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How did you discover Pokemon?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by LongArmProd, Feb 27, 2011.

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  1. Where did you start playing pokemon. The cards,Tv Show,Game, or something else?
  2. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Re: Where did you start.

    Since you insist on posting so many topics along this line, how about you actually make a worthwhile introduction post for once and tell us your answer first? Hmmmmmm?
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  3. Re: Where did you start.

    well i started on the cards when I was 8 my friends would all hangout on the porch and trade
  4. Re: Where did you start.

    I started with the cards as well. I remember being a little kid getting a vaccine. As a prize for not hauling off and whacking the attendant (I still don't like shots XD), I got to choose a prize. I found a foil Vaporeon card and thought it was cool, as it kind of looked like a mermaid. I don't have it anymore, but I wish I had kept it.
  5. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Re: Where did you start.

    My first exposure to Pokemon was my brother owning Pokemon Red. I remember him playing it and not letting me go anywhere near it, because that's the kind of sweet and loving brothers that we were.

    I also seem to remember having seen some of the show before I got my copy of Pokemon Blue, but I really cannot remember which was first. :T
  6. Re: Where did you start.

    It was my older sister's Pokemon Red version that got me into Pokemon, it was my Gameboy but her game (typical thing to do I guess, save money by making siblings share a handheld, kids these days would break limbs to make sure they had it for themselves), she ranted enough to my mom to get me my own Pokemon game, so my mom got me Blue version since my sister had Red version to differentiate us.
  7. Re: Where did you start.

    When I was five or so years old, I started to watch the show every day as soon as I got right home from school. It was like a ritual for me to watch it every weekday; such creative and mystical animals had attracted me. (Speaking of attracted, on a side note, I hated Gary and Misty as a kid. My favorite characters throughout the whole show were the Nurse Joys, and Duplica.)

    Occasionally, if I could, I would ask my uncles for them to buy me a pack or two of trading cards. I even had a lvl 70 Rayquaza once, and absolutely treasured it. However, in 4th grade or so, I sold them for $15-20 total ^^;

    That being said, however, my first main Pokemon game was Pokemon Diamond. I'd always watch the other kids play Pokemon games on their gameboys, but I could never afford them. Instead, I had a bootleg Hello Kitty gameboy that played about 20+ "different" versions of Tetis :p
  8. Re: Where did you start.

    Well, I started when my friends were getting out of Digimon. My mother had also gotten Pokemon Snap for my sister to give to her friend, but she didn't want it, so she gave it back. With all of these influences around me, I decided to get all the games I could find. My Aunt got me Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, and Silver.

    I started with Silver, mainly because Lugia looked so cool. I ended up chosing Cyndaquil as my starter, and I went downhill after my second restart ever since :) My friends also became my rivals though.
  9. Re: Where did you start.

    i started in watching pokemon first, then I started collecting pokemon cards, i think i even got an attache' case full of pokemon cards.
  10. Re: Where did you start.

    I think I started with cards... if I can remember correctly...
    I remember that my cousin used to collect the cards, and once I took a glimpse at his Charizard lvl X card, I got totally addicted to the cards. I don't think I found out that there were Pokemon games until a while after that though.
  11. Re: Where did you start.

    I remember seeing the episode with Duplica. Seeing her Ditto with its expressionless Pikachu face was a bit of a shock after getting used to the highly expressive anime style. :p
  12. Re: Where did you start.

    Well I've always started out watching the original Pokemon show .
    It was surprisingly interesting , I thought one day .
    Then as soon as I found out that Nintendo made a game for it , I got right away .
    I started with Pokemon ForeRed version .
    It was epic . That's what I thought . And that's what I still think .
    XD , some people think I'm nerdy for liking Pokemon still but eh .
    Pokemon is the best thing I've ever got involved in . Word .
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  13. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Re: Where did you start.

    I guess I started with the games, but technically my first introduction to Pokemon was via Nintendo Power magazine. I was interested in basically every aspect of Pokemon at that time, but the games came out in Canada first. Got into the Anime shortly afterwards (when it first aired), and bought into the TCG for quite awhile, too. The Pokemon mangas series were/are also fun stuff, so I bought them as soon as I could. ♥
  14. Re: Where did you start.

    I started with the card game then went to the cartoon. I still have the first set of game cards in mint condition and all the first season of cartoons.
  15. Re: Where did you start.

    I started with the Anime when I was 8 or so. Then, I went on to the Children's Card Game and later got Pokemon Diamond when I turned 11.
  16. Re: Where did you start.

    Hmm if i remember correctly i say i started out with the anime when i was 4/5. Then when i was 7 i started buying a bunch of cards. So when my Dad saw that i had an interest in the cards he went out and got me the games. After that i just started challenging all of my friends in battles and so on.
  17. Re: Where did you start.

    When I was very little (maybe 4 or something?) I remember having my own game boy. i one day rented pokemon yellow from a blockbuster. But I really didnt get anywhere in the game and I kept restarting yet I had fun with that. But I cant remember watching the first episode of the anime first or playing yellow first >_<
    its hard to remember. I know my first official pokemon game was Sapphire.
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  18. Ked


    Re: Where did you start.

    I started watching the anime when I was 2. I remember sitting there for hours replaying episodes my mom put on DVD for my enjoyment. Then I got Leaf Green and a Kyogre card tin for my 6th birthday.

    So yeah, I started by watching the anime.
  19. Re: Where did you start.

    Well, I suppose it all started for me when I was 4-5 years old. I used to watch the anime on whatever morning it was on (I don't remember). It was also about that time that I collected those Tazo things that were in certain packets of crisps (which you may well know as 'chips'). Then that all faded away. Then when I was 7, I was given about 20 random cards by one of my friends. I played with them, traded them or got any more - I just treasured them. Over the years I lost them all. :( When I was 11, I borrowed Fire Red from one of my friends, loved it, gave it back and didn't play a Pokemon game for a few years.

    Then, when I was 13, I bought a used copy of Pearl from another friend, and ever since I have stuck with the games.
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  20. Re: Where did you start.

    I started on the cards at school. The pokemon phase hit Australia. At school everyone had the cards. Until the teachers ban them.
  21. Re: Where did you start.

    Well it all started at once for me...
    Cards / Games / Tv Show
    I think the cards came first which don't collect anymore games... I started out playing my brother's Silver version then I played Pokemon Yellow
  22. Re: Where did you start.

    I discovered PokeMon trough the horribly dubbed Dutch version of PokeMon on TV, when I was young. I'm not sure what season it was, I believe one of Hoenn or Kanto, but that's what got me hooked. At one point my Dad bought me PokeMon Emerald for my Nintendo SP, and that's when I really started loving the franchise.
  23. Atma

    Atma Formerly Karu

    Re: Where did you start.

    Started up with Pokemon Red. Moved on to the anime series and like everyone else played with the Pokemon cards until they were banned in school. Then we moved on to Beyblades with remote control in class and Pokemon Gold. Hell yeah~
  24. Re: Where did you start.

    I started with the anime (and a poorly dubbed one too). It was one of Johto episodes, maybe the one with Ash's battle against Jasmine..? I can't remember. So yeah. That got me hooked up and next thing I know, I'm surfing the 'Net in hopes of finding a downloadable Pokemon game (why thank you Lithuania and your stupid lack of Pokemon games >>) Then I found ROMs, then I started saving up for a DS and Platinum and yeah... :p Even now, I only have Platinum, Explorers of Sky and Black because the shipping is expensive >>
  25. Re: Where did you start.

    I don't remember when I started, since I've been around PokéMon for so long. Maybe I was three or something, because the anime had just started on swedish television. I loved it. Bought a lot of cards, purely for collecting and not for playing. Started playing the games when PokéMon Gold came out in the stores. If I'm not completely wrong, Gold came in 1999, and I was born -95. So, I was probably 4 when I started playing PokéMon :)
  26. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Re: Where did you start.

    I believe I first knew about Pokemon via the cards, and I think I had a faint knowledge of the anime, though really, it was the RBY generation of games that really caught my interest in the franchise.
  27. Re: Where did you start.

    mine was pokemon red but it was my brothers and i found it at our house
  28. Re: Where did you start.

    I can't remember exactly how it happened, but when I was 5 years old I started watching Pokemon on TV. During that time, I'd go to the mall each weekend and buy Pokemon cards and toys (I still have all of them~). When my family moved back to Tennessee when I was 6, Pokemon Gold and Silver came out, so I asked for a Gameboy Color and Pokemon Silver for Christmas. The rest is history~
  29. Re: Where did you start.

    First, I was probably about 4, I managed to get ahold of my brothers gameboy and was playing Blue version. He had a Bulbasaur. Then I was at my cousins and saw an episode from the anime, it was in Kanto. The episode where they were in the Safari Zone with the Kangaskahn kid. I loved it. My next birthday, my dad bought me my own gameboy color(yellow) and Yellow version. Thats when I got hooked.
  30. Re: Where did you start.

    I don't remember very well but I think i was with the anime when I was 4, then I saw a kid playing ruby and my dad bought me sapphire.

    When I arrived at elementary, I started getting cards and plushies and stuff from pokemon. Then I bought one version of every pokemon new game, I have sapphire, leaf green, pearl, blue rescue team, explorers of time, and darkness, soul silver, and white.

    And we reach today....
  31. Re: Where did you start.

    My other has owned the majority of the GBA games. Thats when i got intrested in the games. Then at about 8, i began to watch the tv show. At 10 i started the TCG.
  32. Re: Where did you start.

    I started with Pokemon Red when it was first released, and as far as i remember i loved it so much i went out the next day and baught a load of cards :L
  33. Re: Where did you start.

    Can't recall which one I started with but I think it was the anime and then got the games shortly after Johto came out. However I recall my uncle having the games before that and I'd watch him play sometimes.
  34. Re: Where did you start.

    i started watching it on tv when i was about 4 or 5 and about a month later i found pokemon emerald at walmart and started to collect cards when i was 7 or 8 8)
  35. Re: Where did you start.

    I started with Pokemon lollipops at age 2 xD You got a Pokeball lollipop and it came with a sticker inside the packet. I got a Caterpie sticker thought it was cute so my mum got me the first pokemon annual I loved it so much my grandma got me Pokemon Red for Christmas
  36. Re: Where did you start.

    Mine was simple. I began to play Pokemon Green after my sweet grandmother got it for me when I was three. Though in Japanese, my friend help translate it for me and it was the most fun ever! Soon I got into the TCG and anime for a bit, seeing as I was becoming a Pokemkn nerd every second. Then the Manga came, And I was set for life. Now I just play the games for fun and read the Pokemon Specials since the anime and TCG have been going down hill(at least in my book).
  37. Re: Where did you start.

    Anime first, then the cards. I never played the card game, I just liked collecting them and trading them haha. Then I figured out there were games and I was hooked for life. Been playing Pokemon since 2nd grade, blue version :)
  38. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Re: Where did you start.

    Citv aired the anime. I was hooked from the very first adventure with Ash and Pikachu and I think I got a Gameboy Colour with Blue/Red not long after. Everything about Pokemon interested me and still does, the anime, manga, games it was all so awesome and strange but amazing to me. I also fully blame it for getting me into anime. xD
  39. Re: Where did you start.

    I was first introduced to pokemon through the anime series. I couldn't wait to see what pokemon Ash caught next or which of them would evolve. It was the good old days of Kanto when everyone actually believed he would become a pokemon master.
  40. Re: Where did you start.

    It started out with a mild interest in the show, then the cards, then with Pokemon Ruby, which I promptly go stuck in and switched to Leaf Green
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