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How close could D/P really be to the US?[Speculation Topic]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Ultracow, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. As some may have noticed...Carton Network has sorta of been playing Pokemon manically. With two new episodes a week ( supposedly four next week ) we are approaching the D/P season pretty quick. Seeing as the US just got off their sofa after watching episode 440...that means that there are 29 episodes until the D/P saga. A little math says that with 2 episodes a week and about 30 episodes left....that gives us just about 3 and a half months... Given some odd scheduling and a couple weeks with more or less than 2 episodes a week, I anticipate the D/P season to start mid February; and if they make the English release similar to the Japanese release....the games will be out the day the anime starts so....Those are my speculations....and yours?
  2. The dubbed show has always had breaks in between each season, so if Battle Frontier continues until February, there will undoubtedly be a few weeks of months before Diamond & Pearl starts.

    A little over a year ago I analyzed previous release dates, and my Japanese date ended up being less than week away from the real date. While my estimation for the North American release date has already been and gone, I still believe it's possible for the rest of the world to be playing Diamond & Pearl in their own languages before June.
  3. Doctor Oak

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    Heh, never, ever, ever, rely on NOE for a speedy translation. No matter how much improving they've done.

    It wouldn't surprise me to be waiting until this time next year for a European release - it's not as if they haven't done that before.

    American release will probably be within the first three months of next year though, which is when I'm getting it. I can't imagine it being any later, or any reason for it to be. But basing it off the Dub isn't such a good idea since, as QQ pointed out, they take random breaks for... like, ever whenever they want.

    I don't think Toonami UK has even aired a new ep in months.
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  4. Yay, somebody made a topic like this...^_^;;

    Yeah, I've been following the Cartoon Network schedule and the list of BF episodes ever since I realized NoA had no release date *grr*. I'm hoping they time the releases of the first DP episode around the release of DP...and that they continue to release two or more episodes per week (MORE WOULD BE BETTER!).

    I can't speak for the release of GS, since I don't remember when the first Johto episode came out around here, but I remember that RS was weird. However, it was weird in the opposite direction...namely that RS came out waaaay before the Johto seasons ended. I remember being so confused, because Kids WB aired the first two episodes of the Hoenn saga before Ash got his seventh or eighth badge (plus I didn't see the first one, I only saw the second one...)

    That was okay, though. I'd be okay with them releasing the games before the BF episodes are over...yup...^_^;; However, because they're releasing multiple episodes per week, it seems like they're actually planning for the release of DP, and trying to drum up some hype for Pokemon. So I'm pretty optimistic of a February-ish release for DP.

    That, and if I'm not playing the games by February, or at least by the first half of March, I shall be very, very angry. *glares at NoA offices*

    *looks at release dates* Wow...you poor people in Europe! Over a year for Pokemon Emerald! And I thought the recent 10-month releases were bad...@_@ But at least you can import the American games and actually READ them, right?
  5. Linkachu

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    Ditto to that. Since it's in the hands of PUSA now, the Anime may very well correlate with the game release in order to boost hype. Already they've shown that they'd air certain things early just to promote a game (ie. the Deoxys "special"), and the Mystery Dungeon short was made specifically for advertising purposes. If they didn't go out of their way to air the DP Anime around the time of the games' release, I'd be surprised.

    That said, a release within the first three months of '07 would be nice, but I could see it being stretched as far as the first five. I'll hope for the February/March release everyone else is (no reason why it couldn't be out then), but until some sort of date is given I'm not really banking on anything. Too many delays in the gaming world.
  6. Ah...I have a question! ^_^ *raises hand*

    Uh, I dunno if this can be answered, but being the uber-impatient person that I am, I was wondering...generally, when a translator company (like NoA or NoE or whatever) knows when they will be releasing a translated game (like DP...)...when do they release the release date?

    I was looking at an old news archive post-thing at...yeah, Serebii.net (gomen), and NoA released the release date for RS around the time of the Japanese date (four months before RS was released in America). If the release of DP is February/March, then four months before would be about now...or later this month. Is this normal? Or can you not tell how close to the release date the company will be saying their release date?

    I was just wondering...and I don't feel like hunting through news archives (though, knowing me, I probably will). -_-;;

    But I am still optimistic of a translated game/dubbed anime correlation, so nya. :D
  7. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    They release it when they release it. It's pretty hard to put a time on it 'cause they simply don't stick to a real pattern.

    It will be on NOA's next release list though. Which we should see at the end of the year or start of next.
  8. Ooooh, so they state the release dates in LISTS...

    ...I did not know that. But now I do! ^_^;; Thank you for clarifying that for me!

    But now I gotta wait until the end of the year/beginning of next year to mark up whatever calendar is in arm's reach...gaah...>_
  9. Well, if by any chance that if Diamond and Pearl aren't ready to be released in the U.S. when the Pokemon Battle Fronteir season ended and if Cartoon Network and PUSA don't to resort to airing reruns, they could have the ANA Flights Shorts dubbed.
  10. But are the ANA shorts under some sort of contract? If they were dubbed and shown on TV, it could mess up whatever contract they have...

    And I think that they won't wait too long between the end of Battle Frontier and the beginning of Shin'ou...they can always slow down a bit, and release only one episode per week, and still match up (it would probably be better for them to have new episodes for each weekend in the month leading up to the releases). It will drum up the needed hype right before...I expect in that last month, they'll be doing marathons and showing the movies and such...

    But yeah. I'm thinking they won't wait more than a week or two between. Plus, I don't think they WANT to wait or slow down...it could be bad for business! (The way they're giving a lot of preference to Pokemon, like in afternoon time slots, makes it seem like they're confident of the game releases.)

    Sorry...I rambled again...@_@

    Edit: I HAVE ANOTHER QUESTION! T_T (I didn't know if it was worthy of another topic)

    Okay, so I was going through old topics on this forum (hey, they WERE before the release date ^_^;; ), and I noticed one that said it was confirmed that DP would be getting its US release in the spring quarter of 2007...which is March-May...I think. Is this still true? Or has it been shot down, like it rightfully should, giving February first dibs again? *please, please be February at the latest*

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