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Ask to Join Home Alone

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Tatzu, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Lyn was scavenging through the fridge, when she found some bento and picked it up. Then, Luke yelled for everyone to gather at the living room. Not wanting to abandon the food she had just found, she brought it with her and sat down. "Yeah?" she kept the food under her, still paying attention to Luke. Well, some attention.
  2. The Bird was eating his Slowpoke tail behind the couch, and watched as all the others came into the room. He was waiting for Luke to slip up, and then Stan could be elected the person in charge.
  3. Mirai ignored the cries of the other pokemon, far too interested in clearing out all of the sweets in the house. Whatever the announcement was, she didn't want to hear it. And neither did Satomi, her cleffa doll...
  4. Janice was having, a nice dream, when Luke's shouting woke her up suddenly. "Someone might need help," she gleefully thought to herself. With the idea of helping someone, she rushed down the stairs into the front room to see everyone going into the living room. She happily followed the group.

    Jay, instead of joining everyone in the living room, decided to hit the vents again. He walked around until he arrived at a vent in the living room. He sat down and pretended to listen.
  5. The Charmander was already in the living room, as he was startled by Luke's stern voice. He noticed that some of the other Pokémon were also in the living room now, as he was quiet while his body tensed up. He had a tight grip on his lead pipe, while a surge of adrenaline rushed throughout his body. He stood by the couch while in a defensive stance, as he felt rather threatened from the loud thuds on a table. He quickly gathered in some energy in his hands, as he was prepared to defend himself against any threats.
  6. "As most of you know, Our trainer has left to Hoenn and thats DOES NOT mean we can do anything we want, Ill be in charge of everything and can't believe im saying this but... Stan is also in charge, I would like for everyone to go to the Basement and wait for further instructions, That will be all for now" Luke said, His arms crossed
    "Stan, Can you go scout the skies please? All this racket might have attracted some pokemon...." Luke said, Looking out the window and noticing a Pikipek fly past....
  7. "Why do you we have to do what you say?!" Roy said standing up. And more importantly. Why do you get the humans's room!?
  8. The Charmander stayed slient, knowing that he didn't want to start an argument, as he knew that trouble could emerge from a dumb move. He looked over at Luke while he took in a quiet breath, noticing that he was bigger than him. He had a confused look towards him, since he did not know where the basement was, due to the fact that he had never been there before. His tail shook in a slight motion from his piling anxiety, as he glanced around the area for any threats. He continued to keep a tight grip on his pipe, as he lifted it slightly in an upright motion while he maintained his defensive stance.
  9. Janice happily complied with Luke's order. However she didn't think their trainer had left them. It was all a surprise for all of them, or something like that.

    However Jay tolled his eyes at the Lucario's demands. Quietly, he snuck back into the trainer's bed and laid down. "There was no way I'm was going to leave this spot again." He quietly thought to himself as he shut his eyes.
  10. Stan came out from behind the couch. "Yes! I am also in charge!" He told everyone. "But I am more in charge!" He yelled before flying out a window, to see any 'Danger'. At first there was nothing. Then, he saw A Pikipek pecking the ceiling. "Shoo!" Ducky yelled. The Pikipek flew away. Ducky came back inside, and contenued to eat his Slowpoke Tail. "Yeah nothing to worry about." He said with his mouth full.
  11. Lyn decided to wait a bit before going to the basement. Eating from the bento box, she hopped onto the couch, then looked around the whole house for a moment. Luke might get mad if I don't go to the basement. I've never been there, but I can see a bit from on top of the couch.. deciding to get a better view, the Shinx used Swift to accelerate and get on top of a nearby shelf. This is better! Basement, where are you? Lyn continued to look around, on top of the shelf, surrounded by a couple of books that had no room for where they should be on the shelf.
  12. Shulk quietly crawled over to Luke. "So Stan is the number two in charge? So does that mean I'm number 6? I am the trainer's sixth Pokémon. so I should be 6th in charge if we follow that logic right?" Shulk calmly asked Luke.

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