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Hunger Bar Games (Sign-Ups and OOC Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Skippidypowpow, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Four districts. Four tributes, forced into combat by the Capitol. Let the Hunger Bar Games commence.........

    Alright, this is my crossover of my favorite book series (currently) and one of my favorite games, to create........... The Hunger Bar Games!!!
    General RP Rules (Heck Yeah!)
    As for items you can collect, you can have any materials except for Diamond, Emerald, and any Ingots. You can have any food as long as it's not bread, cookies or cake (those are sent by your mentors). Weapons and armor exclude maps and anything Gold or Diamond, the best weapons being Bow and Arrows. For brewing, only 2 potions on you at once, so that nobody lashes out with Poison Potions to win.
    There is no Cornucopia, I repeat. NO CORNUCOPIA. There are packs sent to you in the Launch Room, and you can only open the contents after the gong sounds.
    The arena is basically a forest with a few hills here and there, so don't make anything else up. You can spawn water sources ONLY IF YOU ARE DEHYDRATED!!
    You are allowed a max of 3 different foods (max amount of 1 food is 10), 2 weapons (Bow and Arrow counts as 1) and 2 different kinds of Armor WITH NO ENCHANTMENTS ON WEAPONS OR ARMOR!!!
    Your bio is very much free as long as you include Name, Age( Age is 12 through 18 ) Gender, Skin and District. No district has an advantage, so don't try to pick one based off the book.
    Okay, if you read the rules, please clarify you did in your post.

    Name: Steven Howard
    Gender: Male
    Skin Pack: Regular Steve
    District: 2
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