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Ask to Join Home is Where The Heart Is - Alolan Adventure RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LilMsJester, Dec 11, 2016.

  1. Discussion Thread : http://pokecharms.com/threads/home-is-where-the-heart-is-gen-vii-idea.14866/
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    Bright blue skies looked over the Region of Alola, the bright sunshine reflecting the overall temperament of this tropical paradise as locals and tourists alike could be seen as far as the eye could see. Relaxing on the sandy beaches, venturing through the tall grass or even touring through the many towns and cities scattered throughout the diverse region.

    Whatever the reason, everyone had a purpose for being here and for some that was to start a new chapter in their lives. One such person who had this purpose was Molly Reed - A self titled Pokemon Researcher who had left this very region 8 years ago to travel the other regions. Returning home to continue her work, she had changed lot since her departure all those years ago. And yet, as she looked out across Hau'Oli City having stepped off the ferry only moments ago. The people changed yet the towns and nature itself seemed to be just as welcoming as she remembered.

    It was regulations for all new trainers in the Alola Region to register their passports in the City Hall of Hau'Oli City and so she made her way there, stepping inside to register herself and to contact old friends to let them know that she had arrived.

    "Alola! Welcome to Hau'Oli City Hall. Your passport, please." The kind man asked behind the counter, holding out his hand to which she politely complied with his request. "Oh? Well Miss Reed! I barely recognised you! Welcome home!"
  2. Meanwhile, another boat was heading toward Alola. One of the passengers, being a trainer named Jake, traveling here from his home in Johto. "I'm finally going to prove to everyone that I'm worthy of becoming a gym leader," he said confidently. Beside him was his partner pokemon, Golduck, who he had received as a psyduck when he was a child. "Golduck!", the water type exclaimed happily. Now nearing the shore Jake knew this would be a great adventure.
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  3. Alola, one of the most beautiful regions in the whole world. Having a variety of Pokemon and trainers galore, all of them ready to battle. But one trainer was ready to go out there and experience it all herself as well. Mara heard that she could meet Ms.Reed in the City Hall at Hau'Oli City. As she was going to the City Hall, she saw a guy with weird looking sunglasses and a lab coat. "Alola mister, do you know where I can meet with a certain Ms.Reed?" asked Mara. "Oh, well lucky for you, I was actually about to go meet with her, why don't you come with? Yeah!" replied the man to Mara. "Ok!" exclaimed Mara. As they entered through City Hall they saw Molly Reed at the counter. "Alola Molly! How have you been, I haven't seen you in ages! The trainer here followed me, so that she could meet you. Woo!" said the man "Alola, my name's Mara." Mara said as she bowed.
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  4. As he got of the boat Jake wondered what he was supposed to do now that he was in Alola. Then he remembered hearing about Ms. Reed who was a pokemon researcher. "I guess I could go meet her", he said. "I hear she's going to attempt the island challenge too." So with his Golduck at his side he started walking toward her lab.
  5. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Far off at sea, was a large ship. It had massive sails and a huge wooden base. Over the years, it had been modernised by engineers, with metal pieces built in to stop fires. The crew was relatively big considering their captain, Captain Hold, had been a part of many ship crews. Hold himself was normally seen at the back of the ship, in the place where the wheel was. Hold loved to direct the ship to it's destination. Several Wingulls flew in the air as the ship came closer and closer to Melemele island.
    One of the cabin members ran up to Captain Hold. "Why exactly did you come here again?" He asked
    "I just had to..." Replied Hold. "I had to settle unfinished business." He walked out of the ship as a plank was dropped onto the harbour in the city.
    "Now where be the hall? Ah yes, as my memory recalls it, it's over there!" He pointed to the building. "Take good care of the ship while i'm gone!"
    "I will!" shouted one of the crew members, as he saluted Hold. Hold began to walk away from the ship, hesisitantly. He waved back at them.
  6. Molly had barely been there for five minutes and already she was being recognised, hearing the sound of her name being called. However, as she saw Kukui, she couldn't help but blink in surprise as he hadn't seen Kukui in years...and he had changed a lot.

    "Alola! It's good to see you again too, Kukui...or should I say Professor Kukui now?" She laughed softly, looking to the young trainer now and waving her hands in the Alolan Greeting. "Alola Maya! A beautiful day, isn't it? Though i'm surprised people are looking for me already...are you perhaps interested in my research?"

    Meanwhile, outside of Molly Reeds labs that had not longed been assigned to her, two Team Skull thugs could be seen peering inside the windows - talking with one another.

    "Yo, yo, I heard this was a new lab! Something about super rare pokemon inside!" The first said.

    "Big Sis will want to hear about this, for sure! Super rare, yeah, means super strong!"
  7. "There it is", Jake says. "The lab." Then he notices the two Team Skull thugs. "Hey what you doing?", he asks loudly.
  8. "Haha! Oh Molly, you haven't changed at all. So, what have uncovered in your research in those regions?" replied Kukui. "WAIT! What!? You're the professor of Alola!" Uh, and actually, Ms. Reed, it's actually Mara, not Maya. Sorry if I spoke softly, and I actually am interested in your research." said Mara.

    Outside of the lab, "Oh, shoot! Yo Yo, I didn't think that there was a trainer around here!" exclaimed one of the grunts. "Lets hurry up and raid that lab, yo!" exclaimed the other grunt. They got a brick and smash the window of the lab and entered. "Freeze, we're from Team Skull!" exclaimed Grunt A. "Yeah, just try and battle us!" exclaimed Grunt B.
  9. Meanwhile as the ferry from Akala island just made its landing to Hau'oli cities dock Jason Cedar, A Pokemon researcher from the Sinnoh region, stepped out of the boat followed by his partner Pokemon Empoleon. "Alright Empoleon, lets find Professor Kukui. He said there was someone he wanted us to meet before we set up our equipment. I also would like to thank him for helping me set up the Lab on Akala, and also for giving me this Alolan Sandshrew." he said gripping Sandshrew's Pokeball. As he started making his way out of the dock he was stopped by security saying he still needs to fill out his Trainer Passport at the City Hall. "Hmm, I guess Kukui can wait a few more minutes" he said as he walked out of the building, making sure to grab a map on the way out. Jason made his way through the Shopping district, stopped a few times by young trainers admiring his Empoleon, eventually making it to City Hall. "Oh, Professor Kukui! I didn't expect you to be here. I just came by to fill out my Trainer Passport and to thank you for the Lab and Sandshrew." he said as he pulled the Pokeball from its place on his belt. "Come on out little buddy!" he said as the Pokeball opened releasing the Ice/Steel Sandshrew. "Sand!" it cried. Jason Cedar looked around the room at the different faces interacting with Kukui. "Are these friends of yours Kukui?" he asked intrigued.
  10. "Oh, Alola Jason! This is Mara and Molly. And would you mind helping us out in this battle?" replied Kukui as he pointed out the Team Skull thugs. "Hey don't talk like you're all big and mighty!" exclaimed Grunt A. The two thugs than sent out there Pokemon, which were a Salandit and a Grimer. "I'll fight too professor!" exclaimed Mara as she sent out her Mimikyu.
  11. Jake then bursts through the door with his Golduck. "Stop right there!", he yells at the grunts. "I have no idea who you are, but I'm not going to stand around and let you cause trouble!
  12. Jason Cedar looked over and saw the two oddly dressed thugs. "I see Alola isn't devoid of Pokemon thieves either. Empoleon sit this one out, I want to see what Sandshrew here and I can do!" he said. Empoleon nodded and backed up behind Jason. "Sand?" cried the sandshrew confused as to what was going on. "Alright Sandshrew, Lets show these thugs what you're capable of! Use Metal Claw!" yelled Professor Cedar. Sandshrew nodded in agreement and charged forward swiping its claws at the Grimer.
  13. "Don't leave me out", Jake said. "Golduck use water gun!" The Water type suddenly blasted water right toward the salandit.
  14. "Hm? Oh my aologies Mara. I'm terrible with names so it might take a while for me to remember. Kukui here will tell you himself, I can be a bit forgetful at times."

    Molly followed the group, unaware about the Team Skull thugs having been nosing around her lab. And normally, she'd have asked them what they wanted rather than presume the worst but right now, there was a sick pokemon under her care.

    "Well i'm not one to normally fight...but if my research is in trouble, I simply cannot stand by." She decided, pulling out a pokeball and throwing it elegantly towards her laboratory. "Let's go!"

    The beam shot out and the form of a Leafeon soon came to shape, blocking the entrance to her lab protectively - growling menacingly to the Team Skull thugs.

    "We'll protect the laboratory. Could you deal with these thugs? Please?" She asked, jogging over to where Leafeon was to enter the laboratory - checking on the pokemon inside.

    The Team Skull thugs meanwhile growled, flailing their arms back and forth.

    "Yo don't take us for granted! We're Team Skull, you feel? We don't play fair!" They threw all their pokeballs up at once then revealing two more pokemon - a zubat and a rattata. "Yo, beat them down! Don't let up, we gotta look good!"
  15. "If you want a double battle you got one.", Jake said trying (and failing) to sound intimidating. "Go Chinchou! Use electro ball!" The small pokemon then fires a ball of electricity at the zubat.
  16. "This battle is really intense," thought Mara. "Mimikyu use Play Rough on the Rattata!" Mara's Mimikyu instantly knocked out the Team Skull grunts Pokemon. "Don't think we're done yet, yo!" exclaimed on of the grunts. Than the Grimer tried to use Acid Spray on Mimikyu, and it had no effect. "What the heck was that!?" exclaimed the grunt. "That was Mimikyu's ability, Disguise, it allows Mimikyu not to take damage from the first attack it get hits by" explained Kukui. "Now! Mimikyu use Thunderbolt on the Grimer!" exclaimed Mara. The Grimer got hit and was seriously injured. "As you can see, Team Skull, you stand no chance against us, so you can leave now." said Kukui. "Are you serious, yo, we're just getting serious!" said the grunt. "Well, well, I didn't want to have to battle, but for Molly's and everyone else's sake, I'll have to." as Kukui said that he threw out a Pokeball, and what came out was his Incineroar. The Incineroar looked at the thugs with a death glare, and the thugs looked extremely scared. "Yo, Big Sis never told us that the professor was strong!" exclaimed one of the grunts. "Yeah, lets get out of here!" said the other grunt. Then the two grunts went running out of the lab, but still dancing. "That was scary!" said Mara. "I was just acting tough to intimidate them, but, wow, that was scary!"
  17. "Scary!?", Jake asked. That was awesome!
  18. "I've heard of what Team Skull has done, small things like steal, but sometimes they would go out of their way and burn down a building with a horde of their Salandits." replied Mara. "And by the way, who are you?"
  19. "I'm Jake", he said. "And this is my partner Golduck. I came hear from Johto to prove that I'm worthy of being a water type gym leader by completing the island challenge. I saw those guys and they looked like they were causing trouble so I decided to help."
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  20. Looked over at Mara, "I'm Jason Cedar, Well I suppose I'm Professor Cedar now aren't I." He said with a smile. "And who might you be?" he politely asked her, "You battled very well, Are you a new trainer?" He asked curiously as Sandshrew ran back over to him. Empoleon stood proud and tall eyeing Jake's Golduck, Trying to assert itself as the stronger Pokemon.
  21. "Oh, hi there, my name's Mara, and yes I am a new trainer. I have watched many documentaries on Pokemon battles, and have studied and trained with my Pokemon." replied Mara. "Well Jason, how has Sandslash been treating you? And Molly, what kind of research are you undergoing that you need trainers?"
  22. Molly re-emerged from the Lab with an Ivysaur in her arms, its petals a golden yellow colour while its body a chartreuse green - its kind, golden eyes looking to the group as it gave a polite 'saur' in greeting.

    "Oh thank goodness...please, you are all welcome to come inside and refresh your Pokemon! I have some excellent tea that will leave you full of energy...as my thanks!" Molly smiled sweetly, setting down the Ivysaur who stepped forward and sat at the feet of Mara and nudged it for attention. "My Ivysaur here was struggling with the sudden change of climate. She was resting at the Lab but she looks to be all better now!"

    At the mention of her research, her eyes lit up and her demeanour changed to a more excited one.

    "Oh of course! But please, come let your Pokemon relax in the Gardens and we can sit down to talk. All of us." Her eyes caught sight of Incineroar then, walkig over to him and smiling. "Hello Litten, it's been some time. Of course, you're not a Litten anymore are you?"

    She laughed softly and reached up to scratch behind its ear, looking to Kukui as she did.

    "You are welcome to join us too, Professor Kukui. We have catching up to do after all, don't we?" Her gaze went to everyone individually then. "And I must learn all your names."
  23. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Behind Proffessor Kukui, stood the figure of Captain Hold. He walked towards the group. "Is that you Molly?" He said, out of the blue. "Why if it isn't everybody's favourite professors!" He shouted in a strange northern accent as he walked up towards the group. "That was a real good taking of those thugs I saw back there!" He shouted. Hold then coughed and his accent transformed. It no longer had the rough vibrations of a rough pirate. It was more civilised. "So what news?!" He asked.
  24. "Hey, does anyone know why those Team Skull guys are doing these things?," Jake asked. "There has to be some sort of reason."
  25. Mollys blue eyes looked to the man that now approached them, smiling warmly as he congratulated them for taking out Team Skull earlier. At Jakes question though, she shook her head gently.

    "This is my first time seeing this Team Skull...but, from what i've learned, is that there are always people around trying to cause trouble. As much of a paradise Alola is, I doubt even it can be without a flaw. But we need the bad to appreciate the good, yeah?"

    Stepping forward, she offered her hand to the Captain then, the smell of sea salt still fresh on him.

    "Molly Reed, a pleasure to finally meet your acquantance. Please come in and have some tea! And i'll finally tell you all why i've asked you here."

    Ivysaur walked over then, its vines extended to carefully carry a tray consisting of a teapot and several teacups, sugar and cream also seen upon it. Leafeon was not so social though, moving to lie down in the distance to observe the group with scrutiny. Jogging over to the kitchen, Molly soon re-emerged from it with a tray of tropical delights to have with the tea.

    "Now...How about we go around and introduce ourselves? I'll go first. My name is Molly Reed, a pokemon researcher and Alolan local." She smiled, it reaching the corner of her eyes wile she waved the alolan greeting. "Alola!"
  26. "Alola," Jake said. "I'm Jake. I'm a trainer from Johto and I've always wanted to be a gym leader, but I was rejected, so I came to Alola to prove that I'm worthy of being a gym leader by completing the island challenge. I only use water pokemon. Except for my Eevee. I'm planning on evolving her into a Vaporeon though."
  27. Kukui than went next after Jake. "Alola everybody! As most of you must know, I'm the Pokemon professor of Alola." replied Kukui. "Alola everybody, my names Mara. I'm a new trainer, and I still have a lot to learn about Pokemon, which is why I'm taking the island challenge and helping Ms. Reed with her research." said Mara.
  28. Jason recalled Sandshrew back into its pokeball and sat down on a nearby chair as he listened to everyone's introductions. After Mara's introduction he stood up to introduce himself. "Alola everyone, I am Professor Cedar! Empoleon and I come from the far away Sinnoh region. As a Professor I work in the Dimensional Research Lab on Akala island in Heahea City." He said as Empoleon nodded in agreement. "I'm here on Melemele Island to register for the Island Challenge as well as set up some of my equipment to monitor the region." He added.
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  29. Jake's Golduck wasn't listening at first, but the second he said dimensional it quickly at him. "Dimensions," Jake whispered quietly.
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  30. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    "Ahoy! I'm known as Captain Jamie Hold by crew mates. I'm a sea Captain. I have my own ship. However, I came back to Alola to do some research since I became a professor. I also plan on finally taking the island trials." He smiled towards everyone. Another professor came in from behind them as he said this.
  31. Jason nodded " A pleasure to meet another Trial goer, it seems most of us here are planning on undertaking the challenge." he replied with a smile. "Well I'm excited to get started! I'm eager to see how Sandshrew and I do against one of Alola's Trial Captains!" he said before getting up and heading for the door. "Alright Empoleon, it's pry best you stay in your pokeball for now especially with Pokemon thieves around" he said as he it's pokeball of his belt. The red light surrounded Empoleon as it recalled him into the device. Jason turned to leave as another person entered the room. "Oh, and who are you?" he asked politely to the stranger.

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