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Ask to Join Hunger Games RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Shadow_Pup, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Join here - https://pokecharms.com/threads/hunger-games-rp-discussion.19924/

    D̷̮̈Ơ̷̡̞̒̈̚̕ ̸̞̰͇̖̳̦͂́̑̇Ņ̷̗̱̹͇͛͗̒̕Ȍ̶̮͈̚T̵͖̩̖̪̪̀͊̽ ̴̟͑͌̒R̸̺͉̳̣̓̀̀͂́̕͠P̷͙̤̌̈́̓̒ͅ ̴̧̥̰͈̑W̶̢̝̮̝͊̇̓̎̏͗͜Ḯ̷̜͈̩͊̎̒̄̅̏ͅT̵̛͓̘̪H̸̼́Ờ̴̫̲̖̝̎̊͒̽͝Ǔ̵̱̜̜̪̒̒̈́͘͝T̶̻̥̙͖̓̾̾̓͘ ̷̢͇̖̜͎̰̀A̷̢̮̟̬͇͑Ș̸̈̓̿̆̄̉K̶̘̃͒̀͗́̐̚I̸̳̟̐̎̃͗́̉͘N̶̡̻͖̒̂̂̚Ǵ̶̝̲̈̄̚͝ͅ ̷̧̾͌̿̈́̊̌T̵͖̃́Ǫ̷̫̤̼͎̭̓͊̑̕͝ ̷͎̗̩̟͍͒̈́͝J̷̟̯̈́͂̚O̵̧̡̭̠͔̿͊̽̓I̶̧̹͖͕͆̉Ñ̷̖̩̞̝̺́

    Alec was training He always did early in the morning, in his 5 years at the games he had slowly become a very skilled archer. He was in the training room getting almost every shot as a bullseye. He had stopped for a minute to get a drink. He drank some water and went back to practicing.
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  2. Nora paced back and forth at the training terminal, eyeing the countdown timer with a look of impatience. She loosened her grip on the kusarigama, allowing it to slide through her hand until she only gripped the very end of the shaft.
    As the terminal chimed "GO!", Nora changed her stance so that she'd be able to fight an enemy that came from any direction. As the terminal sank into the ground, Nora was left alone at the center of the fifteen yard circle as holograms began to materialize. Here we go, Nora thought as she began to swing the chain.
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  3. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Alec finished his training, the next games were tomorrow, he felt ready, he wondered around the training center, he spotted Nova the other district 1 tribute. He looked the glass viewing area as she trained, she would probably be a decent ally, he would just have to figure out how to end her when the time came.
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  4. Blaze entered the training center to see both of the district 1 tributes training. He stared at them watching their every move and plotting their demise in the arena. He loved every little thing about the games: the killing, the death, the victory. He was certainly determined to get the victory, but he had yet to win. In fact, he had yet to be allowed to fight. He hated his parents for this, and he only wished he could kill them in the games to show them he was ready. Somewhere deep down inside, however, he knew he never would be able to, even if he got the chance.

    These thoughts going through his head frustrated him, so he ran over to the swordplay station and fought holograms until he couldn’t even swing anymore. He had jumped off walls and spun and slashed, and to think it was all self-taught. He had no problem killing people he didn’t already know, hologram or not.
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  5. Nora slammed the chain into the first holograms jaw, and with satisfying burst of light it dematerialized as a second hologram took its place. This one wielded a spear, and as it rushed Nora she swung the chain around again and wrapped it around the shaft of the spear. As she wrenched the spear from the hologram's grasp, the spear dematerialized and the hologram rushed her with its fists. Nora spun her arm around to swing the chain once more when she heard a step coming from just behind her.

    Crap, Nora thought as she leaned to the side, leaping a few feet away. As she did so, the hologram that had come from behind her thrust it's sword forward, impaling the hologram Nora had had her focus on. Nora loosened her grip on the sickle, so that her hands wrapped firmly around the chain, and began to spin it. As the final hologram charged at Nora, sword in hand, she swung the sickle in an arc towards the hologram's head. The blade buried itself clean and true into the hologram's temple, and as it dematerialized a computerized voice called out, "Congratulations!" The terminal slid back up from its spot in the floor, and Nora let a small smile appear on her lips.
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  6. "Wow, training...Sounds like something reaally boring. I wouldn't be smiling, if I were you. That's hard to call an achievement. It's..." said Ed, He slowly came from shadow, where he was watching at the rest. "even hard to call as a challenge but... I think that for you that had to be quite hard, doesn't it" He told to Nora with the devil smile on his face.
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  7. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    Claza walked in, noticing Ed who was in the same District as her. With her dragon-like knife in hand, she joined in the training. A hologram quickly appeared before her, it was holding a very long sword. It charged at her, then jumped up and attempted to slice her once it was closer to the ground. Claza knew she had nothing to worry about since it was a hologram, but she quickly dodged the attack anyway. The hologram’s sword pierced the ground, getting stuck in it. Claza then ran from behind and stabbed the hologram in the head, and the hologram disappeared.
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  8. Edward watched Claza and when the Hologram dissapired, He smiled and said "If even, someone from my District playing with those dump holograms, maybe they aren't so dump after all. He joined to the training with no weapon "Oh, I forgot about a weapon..." He searched in his poket and he found a spike "it will be enough"

    Five holograms materialized, two guys with spear, one sword, one knife and bow. Edward quickly attacked Hologram with bow, as ranged weapon could be a problem in the future. Hologram reacted too slow, He was hited in the neck and dissapired with his bow "Ehh, if it was real fight, I could take his Bow and use it on the rest..." Ed turned around "Nah, then it would be too fast" Hologram with the knife attacked, Ed dodged, grabed his hand and with another hand back. Then, he threw him at the one with a spear, who stabed him by accident. Another Hologram with spear tried to stab him in the back, Edward dodged quickly and threw his spike at hologram head. Three gone, two last.

    He defeated guy with a sword similar to the guy with a knife and then He gaved to hologram with spear many blows with bare hands, what was hard as he had to dodge his attacks. He found his occasion, grabed opponent neck and he threw him at the wall, before he stood up. Ed found his spike and threw at his neck, last hologram dissapired. Hellad looked at his phone "Mann, One minute and 7 sec. I was destroing them that slow... If I could take their weapons, I could end this faster.... Well, I guest that I can't have everything. I would be happy if I could kill real person... Can't have everything" the last words he whispered to himself. "How did you like my show, if it was boring, then I really sorry"
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  9. Blaze watched the others all training as well. It almost seemed like they were forgetting the important stuff, like which berries to eat and medical herbs. They were simple things, yet important, and as Blaze walked over to the foraging stations, he could almost sense the eyes of the others judging him on how weak he must be physically to stop training so quickly.

    He wished he could tell the hem all the reason he stopped training, but as soon as he turned around he saw that no one was looking at him. “Must have been my imagination...” he whispered to himself before settling down to a simple, boring test to calm his nerves. This would be his first games, and what he really needed to be doing was some sort of psychological test, because statistics showed that many tributes couldn’t handle the stress like they thought they could and simply committed suicide so that they could leave the games early. He would hate for that to be the case for him, since it would show his parents exactly how right they were.
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  10. Nora watched from the sidelines as Ed tore apart his own holograms. He's clearly quick, she thought as he raced between his enemies, and aggressive too. If I kept my distance, I could lead him into a trap fairly easily.

    Nora cracked her neck and walked up to Ed as he finished with the last hologram. "Was that difficult, bud? Need to lie down for a bit?" Nora delivered her antagonizations with a coy smile spread across her lips.
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  11. "Girl, Why you have to be so mean for me... Wait, I was mean for you too, so you can. 'lie down' that was only holograms, no challenge. If opponent didn't think, so how can I take him seriously. Even some people in this world acting like those holograms. They don't think, when they are doing something... Important for them and they usually lose this important thing" Ed said to Nora, He thought about something for a bit then he said "Sorry, I schouldn't be unnice for you. For me everyone schould be friends, Love and Peace. For the whole world. 'ekhm' Okay, I went too farr, still I can't lose. I have many things to 'Bear', you know. Please, take this spike. Maybe it will give you some luck, becouse luck was always an important skill" he said again and continued watching how others train.
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  12. Blaze got up from his chair and saw his grade on the test. It was a good grade, certainly good enough to keep him from dying to a poisonous berry. That would definitely be an embarrassing way to go...

    He walked over to Claza, seeing how she had easily avoided the attacks from the hologram, even though it used the same weapon he used. A quick and agile ally could be of help, and if they were allied, she hopefully wouldn’t use those anti-sword skills on Blaze, or he would at least kill her in her sleep first. So he whispered to her, “I see you are skilled with that knife, how about an alliance? Together, we could definitely make it to the final two.”
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  13. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    Claza saw Ed defeat all the holograms that appeared. “That’s some good skill.” She shot an impressed look at Ed and continued to train. She saw another hologram appear, and quickly threw her knife straight towards it’s neck. It hit it’s target, and the hologram disappeared. She turned towards another boy who spoke to her. “Thanks. And... sure, I will be your alliance.” Claza smiled as she whispered back to him, and put her Dragon-like knife in her pocket.
  14. “No, thank you.” Replied Blaze with a smirk to the district 4 girl. With that, he walked back to the training holograms, turning on the machine and continuing to spin, flip, slice, and stab each one as soon as they spawned in. It seemed to him to the be the only slightly entertaining thing in the training facility, and he hadn’t even broken a sweat.
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  15. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Alec had gotten bored of watching the others, he activated a requested training system and the holograms started to appear, he took a deep breath and set about shooting the holograms, headshots and chest shots every time. One of the holograms appeared behind him and he spun tripping the hologram and stabbing it through the chest with an arrow, he then stood and shot a hologram that was running towards him, a voice said "Simulation Ended".
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  16. Alex had been watching them all train from the moment the first one walked in,she took in every little detail of everything they did,the only two that intrigued her were Blaze,her fellow district two tribute,who had wanted to enter the games forever and fought without care who he was killing,and a boy from district one that was exceptional with a bow."almost as good as me,"She thought "Almost."She eventually got up and activated a simulation,shooting arrows as they ran at her,getting head shots every time."SIMULATION ENDED" said a voice from some where,she then walked over to the Hunting station and practiced her trap-making/setting and her cooking,she had always liked to cook,finally she headed over to the survival section and made a small hut out of twigs and leave,then another with mud.Getting bored,she took one last glance at the tributes and walked out of training.
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  17. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    An announcement rang out, "Please could all tributes make their way to the teleport pads, the games are about to begin". Turning and heading to the pads Alec clicked his neck and rolled his shoulders. He was ready for this, he had seen the girl from district 2, he would need to hope he was faster than her or that there were his secondary option of throwing knives. He reached the pad and stepped onto it, appearing on his starting position looking at the cornucopia. He bristled at the cold of the wind.

    (Oh by the way there are the other district upto twelve they are just NPC currently.)
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  18. Ed smiled "Now, I will be a bit focused on this fights. Why schould I even try to fight with holograms" Ed thought.
    He yelled at everyone "Try not to kill me too fast, ok". "And try to avoid me, better for you all" He thought, then he came to pad and stepped on it, then he teleport to his starting point.
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  19. Alex yelled back to the boy"I make no promises!" before he teleported away,then took up her position on her plate,shivering in the cold wind."There better be a jacket in there"She thought.Looking around at the cornucopia.
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  20. Blaze was so wrought with nerves and he felt like he had butterflies in his stomach. This was what he had been waiting his whole life for! He stepped onto the teleport pad and appeared at the arena. The cold didn’t bother him, because he had literally trained with burning hot or freezing cold showers in his house long before he was old enough to participate. Looking into the cornucopia he could see tons of things, but he couldn’t make out whether his sword was there or not. He supposed he could carve a stick if it was really necessary.
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  21. As Nora was raised into the arena, she calmed her nerves and began to think of a plan. As long as I'm one of the first people to get to the cornucopia, she thought, eyeing the other tributes warily, I'll be able to get first pick of the weapons. Nora cracked her knuckles and rolled her shoulders back, getting into a stance that would allow her to sprint right away.
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  22. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    A cannon went off signaling the start of the games, Alec made it to the cornucopia and looked around frantically, not seeing the bow tucked away slightly, he grabbed a belt of throwing knives and a one-handed axe and turned to leaving seeing a scrawny kid probably from district 11 or 12, without hesitation Alec threw a throwing knife into the kids throat and not wanting to stick around, grabbed a backpack and ran, leaving the knife in the kids throat.
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  23. As soon as the cannon went off, Blaze hopped off the platform landing in a roll, and shifted into a sprint. He couldn’t seem to find a sword, until he saw another tribute from district 6 with a sword. So, he grabbed a pair of daggers and threw one at the enemy landing square in her shoulder. She swung the sword through the pain, surprising blaze since she wasn’t a career and most normal tributes would just give up, but he managed to deflect it with his remaining dagger, pull the original one out of the enemy’s shoulder, and stab her again in the hand with it. This didn’t kill the tribute, but the sword user did drop her weapon, which was really all he wanted. Grabbing his sword, Blaze ran out of the Cornucopia only stopping for a backpack on the way out.
    He was a little reluctant to leave his district mate and his ally behind, but he had to. He ran to the west, just underneath a jungle, where there appeared to be a hilly plains landscape.
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  24. Alex only grabbed two things;a bow and arrows and a backpack with a very obvious jacket sleeve sticking out the side.She then ran off into the northern area,wear a jungle lay.
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  25. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    The games started, and Claza ran as fast as she could to the Cornucopia. She quickly spotted a small dagger on the ground, and picked it up without haste. Claza then saw a dead kid on the ground, with a knife in his throat. “Ew... I hope I don’t end up like that.” She spoke quietly and zoomed away. I wonder where Blaze is... maybe he is doing something important, like battling someone... Claza thought to herself, and then noticed a girl from District 12. She was holding an axe, looking around for someone to attack. The girl had spotted Claza, and flung the axe at her. She quickly dodged and ran behind the girl who was looking around to see if her axe hit it’s target.

    “You missed.” Claza whispered in the girl’s ear and stabbed her in the chest two times. She fell on the ground, she was bleeding out but she wasn’t dead yet. Claza took a look at her blood-stained dagger and she sprinted away from the girl who was struggling to get up from the bloody ground.
  26. When canon went off, Ed didn't run and he just walked and searched for someone, another tribute with something interesting. He saw a kid with a throwing knife on his throat. He took a knife and he saw a guy with a sword, who rushed at him. Even if human is faster than holograms, Edward was dodging his opponent attacks with grace and he waited for his mistake. When guy tried to attack third time, He stumbled. Ed grabed his hand and crushed it in his grib and then he hit guy in the chest with throwing knife. Ed took his opponent shortsword, his throwing knife and belt from guy's trousers. He ran to the north, to jungle. When He was sure, that he was alone. He made from belt, throwing knife, few rocks and stick something like a whip. "Well, It schould be enough for now. I schould rest and think about future... I sounded like a kid, who needs to hide. I hope that I will meet someone way more interesting than this swordsman from District 7"
  27. Blaze sat down on a hill. It was a nice view, and from here, he could see anybody trying to sneak up on him. He was tired of running and his muscles didn’t feel like fighting, so sitting would have to do. While he was there, he took inventory of his situation. He had a teammate and a district mate still, as far as he knew. He also had two knives, a longsword, and a backpack he had yet to look through.
    Looking into the pack, he could see it contained many useful things, including a water bottle, a sleeping bag, and a roll of bandages. After he stopped complaining about how he wouldn’t need a roll of bandages (he was still very proud of his fighting abilities despite his tired state), he put his knives into the pack. Then, Blaze got up, saying, “Well, I guess I should look for Claza. I wonder what way she went.”
    He decided to start heading back to the cornucopia to get his bearings, since he hoped everyone would be done by now with looting it.
  28. Nora sprinted to the cornucopia, searching frantically for the kusarigama that she knew would be buried somewhere. As she laid eyes on it, Nora dashed towards it but was halted in her tracks when something slammed into her at full force. "Oof," Nora sighed as she hit the side of the cornucopia, hitting her head and falling to the ground.

    Nora looked up at the tribute who knocked her over, as he rushed towards her with a shield strapped to his left arm. This can't be it, Nora thought faintly, holding her head. Nora closed her eyes as the other tribute closed the distance between them. Suddenly, Nora heard a loud thud; she opened her eyes to see the tribute with the shield struggling to defend against some guy with a war hammer. Now's my chance, Nora thought, snapping out of her stupor. She got quickly to her feet and raced to the kusarigama, sliding on the ground to grab it with one hand and a nearby backpack with the other. Nora raced away from the cornucopia, heading east into the treeline and away from the bloodbath.
  29. Upon seeing that the bloodbath wasn’t completely over, Blaze attempted to hide in a bush until the remaining tributes at the center left. He saw Nora running off to the west, but was too preoccupied by his failing attempt to hide to notice her, since a tribute with two throwing axes whom he supposed was from district 7 had managed to sneak around him. He avoided both of her his initial slashes, but it caused him to get out of the bush and into the sight of every other tribute there, two of which seemed to be teamed with throwing axe boy and might have already known he was there. He obviously wasn’t doing as good a job at hiding as he had thought, so he decided to run as fast as he could. He knew Nora was to the east, so he hoped he could team with her for the time being until he found Claza. Running, he narrowly avoided an axe, which ended up hitting the boy’s teammate, sparking a betrayal and allowing him to get away.
    So, off to the east Blaze went, following in Nora’s footsteps.
  30. Edward left his hideout and when He looked around, he noticed Nora. Girl that he met in training, he saw that she ran away from the bloodshed that was behind her. "I have a perfect idea, I will catch up to her and say 'Hi'. That seems to be a great idea".

    When he was on his way, Guy from District 6 tried to shoot him. Ed stopped in the last moment "That was... Quick. An archer, The most skilled archers can shoot with 12 arrows in one minute or something like that. Okay, I just need to rush, dodge and slicehis neck" as Edward said, he did. He got some scratches, but it wasn't something bad. "Alright, I did my job. I will borrow this Bow, arrows and I will be on my way to greet a friend" then he returned to catching
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  31. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Alec was walking through the jungle, when the girl from district 3 ran into him. She looked terrified she had fallen to the ground and was trying to shuffle, he sighed, slowly walked forward and in one, quick, fluid motion he snapped her neck. She didn't have any supplies, I didn't matter, he decided to hide in the foliage and check his bag, it had some medical supplies, food and water. He got back up and decided he would he'd back towards the cornucopia, he would hide in the tree line and wait for it to die down.

    He reached the centre of the arena remaining hidden. He saw Blaze running from some tributes two of them continued to chase him but the girl from district 10 had gone down from the district 7 kids axe. He slowly walked from the tree line and threw two knives one landing in the district 7 kids head and the other a district 11 boys back, he watched Blaze leaved, he had spared him for now.
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  32. Blaze saw Edward up ahead and began to turn to the left before running deeper into the jungle. He stopped in front of Claza. “Yes! I finally found you. So, what did you get from the cornucopia?” He said through panting.
    He was very tired from running, but he was pretty relieved to see his teammate. Even so, he kept his hand tightly grasped onto his sword, of which the scabbard was attached to his belt.

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