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How to reach Pokecharms Chat!

Discussion in 'Questions and Site Feedback' started by Tangrow, Jun 19, 2010.

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  1. Teapot Edit: Click the Chat button above, and choose a username that isn't the default to get in. This thread is still great for learning about how IRC works, and external clients you can use, so you might want to glance over it.

    Have all you people been tired of staring at that little old chat button that seems to just lead back to the homepage? WELL BE TIRED NO MORE. This little thing will share with you just how to reach the chatroom, #pokecharms, for the time being. Give it a shot if you're into it, it's really like any other chatroom. So, moving on, there are three methods I am aware of.

    1. Mibbit - Mibbit is a nice little website, located at http://www.mibbit.com, that will allow you access to the chatroom without downloading anything, too! What you do is simply once you enter the main page, click on Launch Mibbit WebChat. After a bit of loading and silly words, you will be brought to a screen with three white rectangles. For our purposes, we will be using the top one, that says nick and channel. Next to Nick, delete whatever silly nickname they put there, and type in what you want to be seen as when you enter the chat! in the empty channel box, type in #pokecharms. Now above those two, there will be a dropdown bar with the letters IRC: next to it. Ignore that, and right next to it is a button that says server. Click on it! Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the list of servers you can use. After typing one into the new space provided, simply hit go! There are some commands you can use on these chats, and they will also be listed below. Moving onto the next client...

    2. Chatzilla - This is the one I am most inclined to using. One little hitch that one has with this one is that first, you must download the internet browser, Mozilla Firefox. This can be found here: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/personal.html . There's a lot of things you can do on it, but I am only going into Chatzilla. After you have downloaded Firefox (It will guide you through the process), opened it up, and whatever, click on the Tools button at the top of the screen. Click on the third option down, called Add-Ons. It will bring up a little window. Click on the top-right option, which says, Get Add-Ons. After clicking, you should see a little search box called Search All Add-Ons. Type Chatzilla into this. A few things will show up, like language packs or the Spanish Version, but you're looking for the English one. It should be the first one, simply titled, Chatzilla. Click Add to Firefox to begin. A warning box will pop up, and then you should click Install Now. After this, you will have to restart Firefox to complete your changes. Now, we will move into how to set up Chatzilla. When Firefox restarts, click on tools, then Chatzilla, to begin.

    You will essentially go through a few questions; fill them out as you see fit. Unfortunately, I cannot say I recall what they ask, but it isn’t too invasive, if I recall. Now that your Chatzilla page has came up, you will have to choose a server to get onto! There is a list of the ones below; use them as you see fit! For my example, I will be using irc.systemnet.info. Now, in the little typing box on the bottom, type in /attach irc.systemnet.info/pokecharms, then hit enter. After a few minutes, you should be brought into the pokecharms chat! Hooray! If you wish this to be set up so you don’t have to type in the command, simply right click the tab that says #pokecharms, and choose the option Open this Channel at Startup!

    3. mIRC - NOTE: I DOWNLOADED mIRC ON DAY OF POSTING THIS. AS SUCH, THIS IS HOW IT WORKED FOR ME. OLDER VERSIONS ARE ALL DIFFERENT AND STUFF. RAWR.Now, do forgive me if this one is not well described, as as I type I am downloading it. MIRC is another chat client, but unlike Chatzilla, you do not need Firefox or any particular browser. To find it, go to http://www.mirc.com/ . Click on download mIRC, which, surprisingly, leads you to the download page! After clicking a few links, a window will finally come up asking to download the file. After saving/running, depending on what your pop-up says, open up the file. It may say it’s executable or something; ignore that and hit yes and such. You’ll reach a setup window. You know the general gist, click next, I agree, next, next, pick some additional tasks, next, then install. After which, check Run mIRC, then hit Finish.

    You will note that upon launch a little pop-up will say you have 30 days, and then two buttons saying continue and register. Continue for now, but after the thirty days, you will be unable to use it until you register, although I have heard of instances of going over 30 days, but regardless. This means vomiting up 20 dollars. It's a one time fee, luckily. I don’t recommend this, but if you insist, you insist. It's a fine program, and there are cracked versions you can use even after 30 days, but I believe I will settle with describing this regular old one. Anyway, you will have another pop-up come up. Fill out what you wish. That being a Full Name (Doesn’t have to be real), an actual e-mail address, and a nickname. It’s safe, trust Tangrow. Now, click on the tab that says server. Click on add, and put in the server (I use irc.systemnet.info), and any description. Then hit okay, or whatever is similar. Find that server (It’ll be under the description you wrote), and double click on it. After that, go back to the first thing and hit connect. You’ll be brought into another channel pop-up. Type in #pokecharms, and then hit go, enter, whatever. You’ll be in the chat in no time!

    A Quick List of Servers:


    Edit: Systemnet is all one word.

    List of Common Commands: Type these little formulas in, hit enter, and special things happen!
    /me (message here) - This one is used for third person actions.
    /nick (Name you wish to change to) - This allows you to change your name.
    /msg (Person you wish to message) (Message here) - Allows you to send a quick alerting message to a person without using a whole query.
    /join (Channel you wish to join) - There are other channels lying around too, such as #pokecharmsWFC, the Pokecharms Battling League Chat. You can use this command to be in multiple chatrooms at once.
    /quit (Message) - If you would like to leave a little message right when you leave, simply use this command! You will exit out of the whole program itself and leave a message for people to read!
    /part (Message) - Similar to the quit message, this simply exits the channel, or chatroom you are in, without closing the program itself. Nifty!
    Note: This is not the complete list of commands, just the ones I find to be the most commonly used.


    To query is to open a private conversation with someone. To do this, you can either double-click that person’s name or type /query (name here). As long as the person isn’t away, they should hear you; most clients make a beeping noise when a query begins or if one messages in a query. Either that, or they do similar things. Chatzilla, for instance, lights up the window and makes a beeping noise. Make sure not to annoy whoever you speak with, they’re people too!

    Registering your Name and other related things:
    To register your name, simply type in /msg nickserv register (email you wish to use) (password). Email being the email you used, or one you use often, and the password being the one you wish to use for the name. Now, why would you register your name? To prevent identity theft, of course! While it doesn’t happen often, people can impersonate you by taking on your name, which is absolutely no good! It is recommended you register your name. This means, upon coming into chat or changing your name to that name, you type in /msg nickserv identify password, the password being the one you registered with. Sometimes, if you disconnect and come back in, you’ll find your name is still there, even if no one is using it! This is called a ghost. To get rid of it and reclaim your name, simply type /msg nickserv ghost nickname password. The nickname being the registered name you wish and the password being the password you registered it under.

    Finally, as a closing note, I will say that the chatroom has the same rules as Pokecharms. No spam, smiley abuse, tipyng leik dis, etc. You /can/ be banned from chat, as the regular mods on Charms are also the mods on the chat. You can also be kicked out of chat, but usually it’s for fun and games, nothing serious unless you really are annoying. Simply rejoin chat, laugh it off, whatever!

    I hope you all decide to come and pay a visit sometime. We don’t bite! …Most of us, I should say.

    -If I missed a form of chat, commands, whatever you can speak about it here, and if you have any questions or something confuses you, please take time to ask them here! Feel free to contribute (Commands, other chat programs(and how to reach Charms through them), stuff like that!) while I work on this post and make it even better ♥
  2. Actually, this is not true. I've had mIRC (that I downloaded straight from the site and is not cracked/hacked/etc.) for over 200 days without registering and I can still use it just fine. The only thing that registering does is remove the annoying popups during startup. Seriously, you can go FOREVER without registering and nothing will change.
  3. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
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    Not anymore. New versions will now stop after 30 days.
    #3 Sem, Jun 19, 2010
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  4. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Some other commands that might be useful:

    /msg nickserv help - gives you a list of commands you can use regarding your nickname

    /msg nickserv register (insert the password for your nickname here) (insert your email here) - allows you to register your current nickname to prevent nickname theft

    /msg nickserv ghost (nickname you would like to ghost) (password of the nickname) - this is usually used if you find someone else using your nickname.

    Some places allows you to just leave out the /msg, so all you have to type is /nickserv (command). But to lessen confusion, just stick with using /msg nickserv (command).

    I would do all that /msg chanserv stuff, but as most people don't have much of a use for making their own channel anyways, I'll leave it off for now.
  5. Magpie

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    Very nice guide thar, Tan ♥

    Just thought I'd mention that for Mac users, Colloquy is a solid option. It's what I personally use and it's very easy to set up. Just pick one of the servers mentioned, like irc.systemnet.info and then type #pokecharms into the channel box.

    Colloquy can be found here
  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Yes, this is very helpful. Thanks Tan and all contributors :)

    This information is especially helpful to anyone taking part in the Charms Organized Play meetings on Saturdays or the soon-the-be-revived Charms Leagues, which are hosted by the #PokecharmsWFC IRC channel. Unlike the main 'Charms chat, there will probably never be a designated Java chat URL set up that'll get you there, so you'll need to use one of the means described above to reach it.
  7. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Actually, I have mIRC downloaded and have had it for months, thus going over my 30 days, yet I continue to use it for free. I just act patient and wait for it to allow me to continue, and eventually it does. :'D

    Unless things have changed since I downloaded it, it would appear you can get around it. ^^
    #8 Sir Red, Jul 19, 2010
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  8. A lot of people are growing tired of Mibbit, don't want to download FireFox just to use Chatzilla, and can't pay for mIRC. What other options are there? I'll tell you: Nettalk. Nettalk is a free irc client that you can use, and you'll never need to pay or use a special anything to use it. It also can be customized so it looks "pretty". There really isn't a downside to it.

    How to use Nettalk!:

    Step 1) Download and install.

    Subsequential Steps:

    After opening up Nettalk, you should come to a blank screen with a tab saying "Server". At the top of the window, hit "Connection", then "New Connection". Keep "Use the name of the network" checked, then at "IP or server name", type in "irc.systemnet.info", without the quotation marks. Hit Next.

    Type in the nick you wish to be your default nick. Ignore everything else and hit Next.

    For this, you'll have one IRC command per line. I like to start with the identify command, so I don't have to identify my nick every time I log on. Simply put in "/ns identify yourpassword". Congrats, you're in Systemnet. But you're not at 'Charms chat yet!

    At the new Systemnet window, simply type "/join #pokecharms" and voila! You're in chat. That's it. Nettalk automatically assumes that you want to stay here, so you'll reconnect to every chatroom you're in everytime you start up Nettalk.

    Fiddle around under the "Options" button to personalize things to your preference. If you have any questions, just query me in chat or send me a PM on the forums!
  9. Doctor Oak

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    The myth that you have to pay a penny for mIRC, ever, really needs to end. It's nagware, people. Just click through the begging dialog box and use the program as normal. Or, get a crack. Or, use Xchat (fundamentally the same, but no nagware). Or Nettalk (though I've never even heard of it before now, so can't say much about it).

    Mind you, it could be like WinRar's nagware set up, so if you feel the compunction, go ahead and pay...
  10. That's very true. Funny comic. :D
    Ontopic I personally use KVIrc, but I don't know how it compares to other clients. It is completely free, though, so thought I'd drop by and say. Yeah.
  11. Linkachu

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    Getting a crack, or using a different program entirely, is loads times better than dealing with the nagware. In the past I'd often be locked out of mIRC multiple times in the row. I tried to login over 20 times once and still couldn't get on. Your patience wears thin very, very quickly dealing with that. :p
  12. Although you want to make sure you get a cracked version that actually works. My cracked mIRC won't allow me to right click on the user list which is extremely annoying.
  13. help! i am banned i have never done anything in there I just logged on and poof it says:

    You are banned from the channel #pokecharms
  14. Teapot

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    I think you figured it out yourself, as I saw your nick leaving as I came back, but the problem is using the mib_abc123 names that it gives you by default - we get a lot of spammers rolling in without nicks, so we ban those sorts of names. It's a flaw in the various systems we use that we can't tell you at the time - there's no way to set a banned message.
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