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Hope y'all like 'em

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by King of Rhinos, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. ok, this is my art thread, and i am taking request, mainly sketches of pokemon
    well, here it is:


    just for fun i transperented the below image


    water fire dolphin fakemon thingy

    primeape evo

    mew masterpiece, well, to me at least...

    sketch of a sandslash cosplayer

    gastrodon evo

    flygon cosplayer

    fire/rock fakemon

    skarmory evo

    ghost eeveelution

    nuzleaf, no shading, 1st try at drawing a pokemon

    non-pkmn drawings:http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q157/rhinoman123/teddy2-1.jpg
    teddy bear for art class

    greek god for school

    you know who

    got bored...


    well, as i said before, Hope y'all like 'em, and feedback is appreciated

    oh, and heres the link to my sprite thread:http://forums.pokecharms.com/smf/index.php?topic=2541.msg30832#msg30832
  2. i lol'd at guitar kirby.Nice job onthe primape evo aswell,but it kinda scares me o_O
  3. ...it's supposed to scare you... ;)

    oh, and the guitar kirby was made 2 years ago
  4. O_O Whoa.For both.O_O
  5. That's some pretty angry Primeape XD

    You're sketches are good. Have you ever considered inking them out (or photoshopping them?)
  6. well, the 1st one i GIMPified it sorta like photoshop, oh wait, it isnt in the url tags *goes off to modify first post*
  7. GIMPified? Huh?

    It looks wonderful though. Is it *legally* free or do you have to buy it?
  8. is what *legally* free?

    and by GIMPified, i mean i scanned the drawing, openned GIMP, added a transperent layer on top, then traced over it and colored it in, yes i admit i got this idea from Fire Fox, though i could never be that good at it...
  9. Oh... DX

    Wow, I don't get ANYTHING.

    But are you taking requests? This isn't really a request, but I would love to see a fire Fakemon because I am pissed that there are only TWO fire pokemon D/P (excluding evolutions, ledgandaries, etc). TWO.
  10. um...i could try, but could you give me like, an animal to base it off of, though i already have 2 partial fire type pokemon up there
  11. Oh MAN, you are mean.

    I guess a sleek animal? Like a cat or tiger or dog, horse (scratch that). I've always imagined fire pokemon being 'sleek'. Hey, how about a FERRET? :O

    There you go. A ferret-like fire pokemon. If you can't do that, then just tell me. I always cut some slack ;D
  12. i guess i could try to do that, like an evo of sentret's evo or sometin...
  13. That would be cool :D

    If you don't pull it off, don't sweat, ok?
  14. i hereby bumpeth this topic-eth

    well, skools back (yes, i spell it that way, since 'K' makes anything kooler) so ive got some new drawings i made, first up:[​IMG]
    warrior with a facemask, iron armor, random belt, sword, and no feet, i personally love it, and some of my friends do too ;D notice how i did multiple shades layered on top of each other to make it darker on the armour

    and here are some of my bigger pieces:
    me after growing and letting my hair get longer over the summer, i might color this (as requested by my friend from skool)

    me fantasizing about motorcycles in the future...i imagine that the windsheild (which also serves as a roof) will be detachable, and the footpad things will be able to slide and turn depending on your height/preference(chopper or racing) , with stuff covering the wheels(the slightly darker area)

    did it in correspondence with the new trainer in my sprite thread(mainly pic A) though he isnt laying on a bed...

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