't be so bad if she weren't caught creepily staring at them from afar, her eyes boring into their brains. She loved to scare and even hurt others, but was also sympathetic and empathetic and always felt sorry for the things she did, always saying she had no control over herself or she couldn't remember. After the incident, she became a complete mess, being a complete psychopath and sociopath, she has now lost herself to the insanity, and is now the puppet to her own mind. She doesn't have normal human interactions, as she looks to be afraid by just about everything. That's Shade's true face, stuck in perpetual terror. Her body now attacks and maims while she looks on, horrified and sharing the same horrified expression on her victim's face, sorry for what she had become.
    Strengths: Quick and agile, exceptionally strong.
    Weaknesses: Physically weak, and poor stamina.
    Backstory (Optional): She lived quite a cheery life with her siblings. She became a student in the academy after finding she had powers, just like the rest of her siblings. However, hers was different. Her brother, Pyros, could control fire; her second oldest brother, Miel, could control liquids and their solid and gaseous forms; her third oldest brother, Stror, could control lightning and metal; her younger sister, Catrina, can control nature and the animals that reside within; her even younger sister, Lorenza, could control the wind; and her baby sibling and brother, Poito, has shown much potential in acid manipulation. They all had Conjurer and Manipulator abilities, since her parents were Conjurers and Manipulators themselves. Her mother being able to control gravity, while her father was able to conjure light and darkness (both since his twin brother was fused into him before they were born, so he gained his power). Shade found out about her insanity power, and the teachers in the academy tried their best to keep her sane and well, as they didn't know what she was capable of. Apparently, it was quite a bit. She was walking home one day when someone had found her and had wanted to mug her. She told them to step away, but they wouldn't let down. She sent forth a strong wave of insanity, making the men permanently and psychologically insane. This caused her sanity to slip to the breaking point, and she fled before she could cause anymore trouble. Her family tried to look for her, but every time they caught a glimpse of her, she was already gone. She was just trying to save them from herself. She couldn't anymore once the insanity finally won over, her Nen now in complete control of her body. She returned and tried to kill several people, but the murders failed. All that was left were people who have become clinically insane.
    Other: M O R E C A B B A G E S She will also be my villain character. Hopefully, this is alright.
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