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How can I teach my Luxray Fire Fang?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Steve1993, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. Exactly as the title says, I need to teach my Luxray the move Fire Fang. The problem is I don't know how...
    I know it is possible, but he can't learn it from leveling up and there isn't a Fire Fang TM.

    Can somebody help me out?
  2. you will have to breed a shinx until one learns fire fang. mine knows ice fang. breeding pokemon can unlock more moves for the baby. like i bred two salamence and i got a bagon with hydro pump. its cool. try it. hope i helped some. if i didn't...then oh well.
  3. I was hoping I could still use the Luxray I had actually, but thanks for answering my question. I'll remember it for future reference.
  4. i think you can teach him fire fang over at the heart scale guy in pastoria city
  5. no heart scales are only for moves that he has learned already. say i bought a charizard there. i could only choose from the moves he has learned or already or forgotten like scratch,wing attack, ember,rage,etc.
  6. not really, some okemon have moves that have never been learned from previous evos like dusknoir has ice punch,fire punch, ect. also like lucario has dark pulse. luxray might have fire fang from the heart scale list

    NEVERMIND. lux ray doesnt have fire fang on his list
  7. baratron

    baratron Moderator of Elder Scrolls
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    OK, this thread is full of junk & misinformation. It's also in the wrong forum - The Doctor's Clinic is for team building and Pokemon moveset questions (as in "what would be the best moveset for a Riolu with Adamant nature?"). But considering your post is about getting a specific move onto your Pokemon, I can see why you thought your post was appropriate here, so no warning for you :). I'll move the thread into the Pok
  8. yea watever. i cant help im a noob and dont know what im talkin about. just thought someone could use some help. srry i told someone false information :-[ :'( i can try and get a shinx with fire fang for you if you want.
  9. I new here so i don`t care
  10. Linkachu

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    That's great, because I do care that you just spammed up about 5/6 topics with thoughtless posts (of which have been deleted). As the board says, you're banned.

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