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Open Homestuck RP Sign-Up/Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by N E G A N, May 17, 2017.

  1. This will not take place in the original Homestuck server. You must have all original characters, but you CAN base your characters off of whatever you like. We will decide plot once we have enough Players.
    Name- If you’re Human, your first name must be FOUR letters, and your last name must be SIX letters. If you’re a Troll, then your first and last name must be SIX letters. If you’re a Cherub, then your name must be EIGHT letters long. Cherubs do not have last names.
    chumHandle- A username for your character on an outdated, online chat app called; ‘Pesterchum’. First word must be all lowercase. No space. Second word must have an uppercase for the first letter. No more than two words. Here’s a Pesterchum name generator; http://libbywednesday.tumblr.com/chumhandle-generator
    Race- You can be either a Human, which get no special properties. A Troll, which (depending on Blood color) have an extent of Psychic abilities. Have Butterfly-like wings when God tier. Trolls have horn styled to their personalities, and have grey skin with yellow eyes and yellow nails. Usually have sharp teeth. Cherubs are two characters. Always a male and female. When one goes to sleep, the other wakes up. Both struggle for control until adulthood. Only one will maintain the body forever. The other will be killed.
    Gender- Male or Female, though, if you want to be something odd, then be my guest…
    Age- No less than 13 years (6 solar sweeps). Trolls count time in Sweeps (2.16 Earth years make 1 Solar Sweep). No older than 21, or 10 Solar Sweeps.
    Appearance- Describe any accessories, style of clothes and hair, and colors. If your character is a Troll, horns.
    Personality- Describe how your character acts under certain circumstances.
    Hobbies- Only describe a limit of TWO hobbies.
    Biography- It doesn’t have to be a detailed backstory. All characters will live in the same server as each other. All Trolls will know all other Trolls. All Humans will know all other Humans. Cherubs will not know anyone but their alter-ego. Can try to meet from the other races, though.
    Blood Color- Only works with Trolls. Red is the lowest possible color one can have. Purple is the highest. Red is also very rare, while Purple (Royal) is quite common.
    Planet- The Planet within which your character’s personal quest will take place, which has consorts (Your Planet’s civilians) and a Denizen (The final Boss). Here’s a Planet Maker tool;
    Rogue and Thief- Rogue and Thief are a pair of classes, respectively passive and active. They are assigned typically, but not exclusively, to female players. They deal with the redistribution of an aspect. While the active Thief will steal, or take their aspect for themselves, the passive Rogue will generally distribute it to someone or something outside of themselves after taking it.
    Heir- Their placement on the passive–active scale is unknown; if they are active (-), they may be the counterpart to any of the classes of Maid, Knight, Sylph, Witch, or Page. Their gender alignment is unknown, but if only two of the standard classes are female exclusive, Heirs would be biased towards males. Should three of the standard classes be female exclusive, Heirs may be either biased towards males or male exclusive, depending on the alignment of the Page class.
    Maid- Not immediately apparent in most renditions, the Maid outfit has a front pocketSburb Logo akin to a typical hoodie. It shares this quality with the Heir, Rogue, and Page outfits, although it's currently unclear whether the other classes have similarly equipped outfits. So far Maids are the only class that have been seen with two colors (not counting different shades of the same color) on the shoes that are unique to the rest of the outfit. The Maid outfit also features bandages wrapped around the lower legs.
    Page- Not immediately apparent in most renditions, the Page outfit has a front pocketSburb Logo akin to a typical hoodie. It shares this quality with the Heir, Rogue and Maid outfits, although it's currently unclear whether the other classes have similarly equipped outfits.
    Knight- The Knight could be defined as "one who equips themselves with [aspect]" or "one who improves themselves with [aspect]," as supported by Aradia's statement, Dave's manipulation of the timeline for his own benefits, and Karkat's leadership efforts to make bonds to unify his team as well as his calls on his teammates against adversaries; this could make it the active counterpart to Page.
    Seer- The Seer is usually taken as "one who benefits others with their knowledge pertaining to [aspect]" or "one who leads and guides with knowledge pertaining to [aspect]".
    Mage- The Mage class is most commonly thought to be the active (-) counterpart to Seer, someone that "benefits themselves with knowledge pertaining to [aspect]" and "guides by setting an example using knowledge pertaining to [aspect],"
    Sylph- The Sylph is a magic-based class that is thought to specialize in healing. As a Sylph of Light, Aranea healed primarily by helping people to see things, both figuratively and literally. In the figurative sense, she focused on helping people to heal from psychological wounds. In the literal sense, she restores Terezi's eyesight for her, as well as Jake's mind. Its placement on the passive/active scale is unknown, although most speculate it to be passive (+). All seen Sylphs have been female, however whether the Sylph class is exclusively female is unknown. Should either the Witch or Maid classes be revealed to not be female exclusive, or either the Page or Heir classes be revealed to be male exclusive, then the Sylph class would be female exclusive. As of the gigapause, there is a 91.6% chance that Sylphs are female.
    Witch- The most common definition of a Witch is "one who manipulates [aspect]," although that seems a little vague. Witches are most possibly the active (-) counterpart to Sylph, which is explored in the Sylph section, as either "one who physically or literally manipulates [aspect] to benefit themselves" (as opposed to "one who abstractly or psychologically manipulates [aspect] to benefit others") or else "one who unlocks [aspect]" (as opposed to "one who unlocks [aspect] for others".)
    Bard and Prince- Bard and Prince are a pair of classes, respectively passive (+) and active (-), that are exclusively male and deal with destruction. The Prince, as the active, is literally simplified to "destroyer of [aspect]" or "one who destroys via [aspect]". Bards are somewhat stranger, in that they "allow destruction of [aspect]" or "invite destruction through [aspect]". The Bard is also quite the wildcard, unpredictable by nature and thus equally likely to help or hinder his party, often to great effect. In extreme cases they are single-handedly responsible for their party's massive downfall, their improbable victory, or sometimes even both.
    Muse and Lord- Calliope has stated that these two classes (the so-called master classes) are significantly more powerful than the others, and that these are the classes she and Caliborn have. Her class, Muse, is female-exclusive and the most passive (+) of all classes, while Caliborn's class, Lord, is male-exclusive and the most active (-). Presumably, these classes are paired.
    Time- Time is one of the two basic fabrics of paradox space; its counterpart being Space. It is associated with the Timetables, time travel and exploits, and timeline maintenance in general. The Hero of Time also has a feature installed in their personal world in the Incipisphere: a large structure that will obliterate the game session and reboot it by rewinding everything to long before the game starts, this being known as the Scratch. It is a last resort, and would (ideally) result in better starting conditions if the players' session is doomed. However, this is not always the case, as seen in the Alpha trolls' session on Beforus.
    Space- Space is the other basic fabric of paradox space, along with Time. From Jade's display of powers, it seems that Space has to do with the size of things and their velocity; their position in existence with regards to physics. It also ties in strongly with the aspect of creation (in contrast to Time's association with destruction and decay). Kanaya mentions that she Somehow Came To Understand Space Meant More Than Just Space (...) Not Just Physical Room And Dimension For Stars To Occupy. Its Deeper Than That. A Field Related To Propagation. The Ones Who Create It They Are Passing A Torch As It Were.". Consequently, the two Heroes of Space whose sessions were observed more in depth by the narrative were in charge of the breeding of the Genesis Frog, which contains a new universe. A Space player's Land contains their session's Forge, which plays a vital part in the creation of the new universe as well. Moreover, Kanaya held the MatriorbSburb Logo which she would use to recreate the troll race. Beyond this, both Kanaya and Jade live in similar homes, next to a Frog Temple, and their dream selves are both awake before entering the session. It is unclear how many of these parallels directly relate to the Space aspect. The symbol for Space is very similar to the Borjgali and is symbolic of concepts relating to the roles of heroes of Space. It also resembles a spiral galaxy.
    Void- Void is associated with "the essence of lacking, or nothingness" and "the obfuscation of knowledge", or its "outright destruction". Calliope suggests that the Void aspect may be the opposite of the Light aspect hereSburb Logo. She mentions that Void players have the ability to stay hidden, and mentions that Rose, a Light player, has the opposite effectSburb Logo.
    Light- The Light aspect is equivalent to "fortune", and involves power over luck and fortuitous outcomes. Two heroes of Light have been able to see into Magic Cue Balls. This may also mean that Light could mean "knowledge", in the way that it contrasts with the Void aspect, although it has been stated that Vriska's ability is due to her vision eightfold, and Rose's power may be related to her role as a Seer.
    Mind- The Mind aspect seems to be related to thoughts and decisions of individuals and the consequences of those decisions. Terezi was able to seeSburb Logo what decisions will be made, and the outcomes of such decisions with her Seer of Mind powers. Heroes of the Mind aspect also seem to be able to communicateSburb Logo with the otherwise-undetectable "dream splinters"Sburb Logo that dreaming players create in dream bubbles, though this may only be possible for Terezi, being the Seer of Mind and literally seeing (or, rather, smelling) the mental image of Dirk left by Jake. Mind seems to be the antithesis of Heart, given that it is associated with logic, reasoning, action, decision-making, in contrast with Heart's association with motivation and emotions.
    Blood- The Blood aspect most likely means relationships, including friendship and bonds of allegiance. Common theories include affinity, affection and unity in general, such as the word is used in "blood brothers". Karkat, the Knight of Blood, had a reputation among his friends for sympathy.
    Heart- Calliope has stated that the Heart aspect is comparable to "Soul", or essence of being. This is further shown when Jake's imaginary version of Dirk, a Prince of Heart, attempts to extract Aranea's soul from her body.Sburb Logo This is also supported in Caliborn's masterpiece when he depicts Dirk using his powers to trap him, part of Gamzee, and Arquiusprite in Lil' Cal. Calliope also says that this aspect may cause splintering in the Hero's personality. When talking to Caliborn, Dirk has stated that I splinter, but I don't break; however, this could just have been a figure of speech. This manifests in Dirk's status as the Prince of Heart, by having simultaneously awake real and dream selves, having his auto-responder AI, a robotic version of himself, and apparently having an imaginary version of himself living within Jake's subconscious. This may also be related to the role-playing tendencies of Nepeta. Although as a passive Rogue, Nepeta's abilities are most likely focused around others, such as how she kept Equius pacified.
    Rage- The Rage aspect is most likely tied to negative emotions and rage. Gamzee, the Bard of Rage, was able to enter a berserk mode, presumably by channeling his anger. This mode greatly increased his strength and allowed him to do massive damage to the Black King during the trolls' fight with him. Also, as he entered this rage, he was surrounded by a purple lightning effect which turned red in his sobriety. Gamzee's eyes were also shown to turn a darker shade of orange, and then completely red, as compared to a normal golden troll eye color. However, this could just be artistic representation (although it could also be in reference to "blind fury"(becoming so angry you cannot see straight).
    Hope- Hope seems to embody both its literal meaning and certain holy powers. Eridan wields powerful attacks which seem to be based on so-called wwhite science. His title, the Prince of Hope denotes both destroying hope itself, as he did by destroying the matriorb, and destruction through hope, which it is possible his white science actually was, especially since they were blasts of powerful white light described as "holy" and "sacred" by Kanaya, as well as Terezi's observation that the light smells "hopeful". Supporting the purported connection of white science and Hope powers is Doc Scratch's line that implies through the angels Eridan learned to "destroy hope with their light". Jake, the Page of Hope, has emitted a huge aura of white energy. The Prospitians also considered him to be providing them with literal hope, so Hope is, at least, literal if not figurative.
    Doom- Doom is most likely related to mass destruction, an antithesis of Life. Sollux, as the Mage of Doom, was inherently aware of the impending destruction that would follow the trolls' playing of the game and was plagued by screams of the imminently deceased. He also displayed remarkable skill at using the ~ATH programming language.
    Life- The Life aspect is some kind of innate "life force" of living beings. Life players displayed the ability to heal teammatesSburb Logo by repairing grievous woundsSburb Logo, and have even been shown to be capable of resurrecting themselvesSburb Logo. Feferi and Jane's Life powers appear to glow in the player's text color. The Condesce was able to extend lifespansSburb Logo, and it is shownSburb Logo that her pre-scratch self, Meenah, is a Thief of Life. If Doom is associated with death, then it may very well be the antithesis of Life.
    Breath- The Breath aspect seems to have some relationship to John's power over The Breeze (such as The Windy Thing). It was never revealed whether Tavros has or could have had equivalent powers, but since he spent most of his time in the game asleep or otherwise passive, it seems unlikely that he was able to complete whatever makes those powers available. However, as shown hereSburb Logo, Tavros' breath appears as blue lines similar to the Breath symbol. The significance of this is currently unknown. Tavros also shows a great enjoyment of flight (moving through the air), mainly through a rocket chair and his dream self on Prospit.
    Consorts- A certain type of animal that will reside on your Planet.
    Space Denizens---
    Echidna: Mother of All Monsters
    Demeter: Goddess of grain, agriculture and the harvest, growth and nourishment.
    Matrikos: Aeon of Maternal
    Rhea: Titaness of fertility, motherhood and the mountain wilds.
    Gaia: Primeval goddess of the earth
    Cybele: Great Mother Goddess in Rome associated with Gaia and Rhea
    Leto: Titaness of motherhood
    Techne: Personification of Art and Skill
    Aristaeus: God of bee-keeping, cheese-making, herding, olive-growing, and hunting
    Chloris: Goddess of flowers and wife of Zephyrus
    Charites: Goddesses of Charm, Beauty, Nature, Human Creativity and Fertility
    Karpo: Goddess of the fruits of the earth
    Antheia: Goddess of flowers and flowery wreaths
    Arche: Muse of Origins
    Thesis: Greek Personification of Creation
    *Plus the Various Nature or Earth Gods/Goddess/Spirits*
    Time Denizens---
    Haephestus: God of the Forge and Metalworking
    Chronos: God of Time
    Patrikos: Aeon of Paternal
    Logos: Aeon of Word
    Iapetus: Titan of Mortality
    Perses: Titan of Destruction
    Euterpe: Muse of Musical Poetry
    Terpsichore: Muse of Dance and Choral Poetry
    Clio: Muse of History
    Aoide: Muse of Song
    Melete: Muse of Meditation and Practice
    Pyrrhichos God of Rustic Dance
    Enyo: Goddess of Destructive War
    Polemos: Personification of War
    Ponos: Spirit of Hard Labour and Toil
    Ker: Spirit of Fate, Destruction and Death
    *Plus the Various Goddesses for the different Times of the Day, the Hours and the Seasons*
    Life Denizens---
    Hebe: Goddess of Youth, Prime of Life, and Original Cupbearer of the Gods. Daughter of Zeus and Hera
    Asclepius: God of Healing and Medicine
    Protogonos: Aeon of the First Born
    Vita: Aeon of Life
    Ageratos: Aeon of Never Aging
    Phanes: Orphic God of Procreation
    Euthenia: Spirit of Prosperity, Abundance and Plenty
    Kratos: Spirit of Strength, Might, Power and Soveriegn Rule
    Nike: Goddess of Victory
    Priapus: God of Fertility
    Chrysus: God of Wealth and Gold
    Aglaea: Goddess of Beauty, Adonrment, Splendor and Glory
    Palaestra: Goddess of Wrestling
    Thrasos: Spirit of Bold Behaviour
    Bia: Spirit of Force, Power, Strength and Compulsion
    Doom Denizens---
    Hades: Lord God of the Underworld and the Dead. God of Regret
    Persephone: Dual Goddess, Queen of The Underworld and Goddess of Spring Growth
    Thanatos: Spirit of Death and Mortality
    Janus: Dual Two Faced God of Beginnings and Endings, Transitions, Doorways, Gates and Passages
    Moros: Spirit of Doom
    Tartarus: God of the Deepest, Darkest pits of the Underworld
    Themis: Titaness of Divine Law and Order
    Cerberus: Three Headed Hellhound that guarded the Gates of Hades
    Aidos: Spirit of Modesty, Reverence and Respect
    Dike: Spirit of Exacting Justice, fair Judgement and the Rights established by Custom and Law
    Eunomia: Goddess of Good Order and Lawful Conduct
    Eulabeia: Spirit of Discretion, Caution and Circumspection
    Geras: Spirit of Old Age
    Nomos: Spirit of Law
    Poine: Spirit of Retribution, Recompense, Punishment and Penalty
    Sophrosyne: Spirit of Moderation, Self-Control, Temperance, Restraint and Discreton
    Phlegethon: Spirit of the River of Fire in Hades
    Achlys: Goddess of the Death-Mist. Personification of Sadness and Misery
    Light Denizens---
    Hemera: Goddess of Daylight
    Apollo: God of of the Sun, Healing, Medicine, Youth, Beauty, Truth and Prophecy. Twin of Artemis
    Synesis: Aeon of Intelligence
    Bythios: Aeon of Profundity and Depth
    Sophia: Aeon of Wisdom
    Aether: God of the Atmosphere of the Gods and light
    Astraeus: Titan of Dusk, Stars and Planets and the Art of Astrology
    Clymene: Titaness of Renown, Fame and Infamy
    Pheobe: Titaness of “Bright” Intellect and Prophecy
    Hyperion: Titan of Light. Father of The Sun, The Moon and the Dawn. Consort of Theia.
    Theia: Titaness of Sight and the Shining Light of the Clear Blue Sky. Mother of the Sun, the Moon and the Dawn.
    Helios: Titan of the Sun and Guardian of Oaths
    Eos: Titaness of the Dawn
    Tyche: Goddess of Fortune, Chance, Providence and Fate
    Iris: Goddess of the Rainbow and Divine Messenger
    Polymatheia: Muse of Knowledge
    Coeus: Titan of intellect and the axis of heaven around which the constellations revolved
    Despoina: Goddess of Mysteries
    Brizo: Patron Goddess of sailors, who sent them Prophetic Dreams
    Alectrona: Solar Goddess of the morning sun or waking up
    Aegle: Goddess of the Brightness of Splendor of the body in good health. Daughter of the Sun
    Void Denizens---
    Nyx: Goddess of the Night
    Cetus: Monstrous Leviathon whale from greek myth that lived in deep oceans
    Poseidon: God the seven seas, the Ocean, rivers, floods, tsunamis, droughts and earthquakes.
    Artemis: Goddess of The Moon, the Hunt, Wilderness, Animals, Young Girls, Childbirth. Twin of Apollo
    Sige: Aeon of Silence
    Selene: Titaness of the Moon
    Chaos: Personification of The Great Nothingness from which all things sprang from.
    Erebus: Primeval God of Darkness and Shadow
    Hymnos: God of Sleep
    Asteria: Titaness of Nocturnal Oracles and Falling Stars
    Hecate: Witch Goddess of Magic, Witchcraft, the Night, Moon, Ghosts and Necromancy
    Harpocrates: God of Silence
    Charon: Ferryman of the dead into Hades
    Circe: Goddess of Magic and Mystery, often a Witch
    Morpheus: God of Dreams
    The Oneiroi: Spirits of Dreams
    Thalassa: Personification of the Ocean
    Epiales: Spirit of Nightmares
    Phobetor: or Icelus, Spirit of Nightmares who takes the shape of animals
    Aporia: Spirit of Difficulty, Confusion, Perplexity, Powerlessness and Want of Means
    *Plus the Various Gods/Goddess/Spirits of Oceans/Rivers/Streams and Bodies of Wtaer*
    Heart Denizens---
    Yaldabaoth: Demiurge of Gnostic origin. Creator of this impure material world in contrast to the heavenly realm. He is the trapper of bits of that realm in this chaotic universe in the form of souls.
    Aphrodite: Goddess of Love, Beauty, Desire and Pleasure
    Ainos: Aeon of Praise
    Theletus: Aeon of Will or Longing
    Agape: Aeon of Love
    Paracletus: Aeon of Comforter
    Hedone: Aeon of Pleasure, Enjoyment, and Delight
    Autophyes: Aeon of Self Existence
    Alke: Personification of Courage
    Ananke: Goddess of inevitability, Compulsion, and Necessity
    Eros: God of Love and Attraction
    Hedylogos: God of Sweet Talk and Flattery
    Gelos: Spirit of Laughter
    Horme: Spirit of Impulse or Effort to do something, Eagerness, Starting Action, Set into Motion, Motivation
    Peitho: Spirit of Persuasion and Seduction
    Euphrosyne: Goddess of Good Cheer, Joy, Mirth and Merriment
    Iynx: Goddess of the Love Charm
    Pasithea: Goddess of Rest and Relaxation
    Philotes: Spirit of Friendship, Affection and Sexual Intercourse. (lol Spirit of Friends with Benefits)
    Epione: Goddess of the Soothing of Pain
    Mind Denizens---
    Athena: Goddess of Intelligence, Skill, Peace, Warfare, Battle Strategy, Handicrafts and Wisdom
    Ennoae: Aeon of Thought
    Nous: Aeon of Mind
    The Sphinx: Keeper of gateways and Passages. Offers riddles to those who wish to cross, devours those who fail the test
    Epimetheus: Titan of Afterthought and the Father of Excuses
    Metis: Titaness of Good Counsel, Advice, Planning, Cunning, Craftiness and Wisdom
    Amphilogiai: Spirits of Dispute, Debate and Contention
    Apate: Spirit of deceit, Guile, Fraud and Deception
    Mnemosyne: Titanness of Memory and Rememberance. Mother of the 9 Muses
    Dolos: Spirit of trickery, Cunning Deception, Craftiness, Treachery and Guile
    Themis: Titaness of Good Counsel. Personification of Divine Order, Law, Natural Law and Custom
    Epiphron: Spirit of Prudence, Shredness, Thoughtfulness, Carefulness and Sagacity
    Pheme: Spirit of Rumour, Report and Gossip
    Mneme: Muse of Memory
    Thelxinoe: Muse and Charmer of Minds
    Nemesis: Goddess of Revenge, Righteous Indignition and Retribution
    Melete: Muse of Thought, Meditation and Practice.
    Prophasis: Spirit of Excuses and Pleas
    Anaideia: Spirit of Ruthlessness, Shamelessness and Unforgivingness
    Breath Denizens---
    Typheus: Father of All Monsters, Monster of Harsh Hot Storms
    Hermes: God of Boundaries, Travel, Communication, Trade, Language, Writing and Commerce. Psycopomp and Messenger of the Gods
    Zeus: King and Father of the Gods. God of the Sky, Weather, Lightning, Storms, Clouds, Law, Order and Justice
    Uranus: God of the Heavens. Father of all the Titans
    Cadmean Fox: Spirit Fox destined to never be Caught. Sometimes also called Cadmean Vixen or Teumessian Fox.
    Atlas: Titan forced to carry the Sky upon his shoulders and hold it up.
    Aura: Titaness of the Breeze and the Fresh Cool Air of Early Morning.
    Angelia: Spirit of Messages, Tidings and Proclamations
    Soteria: Personification of Safety, Preservation and Deliverance from Harm
    Aeolus: God of the Winds
    Chione: Goddess of the Snow
    Nephelai: Nymphs of the Clouds
    Harmonia: Goddess of Harmony and Concord
    Phantasos God of Apparitions or Surreal Dreams
    Lethe: Spirit of the River of Forgetfulness and Oblivion in Hades
    Aergia: Goddess of Inactivity. Personification of Sloth and Laziness
    *Plus the Various Gods and Godesses for every direction or temperature of wind*
    Blood Denizens---
    Hera: Queen of the gods, Goddess of Marriage Vows, Women and Childbirth
    Anthropos: Aeon of Man or Flesh
    Mixis: Aeon of Mixture
    Henosis: Aeon of Union
    Syncrasis: Aeon of Commixture
    Prometheus: Titan rebel who stole fire from the Gods. Chained to a Mountain whil and Eagle rips out his Flesh as punishment and then later given a Ring when set free.
    Horkos: Spirit of Oaths
    Eusebeia: Spirit of Loyalty, Duty and Respect
    Styx: Spirit of the River of Oaths and Hatred in Hades
    Peitharchia: Spirit of Obediance
    Eleos: Spirit of Mercy, Pity and Compassion
    Medusa: Child of Echnida. Woman with Snakes for Hair that turned onlookers to Stone. Her Flesh and Blood were poison.
    Alastor: Spirit of Blood Feuds and Vengeance
    Ekecheiria: Spirit of Truce, Armistice and Cessation of all Hostilities. Honored at Olympic Games
    Homonoia: Spirit of Concord, Unanimity and Oneness of Mind
    Hope Denizens---
    Abraxas: Highest God in Gnostic myth. Satan and God, Male and Female, Good and Evil, combined in one being. The true pure holy creator of the heavenly realm and everything in it, the embodiment of the will of creation.
    Dionysis: God of Wine, Parties, Drunkeness, Revelry, Madness, Drugs and Ecstasy
    Ecclesia: Aeon of the Church and Belief
    Macaria: Aeon of Happiness
    Hybris: Spirit of Outrageous Behaviour
    Zelos: Spirit of Eager Rivalry, Emulation, Envy, Jealousy and Zeal
    Comus: God of Revelry, Merrymaking and Festivity
    Eupheme: Spirit of Words of Good Omen, Acclamation, Praise, Applause and Shout of Triumph
    Caerus: Spirit of Oppurtunity
    Apheleia: Spirit and Personification of Ease, Simplicity and Primitivity in a good sense.
    Eriene: Goddess of Peace
    Aletheia: Spirit of Truthfulness and Sincerity and in Gnosticism, the Aeon of Truth
    Ate: Spirit of Delusion, Infatuation, Folly, Recklessness and Ruin
    Elpis: Spirit of Hope and Expectation, and in Gnosticism, Aeon of Hope
    Pistis: Spirit of Trust, Honesty and Good Faith, and in Gnosticism thr Aeon of Faith
    Philophrosyne: Spirit of Friendliness, Kindness and Welcome
    Arete: Spirit of Virtue, Excellence, Goodnes and Valour
    Eucleia: Spirit of Good Repute and Glory
    Rage Denizens---
    Ares: God fo the Chaos of War, Bloodshed and Violence
    Acinetos: Aeon of Immovability
    Menoetius: Titan of Violent Anger, Rash Action and Mortality
    Alala: Spirit of the War Cry
    Deimos: Spirit of Fear, Dread and Terror
    Eris: Goddess of Strife, Discord, Contention and Rivalry
    Ioke: Spirit of the Pursuit of Battle
    The Keres: Spirits of Violent or Cruel Death
    Kydoimos: Spirit of the Din of Battle, Confusion, Uproar and Hubbub
    Lyssa: Spirit of Rage, Fury and Rabies in animals
    Mania: Spirit of Madness, Insanity and Frenzy
    Oizys: Spirit of Woe and Misery
    Phobos: Spirit of Panis, Fear and Flight
    Phrike: Spirit of Horror and Trembling Fear
    Phthonus: Spirit of Envy and Jealousy
    Methe: Nymph of Drunkeness
    Melpomene: Muse of Tragedy
    Acheron: Spirit of the River of Pain in Hades
    Kernelsprite- Honestly, it can be whatever you want. The Kernelsprites are your guides in the game. Trolls Sprites always start out as their lusus.
    Lusus- The Trolls ‘Guardian’ that help raise them. Is based off of an animal or mythical creature.

    Name (All):
    chumHandle (All):
    Race (All):
    Gender (All):
    Age (All):
    Appearance (All):
    Personality (All):
    Hobbies (All):
    Biography (All):
    Blood Color (Troll):
    Planet (All):
    Class (All):
    Aspect (All):
    Consorts (All):
    Denizen (All):
    Kernelsprite (All):
    Lusus (Troll):
    ---My OC Character---
    Name (All): Phenes Genzir
    chumHandle (All): ballisticAdversary
    Race (All): Troll
    Gender (All): Male
    Age (All): 7.5 Solar sweeps
    Appearance (All): Has windswept, wavy, pushed-to-the-side lack hair. Has a slight tinge of green to his eyes. Wears a plain white shirt beneath a heavy leather jacket, and wears black Jeans along with black sneakers. His horns protrude out of his jaw line, and curve upwards (Looks similar to Flash in a way).
    Personality (All): Normally level-headed and stoic, but easily becomes upset and angry.
    Hobbies (All): Likes Science and Warfare.
    Biography (All): Raised for 6 sweeps by his Snake lusus before he matured beyond his lusus’ care. WIP---
    Blood Color (Troll): Lime green.
    Planet (All): The Land of Ambience and Illusion.
    Class (All): Prince.
    Aspect (All): Life.
    Consorts (All): Brown Bats.
    Denizen (All): Kratos
    Kernelsprite (All): Snakesprite
    Lusus (Troll): Snake
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